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16. Jo Elvin: Editor in Chief Glamour Magazine

The fabulous Jo Elvin rounds off this series of Admit One as she shares her top three favourite films, chosen solely for their enduring stylish appeal. As Editor of Glamour UK, Jo’s eye for fashion is second to none and She certainly proves her style credentials with her eclectic choices for her top three films. explores the undeniable appeal of 50s Audrey Hepburn glamour, the style of 1960s Hong Kong and an animated curve-ball with a foxy edge. Jo also shares some fantastic dinner party...


15. Emily Hartridge: YouTuber

There's a retro theme running through this episode that will keep the 80s and 90s kids happy as Emily counts down her all time top three favourite films. See if you can guess which classic fantasy film gave her chronic nightmares as a child… Clueless (1995, Amy Heckerling) Willow (1988, Ron Howard) Sister Act (1992, Emie Andolino) Thanks to @emilyhartridge Subscribe to Emily’s YouTube channel: Presented by @antoniaobrien Produced by @karenellenbevan Show us some love on...


14. Clemency Burton-Hill: Author, Broadcaster and Musician

In another themed episode, Antonia explores the world of movie scores and soundtracks with broadcaster, novelist and classical musician, Clemency Burton-Hill as she recounts her favourite memories from the world of film music. Clemency is a strong believer that classical music is not an elitist past time, and should be accessible for all - and that film scores are a fantastic way of bridging the gap. She has faced backlash in the past for her views, but Clemency stands strong to her...


13. Jules Von Hep & Sarah Powell: Podcasters

The due behind the Jules and Sarah Podcast bring a little bit of their Port Salut Crew magic to the Admit One studio as they chat to Antonia about everything from Disney based sexual awakenings to Goldie Hawn and beyond. As our first duo on the show, we challenged them to pick one of their die hard favourite films each, and a shared favourite. Death Becomes Her (1992, Robert Zemeckis) Notting Hill (1999, Richard Curtis) Hercules (1997, Ron Clements and John Musker) Thanks to @julesvonhep...


12. Clare Balding: Broadcaster and Author

In this episode we turn our attentions to British cinema and ask broadcasting legend and national treasure, Clare Balding what her 3 favourite quintessentially British films. Clare confesses a love for seeing true stories brought to life on film as she explores the impact that each of her choices has had on her life... including the revelation that her father used to train horses on the field in which the 1978 classic, Watership Down, was based. Champions (1984, John Irvin) Love Actually...


11. Tony Wrighton: Presenter and Author

Dark themes of solitary confinement and Edinburgh's underworld occur as personal development author and presenter, Tony Wrighton reveals his top three favourite films of all time. Trainspotting (1996, Danny Boyle) Bridge Over The River Kwai (1957, David Lean) Papillon (1973, Franklin J Schaffner) Thanks to @tonywrighton Give Tony’s own Zestology podcast a listen: Presented by @antoniaobrien Produced by @karenellenbevan Show us some love and get involved...


10. Tommy Edison: The Blind Film Critic

Tommy has been blind since birth and has loved film ever since he went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid. He’s built that love into a career and is now a successful broadcaster and film critic. Tommy shares some insight into how the blind enjoy movies, why Scorcses is his favourite director and the reason superhero movies leave him feeling cold, as he counts down his top three favourite films. He also sets us all the challenge for when we next sit down to watch a movie…...


9. Clare Stewart: BFI Head of Festivals

From growing up in a small town without a cinema to dancing on stage with Ryan Gosling at the London Film Festival, Clare Stewart shares her story of success and love for world cinema as she struggles to whittle down her top three favourite films. Featured films: Beau Travail (1999, Claire Denis) Days Of Being Wild (1990, Wong Kar-wai) A Separation (2011, Asghar Farhadi) Thanks to @clarestewartbfi Keep up to date with the BFI’s latest festival news: Presented by...


8. Corrina Antrobus: Founder/Director of the Bechdel Test Fest

On International Women's Day, take a second to ask yourself - do the films you love pass the almighty Bechdel Test? In order to pass, The Bechdel Test asks that a film or piece of fiction features at least two female characters that interact with each other without mentioning a man. That seems simple enough, you might think? It’s actually much rarer than you imagine. Founder of the UK’s Bechdel Test Fest, Corrina Antrobus, sheds light on what drove her to set up her own film festival as she...


7. Tony Mortimer: Singer-Songwriter

The award winning singer-songwriter and founding member of East 17, reveals which famous actor inspired him to start writing lyrics and cringes at an embarrassing encounter with Vanessa Paradis as he reveals his top 3 favourite movies of all time. Featured films: A Christmas Carol (184, Clive Donner) Enter The Dragon (1973, Robert Clouse) Rocky (1976, John G. Avildsen) Thanks to @tony_mortimer Presented by @antoniaobrien Produced by @karenellenbevan Show us some love on Twitter using...


6. Boyd Hilton: TV and Film Critic

As Boyd reveals his top 3 to Antonia, they ponder big questions, such as - what is the greatest buddy movie of all time? Who will win the battle for best picture at the Oscars? And which 90s thriller had a game changing impact on popular culture as we know it? Featured films: Manhattan (1979, Woody Allen) Seven (1995, David Fincher) Midnight Run (1988, Martin Brest) Thanks to @boydhilton Arsenal fan? Give Boyd’s own podcast a listen: Presented by @antoniaobrien Produced...


5. Davina Catt: Writer and Director

In a nod to London Fashion Week, Davina is set the challenge of picking what she deems to be the most stylish offerings from the world of cinema: including the story behind Bette Davis' classic look in All About Eve. Featured films: All About Eve (1950, Joseph L. Mankiewicz) Anna Karenina (2012, Joe Wright) Boogie Nights (1997, Paul Thomas Anderson) Thanks to @davinacatt Take a peek at some of Davina’s own archive of films and documentaries: Presented by...


4. Cherry Healey: Journalist and Documentary Maker

Talking kick-ass women in films, spying on Tom Cruise and the curse of the sequel - the wonderfully talented Cherry Healey joins Antonia to count down her top three favourite films...and talk about her rather short lived career as an actress. Featured films: Contact (1997, Robert Zemeckis) Cocktail (1988, Roger Donaldson) Zoolander (2001, Ben Stiller) Thanks to @cherryhealey Listen to Cherry’s fantastic ‘Letters To My Fanny’ podcast: Presented by @antoniaobrien Produced...


3. Tim Walker: Author and Journalist

Tim chats to Antonia about the politics of Hollywood and reveals how film noir and The Big Lebowski have influenced his career and latest book 'Smoke Over Malibu. He also gives us a sneaky insight into what it's like working as a journalist during the Oscars in LA. Featured films: Chinatown (1974, Roman Polanski) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991, Kevin Reynolds) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004, Michel Gondry) Thanks to @timwalker Intrigued? Buy Tim's book ‘Smoke Over Malibu’:...


2. Sara Cox: TV and Radio Presenter

The legendary broadcaster, Sara Cox, reveals why Drew Barrymore is in her bad books and how she ended up snogging Will Smith on breakfast TV, as she counts down her top three favourite movies. Dirty Dancing (1987, Emile Ardolino) Pretty Woman (1990, Garry Marshall) Elf (2003, Jon Favreau) Thanks to @sarajcox Presented by @antoniaobrien Produced by @karenellenbevan Show us some love on twitter using #AdmitOne


1. James King: Film Critic

Kicking off season one of the podcast, James King recalls the exact moment he was inspired to become a critic and the film that kick-started his career. James and Antonia swap Oscar predictions, red carpet memories and swoon over Molly Ringwald as he reveals his top three favourite movies. Featured films: Grease (1978, Randal Kleiser) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1968, John Hughes) Donnie Darko (2001, Richard Kelly) Thanks to @jameskingmovies Presented by @AntoniaOBrien Produced by...


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