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39 | Live Action vs. Animation - Beauty and the Beast

Hollywood, in general, has been churning out remakes left and right, many to mixed reviews and receptions. Disney, in particular,​ has been remaking some of their classics, but with a twist: taking their classic animations and turning them live action. Since live action and animation are different mediums of the art of filmmaking, we decided to compare and contrast some of their offerings, noting the similarities and the differences. First up for review is Beauty and the Beast, originally...


38 | Are You Ready Player One?

Join Elisabeth, Lindsay & guest Vic as they explore the world of Ready Player One. Written by first-time author Ernest Cline in 2011 & the movie directed by Spielberg. Spoiler alert, listener be warned. Ready Player One is chock full of 80’s references and will have geeks constantly giddy. The story is set in a futuristic world where the best parts of life are now lived in this free-to-use virtual world called ‘The Oasis”. The very wealthy creator of the Oasis has died but not before...


37 | Disney, Pixar, and all the Feels

Disney and Pixar have created timeless masterpieces throughout their time working together - and even when they’ve been apart - movies that have really stood the test of time and speak to everyone on different levels. With the current conversation about mental health going on, we decided to take a look at some of their movies and how they portrayed and addressed the issues surrounding it. From the OCD tendencies present in Wall-E to dealing with grief and depression in Up, these stories...


36 | If We Could Be Anyone...Cosplay Edition

Have you ever wanted to embrace your inner superhero or dress up as your favorite movie, tv series character, or fandom creature? This week Emily, Elisabeth, and Lindsay share what they would cosplay if they could from anywhere they can think of! A cosplay meet-up lets people who roleplay and dress as characters from their favorite places see others’ costumes, props, and give major props to each other too. Each and every costume is unique and exciting. The ladies aren’t getting ready for a...


35 | The Lore of The Elder Scrolls, in Case You Don't Know by Now

The Elder Scrolls is a long standing gaming franchise stretching back to the mid-90's as Bethesda's flagship series. For some that might be intimidating, for others you might not realize it goes back that far! Join Emily and Elisabeth as they take you on a journey through Nirn, discuss the races and countries of Tamriel, and give you a brief, spoiler-free overview of each of the chronological games along with a crash course on the different playstyles available and the lore behind the series.


34 | Flashback Friday: 90s Toons!

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably have your favorite cartoons. Even if you didn’t grow up in the 90s, you probably are familiar with many of the iconic shows from that time. Emily and Lindsay share their favorites, fan theories, fun facts, and nerd out about the best shows of all time (maybe).


33 | #nerdproblems

Every nerd has been there. An awkward moment because a friend didn’t catch that reference. Frustration because the movie didn’t live up to the book. #nerdproblems are things we nerds deal with all the time, so Elisabeth, Lindsay, and Emily discussed some of their biggest #struggles that come with being a part of any fandom! Whether you’re a gamer, a bookworm, or just an all-around geek, we know you’ve come across some of these, too! Give a listen, rate, and review us! Look for an episode...


Ant-Man and the Wasp Trailer

In light of the recent trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp, Elisabeth and Lindsay are joined by guest Brice Burge to discuss anticipated direction of the film to be released July 6! Will Marvel Cinematic Universe finally fix some typical flaws their movies tend to fall into? What will the casting bring to the Ant-Man franchise of movies? How will Marvel continue taking Ant-Man’s story into the 21st Century? Have a listen and see what this week’s hosts predict!


31 | Black Panther: Wakanda Forever!

This episode contains spoilers about the movie Black Panther! With the release of Marvel’s latest superhero feature, we get to know more about Black Panther. Co-hosts Lindsay and Elisabeth host Ezekiel Drews (co-host of Podcast: A Star Wars Story) as a guest as they discuss the newly-premiered Marvel Cinematic Universe movie! Has Wakanda captured their hearts? Hear their perspectives on things from cinematics to script, insight from characters to light political discussion. Listen in to...


30 | "We Did Naht Make a Valentine's Day Episode...We Did Naht...Oh, Hi Mark"

It’s Valentine’s Day Week - so here at Beauties & Headcanons we did a special nerdy couples episode! Emily and Elisabeth take turns sharing their favorites from their favorite fandoms - whether the couples actually took place in the fandom or not! Would you ship these couples? Do you have any other favorites to add to our list?


29 | Our New Hosts Are in Jeopoardy!

We have two new co-hosts, so to get to know them we’re playing nerdy Jeopoardy! Emily is the contestant, and Lindsay and Elisabeth quiz her in categories like: First Fandoms, Least Favourites, Hopefuls, and Biggest Fandoms! Bonus points for knowing which new co-host wrote the answer! How well does Emily know her co-hosts? Learn about Lindsay and Elisabeth’s interests in this week’s episode!


28 | Supernatural for the Advanced Watcher

This week we’re digging a little deeper into Supernatural to bring more depth and storyline to those who have watched before and maybe fell off the bandwagon! Or maybe you just like spoilers and don’t want to watch all…12 seasons and almost 300 some episodes to catch up! Emily is joined by Lindsay, a first-time watcher of Supernatural, and Elisabeth, our resident expert, to fill in some of the storyline, outline characters, and tell you how each season ended!


27 | A Beginner’s Guide to Supernatural: Angels, and Demons, and Ghosts, Oh My!

A show with a huge following, in its 13th season, and considered a staple in any nerd’s Netflix queue, Supernatural is a show with a lot of background, well-known casting, and, well, supernatural beings! Emily and Elisabeth get nerdy when Elisabeth guides Emily through the basics of Supernatural’s lore, storyline, and characters! Also be sure to tune in next week for an Advanced Watchers’ Guide to catch up with where Supernatural is now!!


25 | What's Up with the Infinity Stones?!

Marvel has been building up to one VERY critical event with its Avengers movies: The Infinity War. And the centerpiece of this event is the Infinity Gauntlet, which houses six Infinity Stones. But what in the world are they?! Where are they from? What do they do? Do we know where all of them are? Never fear! Emily and her guest Lindsay explain just what we do know about the Infinity Stones, the Gauntlet, Thanos, and what will come of the Avengers! They also speculate on how events in...


25 | Harry Potter and the Missing Content

Emily is joined by special guest Elisabeth Thorpe to discuss the Harry Potter books versus movies!! What aspects of the books should have been in the movies, but were left out? Which characters should have appeared? How well did the movies adjust, even though changes were made to the original stories? Was it really necessary to leave out what the moviemakers chose to change? The ladies give their perspective on this, and discuss the difference between books and movies as media. Give a...


24 | Auld Lang Sci-Fi - 2017 and 2018

From video games to TV shows to movies, 2017 had some pretty great high points! What were some of the best nerdy things that came out of 2017? Emily and her husband Paul share some of their favorite nerdy things from last year, and look ahead to some exciting nerdy things ahead in 2018! Looking forward to another awesome "year of the geek!"


23 | Oh, Christmas Special, Oh Christmas Special - Doctor Who Edition

What's your favorite Doctor Who Christmas Special? Do you have a favorite Doctor? A favorite writer? Favorite companion? Emily is joined by special guests Carissa and Jameson McNeill to count down their top five favorite Christmas Specials of the Doctor Who revival series!


22 | Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Emily is joined by TWO guests, Danny and Tim, to discuss Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi! There are NO SPOILERS in the FIRST 16 minutes of the episode; you will get a warning before the spoilers and predictions come out in the later part of the show.


21 | What If Star Trek Was Real Life

If you could pick a Star Trek series to live in, which would you pick? Not sure? Listen to Emily and her guest Amanda pick characters, episodes, and discuss the classic nerdy show!!


20 | What You Didn't Know About Firefly (Unless You Already Did)

Emily and guest host Melissa share their love of the short-lived, but long-loved show Firefly by Joss Whedon. Fun facts, what are the actors up to now, and why did the show get canceled?! Also, how to PROPERLY watch Firefly!!


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