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Episode 023: Brandon McCormick & Making "The Candy Shop"

I'm happy to bring back to the show fellow Atlanta filmmaker Brandon McCormick or Whitestone Motion Pictures . (You can hear my first interview with Brandon on episode #4 ). I've asked Brandon back to talk about his latest film, "The Candy Shop: A Fairytale About the Sexual Exploitation of Children." It's a dark subject that is covered in a unique way. You might see such a topic covered more traditionally in a documentary format. But Brandon doesn't do documentaries (although he loves...


#110 - Patrick Moreau & Grant Peelle of stillmotion

Today is the second installment of mystillmotion"double-feature." Yesterday we had Joyce Tsang. Today we have Patrick Moreau and Grant Peelle, the co-directors of their documentary #standwithme. This is a very important episode for many reasons. First, you hear about the making of this important film and the issue of slavery. Second, you'll be inspired as you hear about how Grant grew from someone with no filmmakingexperiencetwo years ago, to being a creative director at one of the most...


#109 - Joyce Tsang of stillmotion

I have a real treat for you this week. A special stillmotion double feature so to speak. If you're a follower of the famed video production studio, then you know that yesterday they released the trailer for their very first feature movie, the documentary #standwithme. I had the pleasure to interview three employees from stillmotion to get an inside look at how the studio works. Today I have filmmaker and instructor Joyce Tsang. A little known fact is that Joyce was actually a...


#108 - Scott Simmons

Can you imagine the ability to edit in just about every NLE known to man? Do you think you could jump back and forth from Premiere to Final Cut Pro X to Avid as easily as you change channels? Well this week on the show we have veteran editor and Video Coalition contributorScott Simmonsto talk about how he does that, and so much more. Scott's projects include music videos for artists major artists like Taylor Swift, Natalie Grant and Mercy Me; national brands like the Krystal restaurant...


#107 - Chris P. Jones of InFocus Video Event

This week on the show we have Chris P. Jones, co-founder of theInFocus Video Event( Chris is a respected leader and educator in the event video business and the owner of his own successful event video production company, Mason Jar Films. In this show, Chris shares how he got started in the business, lessons he learned in the re-branding of InFocus, how and why InFocus got started, the seemingly over-use of the word "storyteller" in filmmaking, and other inspiring...


#106 - Part 2 of FCPX Discussion with Chris Fenwick

Today we bring you part 2 of my Final Cut Pro X series with fellow podcaster and veteran editorChris Fenwick. This week we get into the meat of the discussion on what we love about FCPX. We'll cover some of the specific problems Final Cut 7 editors have addressed like how to work around the magnetic timeline to put clips where you want them and how to work with a track-less system. We also address perhaps one of the most powerful features of the program. But it's not all roses. There are...


#105 - Chris Fenwick - Editing Philosophies and FCPX

Today we bring you part 1 of a 2-part series on editing and Final Cut Pro X. I bring back fellow podcaster and veteran editorChris Fenwickas we discuss various editing and work philosophies. Regardless of what NLE you use, you'll find this first episode insightful as we talk about how to balance your style with the client's brand; working with clients; balancing perfection with "getting the job done" as the client needs it; and more. Towards the end we start our discussion of Final Cut Pro...


#103 - Walter Biscardi

It's great when I get a chance to talk to a long-time veteran in the industry. Someone who harkens back to the day of 3/4" tape and linear editing. Someone who's stood the test of time in the film and video industry and has much success. Today on the show we have Walter Biscardi, ofBiscardi Creative Media. Walter is a Creative Cow contributor, award-winning producer, founder of Atlanta Cutters, and has a thriving production business here in the Atlanta area. He tells us about how he got...


#102 - Gabe Cheifetz, President & Co-founder of CrumplePop

Two years ago the NLE world was rocked to the core when Apple released Final Cut Pro X. It was a paradigmatic shift from not only Final Cut 7, but from all non-linear editors in general. Many FCP7 users cried "Foul." People starting bailing left and right for other NLEs like Premiere Pro and Media Composer. But there were a few stalwarts who saw something special and took a chance. One such stalwart was the FCPX plugin developer CrumplePop. They wrotea blog postnot long after the release...


#101 - Ryan E. Walters, Cinematographer

Today on the show we have cinematographer and educatorRyan E. Walters. Ryan is so skilled at what he does, that he was invited by Zacuto to take part in their "Revenge of the Great Camera Shootout 2012." (Ryan was the cinematographer assigned to the RED.) In this episode Ryan talks about his background; how he broke into commercial work; the pros and cons of film school and whether you need to go; and most importantly, he comments on his controversial blog post "Why 1080p is Better than 4K...


#100 - Mountains in Motion Filmmakers - Part 2

Wow! We made it! 100 episodes. I'm excited to present part 2 of my interview with the "Mountains in Motion" film team as the 100th episode of Crossing the 180. Today we have the filmmakers behind one of the most unique and breathtaking timelapse films I've seen–Mountains in Motion. Those filmmakers are the directors Doug Urquhart ofUpThink LabandLandscape photographerPaul Zizka; thewriterMeghan Ward;and the composerMichael Wynne. In this episode we'll cover details on the music...


#99 - The "Mountains in Motion" Filmmakers

Today we have the filmmakers behind one of the most unique and breathtaking timelapse films I've seen–Mountains in Motion ( Doug Urquhart ofUpThink Lab, Landscape photographerPaul Zizka, writerMeghan Ward, and composerMichael Wynne. As I wrote about in an earlier blog post, what sets this timelapse apart from others is that literal narrative story that drives it. This amazing interview covers so much ground I had to break it into two. This episode covers that...

#98 - The Filmmakers Behind C-The Movie

If you are a fan of sci-fi, today is the episode you DON'T want to miss. A few weeks agoC 299,720 km/shit the internet and since then the filmmakers have been featured on, garnered a Vimeo Staff Pick, and also got featured on Daily Motion. The filmmakers behind it all are Derek Van Gorder (writer/director) and Otto Stockmeier (writer/producer). Besides the intriguing story and terrific storytelling, one of the aspects of this film that has people talking is that there is NO CGI....

#96 - Salomon Ligthlem

Today we have another filmmaker from down under. He is one of those filmmakers whose work I keep coming back to time and time again. It's emotive. It's engaging. It's personal. It has a signature look. And he routinely gets tens of thousands of views for each video uploads to Vimeo. He's the Sydney,Australian-based filmmakerSalomon Ligthelm. His work is so amazing, the NY production company Variable (who are pretty amazing in their own right) frequently look to collaborate with Salomon....

#94 - Miller Mobley

Today's guest is one of three directors for the specEverlastcommercial "Greatness is Within." His name is Miller Mobley (pronounced MOB-lee. Ipronouncedit incorrectly in the interview). Miller is a commercial photographer by trade ( He's dabbled in some video work, but as he puts it, this was the first piece he's done that he's proud to show people. And you can see why. It looks amazing! Due in no small part to the amazing collaboration of his co-directors Henry...

Best of Crossing the 180 - Part 1

Over the past three years I've had the pleasure to have some amazing guests on my podcast. Everyone from Vimeo superstars to Hollywood executives. I thought it would be fun to have a compilation of excerpts from some of my favorite episodes. So here I bring to you nine interviews that really stood out. As a bonus, I also include the funniest crank call pranks I've had on the show. (Some of you may remember my infamous prank calls from early last year. They're hilarious). This week on the...

#93 - The Makers of Indie Game: The Movie

The movie made by this week's guests was put on a ton of "The Best of..." lists of 2012:Indiewire, Rotten Tomatoes,SlashFilm, IGN and iTunes to name a few. Paste Magazine named my guests two of the top 15 filmmakers to watch in 2012. They are the dynamic documentary duo of JamesSwirskyandLisannePajot. Their film isIndie Game: The Movie, a look at the indie game-making industry, focusing primarily on 2-3game-makers. This documentary is so riveting and dramatic, it's like watching a narrative...

#92 - Kevin Margo, "Grounded"

A couple of months ago a film went up on Vimeo that immediately struck a chord with people. It was a stylish, sci-fi cinematic opus of existentialism, family, loss and intrigue. It is a short film that drawssimilaritiesto Darren Aronofsky's "The Fountain" and Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey." It has won nearly a dozen awards in a range of categories including cinematography, sound, editing, and genre. And to top it all off, it was shot with a 7D and a 5D Mark II. (Make a note you...

Eugene and Heather - Part 2

Last week our show ended on a cliffhanger. After the start of a discussion related to the enmity that often exists between event videographers and photographers, I askedEugene and Heather( are prominent figures in both worlds), what they think will take to end the war and bloodshed. Today we get their answer. Will it be diplomatic? Or will they go for broke and tell it like it is?! You'll have to tune in to find out.They also give us their take on old-timers vs....

#90 - Eugene and Heather

One of the hottest couples in the wedding and event filmmaking scene is Eugene and Heather Brown, or just "Eugene and Heather" ( Based out of Nashville, TN, they have quickly risen to become one of the highest paid wedding filmmakers in their area. They have a pretty large social media following too and frequently teach (they will be one of the guest speakers at next year's In[Focus] Video Event.) Lately they've been shifting their brand and their business to focus...


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