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Cinemantics: A Podcast about Film, TV and Beer.


Cinemantics is a podcast where two friends discuss Film, TV and craft beer each week. There's the Cinemantics Official Rating Scale. Tony's Stupid Lists. And, of course, we use the Untappd app to tell the world how much we love (or hate) each beer. Click the link for more information. Thanks for listening.

Cinemantics is a podcast where two friends discuss Film, TV and craft beer each week. There's the Cinemantics Official Rating Scale. Tony's Stupid Lists. And, of course, we use the Untappd app to tell the world how much we love (or hate) each beer. Click the link for more information. Thanks for listening.


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Cinemantics is a podcast where two friends discuss Film, TV and craft beer each week. There's the Cinemantics Official Rating Scale. Tony's Stupid Lists. And, of course, we use the Untappd app to tell the world how much we love (or hate) each beer. Click the link for more information. Thanks for listening.






Episode 193: Shaun of the Dead (2004) - Rusty Rail Brewing & Stone and Modern Times Brewing

In episode 193, this month's Patreon Picks show, viewers selected the film, and the beers. Tony & Eddie sat down to talk about an oldie - but is it still a good? Shaun of the Dead was a resounding success with critics and audiences worldwide back in 2004. It also rose to even more fame after digital/DVD release. As the boys always wonder however, did it stand the test of time? Listen to this week's show to find out. The were also two beers selected for Tony & Eddie to sample this week and...


Episode 192: Happy Death Day (2017) - Ommegang Brewing & New Trail Brewing

In episode 192, the spooktober fest continues with Happy Death Day (2017). Is it a thriller? A slasher? Is it just a reimagining of Groundhog Day with some stabbing? Maybe it's all of the above. Tony & Eddie talk through this modern day Murray repeat ritual and they'll let you know what they think. They also sampled beers from Ommegang and New Trail breweries. If you like light and malty lagers, or perhaps you're still on the pumpkin everything train - these brews could be for you. Stick...


Episode 191: Hocus Pocus(1993)- Troegs Brewing & Duck-Rabbit Brewing Company

In episode 191, Tony & Eddie gather around the cauldron and discuss the spooky, lovable classic, Hocus Pocus (1993). This film is loved by many (except for the critics) and Tony & Eddie had never sat down with the film before (at least in its entirety). Its' fun. It's wholesome. And it's too horny for Tony. Well, SJP's character is anyway. But will it end up in their yearly October rotation? Tune in to find out. They also sampled too extremely solid beers this week. One from Duck-Rabbit...


(Mini) Episode 190 - Lavery Brewing Company & 21st Amendment Brewing

In (mini) episode 190. Tony & Eddie skip the film review and focus on what truly matters...beers. Are you an IPA lover? IPA hater? Somehow, if you're either, the boys think you might like an IPA that in it? Yes. They're being serious. It may not sound good, but they think you should try. Listen to the episode for more details. The other beer reviewed tonight is more traditional. It's another experience on Eddie's Oktoberfest quest. As Cinefantics know, Eddie is typically looking...


Episode 189: #Alive (2020) - Southern Tier Brewing Company & Madison River Brewing

In episode 189, Tony & Eddie check out another Korean Zombie film. That's right, folks - we're still making zombie movies in 2020. In order to stand out in one of the most saturated genres ever a filmmaker has to take risks, be bold, try new story angles and premises - does #Alive do all that? Find out in this week's episode. The boys also had two new beers this week. One Blackwater Series brew from Southern Tier Brewing Company and one Rye ale from Madison River Brewing Company. There's...


Episode 188: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) - New Trail Brewing & Founders Brewing

In episode 188, another Patreon Picks episode, Tony & Eddie review Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989). With the new film (Bill and Ted Face the Music)out in theaters now, the boys thought they should see what all the fuss was about way back in the 80s. That's right, neither Tony or Eddie had ever seen this cult classic until last week. So what did they think? Does the film stand the test of ... time? Especially for two non-fanboys? Check it out and you shall see! Of course there was...


Episode 187: I'm Thinking of Ending Things - Erie Brewing & Southern Tier Brewing Company

In episode 187, "I'm Thinking of Overthinking Things", Tony & Eddie gather around a heavy, existential wallop of a film - I'm Thinking of Ending Things (2020). Director Charlie Kaufman might not be on everyone's radar. He might not be everyone's cup of tea - but he's certainly a pro at making his visions visceral, poignant and powerful. This movie takes viewers on a ride through a single long night in the narrator's twisted world. There's animated pigs, movies within movies, dance numbers...


(Mini) Episode 186 - Founders Brewing & Shy Bear Brewing

In mini episode 186, Tony & Eddie skip the film review again and focus on the main event. Two new beers! We don't typically reveal these things in the episode description, but this is kind of an unprecedented event. This week on the show we feature to 5 score brews! This week we've got a new Oktoberfest and an IPA that was inspired by sangria. Yeah - you read that correctly. If you're a beer lover, you do not want to miss this episode.


Episode 185: An American Pickle (2020)- Heavy Seas Beer & Northern Brewer Home Brew Kits

In episode 185, "A Real Slupsk of a Pickle", Tony & Eddie review Seth Rogen's new HBO MAX exclusive, An American Pickle (2020). Although it's an interesting take on the accidental time travel troupe (albeit a bit outlandish in deployment), the boys questioned the purpose of the film often. Although there's comedy notes here - nothing seems to land. Although there's heart in the film - nothing seems to permeate. Although there's social commentary on our current struggles with social media -...


(Mini) Episode 184 - Shy Bear Brewing Company & New Trail Brewing

In mini episode 184, Tony and Eddie skip out on the film review and instead just focus on the brews. This week we've got two heavy beers. Heavy on flavor? Heavy on ABV? Heavy on off-flavors? You'll have to tune in to find out. Stick around for the full beer ratings and reviews via the Untappd App at the end of the episode.


Episode 183: Doctor Sleep Number Posturepedic - Zipline Brewing & Dechutes Brewing Company

In episode 183, Tony & Eddie finally check out the longed for The Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep (2019). The Shining is one of the best thrillers of all time. It's loved by many, known by almost all. It's infinitely quotable and there's scenes from that original piece of work echoed, parodied and replicated all throughout the pop culture bubble. So, how could a sequel fill such big shoes? Does it do so successfully or does it squander the hype of its predecessor? All the answers are here,...


Episode 182: Spamilton - Shy Bear Brewing & Lancaster Brewing Company

In episode 182, Tony & Eddie sit down (finally) to talk about one of the greatest stage productions of all time - now turned film for the Disney+ platform - Hamilton (2020). It was tough for the boys to talk for an hour about something that is just so profoundly good. What else is there to say about this about this play/film that hasn't already been said? Check out this week's episode to find out. Of course there were also two beer reviews this week. Tony sampled a new shake sour from Shy...


(Mini) Episode 181 - Cigar City Brewing & Hitchhiker Brewing Company

In mini episode 181, Tony & Eddie skip the film and sit down to talk video games, life and of course two new beers. Tony samples a new one from Cigar City and Eddie has one from Hitchhiker Brewing Company.


Episode 180: Heat (1995)- 3 Sheeps Brewing & Voodoo Brewing Company

In episode 180, Tony & Eddie reviewed another movie from the past - Heat (1995). When this movie released, it was on the cutting edge. A heist movie, but with deep character development? Flawed protagonists. Dynamic antagonists. Gray area all around. But how does it hold up in a world where this is now the norm? Does it still pack a punch? How's the dialogue aged? How about the action? Find out in this week's episode. The boys also sampled beers from 3 Sheeps Brewing and Voodoo. Both were...


Episode 179: Patreon Picks Episode - Cool Hand Luke (1967), Troegs & Founders

In this month's Patreon Picks episode, listeners selected a timeless classic, Cool Hand Luke (1967) for the film. They also select new beers from Troeg's Brewing and one from Founders Brewing. Tony & Eddie are no strangers for this film, having both watched it before - but does it stand up to the test of time? How does it fair under the 2020 lens? There's a lot of social commentary to unpack here. There's a lot of weight to this film. Even when you consider Paul Newman's big beautiful smile.


Episode 178: Groundhog Day (1993) - Whistle Pig Day Don't Have the Same Ring

In episode 178, Tony & Eddie sit down to talk about a classic, a fan favorite, a cult level film loved by many, Groundhog Day (1993). There's so much to talk about here. A film that's stood up against time (mostly) and was so blindingly clever in it's day must still be great right? The boys unpack what they can here, in between raving about the movie's excellence. It's got heavy lows and miraculous highs. Laughs. And even some cringe worthy exploits. While the boys talked through this weeks...


Episode 177: Vivarium? Damn Near Killed 'Em! - New Trail Brewing & DuClaw Brewing

In episode 177, Tony & Eddie review a title many of you may have missed last year. 2019's Vivarium is a creepy but shallow look into the world of domestic normalcy. Have you ever felt trapped in your own home? Isolated even though you're with your spouse or child almost 24 hours a day? Like every day is the same as the one that preceded it? Vivarium is all of that, and hints at more. This slow-burn sci-fi thriller will take those questions to the extreme. The boys also sampled two new beers...


Episode 176: MAd Astra-naut - Corona & Southern Tier Brewing Company

In episode 176, Tony & Eddie talk about the critically acclaimed space epic, Ad Astra. In this film, Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones are a father and son separated by years, many millions of miles and lots of strife. The movie is about a journey. A long one, but ultimately does it seem silly to have to travel to Neptune in order to figure out that things back home are really what matters most? Perhaps. More thoughts, complaints and praises in this week's episode. The beers this week were odd...


(Mini) Episode 175 - Dogfish Head + Rodenbach Brewing & Stone Brewing Company

In episode 175, Tony & Eddie review two new beers, they talk about a movie/recent episode that they lost due to tech issues, and of course some video games along the way. The movie talk is a bit of a postmortem here so you'll get the gist. Eddie also makes a statement in this episode about the recent NFL's response to kneeling protests. As Cinemantics has typically avoided these topics, we know it's not the content you'd typically come for but Tony & Eddie think it's incredibly important to...


Episode 174: The Vast of Night - Founders Brewing and Ellicotville Brewing

In episode 174, Tony & Eddie sit back and check out their first Amazon Prime Video Original film. The Vast of Night is a creepy, mildly suspenseful period piece from the debut director, Andrew Patterson. There's a lot to unpack here - but there's also not a ton to this movie. On the plot level, it's exactly what you think it is - a quirky sci-fi flick about visitation of the extraterrestrial variety. However, that's not what makes this movie shine. The cinematography here is wonderful. The...