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The 2nd Annual Manos Hand-Outs (w/Mariah Lirette)

THANK YOU FOR TWO YEARS! In addition to thanking all the wonderful listeners for two years on the air, Nathan, Brendan and special guest Mariah present the 2nd Annual Manos Hand-Outs as they "reward" all the special films they discussed from Bad Boys II to Suicide Squad. With awards such as "Biggest Doofus," "Least Satisfying Ending," and the "Roger Corman Award for Cinematic Achievement," there are sure to be some emotional moments throughout. Plus - there is a heartbreaking moment when...


Episode 56 - Patreon Pick: Brainscan

TIME TO PLAY THE GAME! Nathan and Brendan take the suggestion of Tier 4 patron Erica (thank you!) and discuss 1994's Edward Furlong vehicle - "Brainscan." They discuss everything in this insane flick like Frank Langella not giving a damn about any of this, all the gross food stuff, the 50-year old producers not understanding what a teenager does, Edward Furlong being a total pervert, the twist ending that makes less and less sense the more you think about it and much, much more! Also:...


Episode 55.5 - Gaspar Noe and Other Seduction Tools

Ever have a date that just didn't go the way you planned? Of course you did. That literally happens to everyone. This episode is dedicated to all the bad movie dates though whether the film was the issue or the date itself. From spending Valentine's Day with Trey Parker to experiencing Meet Joe Black-inspired PTSD, our listeners provided some hilarious and sometimes depressing stories for Nathan and Brendan to siphon through before diving into a couple of their own harrowing tales. OK, well...


Episode 55 - Eight Legged Freaks (w/Drew from "Reel Feels" Podcast)

GET BACK, YOU EIGHT LEGGED FREEEEEEEEEEEAKS! Nathan, Brendan and special guest Drew from the "Reel Feels" podcast (https://reelfeelspodcast.podbean.com) had a whole lot of fun with this silly giant spider invasion flick from 2002. From David Arquette improvising the title (and some slightly less stellar improv at other points in the film), a physics-defying drywall battle, Joshua potentially being a diddler and a young Scarlett Johansson's very sexual encounter with an arachnid, this...


Episode 54.5 - Love It, Don't Care! (w/Brent from "Home Video Hustle")

Are there any "bad movies" you unabashedly love and you just don't give a hoot? Well, that's what this episode is all about! Nathan and Brendan welcome back last week's special guest Brent from the Home Video Hustle podcast to talk all about the wonders of trash cinema. From "Highlander 2" to "Batman vs. Superman," you'll hear all about the films that we (and our listeners) love that others didn't care for or in some cases just didn't go see during its theatrical run. Nathan and Brendan...


Episode 54 - The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (w/Brent from "Home Video Hustle")

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This week, Nathan and Brendan brought one of their great freakin' guests back in da form of Brent from da Home Video Hustle, ya know what I mean? They're talkin' about the freakin' Andrew Dice Clay-starrin' flick from 1990, "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane." OHH! 'Dey talk about everything from Wayne Newton being one bad cat from the get-go, Diceman's musical numbah, a freakin' koala bear, rampant misogyny and of course a whole lot more. Plus: we somehow found a secret...


Episode 53.5 - Disappointment and Regret

Sometimes it just doesn't live up to the hype... Hopefully, the title of this episode doesn't apply to your opinion of this week's escapade as Nathan and Brendan go through various films that either disappointed them after a lot of exciting build-up or ones that were incredible at the time and just didn't hold up later in life. The guys also read YOUR comments on the subject, one fellow podcaster becomes quite acquainted with #TheDoor and Falcor is a pedophile dragon. Nathan and Brendan...


Episode 53 - Jonah Hex (w/Everything I Learned From Movies)

72 minutes is enough to introduce a little-known character to the movie-going public, right? Join Nathan, Brendan and Steve & Izzy from Everything I Learned From Movies (http://eilfm.podbean.com) as they discuss the 2010 summer flop, "Jonah Hex." They discuss everything in this film from its ridiculously short length, the movie's lazy Confederacy justification, John Malkovich's southern accent, Jonah's mouth hole and much more. Plus - stay tuned after the promos for a bonus clip in which...


Episode 52.5 - #SquadGoals

AHHHH! More Suicide Squad?! Well, yes but this week was a lot easier for Nathan and Brendan as they discussed YOUR questions/comments regarding last week's movie that they covered, "Suicide Squad." From another dig at Cara Delevingne to going through defenses of Jared Leto's joker, claims that it was the best and/or worst movie in the DCEU and a whole lot more, our hosts have it all covered. Nathan and Brendan also drop a clue and then reveal next week's movie at the end of the episode -...


Episode 52 - Suicide Squad (w/Joshua Kotsabasakis)

They made this movie... and they call US the BAD GUYS?! Nathan and Brendan welcome back frequent guest and comic book aficionado Joshua Kotsabasakis to discuss 2016's summer hit, "Suicide Squad." The discussion covers everything including the obnoxious soundtrack, multiple introductions for the same characters, the least interesting romance of all-time, Jared Leto as a pimp, CGI overload and SO much more. Plus: Josh tells our hosts about some real behind-the-scenes drama regarding the film...


Episode 51.5 - Summer Lovin' (and Hatin')

Summer Blockbuster season is ALSO upon us! As Nathan and Brendan continue with their summer flopbuster season, they took a mini-episode break to discuss all of the major upcoming releases during the months of July and August (and a wee smidgen of September). There are a few revelations here like one movie that Nathan is not super excited for (hot take?), Brendan hates X-Men rip-offs and... wait, Keanu Reeves is in two movies within a week that will not even get seen? Yes, that and a whole...


Episode 51 - Snake Eyes (w/Jason MacLeod)

Summer Flopbuster season has commenced! Nathan and Brendan start out the summer right by finally tackling a Nicolas Cage movie - in this case, 1998's Brian DePalma-directed "Snake Eyes!" Joining them is returning guest Jason MacLeod as the three dive into this nutball movie. Much is discussed including the pros and cons of revealing the villain less than halfway into the film, how wonderful Carla Gugino is at everything, Nic Cage's golden flip-phone, the non-subtle music choices and much...


Episode 50.75 - Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (Livestream 4 the Cure)

Avengers: The Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History. Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue: Hold my beer... and crack. In a very special episode, Nathan and Brendan discuss the PSA short "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" as part of this year's "Livestream 4 the Cure" hosted by the amazing Epic Film Guys podcast. The guys talk about the drugged-out introduction from the POTUS, muffins as drug paraphernalia, Kermit living a hell-ish existence as an alarm clock and much more. Plus: what cartoon...


Episode 50.5 - The One Where They Hate Wyoming

In another mini-episode, Nathan and Brendan answer some questions from some former guests that have passed through, they bring up some recent Twitter controversy on their account, Brendan angers Nathan by reminding him that he hasn't seen a certain 'iconic' movie and we get a little bit of singing as well. Next week: The guys discuss "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" with the Epic Film Guys during 'Livestream 4 the Cure' Nathan & Brendan also revealed their next film which will be...


Episode 50 - Sucker Punch

The big 5-0! To celebrate a landmark 50th episode, Nathan and Brendan unpack the Zack Snyder fantasy epic, "Sucker Punch." It's a film about a white male's version of female empowerment with all the unnecessary futuristic sequences you desire! It's a film that was so nonsensical and neverending that the scenes involving GIANT SAMURAI and FIRE-BREATHING DRAGONS went on for far too long. Yes, folks, it's a film about women in an asylum/brothel/whatever and they unpacked this mess all for you....


Episode 49.5 - Shut Up, Kyle! (w/Kyle Geldart)

In this mini-episode, the guys are joined by resident punching bag (but overall great guy) Kyle Geldart to discuss recent movies they've seen and then Kyle begins a very lengthy conversation on the recent reboot of "Roseanne" (note: this was recorded before the horrible remarks made by Roseanne herself). There was also a visit from Montrose Monkington III to discuss a recent film he saw as well as make fun of Kyle, of course. Nathan & Brendan also reveal next week's movie that includes some...


Episode 49 - Listeners Choice #5: Alone in the Dark (w/Brent from "Home Video Hustle")

"I don't know what's going on." - Anyone watching this movie Nathan and Brendan geared up for the final episode of Listeners Choice Month to tackle Uwe Boll's masterwork "Alone in the Dark" as suggested by friend of the show (and all-around badass) Brent of the Home Video Hustle podcast (http://homevideohustle.podbean.com). Brent also joined the guys to talk about the movie and topics such as Tara Reid only wearing glasses and her hair in a bun when she has to say smart things, the most...


Episode 48 - Listeners Choice #4: Gangster Squad

It's like the Untouchables except it's not... Nathan and Brendan tackle the latest Listeners Choice submission from Izzy of "Everything I Learned from Movies" (http://eilfm.podbean.com) in the form of the star-studded misfire, "Gangster Squad." Despite the presence of some show-stealing performers and high-octane action sequences, the guys still examine things like turning in your badge (whenever you get a chance), the ridiculous dialogue, Jerry Wooters and much more! Plus: Learn about the...


Episode 47 - Listeners Choice #3: A Sound of Thunder (w/Robyn Paris of "The Room")

"More like A Sound of Blunder, amirite?" - Nathan Yes, the third item on tap for Listeners Choice was the time-traveling epic, "A Sound of Thunder" as requested by Jarrett of the Sci Fi Double Feature Drive In Podcast (https://scifidoublefeaturedrivein.com/). Thankfully, noted Ray Bradbury fan and star of "The Room," Robyn Paris, was able to help the guys make it through this absolute mess of a science-fiction disaster. They talk about everything including all the women desiring Edward...


Episode 46 - Listeners Choice #2: Muck

F--- Muck! This week, Paul of The Countdown Movie & TV Reviews Podcast (http://thecountdownmoviesandtv.podomatic.com/) has bestowed upon us the cinematic abortion known as "Muck." Nathan and Brendan have found the nadir of the world of cinema. Would this movie be so terrible that it would surpass previous champions like "Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." and "Demons of Ludlow?" This film contains all the stuff you would 'want' to see in an old-school horror movie like rampant misogyny,...