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BadFlix Ep #153: Kung Paocast

This week the guys had to watch Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. After that we get into the news with Alien return to the theaters, Spider-Man confirmed for Avengers 4, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will be the last one, and much more! LIVE Every Thursday @ 7 PM Pacific Time! We talk about about Movies and TV, good or bad. We also go on some pretty good tangents sometimes. Every week we take suggestions from listeners of what they would like to hear us review. Find more at...


W4P EP 112: Star Citizen - Penna

W4P EP 112: Star Citizen - Penna. Broadcast on 4.17.2017 - Welcome back for latest and most exciting episode of Waiting4Players. As always we have both the Adams and Peter, but in yet another plot twist Josh will be on camera tonight as I, the great and powerful Jon is producing. Tonight we will be bringing you such news as Nintendo and the latest news regarding their NES remake. Whats new to Rick and Morty and the gaming world as well as a statement from the co-founder of Pirate Bay. As...


ComixBrew Ep #202: Controversy Aboard The USS ComixBrew

ComixBrew is back to get your week started!!!! The controversy continues with one of Marvel’s, now former, artists. It’s not looking good for this guy in the ways of continuing in western comics. There is also a couple of large casting announcements this week. One of which is Dolph Lundgren joining the cast of Aquaman. The other being that Thanos was cast as Cable for the Deadpool sequel. The guys did decide to save the two best stories for the end of the news. One is the Thor: Ragnarok...


BadFlix Ep #152: Moonlight Podcast

BadFlix is back with another wonderful episode. This week the guys review “Moonrise Kingdom” a Wes Anderson film. There is also some box office news this week. A couple of movies are killing it around the world. There is also some casting news from a couple of highly anticipated sequels. The MTV Movie Awards is making a change to some of the awards categories. Stephen Colbert is so happy with his spot at #1 for late night TV that he has been throwing his entire crew a weekly pizza party,...


W4P EP 111: Helldivers - SPI X27

W4P EP 111: HELLDIVERS - SPI X27. Broadcast on 4.10.2017. Welcome to the best podcast we have ever done! Tonight we will be talking about Arkham VR coming to the HTC Vive and Oculus. We will also be discussing the new Far Cry 4 DLC and some other tasty tidbits. As usual we have Peter and the Adams on mic tonight with a special guest Josh. Jon has now been promoted although briefly to the producer chair. Join us for the usual shenanigans and hilarity. The game tonight is HELLDIVERS and the...


Comixbrew Ep #201: Spotlight on Andrea Romano

After celebrating 200 wonderful episodes, it’s back to business as usual for episode #201. This week the whole crew dives head first into the world of comic books, only resurfacing for air once they have something worth talking about, and there is a lot worth talking about this week. Mostly things coming from Marvel. Or rather not coming from Marvel. One of which being no large events for 18 months after the end of Secret Empire. Which I think we can all agree is a great idea. However one...


BadFlix Ep #151: Podcast 43

This week the movie we all watched was “Movie 43” and it was an odd one to say the least. After that, there is a ton of news to get through. Transformers doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon, but will Micheal Bay leave Transformers? Is the world ready for a Call of Duty movie? How about a cinematic universe based on the game? The next Expendables movie loses a couple of major names. Is the franchise expendable? Can I make that joke? Well I did anyways. Rick and Morty make a huge...


W4P EP 110: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds - Dot Watch

W4P EP 110: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Dot Watch. Welcome back to another episode of Waiting4Players! This week join your hosts as they discuss the latest in the worlds of gaming and tech. The US government has made your browsing history available for purchase, Destiny 2 was officially announced, and the guys discuss the fact that Twitch is selling video games now. The game tonight is Playerunkown's Battlegrounds and the gadget is the Dot Watch. A Lazy Knights Production


ComixBrew Ep #200: ComixBrew Highlights!!!

ComixBrew is celebrating 200 awesome, beer fueled, episodes. So in honor of such a tremendous occasion, the guys decide to celebrate with more than just beer! Well a couple of them do anyways. The beer this week is a birthday present from the lovely people at George Town Brewing, and it is some mighty tasty beer. There are a few quick news stories this week, but the lovely hosts end up running with them and getting a bit silly. Also, as a group, the guys review Green Lantern / Space Ghost...


BadFlix Ep #150: I'm your Huckleberry

BadFlix is back to help you get through the rest of the work week. There’s a lot of fun stuff talked about on this episode. But of course, the guys have to review their movie homework first. This week’s homework was “Tombstone” and the guys give their personal reviews of the movie, but it’s safe to say that it’s a quality western flick. There are also a couple of new trailers out this week that the guys watched and have some opinions on. It also seems like we can’t go a week with out some...


W4P EP 109: Blackwake - MAKERbuino

This week on Waiting4Players, Jon shows us a very complete early access game called Blackwake. In the news we have Starcraft remastered confirmed, Mad Catz having some stock troubles, Your ISPs are spying on you, major companies boycotting Ads by Google due to crappy YouTube videos, and plenty more! The gadget this week is the MAKERbuino! A Lazy Knights production.


ComixBrew Ep #199: Hemorrhoidal Tendencies

ComixBrew is back for a brand new bag of free form podcasting for your listing pleasure. This week join Adam, Tyler, and Josh as they discuss whatever happens to come to mind. There’s plenty to talk about as Josh brought a Montana-brewed beer back from his trip. The guys also talk about Iron Fist for far too long, switching then to a spoiler filled talk about Logan. There’s even more movies, comics, and madness discussed this week, so dive on in and don’t be afraid to get wet! Intro and...


BadFlix Ep #149: All Saints Cast

Hey there loyal listeners! Are you ready for another episode of BadFlix? Hell yes you are! This week there is a TON of stuff to talk about. Everything from Netflix, on multiple points, too Space Jam. Of course the episode starts out with every ones review of “Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day”. Which we can all agree is not a good movie. Next the guys get into the movie world and bounce all over the place. We stop by the rich world of Disney, twice. We discuss visiting the world of Power...


W4P EP 108: Horizon Zero Dawn - Herbert

Get ready for an very exciting episode of Waiting4Player, with special guest “No-Show” Mike joining us in studio this week. He is bring the game for us to enjoy tonight, Horizon Zero Dawn on the Playstation 4, which has sold over 2.6 million copies! Also in the news this week we’ve got Sony bringing PS4 games to Playstation Now, the Nintendo Switch having some hardware issues, Mass Effect Andromeda’s poor animations, NASA possibly getting it’s education department closed and plenty more....


ComixBrew Ep #198: Iron Fisting

ComixBrew is back with another lovely episode for you fantastic listeners. Although this week is a little different. Josh decided to take himself one of those vacations thingies. So for the first time in a very very long time, there is no Josh this week. However, Adam and Tyler won’t just l;eave you with out an episode. So the two of them tackle the episode on their own. They talk about just how much trouble The Batman movie is having. There’s a new distribution company getting ready to...


BadFlix - BadFlix Ep #148: Kong: Skull Podcast

This week the gang went to watch Kong: Skull Island, and we give our review of it. Then we hop into movie and tv news with Batman being rewritten again, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 confirmed, Disney refuses to cut gay scene from Beauty and the Beast, a Spider-Man Venom spin off get a release date, and much more. A Lazy Knights production.


ComixBrew Ep #197.5: Toronto Comix: Yonge at Heart

The Point-5 Initiative returns for another amazing interview with some fabulous comic book creators. This week Josh welcomes Steven Andrews and Aaron Feldman of Toronto Comics. The two are working with their team on their latest Kickstarter campaign for their fourth anthology collection. These collections showcase the brilliance and community of Toronto and the creators who call the city there home. And just like every Point-5, we get a little insight into what makes these creators tick....


Waiting4Players - W4P EP 107: Salt and Sanctuary - Macchina

W4P 107: Salt and Sanctuary - Macchina. Broadcast on 3.13.2017. Waiting4Players returns and is back to full force! This week your hosts bring you the latest in gaming and gadgetry. There's some unfortunate news coming out of Indiegogo, a little update about No Man's Sky which looks promising, Jon gets hyped about the Styx: Shards of Darkness release, and we get an in-depth look at Middle-Earth Shadow of War. There's so much more! The game tonight is Salt and Sanctuary and the gadget is...


ComixBrew - ComixBrew Ep #197: Schooled by Georgetown Brewing

ComixBrew returns for another raucous episode of comic books and craft brews! Listen in as Adam, Tyler, and Josh are joined by Lisa and Mark of Georgetown Brewing Co. This time around Lisa and Mark bring the guys some choice IPAs from the brewery and tag along as the dudes discuss Thor Ragnarok, Marvel’s Iron Fist, and the first recipient of the Creators for Creators grant. Comics this week are: Planet of the Apes/Green Lantern #2, Kingpin #2, and Clovis #0. Intro and outro courtesy of...


BadFlix - BadFlix Ep #147: Why You Do This To Me?!?

Here comes another Thursday and with that another episode of BadFlix! This week we, once again, have Josh from ComixBrew joining us. The guys had to watch The Room for their homework and also have a nice discussion about Logan! A Lazy Knights production.