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Movies on Crack! David Cronenberg's SHIVERS with Special Guest William Scurry

On this very first episode of our special series MOVIES ON CRACK We welcome podcaster, writer, movie genius, borderline-nihilist, provocateur and maker of memes WilliamScurry to talk about Cronenberg's 1975 film SHIVERS. Listen to the podcast for all the intelligence we could muster for this totally bonkers, super-fun, and in some ways, groundbreaking film from the king of body-horror. Bellow are clips, trailers, docs and other tidbits for your enjoyment. Dan Pullen and Bradley Kornish...


"Daughters of Darkness" (1971) and "Vampyres" (1974)

Tonight's episode we'll be chatting with James Hancock, that mad movie genius behind one of my favorite online podcasts 'Wrong Reel'. The films we will be discussing are "Daughters of Darkness" (1971) and "Vampyres" (1974) The Guest: James Hancock James on Twitter Follow @colebrax Follow @WrongReel Follow @gknout


"Seeding of a Ghost" (1983) and "The Boxer's Omen" (1983)

Tonight's podcast was all about some of the most fucked up and confusing films we have ever discussed on the podcast... and we loved them!!! We are joined by Andrew Hawkins from the ultra-fantastic podcast FREAKY FANDOMS to talk about the 1983 Shaw Brothers films "Seeding of a Ghost" and "The Boxers Omen". Andrew enlightens us a bit on the Shaw brothers history and I make a really great analogy about having bush sex with homeless people?? Join us as we explore these amazing...


Kealan Patrick Burke: A Four Brains One Movie Interview

Dan and I had a wonderful time talking with Horror Writer Kealan Patrick Burke about his writing and lots of other kinda unrelated topics. Topics ranged from toilet sharks, elaborate shorts, death, Roman Polanski, poverty, writing stories about people in bars and other exciting things including the time I accidentally sanded off my fingernails while making a Van Halen key chain when I was a kid and how Dan Pullen may be a turtle murderer. Oh yeah, and we are all nothing but a 'basket of...


Four Brains Podcast: episode 18|24 MOTEL HELL vs. BLOOD DINER

On this FOUR BRAINS ONE MOVIE podcast, we are joined fellow podcaster and lover of messed up movies and horror movies Nolan McBride from the DEAD RINGERS podcast. A podcast that explores different films that 'with shared DNA but with distinct personalities.' We like his show because they like fucked up movies, just like we do! We have even covered some of the same films... THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY, RESOLUTION, RAW and A DARK SONG for example. On this special show, we have what might be...


Four Brains one Movie episode 18|23, Part Two, "Flesh for Frankenstein" (1973) and "Blood for Dracula" (1974)

In this podcast, Dan Pullen and Bradley J Kornish are joined once again by a favorite guest of ours Author/Cartoonist/Filmmaker Ricky Sprague. We will be exploring the depths of depravity that lie within the Morrissey/Warhol/Udo Keir classics from the 1970's "Blood for Dracula" (1974) and "Flesh for Frankenstein"(1973) We cover both movies in this two part podcast. We get a chance to discuss Udo Keir's brilliant over-the-top performances, my childhood traumas and that famous 'Gallbladder'...


Burroughs, 3 films. With E.F. Bartlam Episode 18|22

We discuss 3 films featuring William S. Burroughs with special guest and friend of the show E.F. Bartlam. The movies discussed are "Drugstore Cowboy" (1989), "Chappaqua" (1967) and "Decoder" (1984) We also talk about lots of music... mostly punk, industrial, noise and experimental stuff.


Four Brains one Movie episode 18|21, Part One, "Flesh for Frankenstein" (1973) and "Blood for Dracula" (1974)

Clips Trailers and Docs via the BLACKARK Magazine website: In this podcast, Dan Pullen and Bradley J Kornish are joined once again by a favorite guest of ours Author/Cartoonist/Filmmaker Ricky Sprague. We will be exploring the depths of depravity that lie within the Morrissey/Warhol/Udo Keir classics from the 1970's "Blood for Dracula" (1974) and "Flesh for Frankenstein". At 'Four Brains one Movie' we have a tendency to talk about...


"FOR THE LOVE OF DOM" an Interview with 'The Ritual' Director David Bruckner episode 18 | 20

Interview with David Bruckner the director of one of the best horror movies of the last year "The Ritual". We covered "The Ritual" on a 'folk-horror' podcast we did recently with the cats from the 'Freaky Fandoms Podcast', Dani Ryan and Andrew Hawkins. Dani joins us on the interview where we talk with David about his work on "The Ritual" as well as the stand-out Anthology work he has done on "V/H/S", "Southbound" and "The Signal". We were honored to have him on our show and had a great...


"HEREDITARY" & LUCIO FULCI's "THE BEYOND" and "THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY" with John Laubinger from 'Film Baby Film' Episode 18|19

Recently had a chance to watch the new film from Ari Aster and decided that we need to dedicate a portion of the podcast to this discussion worthy film. After chatting a bit with the host of the podcast 'FILM BABY FILM' Jon Laubinger, we thought it would be great to get him on the show to talk about 'Hereditary'. Hereditary is a bit of a haunted house film, a bit of a hell unleashed film, and a bit of a 'satanic' fear story... so I thought it would be fun to pair with a couple of Lucio...


"THE ENDLESS" A Conversation with The Filmmaking Team of Benson and Moorhead Episode 18|18

Huge thank you's to the brilliant filmmaking team of Benson and Moorhead for being on the 'Four Brains One Movie' podcast. This was a special dual show we did with S.A. Bradley from one of my favorite podcasts "Hellbent for Horror". Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead have been working together (we calculated this all by ourselves on the show) for a short nine years. In that time they have released three of the most innovative and talked about genre (bending) films in recent memory:...


80's Horror Double Feature "The Incubus" (1981) and "One Dark Night" (1982) Episode 18|17

Tonight we discuss two more 80's Horror films for our ongoing 80's Horror Series "Don't you forget about me". During the decade of Slashers, these two films stand out as unique amongst the pack. They are also a little less know than the usual horror suspects. Both films that we think shouldn't be forgotten, thus there inclusion in our 'Dont You Forget About Me' series. The films we will be discussing are: From 1981 "The Incubus", staring John Cassavetes and Directed by John Hough known...


“Nice Guys Don't Work in Hollywood” Curtis Harrington with special guest John Cribbs, Dinner With Lynch, Episode 18|16

On this episode of DINNER WITH LYNCH podcast, we discuss the immensely interesting and often overlooked film director Curtis Harrington John Cribbs of 'The Pink Smoke' Mr. Harrington has connections with a virtual whos-who of hollywood's most notorious outsiders, and is a champion underappreciated actors and creators that were so often discarded by the Hollywood elite and the cold-hearted studio system. From his mentor Josef Von Sternberg, to his friendships with James Whale and Kenneth...


Episode 18|15 “Double Dead Cronenberg” with special guest J. Blake Fichera

This episode, as part of our 80’s Horror Movie Double Feature series ‘Don’t You Forget About Me”, we tackle two Classic Cronenberg films: ‘The Dead Zone’ from 1983 and from 1988 ‘Dead Ringers’ THE GUEST J. BLAKE FICHERA AUTHOR OF: Scored to Death: Conversations with Some of Horror’s Greatest Composers HOST OF:


80's Horror Double Feature "The Hunger" and "Cat People" with special guest James Hancock episode 18|14

Tonight's show is the first in a series we are calling 'Don't You Forget About Me'. The series focuses on 1980's Horror movies that have either been forgotten, marginalized, or at a minimum have been left lingering in cult status. Each episode will focus on two films, staying true to the 80's 'double feature' that, sadly, has been thrown on the heep of awesome, forgotten movie experiences, which include the video store... rip, and the drive-in theater... god rest it's soul. Tonight's...


"Carnival of Souls" with Special Guest Christopher Funderburg ep: 18|13

In this latest Dinner With Lynch podcast, we talk with Christopher Funderburg from ‘The Pink Smoke’ about the 1962 film “Carnival of Souls”. We touch on the film as well as its influences on David Lynch. You can find Clips, Trailer and daocs at the BLACKARK Magazine website. Christopher Funderburg is from most excellent ‘The Pink Smoke’ Movie Website Here is a link to his Podcast (Pure Cinema Pod is their partner podcast, Chris also does a Patreon podcast with Mr. John Cribbs, also of...


"MAD LOVE" and "THE HANDS OF ORLAC" with Special Guest Ricky Sprague ep: 18|12

Tonights podcast is all about ‘Crazy Hand’/’Killer Hand’ films, specifically the 1924 film ‘The Hands of Orlac’ and the 1935 film ‘Mad Love’ check out the blog for clips and trailers: BLACKARK MAGAZINE hope you dig the podcast! The Movies MAD LOVE (1935) THE HANDS OF ORLAC (1924) The Guest Writer/Cartoonist Ricky Sprague Ricky on Twitter Ricky on Amazon


'WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT LISTEN TO A PODCAST WHOSE EYEBROWS MEET' "The Company of Wolves" and "The Ritual" with Special Guests "Freaky Fandoms" ep: 18|11

This weeks podcast is all about Folk Horror. We talked about two films: Neil Jordans 1984 film "The Company of Wolves" and the 2017 film from David Brukner "The Ritual" We had these cool cats on to help us out: Dani Ryan Follow @danirat Andrew Hawkins Follow @mrandrewhawkins They have a great podcast where they cover some of the wackier films that don't always get attention on other podcasts. first thing that struck me was the fact that they also recently covered Shinya...



For this episode of DINNER WITH LYNCH we welcome our special guest, filmmaker and all around tower of cinematic goodness, mr. Martin Kessler to discuss Toshio Matsumoto's influential 1969 film 'A Funeral Parade of Roses' During the podcast, the film is discussed along with many other cinema related items. We hope you enoy the show and please leave any comments here on this blog post. As usual, I have included notes and clips (see below) and don't forget to follow Martin on Twitter -...


'TEXAS CHAINSAW MASS'' We discuss the 1974 film "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" with Guests Christopher Funderburg and S.A. Bradley EP: 18|9

For this podcast we are joined by S.A. Bradley and Christopher Funderburg to discuss Tobe Hooper's 1974 Masterpiece, "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" Companian Clips, Docs and Film info are all at the BLACKARK Magazine website: Guest Links: S.A. Bradley from the Podcast Hellbent for horror. Here is a link to his Podcast, Website and Patreon (of which I proudly support) Follow @hellbenthorror Christopher Funderburg from most excellent 'The Pink Smoke' Movie Website Here is a...