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057 | Interview with Neville Archambault (13 Cameras and 14 Cameras)

This week the gang hosts actor Neville Archambault, best known as voyeuristic villain "Gerald" in 13 CAMERAS and 14 CAMERAS. Join us for a fun conversation as we discuss Neville's perspective on his slack-jawed character, a bit of his background, what may be next for the franchise, and some of the things that spook Gerald in real life. For more Neville, find him on social media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Neville-Archambault-62632626049/ Instagram:...


056 | Cult of Chucky

There's no better way to start paying attention to a franchise than by watching its seventh installment out of context, and there's no better time than when the film continuity has been rebooted but the original continuity is simultaneously preparing for a relaunch as episodic TV. That's why we decided to check out CULT OF CHUCKY and try to make sense of it in this episode... that, and it was next in alphabetical order.


055 | Creep 2

Mark Duplass is back— or is it Jai?— but everything is different this time! Join the gang as we discuss all the delightful ways this film subverted-- and exceeded-- our expectations.


054 | Creep

In this episode, the gang explores the intersection of found footage, mumblecore, and horror with CREEP, an austere indie chiller.


Bonus Episode: Motor City Nightmares (featuring Dee Wallace and convention fans)

This week EHMON comes to you from location at the Motor City Nightmares horror convention in metro Detroit. Join Chris, Patrick, Steven, and Allyson as they report on the convention and host interviews with some of the attendees, including a three-minute chat with horror icon Dee Wallace!


053 | 47 Meters Down

Kate and Lisa are in deep trouble in this week's movie as the gang takes a deep dive into underwater terror, scuba diving science, shark facts, and gender politics. Join us!


052 | Corbin Nash (plus Pet Sematary, Us, and the Twilight Zone reboot)

Hydrate yourself because it's time for an extra-long EHMON! This week the gang reviews CORBIN NASH, a movie about a man who yells and punches things. Then we go to the Spoiler Room to discuss some other recent non-Netflix horror releases. We'll talk about the blight of films with bro names for titles, the prevalance of "in medias res" openings, whether there are other reasons to subscribe to CBS All Access, and special guest Allison, real estate expert, will weigh in on whether you should...


051 | Conjuring Spirit

This week we take our first foray into the cinema of Vietnam with CONJURING SPIRIT: a film in which a young woman is haunted by a ghost until she solves a murder mystery, and we're haunted by the peculiar ending until we get to the spoiler room and exorcise it.


050 | Velvet Buzzsaw

The gang discovers the art world with the recent Netflix-original film VELVET BUZZSAW. Join us as we discuss all the things we learned about how art dealers make their living, how capitalism dishonors artistry, and how ripped Jake Gyllenhall is.


049 | Clinical

This week the gang explores the Netflix original CLINICAL, a psychological thriller set in the world of psychology. Will therapist Jane be able to come to terms with her trauma and save her new patient, a man without a face? Or will she just bring the rest of us down with her? Join us to find out. ALSO: We discuss the 2019 Oscars race and some other fun things we've recently discovered on Netflix: the Final Destination series and the documentary HAUNTERS.


048 | Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

This week, EHMON checks out the freaky side of the young adult section, and ponders the Cirque du Freak franchise that could have been. Join us as we discuss the film, its potential queer subtext, the recent theatrical release THE PRODIGY and its Netflix connection, the latest issue of Fangoria, and much more. And be sure to follow our social media to vote for the winner of the 2019 EHMON / Cirque du Freak freak draft!


047 | Jason X

In space, no one can hear you "shh shh shh ahh ahh ahh." This week the gang takes a trip to 4.55 centuries in the future where iconic killer Jason Voorhees stalks the crew of a research spacecraft. Is this the "Jason in space movie" we deserve? Join us to find out.


046 | Bird Box

The gang takes on the amazingly popular Netflix original BIRD BOX! Was it good? Was it scary? What did it all mean? How was the book? What does this mean for the cinema landscape? We'll try to make sense of it and then spin the WHEEL OF DEATH to find out what we're watching next.


045 | Christine

This week, the gang reviews the 1983 John Carpenter classic CHRISTINE! Join us as we ponder the film's sexual overtones, the gender of a 1958 Plymouth Fury, what Chris learned from the Blu-ray commentary, and the grim fact that Netflix is cropping the presentation of this movie.


Bonus Episode: 2018 Year In Review

The gang sits down for a casual conversation about 2018 in horror: our highlights and lowlights and all the horror-related things we've enjoyed this year that weren't on Netflix. Happy New Year!


044 | Chernobyl Diaries

This week, the gang goes to the barren radioactive landscape of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a place where anything is possible... as long as it's fuckin' two-headed fuckin' animals, two-headed dogs and donkeys and shit. But does this movie make the most of its setting? Join us as we decide.


043 | Cam

Buy some tokens and join us for a discussion of the new Netflix original CAM! What happens when a cam girl's identity is taken over by a mysterious doppelganger? We'll sort out the mystery of Alice's web show and also the mystery of what the movie is trying to say about identity, online and offline.


042 | Terrifier

Hopefully you're afraid of clowns! Art the Clown is here to prey on that phobia and also on young women. Join the gang as we discuss this modern attempt at establishing a new horror icon and also dig into the modern movie distribution landscape, the relevance of slashers (and guns) in horror, and much more.


041 | Cargo

C is for CARGO, that's good enough for the EHMON gang this week. Let's follow Martin Freeman on a daring journey through the post-apocalyptic Australian outback. Along the way we'll discuss the zombie genre and everyone will share their feelings on babies: are they even worth saving?


040 | Every Halloween Movie Ever Made

This week, we celebrate our 40th episode by celebrating the 40th anniversary of HALLOWEEN. Join us as we break format to review all eleven (!!!) movies in the HALLOWEEN franchise in one mega-episode, including the latest HALLOWEEN, now playing in theaters. We'll try to solve all the franchise's mysteries, including: What happens in the first ten Halloween movies? Who is Moustapha Akkad? What's the secret to defeating Michael Myers? Why won't Michael stay dead? In which movie does Michael...