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Blumhouse's Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare??? Continuing on with the spookiest month of the year, Schlocktober rests on last year's critical failure in the form of Blumhouse's Truth or Dare. Nathan and Brendan discuss everything from vodka-brand vodka, how this movie is not the Madonna documentary, talk about all the ways that the demon cheats at his own game, Scary Potter and much more. The guys also drop a hint for next week's movie. Check in on our Twitter account on Monday for the reveal! Patreon:...


The Happening (w/Lindsay Escoffery)

The Event... it's happening... As Schlocktober begins, Nathan and Brendan welcome their guest Lindsay to talk all about one of her favourite good-bad movies - The Happening. It's the first Shyamalan movie on the podcast and probably not the last one. The gang dives into this mess from the ridiculous stilted performances from the most miscast actors ever to the unintentional hilarity of several intentionally-harrowing scenes to several theories about how this damn thing got made. But your...


Patreon Pick: McBain

This is not what you think it is... Do not worry, folks - The Simpsons did it first! Nathan and Brendan discuss this week's film in the form of our next Patreon Pick from Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned from Movies. You've seen all the macho 80s parodies over the years with every major trope including drug dealers, 'assembling a team', ridiculous action movie logic and lines of dialogue that are so cheesy they just make you guffaw and howl with laughter. Well, this... this movie is...


Cool World (w/Drew from Reel Feels Podcast)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit... this ain't! Nathan and Brendan welcome back Drew from the Reel Feels Podcast to talk about the absolute misfire known as Ralph Bakshi's Cool World. This could best be described as Roger Rabbit if all the worst technical decisions ever were made. The guys get into it with a breakdown of the movie's horrendous special effects, the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that completely altered the original intention of the film, the mechanics of what does or doesn't...


The 3rd Annual Manos Hand-Outs

The REAL awards season has begun! Taking a break from specific film discussion, Nathan and Brendan present their annual Manos Hand-Outs for the worst of the worst and of course some awards for the movies that caused them less pain than others. And of course it wouldn't be an awards show without a multitude of guests... and boy oh boy, there are no stars in the sky this week because they were all... well... here. Listen in as Uwe Boll, Sylvester Stallone, Meryl Streep, the current...


Next of Kin (w/Andy Hamilton)

Swayze is back on the podcast and this time... he is kinda sorta doing an accent. Back to theatrical releases! This week, Nathan and Brendan welcome first-time guest Andy Hamilton onto the show to talk about a wild Patrick Swayze-led film - Next of Kin, a movie which may set a record for the largest amount of insane accents of all-time. From Liam Neeson as a COWBOY (yes, that is correct) to little Ben Stiller not even attempting an Italian accent, this film also features things like...


Small-Screen Shamefuls: Fateful Findings (w/Mariah Lirette)

It has finally come to this - Neil. Breen. This week, Nathan and Brendan start a new feature (every time there's a fifth Thursday in a month, folks) called Small-Screen Shamefuls focusing on the lower-hanging fruit of bad movies. And what better way to start than with the man, the myth, the legend: Las Vegas architect Neil Breen. The guys welcome back frequent guest Mariah Lirette to talk all about his third feature Fateful Findings and all of its incomprehensible weirdness. They talk...


Collateral Damage

Finally - Arnold Schwarzenegger the Austrian German graces this podcast! This week, Nathan and Brendan discuss Collateral Damage, one of the handful of pre-9/11 movies that had to be delayed due to obvious reasons. They talk about Schwarzenegger being faster than a motorcycle AND a fireball, John Leguizamo's gangster rap career, the film's representation of pervy Canadians and much more. The guys also drop a hint for next week's movie. Check in on our Twitter account on Monday for the...


Vampire's Kiss (w/Everything I Learned From Movies)

This podcast was taped in front of a live studio audience* The time has finally come for Nathan and Brendan to return to the Nicolas Cage fold and they do so with aplomb and 1989's Vampire's Kiss. Joining them are Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned From Movies to help discuss the most insane Nicolas Cage performance of his entire career, the very strange behind-the-scenes tales from the director, Cage's accent, the real background extras (aka people who just happened to be walking by)...


Armed and Dangerous

A different side of John Candy... Nathan and Brendan go back to the 80s with this kinda-obscure oddball comedy featuring a very mean-spirited John Candy and hapless Eugene Levy as bumbling security guards. The guys discuss everything including all the original plans involving Harold Ramis and John Belushi, "killer dogs", the Michael Bay levels of violence in the finale, all of the masterful character actor performances, Meg Ryan's beautiful visage and much more. Plus: Brendan doesn't know...


Spider-Man 3 (w/Joshua Kotsabasakis)

Talk about your late-franchise disappointments... If you ever wondered why the world was blessed with the Andrew Garfield double-dose of Spider-Man reboots, all signs point to this flick - the third Spidey film directed by Sam Raimi. Nathan, Brendan and returning guest Joshua Kotsabasakis break this superhero movie down and discuss how there are too many villains, too many minutes in the runtime, too many scenes focusing on non-superhero stuff, too many actors that are way too talented...


The Mummy (2017)

#NotMyMummy Do you remember where you were on that fateful day when the Dark Universe kicked off its wholly successful cinematic universe with 2017's The Mummy to rave reviews? ...what's that? It was a one-and-done that tanked and they never made another film in the franchise? Well, of course it is! It's the final Summer Flopbuster episode! That didn't surprise Nathan and Brendan who wage war against fatigue with this particular film that attempts to erase the fun vibes set forth by the...


Cliffhanger (w/Jerika Layne)

Die Hard on a mountain. That's basically what this Summer Flopbuster boils down to as Nathan and Brendan welcome extreme sports expert Jerika back to the show to discuss the 1993 Stallone vehicle - Cliffhanger. This movie is absolutely nuts and the conversation goes everywhere from the special effects looking terrible in high-definition, John Lithgow's accent, the fight scene in the cave, helicopter pilots who double as post-modern artists and much, much more. Next week: The guys drop...


Joe's Apartment (w/Brent & the Spirit from "Home Video Hustle")

Gross. Nathan and Brendan are joined by their guests Brent and the Spirit of Home Video Hustle to discuss MTV's first-ever feature-length film (at 77 minutes long!) Joe's Apartment. Everything is discussed in this "movie" including the individual scenes that made each participant nauseous, egomaniacal artists, Pepa's involvement in the story, cross-dressing villains, cartoon physics... oh and did we mention there are dancing, singing cockroaches? Next week: The guys drop a hint for...


Red Dawn (1984)

Summer Flopbuster season begins with a very special patriotic episode on this most patriotic of days for our American brethren - July the 4th! Nathan and Brendan celebrate a holiday that doesn't exist in their own home country by talking all about 1984's Red Dawn. Discussions range from the director making everyone refer to him as "The General" to the film's status as an unofficial "Brat Pack" movie to "AVENGE MEEEEEEEEE!" Fireworks! Commies! Baseball! 'Murica! Next week: The guys drop...


Listeners Choice: Hook

Listeners Choice Month concludes with a controversial pick from Mario of Superiority Complex podcast. Nathan and Brendan face an interesting foe when they come face-to-face with Steven Spielberg's Hook. But can a movie directed by one of Hollywood's best and starring the likes of Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and Bob Hoskins actually be considered a bad movie? The guys discuss all that plus the disturbing fate of Rufio, pirate baseball, some truly wacky cameos, kissing...


Listeners Choice: Masters of the Universe

Listeners Choice Month continues with a pick from recurring guest Josh Kotsabasakis! Nathan and Brendan dive into Exhibit A of why Cannon Films should really stick to their own original material - 1987's Masters of the Universe. The fellers discuss Dolph Lundgren and Courteney Cox kinda nailin' it, Frank Langella SUPER nailin' it and the rest of the movie... not so much. There is plenty of talk about action figures on hoverboards, the lack of fan service, Burger King wrappers in the sink...


Listeners Choice: Deep Blue Sea (w/Mariah Lirette & Everything I Learned from Movies)

Listeners Choice Month continues with a pick from Dudi of Shaken Not Nerd. Nathan and Brendan throw a party with returning guests Mariah Lirette AND Steve and Izzy of Everything I Learned From Movies to discuss one of the nuttiest shark movies projected onto the silver screen - Renny Harlin's Deep Blue Sea. From LL Cool J's relationship with a parrot to last-minute script rewrites to some extremely questionable science to THE GREATEST SCENE OF ALL-TIME IN ANY MOVIE EVER, it's all...


Listeners Choice: Free Style

Listeners Choice Month begins with a pick from the Spirit of the Home Video Hustle podcast. Nathan and Brendan begin the riskiest time of the year by discussing the 2008 dirt bike movie (with the worst DVD cover of all time) Free Style. The guys dive deep into this super-generic box-office flop and don't gloss over a thing including a discussion about how every single movie trope that appears, Corbin Bleu as an abusive jerk, the Godfather-like party scene, the ear-shattering soundtrack...


Mini-Episode - Farewell Format

It's the LAST MINI-EPISODE EVER... Starting with next week's Listeners Choice Month, Nathan and Brendan are going to be doing weekly movie episodes with no more minis so enjoy this final slice of randomness before the format change. In this one, the guys talk about some movies they've recently seen, debate the racism of Peppermint, sing the praises of John Wick: Chapter 3 and much more. Nathan and Brendan also reveal next week's EXTREME SPORTS MOVIE that will start off Listeners Choice...