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Season 2 Episode 10 - The Passenger

We’re here asking the tough questions – am I a host?! Are you a host?! Laura, Garry and Mack are talking The Passenger, Westworld’s season two grand finale. Many didn’t make it to the great Valley Beyond, and we’re here to work out why. Who will be heading into season three, which character had the biggest emotional impact on us, and why some theories just won’t die... (answer – because Laura won’t let them) Follow us on Twitter @wayoutwestworld and let us know if you think we were...


Season 2 Episode 9: Vanishing Point

There was one big question left at the end of episode nine of Westworld and we’re going to try to figure it out... even though we’re one man down and very emotional this week. This week’s Way Out Westworld starts to think endgame, feels all of the feels, manages to fit a Queer Eye reference in there and finds the one theory they’ll never give up. Follow us on Twitter @wayoutwestworld and let us know your predictions for the season finale. Way Out Westworld is @laurahotch,...


Season 2 Episode 8: Kiksuya

If Kiksuya means 'to remember' then we’re gonna take this podcast to look back at how emotional watching this episode made us feel. Join Way Out Westworld as we have a metaphorical group hug and discuss about Zahn McClarnon’s portrayal of Akecheta, the sensitivities around his character and the life lessons he’s passing on. Plus with only two episodes to go we’re throwing in our best guesses at where Westworld will leave us. Follow us on twitter @wayoutwestworld and let us know your...


Season 2 Episode 7: Les Ecorches

A quick costume change into some tactical outerwear and we are ready to talk Les Ecorches. The Tedinator, a touching farewell and a bad time for the Man in Black were just the start of what was a massive episode with a lot of questions answered. Laura, Mack and Garry have their weekly Westworld therapy session, try to work out where the next few episodes will go and also the tricky matter of Peter Abernathy not having moved from his chair... it might be forfeit time for Laura. You can...


Season 2 Episode 6: Phase Space

With Teddy 2.0 being a master of the passive aggressive and Bernard heading to the pub for a drink with an old friend, there’s no better time to dissect Phase Space. This week Laura brings up a theory she feels strongly about (Garry and Mack do not), we try to work out the Man in Black’s motivations and whether or not Teddy is in this relationship for the long haul. And once you've listened to this episode check out our interview with Westworld's very own Peter Abernathy, Louis Herthum...


Season 2 Episode 5: Akane No Mai

Resume all motor functions and join Laura, Mack and Garry as they talk about their trip to Shogun World, why no conversation that takes place in the middle of the night is a good one and just what on earth the cradle could be. It’s the halfway point for season two so the three take a moment to make a few guesses about some unanswered questions. Follow us @wayoutwestworld. Way Out Westworld is hosted by @laurahotch with guests @macknicholls and @thegmcconnachie


Louis Herthum Interview Special

It's a Way Out Westworld interview special with Peter Abernathy himself, Louis Herthum. We did some long-distance dialling and had the chance to find out more about the process that led him to this game-changing role, the experience of being face to face with Sir Anthony Hopkins and what it's like to be the first character to utter that immortal line 'these violent delights have violent ends'. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and follow us on twitter.com/wayoutwestworld Way Out...


Season 2 Episode 4: The Riddle of the Sphinx

After a mind blowing episode, Laura is once again joined by Mack and Garry to work out WHAT TIMELINE EVEN IS IT NOW?! WE'RE SO CONFUSED! With no Team Dolores or Team Maeve to root for, Westworld started answering some of the big outstanding questions whilst lobbing a few new ones into the mix. This episode we found ourselves spending some valuable time with the Man in Black, the 149th James Delos, Bernard and Elsie. You can find us on...


Season 2 Episode 3: Virtù e Fortuna

With two new parks discovered, Laura, Mack and Garry get answers to some of their questions, but not all! We're talking about the great work this episode of Steven Ogg, Louis Herthum and Evan Rachel Wood plus the emotional impact of Abernathy and Dolores reunion. Using our tactical knowledge (gained from too many movies and a lot of Playstation) we're picking apart the Delos response to the host uprising. Join in the conversation on Twitter - @wayoutwestworld Way Out Westworld features...


Season 2 Episode 2: Reunion

Garry and Mack join Laura to discuss all the important details this week, including what outfit would you wear during your holiday to Westworld? It's time to recap the big plot points from episode 2 'Reunion' and work out what exactly is William's biggest mistake. With Maeve and Dolores looking like they're on a collision course and Teddy struggling to keep up, which hosts are the ones the team think will end up leading this revolution? You can join in the conversation on Twitter...