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47. Pokemon

Pokemon Let's Go comes out next week so we thought this is a perfect chance to talk Pokemon! What sort of dark secrets does the series hold? What're the best games? And what's our favorite ways to play? Find out on Cuz We're Nerds! 47:10 - Whatcha Been Up To?


46. Collecting All The Things

Time for the big one! Collecting penetrates most nerds' lives. But why do we do it? What different types of things do we collect? And how can you exploit that addiction to buy the perfect Christmas gift? Find out on Cuz We're Nerds! 37:12 - Super Cereal 55:35 - Whatcha Been Up To? KEHASUK Artist:


45. Video Game Urban Legends

Halloween is upon us! We take a look at some of the scariest urban legends surrounding video game culture. Are they real? How scary are they? Do they make sense? We discuss all. 31:02 - Super Cereal 1:01:45 - Whatcha Been Up To? Myst on the Moor Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


44. The Disney Empire

Over the years, Disney has grown an enormous amount. Between the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and the upcoming purchase of 21st Century Fox, they hold some of the most popular entertainment franchises in the world. But is that a good thing? We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having one company with so much power. 33:55 - Super Cereal 47:18 - Whatcha Been Up To?


43. Venom

Whether we wanted it or not, Venom is here! Does the first Spider-man spin-off from Sony work? Can the titular symbiote hold his own? And if not, what's next? Find out on Cuz We're Nerds! 29:56 - Super Cereal 33:03 - SPOILERS 1:10:55 - Whatcha Been Up To?


42. Contest of Champions

Earth's mightiest heroes come to blows in the Contest of Champions! We talk some of the fights presented in these classic comics to discover who would actually win. It's hero vs hero! Man vs beast! Angel vs... Frenchman?? 30:57 - Super Cereal 1:09:39 - Whatcha Been Up To?


41. Con Survival Kit

Conventions can be hard. Between the overwhelming crowds and your need to get to every panel, they can be both the best time every and a logistic nightmare. We break down how you can make the most out of your con-going experience. Prep, execution and more. 1:07:31 - Whatcha Been Up To? Caleb's Oblivion keyblade - Jacob's keyblade - Thumbnail photo credit: DAVID...


40. The Stigma of D&D

D&D is hugely popular, but it still has a stigma. Why? Also, take a closer look at table-top RPGs in general and learn how easy and fun they are to get into. 45:40 - Whatcha Been Up To?


39. Intro to Comics

Comics can be a scary place. Between the multitude of titles, the constant reboots and relaunches and all the years of history, jumping in can be daunting. But don't worry, that's where we come in. Learn everything you need to know to start reading comics right here! 1:15:51 - Whatcha Been Up To? Recommendations Superior Spider-man - Ultimate Spider-man - Batman: The Long Halloween - Batman: the Killing Joke -...


38. So You Wanna Be A Twitch Streamer

So this Twitch thing is pretty popular. Thinking about becoming a streamer yourself? Find out what it takes to start and run your own show, straight from the mouths of people that do it right now. 53:00 - Whatcha Been Up To?


37. Greatest Spider-man Video Games

Spider-man PS4 is out soon, so what's the best game until now? We take a look at all the console Spider-man games to find out which ones are worth your time. 7:45 - Greatest Spider-man Video Games 57:18 - Whatcha Been Up To?


36. Digimon Is Better Than Pokemon

That's right, we're saying it (or at least Caleb is): DIGIMON IS BETTER THAN POKEMON. Zach and Caleb fight it out to see which franchise is actually better. Which one wins out? Find out on Cuz We're Nerds! 3:53 - Pokemon vs Digimon 42:28 - Whatcha Been Up To?


35. Does Canon Really Matter?

Canon: the distinction between what actually happened in a story and what is essentially fan-fiction. Does it matter? With several of the biggest franchises delving deeper into their own canon, we take at look at its ramifications. Is it good? Bad? Find out on Cuz We're Nerds! 2:25 - Does canon really matter? 59:24 - Whatcha Been Up To?


34. Magic 101

Magic: The Gathering - It's a mysterious game. What is it? Is it hard? Do I have to do math? Find out everything you need to know about the game right here right now. Why? Cuz We're Nerds. How to play video: 2:30 - Picard (Patrick Stewart) returns to Star Trek 7:50 - Magic: The Gathering 52:07 - Whatcha Been Up To?


Cuz It's News: August 6 2018

What? Patrick Stewart returns to Star Trek??? Plus venom trailer, Kraven movie and more! 0:24 - Guardians cast pens open letter for Gunn 1:22 - Avengers 4 release date 2:39 - Joker origin movie casting 3:23 - Kraven The Hunter movie 4:29 - Bullseye in Daredevil season 3 5:19 - New Venom trailer 8:18 - Patrick Stewart returns to Star Trek


33. Mission Possible: Not So Much Fallout

Tom Cruise is at it again in Mission Impossible: Fallout! What does this latest installment bring to the table? Find out on Cuz We're Nerds! 1:43 - Disney/Fox shareholders approve merger 3:54 - Chris Hardwick returns to AMC 6:08 - Mission Impossible: Fallout (no spoilers) 24:13 - Mission Impossible: Fallout (SPOILERS) 57:07 - Whatcha Been Up To?


Cuz It's News: July 30 2018

It's happening! The X-Men and Fantastic Four are coming home to Marvel. And there's some DC stuff. But that Marvel news... 0:38 - Judge Dredd: Mega-City One pilot script finished 1:06 - Alita: Battle Angel trailer 1:57 - Detective Pikachu 3:05 - Frances Conroy in Joker 3:38 - Deathstroke in DCEU 4:40 - Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray 5:37 - Reign of the Supermen movie 7:22 - Support for James Gunn 8:28 - Rian Johnson deleted tweets 9:33 - INFINITY WAR SPOILERS: survivors 10:26 -...


32. Comic-Con 2018

With all the news coming out of Comic-Con, it's hard to keep up. That's why we've given you all the major topics coming out of Comic-Con. Time to jump in! 1:58 - James Gunn fired 8:14 - First Titans trailer 11:38 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars returning 13:52 - Spider-man PS4 game & console 16:01 - Batman: Three Jokers 18:19 - Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer 19:38 - Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer 20:01 - Iron Fist season 2 21:57 - Young Justice: Outsiders trailer 24:18 -...


Cuz It's News: July 23 2018

This week: Dr Who, Uncharted fan film, Titans first look, Batwoman TV show, Rugrats, Millar World and more! 1:02 - Dr Who Season 11 1:50 - Uncharted fan film 3:26 - First look: Aquaman 4:21 - Birds of Prey lineup 5:45 - Joker origin movie release date 6:39 - First look: Titans 8:03 - Batwoman TV show 9:02 - Sam Witwer in Supergirl (Agent Liberty) 9:58 - Stargirl TV show 11:10 - Rugrats revival 12:20 - New Robin Hood movie 13:52 - (Mark) Millar World on Netflix 15:22 - Solo: A Star Wars Story...


31. Top 25 Board Games

Tabletop games (or board games for you older folk) are a fantastic way to spend your time. Whether you're dueling knights in medieval England or racing through space on a starship, their mechanics and story can transport your to a different world. This week, we take a look at the top 25 board games on Board Game Geek to share some insight. 1:29 - Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie 3:57 - Billy Dee Williams in Star Wars Episode 9 6:19 - Men In Black 4 starts filming 7:41 - Cuz It's News description...