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Interview with Mark Burns

Jon Cross talks to Mark Burns, long time friend of The After Movie Diner and one of the organisers behind Weekend of the Dead, the UK's premiere George A Romero convention. We talk '...Of The Dead' franchise of films, positivity of finding like-minded friends and more. Tom Savini has already called Weekend of the Dead his favourite convention and actually asked the organisers to attend this year, it's a must go, must know convention and we're proud here at the Diner to bring you the scoop!...


Interviews with the cast of Ash Vs Evil Dead Season Three

Boy do we have a treat for you! On this show we talk to the stars of Ash Vs Evil Dead Season Three, Dana DeLorenzo, Ray Santiago, Arielle Carver-O'Neill and Lindsay Farris. We talk about what we can look forward to in the upcoming season, how the mood changes between seasons, introducing the new guys, further exploring Ash's personality, wishlist moments, stunt training, gore, laughs and so much more! Don't forget to check out our Ash Vs Evil Dead coverage on The After Movie Diner and...


Interview with Larry Cohen and Steve Mitchell

Jon Cross talks with renowned genre filmmaker Larry Cohen (Black Caesar, It's Alive, Q, The Stuff, Maniac Cop) and the director of the documentary about him, King Cohen: The Wild World of Filmmaker Larry Cohen, Steve Mitchell (Writer of Chopping Mall). They talk on-the-fly filmmaking, shooting in New York, motivations, being a villain in your own story, working with actors, Hollywood, Blaxploitation, lies, memories and madness. It is two fascinating discussions about the career of a man...


Interview with Tom Atkins

You know the man's films: The Fog, Escape From New York, Halloween III, Maniac Cop, Night of the Creeps, Creepshow, Lethal Weapon and more, you know the man's talent and you know the man's tash! Yes, that's right, Jon Cross sits down and talks with the cult and genre film legend Tom Atkins and talks about Pittsburgh, John Carpenter, George A Romero, his favourite horror films, his fans and his future. We discuss all his iconic roles and all of his iconic co-stars and directors. Tom was a...


Interview with Peter Spellos

The Man Who Would Be Ketchum! You know him from Sorority House Massacre 2, Hard To Die, Nightmare on Elm Street 6, The Guyver, Transformers the animated series, Men In Black 2, Heartbreakers,Cowboy Bebop and more! In this exclusive and very different interview, Jon Cross sits down for a chat, over breakfast, in the excellent Comfort Diner, midtown Manhattan, with character actor, improv comedian, teacher, director, philosopher, storyteller, voice artist and professional 'That guy' Peter...


Interview with Scott Adkins

Actor, Martial Artist, Action icon, Writer, Stunt choreographer and Brit Kicker Scott Adkins talks to Jon Cross all about his career past, present and future! Star of the Undisputed franchise, Ninja franchise, Expendables 2, Close Range and Savage Dog, Scott Adkins talks about working with former guests of this show, directors Isaac Florentine and Jesse Johnson, the struggles of action filmmaking on a budget, branching out into writing and second unit directing, growing up a fan of Bruce...


Interview with Scott Spiegel

Jon Cross talks to the writer of Evil Dead 2, The Rookie, the filmmaker behind 80s slasher brilliance Intruder, the man who introduced Lawrence Bender to Quentin Tarantino and Hollywood insider, Scott Spiegel. He has a new project releasing his early Super 8 films over at that feature the earliest works of Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Josh Becker and more! We talk about the early super 8s, Within The Woods (the precursor to The Evil Dead), Evil Dead 2, making Intruder,...


Interview with Bruce Campbell

Jon Cross talks to the Man Who Would Be Chin, B-Movie legend Bruce Campbell about conventions, travelling, his new book Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor, his films Running Time, Bubba Ho-Tep, Highly Functional and Ash Vs Evil Dead Seasons 2, 3 and 4? (Season 2 Blu Ray out today across the U.S.) This interview, for me was 24 years in the making and we couldn't be happier, more thrilled and more honoured that Bruce dropped by for a chat. Buy his book here:...


Interview with Alex & Benjamin Brewer (Filmmakers of The Trust)

After reviewing the Nic Cage & Elijah Wood movie, The Trust on episode 205 of The After Movie Diner Podcast, the filmmakers, Alex and Ben Brewer reached out to us. This is a conversation they had with host Jon Cross not only about the stars and stories that went into making The Trust but about the business of filmmaking as independents, where they got their starts and even finding out they all had something in common when it came to the Massachusetts music scene! We think it's an awesome...


Interview with Ted Raimi

From his early days in his brother's Super 8 movies, to shemping in Evil Dead 1, to co-starring (and very nearly destroying himself) as Henrietta in Evil Dead 2, to playing multiple parts in Army of Darkness and then, recently, in Ash Vs Evil Dead playing Chet Kaminski, Ash's childhood friend and reprising his iconic roll as the possessed Henrietta, there really is no Evil Dead without Ted. Ted Raimi that is. Younger brother to Director Sam Raimi and friend and contemporary to the chin...


Interview with Ray Santiago

Jon Cross talks to Ray Santiago who plays Pablo on the hit Starz show, Ash Vs Evil Dead. We talk about his experiences getting the part, shooting in New Zealand, his relationship with his co-stars, the Evil Dead franchise, the films that inspire him and much much more. Ray was an engaging, funny and fascinating guest who gave thoughtful and complete answers. You can check out all our Ash Vs Evil Dead coverage at


Interview with Dana DeLorenzo

Jon Cross talks to Dana DeLorenzo, also known as Kelly Maxwell from the hit TV series Ash Vs Evil Dead. They talk about forming Kelly's character, the strong female characters on the show, working with special effects, acknowledging the fans, her acting bucket list, what Ted Raimi should do next and much, much more. Dana was a fascinating, entertaining, informative and funny guest who was generous with her time and forthcoming and thoughtful with her answers. You can check out all our Ash...


Interview with Nick Jongerius

I speak to Nick Jongerius the dutch Director and Producer of The Windmill Massacre. We talk about what first scared him growing up, what pushed him to pursue horror movies, making The Windmill, the legend behind The Windmill, the cast, the special effects and so much more.


Interview with Susan Yeagley (Christopher Guest's Mascots)

On this show we talk to comedienne and actress Susan Yeagley about her interest in comedy, the new Netflix film Mascots and working with Larry David, Christopher Guest and Parker Poset.


Interview with Alain Moussi

Jon Cross talks with the star of Kickboxer: Vengeance, renowned stuntman and martial artist, Alain Moussi. We talk about his martial arts training, his work with the starry cast, Van Damme, Gina Carano, Dave Bautista and the dearly departed Darren Shahlavi and what the future holds for the franchise!


Interview with Sarah Hagan

I speak with the actor best known for her roles in well known, cult, TV favorites Freaks & Geeks and the last season of Buffy The Vampire Slater, Sarah Hagan all about the new indie, psychological, horror, thriller movie Sun Choke. She stars opposite Diner favourite Barbara Crampton in a challenging and intriguing film from Ben Cresciman. I talk to her about the making of that film and getting her start in the business with iconic TV.


Interview with George Stover 2

We are honoured and excited to welcome George Stover back on the show to discuss the release of Alien Factor on Blu-Ray and a documentary about his life and work called No Stopping The Stover! It's a fun and informative chat with this Baltimore legend of independently minded, wonderful film-making!


Interview with Michael Ironside

I have a wonderful conversation with Michael Ironside as he drives from Tennessee to Maryland. We talk about one of his latest films, a passion project, called California Winter and also some of his classic roles in films as diverse as Visiting Hours, V The Series, The A Team, Top Gun, Total Recall and more. We also talk about his battle with cancer, his family and his outlook on life. It's a fascinating chat which proves Michael Ironside to be a man of integrity, honesty, insight and...


Interview with Vernon Wells

On this episode I had the fantastic pleasure to talk to fan favourite and one of the all time great screen villains, Vernon Wells. We talk about his entire career from early guest roles on Australian Television, through iconic performances in bigger budget films Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Commando to his recent, gruesome and grizzly turn in action/horror movie, The Horde. ENJOY!


Interview with Dale Dickey

You know her from such TV Shows as My Name is Earl, True Blood and Breaking Bad and films like Winters Bone, Super 8, Iron Man 3 and now Regression, starring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson. Dale Dickey joins us in a booth of the Diner to talk about Regression, working with Alejandro Amenábar and her upcoming projects. ENJOY!