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TV Show Review of 2016 - VP028

Welcome to episode 28 of Virtual Pizza, where Phil shares his TV Show highlights from 2016. Shows discussed include: The X-files The Night Manager The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story Stranger Things Westworld Versailles War and Peace The Crown Scientology and the Aftermath 60 Days in Jail season 1 Game of Thrones Peaky Blinders Luke Cage Daredevil Hope you enjoy the show!


Audio Drama Review 2016 - VP027

Welcome to episode 27 of Virtual Pizza, where Phil, Gary (from The Gamesmen RPG podcast) and Jason (from the campsite and The Pilchards & Cream podcast) share their audio drama podcast highlights from 2016. Shows discussed include: Life After Big Data Return Home Light of September Uncanny County Cold Reboot King Falls AM Alice isn't dead Within the wires Diane (Twin Peaks podcast) Archive 81 The Deep Vault Small Town Horror The Handmaid's Tale (from Secrets, Crimes &...


King Falls AM, News, My Last 3 Slices - VP025

Welcome to episode 25 of Virtual Pizza, I’m Phil Olson and we’ve got an extravaganza of pizza toppings this week! We have My Last 3 Slices, Loads of entertainment news and my recommendation of the week. My last 3 slices What last 3 slices of entertainment or media have you been consuming recently? Get in touch and let us all know. NEWS The Young Pope Tremors Idris Elba (Luther) Michael Fassbender (The Light Between Oceans), Tom Hiddleston (The Night...



Welcome to episode 24 of Virtual Pizza. In this week's episode we have some entertainment news, I explain why I like recommending things to you, the listener, and our recommendation of the week. NEWS Red Dwarf Shannon's Last 3 Slices The MessageStranger Things Recommendation of the Week This week's recommendation of the week is the audio drama The Light Of September. Brought to us by Radio Static, the story follows the crew of an...



Welcome to Episode 23 of Virtual Pizza. In this episode we cover what I’ve been catching up on, the latest entertainment news and out recommendation of the week, The Message. WHAT I’VE BEEN WATCHING THIS WEEK VersaillesVikings The Cleansed NEWS Jack RyanStar WarsStar Wars: Episode VIII Twin PeaksThe Secret History of Twin PeaksWestworld Blade Runner 2 RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK The Message FEEDBACK Feedback on the last show, episode 22 has been amazing. Thank you...


Nuclear War & the BBC, Uncanny County - VP022

News STAR TREK DISCOVERY If you haven’t heard, there’s a new Star Trek show coming soon! Titled Star Trek: Discovery, the TV show will be set after Enterprise and ten years before The Original Series, placing it in the original ‘Prime’ continuity rather than the current movie timeline, which is know as Kelvin. Star Trek: Discovery will air in January 2017, on CBS All Access in the USA and a day later on Netflix here in the UK and across most of the world. STAR WARS...


Interview with The Heavenfield author IG Hulme and some recommendations VP021

In Episode 21 of Virtual Pizza, I interview IG Hulme, author of The Heavenfield, and listener Gary Leavor gives us his recommendations. News First up, I’d like to draw your attention to a couple of new TV shows on the horizon. The first is Jessica Jones, an ex superhero turned private eye, solving crimes in Hell’s Kitchen. This is the second collaboration between Marvel and Netflix, and following the success of DareDevil, this is going to be one to watch. If you didn’t recognise...


Virtual Pizza returns, News and a visit to the Arcade Club VP020

It’s great to be back, this is Episode 20 of Virtual Pizza! In this episode we have the latest TV and Movie news, a 'Last 3 Slices' from listener Jason Johnson and a report from a visit to The Arcade Club in Lancashire with The Veteran Gamers. News Star Trek BeyondMary PoppinsX-Men20,000 Leagues Under the SeaTransformers 5Pacific Rim 2Hell Boy 3Creed The Mist The Arcade Club In March, the Veteran Gamers organised a meet up at The Arcade Club in Lancashire...


YAP Audio, Movies into TV Shows and News - VP019

Welcome back to Virtual Pizza, the show where we devour the digital world, one slice at a time. News 10-20 years ago, Hollywood were desperately trying to make films out of TV Shows (Mission Impossible, Charlies Angels, The Saint and The Fugitive). Now the tables have flipped and with the huge success of shows like Hannibal, Fargo and Bates Motel, the new trend of turning movies into TV shows continues with recent announcements that Scream, Westworld and The Devil’s Advocate are...


Downton, The Terminator and Animal Zombies - VP018

Fantastic show this week with entertainment news, the recommendation of the week which is a graphic novel, new feature movie trailer spotlight, community feedback and some last slices News Recommendation of the Week The Other Dead, written by Kevin Eastman, Joshua Ortega, Digger T Mesch and art by rising star Qing Ping Mui is a zombie themed graphic novel with a difference. It's published by IDW Publishing. I'm sure most of you are starting to get that slow burning feeling. like...


New Pilots, JR Ewing and Star Trek Continues - VP017

It’s Sunday 2nd March 2014, and once again we’ve got a heavily loaded pizza for you to devour once slice at a time! News Heroes trailer for GodzillaDallas kicks off season 3 Recommendation of the week Ok, Ive always been cynical of fan produced content, a lot of it is pretty dire. But this week I discovered something that blew me away. Star Trek Continues is a fan based series, which follows the crew of the USS Enterprise across the fourth and fifth years of it’s five year...


Rain, Minding your P's, and Rust - VP016

In this week’s episode 16 of Virtual Pizza: Rust Destination Gamer12 Years a SlaveElectric CinemaExtract The Following The HeavenfieldEpisode 14We're AliveEpisode 2 Hope you enjoy the show, please tell your friends!


Sharks, Musicals and Code Breakers - VP015

In this week's episode 15 of Virtual Pizza: Guardian We Are Here by Michael MarshallFacebook pageLEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4) Recommendation of the week: The Bletchley Park podcastofficial site And we close the show with some new ‘My Last Slices’ fromThe Bletchley Circle - Series 1 And 2 [DVD]Firestorm (The Survivalist)Elysium - Steelbook [Blu-ray] [2013]Mike Russell (Music Radio Creative and UK Podcasters)The Ask PatBrian TomlinsonFlappy BirdInside Llewyn DavisCast Of Thrones Jon...


What happened to 2013? - VP014

In this week's episode 14 of Virtual Pizza: Music Radio CreativeUK PodcastersThe Command Line podcastwebsiteitunes


Goodbye to a Pioneer - VP013

This week in episode 13 of Virtual Pizza we cover the week's entertainment news, say goodbye to a pioneer, Ben Spicer from the Command Line podcast tells us why he loves his iPad Mini and Phil recommends some podcasts. News Ben Spicer (Command Line) Ben Spicer, host of the Command Line podcast, has kindly sent in an article on why he loves his iPad mini. link Podcast Recommendations Phil...


It’s Batkid! - VP012

In episode 12 of the Virtual Pizza podcast, we cover some interesting TV and movie news, recommend an audiobook and tell you about a heartwarming superhero story. News Final Thoughts Here’s a fantastic, feel-good story to end the show. Next week, the Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Francisco, CA is going above and beyond to grant the wish of a young boy named Miles. Miles is 5 years old and has leukemia. As a fan of superheroes, Miles’ one wish is to actually be Batman. So, the...


Things are changing, and saying Thanks - VP011

In episode 11 we talk about changing things around on Virtual Pizza, discuss the latest entertainment news, celebrate the 75th anniversary of The War of the Worlds radio broadcast, recommend Ripper Street and say a huge thanks to Podcasters. Getting regular guest contributions for Virtual Pizza has always been a challenging task. Our team have day jobs, families and often their own podcasts. In an effort to produce more regular episodes of Virtual Pizza, I’m starting to look at changing...


Of art, fantasy, exercise and DJs - VP008

Welcome to Episode 08 of Virtual Pizza, devouring the digital world, one slice at a time. In this episode: - new feature '5 minutes with the Film Thugs' - Jo tells us about exercising for 4 minutes a day in Side Salad (Jo Taylor Fitness) - Brian interviews international DJ Andy Ward - And Phil tells us about his first experiences in Guild Wars 2


The TV Special - VP009

Welcome to Episode 09 of Virtual Pizza, devouring the digital world, one slice at a time. In this TV Special episode, we look at great TV you may have missed and new shows on their way for 2013: Virtual Pizza: The SliceThe Film ThugsThe PlayVaultOverseas ConnectionVeteran GamersDidactic SyncastVeteran Gamers


Fitness, Darker Projects and Unicorns - VP005

Welcome to Episode 05 of Virtual Pizza, devouring the digital world, one slice at a time. In this episode: - Dan begins a new feature where he will review an ebook each week. This week he looks at The Unicorn Crisis (The Hidden Academy) by Jon Rosenberg - Jo Taylor brings us another Side Salad looking at the Nike Fuel Band (you can visit Jo's health and fitness blog at ) - We interview Stuart Fowler from theVeteran Gamers podcast - Phil introduces...


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