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Superhero (Secret) Identities?

You ever wonder how superheroes manage to keep their true identities a secret? Yeah, we do, too! This week, Elisabeth, Emily, and Lindsay discuss some of the most perplexing superhero secret identities. Tiny masks? Voice modifying devices? Obviously never in the same place at the same time as their alter egos? There are​ so many questions to be answered! Also, what does the future of superheroes' secret identities look like? Will heroes just give up entirely because of how pervasive...


To Oblivion and beyond!

It’s time for a Beauties & Headcanons semi-recurring series on Elder Scrolls lore! While our previous episode covered the basics of the world of Nirn, the races that inhabit it, and brief overview and timeline of each of the games, in this episode Elisabeth takes Emily through a detailed walk through the game Oblivion. From the core of the Oblivion Crisis to the Daedric Princes to the political consequences of what happens in the game that carries over into Skyrim, once you finish listening...


Anniversary Q&A!

Emily, Lindsay, and Elisabeth answer YOUR questions in this episode, celebrating Beauties & Headcanons' FIRST ANNIVERSARY!! Who would win: Daleks vs. Borg? What are their favorite Saturday morning cartoons? Will the Supernatural writers ever stop driving fans crazy? Here the answer to these, and quite a few more!! Thanks to Public House Media for making this show possible, thanks to the listeners for your continued support! We are so happy to be here to talk nerdy to you every week, and we...


Time Travel - Revisited

Why does it feel like I've heard this before? Did we go back in time? What in the...Emily and Lindsay got stuck in a pocket universe, with only their wits and the previous episode of Beauties & Headcanons on a strange computer! Where is Elisabeth!? How did this happen? Will they reunite and continue making great episodes for you? Listen to find out how Elisabeth wrote Lindsay and Emily out of this time trap!


Time Travel Across the Fandoms

Time travel! It’s a concept addressed in many different fandoms, from the passing mention to the integral plot devices. But how exactly does time travel work in our different fandoms? And how is it used? Emily, Elisabeth, and Lindsay take on three of their own fandoms and discuss the mechanics of time travel. From the magical and the mystical​ to the accidental and technological, you’ll hear about everything from the flux capacitor from Back to the Future to the Cosmic Treadmill from DC to...


Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp opened on July 6th to the general public, and while some fans love it, others feel a little conflicted about it. Brice from "Your Soccer Passport” and Elisabeth unpack the reasons why, what the film does well, what it doesn’t do well, and how it ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including a little bit of speculation of where the MCU might go. Discussion includes elements of the plot, characterization, and female and minority characters and their roles in the MCU....


What We're Up To

It may be hard to believe, but Beauties & Headcanons has been around for almost a year!! This is our 50th episode, so we thought we’d take a break from the topics and let you in on a little bit of our lives. We share with you what nerdy things we’ve got our hands in, from games we’re playing, to nerdy projects we’re each doing doing, to what we’re all watching and reading! Elisabeth talks about her newest writing project, Emily shares a new venture she’s hoping to start soon, and Lindsay...


My cabbages! Reasons to love Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender quickly became an instant classic when it originally aired on the Nickelodeon channel in 2005, spawning comics and even a sequel series in The Legend of Korra. Emily, Elisabeth, and Lindsay explore the world of Avatar and break down some of the reasons why they love it and why it has become such an enduring classic even over ten years after it originally aired. Lindsay also brings up a couple of fan theories to examine, so expect to hear not only about the...


48 | Sailor Moon and New Nerd News!

Sailor Moon was one of the first Japanese animations some of us girls ever watched. In this episode, our host Lindsay and her best friend Lindsay (YES REALLY! We’ll call her Suzzie in the episode) reminisce about their beginnings as Sailor Moon fans. They’ll compare and contrast the American vs. Japanese versions of the series, additional series since the original, and recommendations for fans who want similar anime to watch! Get ready for a little nostalgia, especially if you grew up in...


47 | From Superheroes to Evil Wizards

With Fathers' Day around the corner, we take this episode to recognize fandom fathers good and bad. Whether these gentlemen (or not-so-gentle men) are biological fathers, father-figures, or strong role models in the lives of our fandoms' youth, we'll tell you our thoughts on the best and the worst of them!


46 | Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads...(Just a Fandom)

Our fandoms give us a way to escape our real lives for a while. But what if our fandoms BECAME our real lives? This episode, Elisabeth, Emily, and Lindsay pick their top best and worst fandom universes to live in! From the amazing technological advantages to the terrifying unknown, every fandom universe has positives and negatives. Will they choose your favorites?


45 | Deadpool 2 vs. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the nerdy movie releases lately? Let us help you out! Emily and Elisabeth take Lindsay through the basics of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Deadpool 2, to help her (and maybe you!) decide which to see! In this spoiler-free episode, you’ll find out what the hosts think made each movie great. Maybe this episode will convince you to see both movies, who knows!


44 | Fantasy Casting

Fantasy Casting … like Fantasy Football, but for nerds! Emily, Elisabeth, and Lindsay talk about their favorite actors and who they’d like to see in what roles, and even some roles they just can’t see anyone else in! From Ron Perlman and Alan Tudyk to Jensen Ackles and John Barrowman​ to David Tenant and Helena Bonham Carter, we give the low-down on who we think should be who … and who can never really be replaced, like Hugh Jackman and Liam Neeson.


43 | What’s New in Nerd News: A New Segment!

New from Beauties & Headcanons - Nerdy News!! This episode we’ll bring you up to speed on the nerdy happenings like show cancellations, nerdy events, actor/actress news, and more! This will become a monthly segment in the last episode of each month, looking both backward and forward at crucial nerdy things hitting the headlines. We’ll keep you nerdy by updating you with the best and latest!


42 | From Good Witches to Wicked Step Mother’s

Happy Mother’s Day! Show notes: This Sunday is Mother's Day, so to honor all mothers we've done an episode highlighting the best and worst (in our opinion) mothers of the nerd world! Mothers are, unfortunately, in short supply in a lot of fandoms, since dead parents are often the easiest way to facilitate a tragic backstory. However, in the mothers that exist, there is a wonderful variety to be found! Biological and adopted, nurturing and toxic, good and evil alike, Emily and Elisabeth...


41 | Avengers: Infinity War

Marvel’s third installment of the Avengers series - dubbed Infinity War - has finally hit theatres! And has left fans mostly weeping in its wake. Critics and audiences alike give it an overall positive review, though some more hardcore geeks may be dissatisfied with the final product. Join Emily, Elisabeth, and Lindsay as they break down the good, the bad, and the ugly about the movie and discuss it, from the events the movie covers to the characters it portrays to the plot itself. Though,...


40 | Cross-fandom BFFs

While a few instances of crossovers have happened in canon, for the most part, crossover action only really gets traction in the world of fanfiction. While we may not all get to see our favorite characters team up on the big screen, thinking about all the possibilities is just a part of being a geek! This week, Emily, Elisabeth, and Lindsay all discuss their favorite platonic pairings in their favorite fandoms, from DC and Marvel to Firefly and Star Wars, to Sailor Moon and Scooby-Doo!...


39 | Live Action vs. Animation - Beauty and the Beast

Hollywood, in general, has been churning out remakes left and right, many to mixed reviews and receptions. Disney, in particular,​ has been remaking some of their classics, but with a twist: taking their classic animations and turning them live action. Since live action and animation are different mediums of the art of filmmaking, we decided to compare and contrast some of their offerings, noting the similarities and the differences. First up for review is Beauty and the Beast, originally...


38 | Are You Ready Player One?

Join Elisabeth, Lindsay & guest Vic as they explore the world of Ready Player One. Written by first-time author Ernest Cline in 2011 & the movie directed by Spielberg. Spoiler alert, listener be warned. Ready Player One is chock full of 80’s references and will have geeks constantly giddy. The story is set in a futuristic world where the best parts of life are now lived in this free-to-use virtual world called ‘The Oasis”. The very wealthy creator of the Oasis has died but not before...


37 | Disney, Pixar, and all the Feels

Disney and Pixar have created timeless masterpieces throughout their time working together - and even when they’ve been apart - movies that have really stood the test of time and speak to everyone on different levels. With the current conversation about mental health going on, we decided to take a look at some of their movies and how they portrayed and addressed the issues surrounding it. From the OCD tendencies present in Wall-E to dealing with grief and depression in Up, these stories...