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Christmas Creeps is a podcast dedicated to celebrating Christmas all year long through the magic of terrible holiday movies. Join hosts Joe, Jon and Karyn each week as they dive into a new film, picking it apart in hopes of finding the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Creeps is a podcast dedicated to celebrating Christmas all year long through the magic of terrible holiday movies. Join hosts Joe, Jon and Karyn each week as they dive into a new film, picking it apart in hopes of finding the true meaning of Christmas.
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Christmas Creeps is a podcast dedicated to celebrating Christmas all year long through the magic of terrible holiday movies. Join hosts Joe, Jon and Karyn each week as they dive into a new film, picking it apart in hopes of finding the true meaning of Christmas.




Episode 72: Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Home For The Horrordays continues this week, as Karyn-5 returns to discuss one of the most notoriously terrible slasher films ever made: Silent Night Deadly Night 2! While the original is a fairly straightforward little slasher film, the sequel cranks things to 11 with a half hour of needless flashbacks and one of the most baffling lead performances ever committed to film. But as we discover, that's exactly what makes the film so damn entertaining! Also on this episode: We discover a...


Episode 71: Better Watch Out

It’s October, everybody! Grab your pumpkin spiced beverages and your candy corn flavored whatnots, because it’s time to go Home For the HorrorDays! This week, we’re discussing the indie/Aussie holiday horror film Better Watch Out. This film features a couple twists and turns that get us very riled up, so we encourage you to hunt down a copy to watch before diving in to join us. Then again, if holiday slashers aren’t really your thing, we do pretty much spoil the whole movie and then some....


Stocking Stuffer #14: Adventure Time - "Holly Jolly Secrets"

On this week's Stocking Stuffer, Joe & Bradford travel to the Land of Ooo and discuss "Holly Jolly Secrets", from the third season of Adventure Time. Finn and Jake discover the Ice King's secret box of videotapes, and a Christmas tradition is accidentally born. Also in this episode, we talk about having fun in the era of camcorders, the paradigm shift between 1990s cartoons and 2010s cartoons, and more! Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us...


Stocking Stuffer #13: Doug's Secret Christmas

Hurricane Florence scuttled our regular recording plans, but never fear! Stocking Stuffers are here! On this episode, Joe & Bradford discuss "Doug's Secret Christmas", the only episode of Disney's Doug to air in prime time! The guys are forced to look on as Doug has The Talk with his dad, discover how Doug is somehow more progressive than Ed, Edd & Eddy, and Joe comes to the realization that he's been celebrating Christmas of 2015 for the past four years. Stuff gets real in this episode,...


Episode 70: Go (1999)

Happy September, gang! Labor Day has come and gone, summer is unofficially over, and we're beginning the long, slow wind-up to the holiday season! This week on the show, the guys tackle the 1999 drug-fueled teen crime comedy GO. We got a creepy techno robot Santa, we got beater cars decked out in Christmas lights, and we got Joe being wrong about absolutely everything. Join us as we sample some of the latest holiday candies, discuss the separation between rave culture and anime culture,...


Episode 69: The Sure Thing (w/ Alonso Duralde)

We're wrapping up Travel Month this week with a cross-country road trip to California! Film critic Alonso Duralde joins us to discuss the 1985 teen sex comedy The Sure Thing, starring John Cusack and Daphne Zuniga! Duralde is the author of Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas, a compendium of holiday cinema goodness, so we trust him when he says Rob Reiner's sophomore feature is definitely a Christmas movie. Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us...


Finding Creepy Santa #1

Welcome to part one of a new investigative series we're calling Finding Creepy Santa. Libby Cudmore swears there is a deleted scene from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas which has been lost to the sands of time. It first appeared on the film's original DVD release and has since apparently been left out of all subsequent editions. Libby has turned to us to help her unearth this lost piece of holiday cinema history. In this episode, Libby and Joe discuss the scene, and it's last...


Episode 68: In Bruges

August is Travel Month here on Christmas Creeps, and this month we've got two travel-themed episodes lined up just for you! This week, we're jetting off to Europe to discuss Martin McDonagh's 2008 murder comedy In Bruges. Join us as we follow hitmen Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson on a trip to a sleepy little town in Belgium, where we discuss the works of Hieronymus Bosch, consider Post-Tarantino crime films, and read negative Yelp reviews of Belgian bowling alleys! CONTENT WARNING:...


Stocking Stuffer #12: A Very Sunny Christmas

On this week's Stocking Stuffer, Joe & Bradford giggle like idiots as they discuss "A Very Sunny Christmas", from season 6 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We got your Radio Shack robots, claymation raisins, and more depraved insanity than you can shake a stick at! It's terrible and gross, but kind of lovely all the same. Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us @ChristmasCreeps Visit us on the web at! Intro: "Temptation Sensation (Haute...


Episode 67: A Wish For Wings That Work

Happy July, gang! The only thing that can save us from the oppressive summer heat is that frosty air way up in the jet stream. But as we all know, penguins can’t fly, and neither can your favorite holiday podcasters. This week Joe and Bradford tackle the 1991 Opus & Bill Christmas special A Wish For Wings That Work. And to help us discuss this holiday oddity, we’ve enlisted comic strip connoisseur and host of the Andy Griffith Show podcast Breaking Mayberry, Martin...


Episode 66: Jingle All The Way

We’re halfway to Christmas, folks, and this week we’re pulling out one of the big guns. It’s Jingle All The Way! Arnold Schwarzenegger chases Sinbad around Minneapolis for the last Turbo Man toy in the city. Meanwhile, the gang reminisce about some of the hottest must-have toys of yesteryear, as well as how this movie is ground zero for our modern consumerist hellscape! NB: Movie chat begins at 23:05. Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us @ChristmasCreeps Visit...


Episode 65: Jurassic World

It's an episode 65 million years in the making, and believe it or not, we have a perfectly valid reason for discussing this movie that has nothing to do with the sequel coming out this summer! Also in this week's episode, Joe ponders the fate of one Mr. James Buffett, Johnny-5 subjects himself to the poprocks and coke challenge, and Karyn and Bradford try their hardest to keep it together. This is a very silly episode. Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us...


Stocking Stuffer #11: Rugrats - "The Santa Experience"

Remember how we said all Stocking Stuffers from now on would be Somewhat Safe For Work? Weellllllll, about that... Look, we recorded this episode two days before LAST Christmas and none of us were in our right minds. That's why we started talking about "The Santa Experience", from the second season of Rugrats, and wound up talking entirely too much about Disney's revival of Doug and whether or not it featured an episode about Sex Ed. HEY! We've put a couple of our older episodes on...


Episode 64: Santa & The Ice Cream Bunny

You lovely listeners voted to make us watch some obscure garbage this week, so we do exactly that with the 1972 bargain basement kiddie flick Santa & The Ice Cream Bunny! Will Santa escape the blistering Florida sun? What exactly is the point of Jack & The Beanstalk? As Joe describes it, if The Ring were a Christmas film, this is what you'd find on the cursed videotape. Enjoy, you maniacs! (Also, mild spoiler alert for Westworld if that's important.) Questions/Comments? Email us at...


Episode 63: Christmas Inheritance

This week, the gang picks apart Christmas Inheritance, a Netflix original film trying to horn in on Hallmark's holiday action. Along the way, we also land on the fallacy of the Manic Pixie Dream Town, and figure out how to turn Westworld into a romantic comedy. Anything to keep from having to discuss this movie, really. Questions/Comments? Email us at Tweet us @ChristmasCreeps Visit us on the web at! Intro/Outro: Happy Christmas, You Guys!...


Stocking Stuffer #10: Twilight Zone - "Night of the Meek"

Submitted for your approval the following Stocking Stuffer: This week, Joe & Bradford discuss "Night of the Meek", the Christmas episode from season two of The Twilight Zone! When a drunk department store Santa finds St. Nick's bag of goodies on Christmas Eve, he makes it his mission to spread holiday cheer to the less fortunate. But Christmas cheer comes at a price... Also in this episode, we declare that from here on, all Stocking Stuffer episodes will be somewhat safe for work....


Episode 62: The Year Without A Santa Claus (2006)

On this episode, Joe & Johnny-5 tackle The Year Without A Santa Claus, a live-action, made-for-TV remake of the Rankin/Bass animated special, which has absolutely no reason to exist other than to fill a timeslot and to give our boys hell. It's got John Goodman as Santa, Michael McKean and Harvey Fierstein as the Miser Brothers... And... And... Listen, guys, this one is truly painful. Please, join us in our misery! There's still time to vote for us in Yes! Weekly's poll on the best local...


Episode 61: Trading Places

In honor of the Oscars, this week the gang dives into the class warfare and holiday stylings of 1983's Trading Places, the Academy Award-nominated comedy starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy! In this episode, we cover class warfare, Dan Aykroyd cramming a whole salmon in his shirt, and the 80s' fascination with blackface, great apes and Jim Belushi. Also, we're up for an award! Vote for us today in YES! Weekly's Triad's Best Awards. We're in the running for Best Local Podcast and it would...


Stocking Stuffer #9: Hey Arnold's Christmas

On this edition of Stocking Stuffers, Joe & Bradford are joined by Johnny-5 and longtime listener Booker to discuss "Arnold's Christmas", the holiday episode from the first season of Hey Arnold! Arnold's quest to reunite a neighbor with his daughter for the holidays finds Arnold running all over town searching for a pair of snow boots, which in turn leads to wacky hijinks that suspiciously resemble the film Jingle All the Way. Also in this episode, the Creeps discuss their own hot gift items...


Episode 60: The Search for Santa Paws

This week, the gang skips out on the Puppy Bowl so that we could bring you this podcast all about 2010's The Search for Santa Paws. It's a wholly unnecessary sequel to Santa Buddies, which features more ethnically insensitive dog stereotypes, more kids with Sad Movie Kid Syndrome, and more JO crystals than you can shake a stick at. Also, we somehow fall ass backwards into discussing the economy of holiday charity drives, and Jonathan-5 comes up with the greatest Air Bud sequel they'll never,...