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Episode 38 - First Man and Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot

After last week’s bummer movies, we have a refreshing uplifting episode full of moon landings and hopeful recovery. Stephen interviews Ryan Gosling and we have a GUESS THE BOX OFFICE SEGMENT. 00:33:00 Ryan Gosling Interview. Listen/Download Here:

Episode 37 - A Star is Born and Leave No Trace

BUMMER MOVIE WEEK! Two films that will help you lose any of the fleeting hope you have left. Stephen recovers from the deep depression he fell into and Burton isn’t quite sold on the GAGA’s acting skills. Then we enjoy a Cooper Clips Segment. Listen/Download here:

Episode 36 - Alpha, Isle of Dogs, and Pick of the Litter

Triple Feature DOGS Episode! Featuring What Do The Freakin Kids Think?! We listen to the kids reviews and opinions. They also share some Dog Facts with us. Listen/Download here or on any Podcast APP and, hey, catch up on past Episodes.

Episode 35 - Searching and Upgrade

Leery Webcams and Ferocious Robots. Join the movie bros as they listen in on an interview with Searching’s director/writer Aneesh Chaganty and stand off some favorite computery internet movies. Over 70 movies so far. How many have you seen this year? Let us know, join the conversation, we’d love to include you on the episodes. Listen/Download here or on any Podcast APP and, HEY, why not catch up on some past Episodes.

Episode 34 - A Simple Favor and The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Twisted Twins, Hand Jobs, and Pubic Hair. The Brothers had fun this week. Disturbed by Yorgos Lanthimos’ curious retelling of a Greek Myth, they struggle to rate it. And in tribute to Nicole Kidman, they have a Kidman Kernels Segment. Listen/Download here or on any Podcast APP and hey, catch up on past Episodes. How did you feel about these movies? How did you feel about the episode? Let us know, join the conversation. Comment here, or on twitter and we’ll include you on future...

Episode 33 - Peppermint and Dark Crimes

A Vigilante and a Pervy Cop. On our murder/crime Episode, we not too impressed with these films. Burton is apologetic to the club for selecting Dark Crimes and Stephen found Peppermint offensively racist. And we both loved Jim Carrey’s orgasm face. Listen/Download here or on any Podcast APP and catch up on past Episodes. You can comment here, on twitter, or email us: stephen@100freakinfilms.com.

Episode 32 - Mile 22 and First Reformed

We're back (finally) with this Episode and with some listeners comments. We discuss Peter Berg and Paul Schrader and we hear some reviews and AGREE OR DISAGREE. Listen/Download here or on any Podcast APP and catch up on past Episodes. You can comment here, on twitter, or email us: stephen@100freakinfilms.com.


Episode 31 - The Meg and Lean on Pete

Super Sharks and Heartsick Horses. On the last episode we broadcast from Colombia, Stephen is melancholy about his return to the states. Burton contemplates the disparity in chance. And Stephen feels like an exile. Why did we get so deep on Animal week? Have a listen and find out. Listen Here or on any of your favorite Podcast Apps and catch up on some past Episodes to if you'd like: Leave your comments, Join the conversation.


Episode 30 - The Spy Who Dumped Me and Blockers

Comedy Week! While in two different countries the brothers scramble to complete this week's Episode. Stephen tells us a bit about Colombian cinema and the theatrical experience, and we showdown Buddy Movies. We also hear some listener feeback. Below there are pictures of Cine Colombia's RUTA 90 Project. Listen/Download here and catch up on past episodes:


Episode 29 - Skyscraper and Rampage

Double Dwayne Johnson Week! Week 1 of 3 recorded long distance, with Stephen in Colombia and Burton in United States. We compare and contrast the cinematic experience in different countries and enjoy FaceTiming. Listen/Download here and catch up on past Episodes:


Episode 28 - Mission: Impossible - Fallout and American Made

Tom-Cruise-A-Thon! Exposition Dumps and Drug Runs. On this Episode Burton is not too fond of MI: Fallout, but both the brothers have good things to say about American Made. We also have a Tom Cruise Trivia Segment. Listen/Download Here and catch up on past Episodes:


Episode 27 - Three Identical Strangers and Disobedience

Triplets and Forbidden Love. Steve talks about his Documentary Pet Peeves and Burton relates to the religious claustrophobia of Disobedience. Then we battle twin movies with a TWINNERS segments and find out if you Agree or Disagree with popular critics. Listen/Download here, and catch up on past Episodes:


Episode 26 - Sorry to Bother You and You Were Never Really Here

White Voices and Ball-Peen Hammers. We cover two great films this week. Hilarious, crafty, fresh Boots Riley flick and exceptional film making from Lynne Ramsay who really raises the bar. And because of the surprise ending in Sorry to Bother You, we compare and rate movies with Twists and finish off with Agree or Disagree. Listen/Download here or on any Podcast App. Also catch up on past episodes and please leave some comments here on find us on Twitter.


Episode 25 - The Catcher Was A Spy, Mute, and Ant Man and the Wasp

Celebrating the passing of the half-way mark, Burton and Stephen look back on the year and recollect the first 50 movies. Then Stephen gives Burton a Paul Rudd Quiz in hopes that he will score better than in the past. Special Thanks to All the Club Members, Listeners and Supporters! We're looking forward to the next 50! Download/Listen here or on any of your favorite Podcast APPS. And catch up on past episodes. Leave a Freakin Voicemail: (833) FILM-100


Episode 24 - Uncle Drew and The Endless

Geezers and Timeloops. On this episode Burton hates on Uncle Drew, while Stephen quite liked it. Then we give the Worst Sports Movies a Showdown, and then hear an interview with filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead about their indie brain movie. Listen/Download here or on any of your favorite Podcast APPS. Also catch up with past episodes: We Want to hear your voice, leave your own review, rant, or rave on our Freakin Voice Mail: (833) FILM-100


Episode 23 - Incredibles 2 and Set It Up

On this Episode we hear What the Freakin Kids Think about Incredibles 2 and Burton gives Stephen the Apple Tree Quiz to test his knowledge of celebrities children. Listen/Download here or on any of your favorite Podcast APPS: We want to hear your review! Leave your review, rants, raves, anything on our Freakin Voice Mail: (833) FILM-100


Episode 22 - Hereditary and Life

Horror Week. On This Episode Stephen and Burton argue over Hereditary. Stephen freakin loved it, while freakin Burton hated it. Then we play Would You Rather based on Hereditary and then stand off the best Space movies. SpaceCamp (1986) Stephen's Winner for Space Movies. Download this episode here, or listen on any of your favorite Podcast APPS: How did you feel about this episode? How about these Freakin Films? What are your favorite Space Movies? Share your thoughts with...


Episode 21 - Ocean's 8 and Baby Driver

On this Episode Burton struggles with his Sandra Bullock knowledge in our Six Seconds of Sandra Quiz. And Stephen tries to Guess the Box Office with how other heist movies compare to Baby Driver. Download this Episode here or Subscribe on any of your favorite Podcast Apps: We are excited about our Listener's Voicemail: (833) FILM-100 Leave your rants, raves, reviews, realizations, revelations, or anything else you desire and we will include you in our episodes.


Episode 20 - Solo and Cargo

On this episode Stephen struggles with his Post-Solo despair and finding meaning in this cruel cinematic existence. We hear Star Wars Tweets and in tribute to Cargo, we compare Post Apocalyptic Films. Share your thoughts with us on our NEW Listener's Voicemail: (833) FILM 100 Listen to this episode here, or on any of your favorite podcast Apps.


Episode 19 - Deadpool 2 and Hostiles

On this Episode we cover two films with different approaches to Murder, Death, and Violence. We showdown 'Deadpool Deaths' and we 'Agree or Disagree' with critic's reviews of Hostiles. We also hear interviews with Christian Bale and Masanobu Takayanagi. Tell us what you think about our show, and get involved in the conversation. We now have our LISTENER'S VOICEMAIL: (833) FILM100 Or send a short audio review as an email attachment to: stephen@100freakinfilms.com Listen or Download this...