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Christmas Creeps is a podcast dedicated to celebrating Christmas all year long through the magic of terrible holiday movies. Join hosts Joe, Jon and Karyn each week as they dive into a new film, picking it apart in hopes of finding the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Creeps is a podcast dedicated to celebrating Christmas all year long through the magic of terrible holiday movies. Join hosts Joe, Jon and Karyn each week as they dive into a new film, picking it apart in hopes of finding the true meaning of Christmas.
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Christmas Creeps is a podcast dedicated to celebrating Christmas all year long through the magic of terrible holiday movies. Join hosts Joe, Jon and Karyn each week as they dive into a new film, picking it apart in hopes of finding the true meaning of Christmas.




Episode 86: Santa With Muscles

Every once in a while you hit a brick wall, and your only options are to give up or to power straight through it. That's the situation we found ourselves in this week, as we finally subjected ourselves to the astoundingly brain-dead children's comedy SANTA WITH MUSCLES. Hulk Hogan basically plays himself as a do-gooder fitness guru who gets conked on the head just hard enough to believe he's Santa Claus while defending a beleaguered orphanage from a wacky mad scientist played by Ed Begley,...


Episode 85: Jaws The Revenge

It's six months til Christmas, the 4th of July is right around the corner, so what better time to discuss a Jaws movie?! Jaws: The Revenge, to be specific, the movie that IMDb's users have declared the 27th worst movie ever made. It's also the one Jaws movie that actually takes place around the holidays, so like it or not, here we come! Also in this episode, the guys take a stab at writing their own Jaws sequel, Joe and Bradford actually learn something about foreign culture from this...


Stocking Stuffer #18: X-Men, "Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas"

With a brand new X-Men film currently in theaters, Joe & J-5 take it upon themselves to discuss "Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas," the Christmas episode from season 4 of X-Men: The Animated Series. The Morlocks have lured the X-Men into their lair in the hopes of delivering an X-Mas miracle. Can Jubilee, Wolverine and Storm save a young mutant's life and get back home in time for Gambit's X-Mas dinner? In 22 minutes, you'd better believe it! Also in this episode, Joe waxes on about...


Episode 84: Tokyo Godfathers

We're wrapping up Ani-May this week with one of the finest holiday films we've ever featured! Satoshi Kon's 2003 holiday opus Tokyo Godfathers is a fairy tale about redemption, miracle babies, and all the good stuff you would hope a Christmas movie would be about, all wrapped in the guise of a quest narrative that's slightly comedic and slightly melodramatic, but it all works out in the end. Joining us this week are Niall Flanagan and Dwayne Moloney of the Secret of the Sailor Madness...


Stocking Stuffer #17: Lupin the Third - "Christmas at Tiffany's"

We're back with another Stocking Stuffer, this week tackling "Christmas at Tiffany's", a Christmas episode from stalwart anime Lupin the Third's second series. Lupin & Co. spend the holiday in New York City when they're offered the chance to rob the world famous Tiffany's for fun and profit. Will the heist go off without a hitch? Or will the gang find themselves behind bars for Christmas? We break it all down this week! There's holiday heists, there's lightsabers, there's even a cameo from...


Stocking Stuffer #16: Aggretsuko - "We Wish You a Metal Christmas"

Welcome to Ani-May, everybody! Bradford is taking the reins this month and programming the next few episodes. Kicking things off, we're dipping into the Netflix anime series Aggretsuko, and its season-capping holiday special "We Wish You a Metal Christmas". It's a little bit The Office, a little bit Dethklok, and 1000x more adorable than that description might suggest. Will this month's first anime be the one that melts Joe's icy gaijin heart? Or will Bradford's anime goodwill tour have to...


Episode 83: Bah Humduck! A Looney Tunes Thing

Join us this week as we discuss the direct-to-video Looney Tunes film Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas. In this shameless rehash of "A Christmas Carol", Daffy Duck is an evil department store owner visited by three spirits to teach him the True Meaning of Christmas! Or at least, that's what the last ten minutes is about. The rest is your usual Looney Tunes shenanigans executed on a shoestring budget. Also in this episode, J-5 remembers the plot of "A Christmas Carol" through cultural...


Episode 82: The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold

Can you believe it's been four years and we haven't discussed a single Rankin/Bass special yet? (That live-action remake of The Year Without a Santa Claus doesn't count. It'll never count. Fight me.) Anyway, this week we're diving deeeeeeeep into the Rankin/Bass catalog to discuss the 1981 special The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold! It's about leprechauns trying to stop a banshee from stealing their gold before Christmas morning. Why leprechauns? Why Christmas? Why anything? Later, we move on...


Episode 81: Anna and the Apocalypse

Happy Redboxing Day, everybody! Last year's holiday hits are finally available to rent, so this week we're digging into one Joe has been looking forward to for quite some time: the Scottish high school zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse! The trailers describe it as "Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land" and you would be surprised to find out which half of that equation fares better. Oh, and also there's a bunch of Christmas stuff in the movie too for some reason. Anywho, come join Joe &...


Episode 80: The Star

Now, I know what you're thinking. "The Christmas podcast that does swears is gonna do a Bible movie?!?" Let me state right up front that there are absolutely ways to make religious movies with the artistry to back up the message. And then there are ways to make religious movies that exclusively preach to the choir. Guess which category The Star falls into... We spend a lot of time discussing what makes this goofy little donkey film so uninspired. But fair warning: We also spend a lot of...


Episode 79: The Office Christmas Special

The office Christmas party is such a cliche at this point that every workplace comedy inevitably has to make that episode. I mean, there's even a whole movie built around the idea. (We reviewed it once; it's terrible.) This week, the guys take a look at the Christmas special from the original UK version of The Office. Is David Brent a sympathetic figure? How easy is it to separate the Brent persona from Ricky Gervais himself? Does this special undermine the tone of the rest of the series?...


Episode 78: Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

If you've listened to our show for any length of time, you'll know that we don't plan things like this. The fact that this week's film is eerily similar to the last film we covered is 100% accidental. Anyway, this week we're taking our third trip into the Air Bud Cinematic Universe with Santa Paws 2, a film whose plot bears a striking resemblance to The Christmas Chronicles, and which fundamentally skews our understanding of Buddies canon, the Winslowverse, and life as we know it. Also...


Episode 77: The Christmas Chronicles

AND WE'RE BACK! Join us as we kick off SEASON FIVE of Christmas Creeps with our new January tradition: Netflix originals! Last year we got things started with the drunken sasquatch escapades of Pottersville. This year, we hitch a ride on Santa's sleigh to discuss The Christmas Chronicles, starring Kurt Russell as the world's coolest Santa/stepdad/rockstar/car thief. Also in this episode we get into found footage movies, our favorite cinematic Santas, and how this is the Chris Columbus movie...


Episode 76: Cobra

New Year's Eve is St. Sylvester's Day, which is all the excuse we need to watch another Sylvester Stallone movie here on the podcast! This week, Joe & J5 kick back, enjoy some Christmas Tree flavored crisps, and examine the whole "Is Die Hard a Christmas movie" debate through the lens of Stallone's 1986 action vehicle Cobra. Why Cobra, you ask? Because it just happens to take place around the holidays, and is exactly the movie people are thinking of when they say Die Hard isn't a Christmas...


Episode 75: Team America: World Police

Merry Christmas, one and all! We finally made it to the big day, and it's time for a break. We celebrate July at Christmas here on Christmas Creeps, and this year we're discussing Team America: World Police! 2004 was a crazy time, partly because we used to think Trey Parker and Matt Stone's puppet comedy was actually a scathing political satire, and not just an angry screed at celebrities they don't like. Look, it was a simpler time, as horrifying as that is to imagine... Also on this...


Stocking Stuffer #15: Futurama - "Xmas Story"

We're back to kick off the holidays in style! This week, we're bringing you a Stocking Stuffer on Johnny-5's favorite TV show: Futurama! Join us as Joe, J5 and Karyn discuss season 2's "Xmas Story" as well as the pronunciation of "Xmas", why a parrot sounds so much like a monkey, and how Santa became an avatar for evil. Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us @ChristmasCreeps Visit us on the web at! Intro: Happy Christmas, You Guys! (Simon...


Episode 74: Eight Crazy Nights

Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating this week, and please accept our sincerest apologies for taking the opportunity to discuss an Adam Sandler movie. Music expert Libby Cudmore joins us this week to discuss Sandler's first—and so far only—foray into animated holiday musicals: Eight Crazy Nights! Join us as break the film down song by song, as well as reminisce about seeing and actually enjoying this awful film back in the day. Believe us, it has not aged well... ALSO: If you enjoyed this...


Turkey Day Sampler 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! As we gather round the table and give thanks today, we have a special treat for you. Our other robot pal, PAUL, decided to give us a break and bring together the various hosts of Christmas Podcast Network shows to discuss holiday music. It's a huge topic, and this sampler goes in several unique directions. So sit back, enjoy that second helping of leftovers, and let our fellow podcasters entertain you with stories of the many traditions and avenues surrounding...


Episode 73: Iron Man 3

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US, and you know what that means: We're celebrating Shane Black Friday! On this episode, Breaking Mayberry host Martin R. Schneider joins us to discuss Shane Black's Iron Man 3, the only movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that even exists in the ballpark of holiday cinema. Stay tuned for a special second episode this Thursday! Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us @ChristmasCreeps Visit us on the web at!


Episode 72: Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Home For The Horrordays continues this week, as Karyn-5 returns to discuss one of the most notoriously terrible slasher films ever made: Silent Night Deadly Night 2! While the original is a fairly straightforward little slasher film, the sequel cranks things to 11 with a half hour of needless flashbacks and one of the most baffling lead performances ever committed to film. But as we discover, that's exactly what makes the film so damn entertaining! Also on this episode: We discover a...