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General Snobbery is a podcast started by two snobs. It focuses on such topics as film, movies, and cinema, occasionally venturing into motion pictures. Its mission is to resurrect the lost art of snobbing in contemporary America and beyond.

General Snobbery is a podcast started by two snobs. It focuses on such topics as film, movies, and cinema, occasionally venturing into motion pictures. Its mission is to resurrect the lost art of snobbing in contemporary America and beyond.
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General Snobbery is a podcast started by two snobs. It focuses on such topics as film, movies, and cinema, occasionally venturing into motion pictures. Its mission is to resurrect the lost art of snobbing in contemporary America and beyond.




#67: The Heart of Burning Man

What the hay is Burning Man, eh? Well, we can tell you one thing: it’s certainly not Coachella! In this snob, Matt and Sean break form, talking not about a movie but about a “festival” — that is, this thing called Burning Man. What is it? Is it legit? 2 legit? 2 legit 2 quit? No one would ever say something like that there. It’s pretty darn cool, it turns out, and this episode gets into why. Sean recently returned from the Burn, his first experience, and Matt, ever the compassionate Buddha...


#66: The Goonies and Sexuality (Thanks, Freud!)

There's no way around it, Listener. The Goonies is all about sex. In particular, it is a coming of age story about what it means to be an American boy discovering sexuality for the first time. Can the Goonies, by traveling deep into a cave, discover the treasure they looking for? The treasure of ONE EYED WILLY? Or, will they be thwarted by those mother-loving Italians, the Fratelli Brothers? We know how it happened. Fresh from the throes of hi new-found, burgeoning love, having arisen from...


#65: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, also known as Jurassic World 2, or Jurassic Park 5, is a new movie that has made over a billion dollars. This movie stars Chris Prat, James Cromwell, Bryce Dallas Howard, and a raptor named Blue. Pratt returns with his signature clicker to usher the way for these benevolent dinos to rule the world again. That T-Rex that was such a bad boiii in J. Park Uno is now pretty heroic, continuously saving the day alongside a new host of hilarious dinos, including one...


#64: The Prestige: Bale v. Hackman

The Prestige is a movie directed by Christopher "Chris" Nolan, co-written with his baby bro Jonathan. But as "Chris" is a master of the subliminal, it becomes quite clear that The Prestige is Nolan's revelation to the world that he and Jonathan are actually the same person -- or, as Michael Caine would say, Jonathan is his "dubbow". This movie is confusing. In fact, at some level, we are almost certain it doesn't make any sense. But who gives a shit, cause magicians are fucking awesome! And...


#63: Anaconda: Jon Voight of Paraguay in the Amazon

Cube. Lopez. Wilson. That Victorian Hunter from Jumanji. These are the people you will meet in the Amazon, searching for the fabled People of the Mist. But what else will you meet on this Voightage? CGI! Anaconda is Roger Ebert’s favorite movie, and it’s basically Jaws. People on a rickety boat attacked by a monster water creature? Yep, that’s Jaws. That is one Voightage I have no interest in taking! Deep in the jungle, while on your Voightage, you will find more than wild creatures. You...


#62: Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet is a disturbing movie. The main reason it is disturbing is because of a man named Hopper. Dennis Hopper to be exact. Dennis Hopper plays Frank, a crazy man who inhales nitrous oxide from a ventilator he seems to always have. In reality, Dennis Hopper is playing Dennis Hopper, because when D.H. saw the script, he told filmmaker David Lynch, "I must play Frank, because I am Frank." If that is the case, it's a good thing he's dead. Join us for this disturbing snob that gets...


#61: The Waterboy: Adam Sandler Tackles Colonel Sanders

“Something wrong with his medulla oblongata!” yells Colonel Sanders at Bobby Boucher. Rage fills the innocent Waterboy, and he crushes the fear-stricken Colonel with no restraint. After this, Colonel Sanders respects Boucher and eventually becomes one of his biggest fans. Then he is trampled by a celebrating crowd. This is one of the reasons Colonel Sanders is the best of all side characters in The Waterboy. But there are many more! Let’s not forget Farmer Fran, who, like Mel Gibson, enjoys...


#60: Rick and Morty: Mr. Poopybutthole and Fascist Assholes

Good snobs! How delighted we are to bring you this new episode on the hit TV show, Rick and Morty. Specifically, we focus on Episode 204, "Total Rickall", which Matt and Sean believe is one of the greatest episodes of television of all time. The reason? Partly because of "Pencil-vester". Partly due to Mr. Beauregard ("Marmelade is seeeerved"). But credit shall be given where credit is due: this episode has come to be in thanks to our beloved Mr. Poopybutthole, one of the greatest TV...


#59: The Last Jedi: Skywalker, Rian Johnson, and the Tit Monster

Hello Listener! We’re so glad to have you around. Have you ever had green milk? Well Luke has. Not long after drinking green milk, Luke blew up. Please don’t blow up. Sean and Matt kick it into hyperdrive on this extensive episode that begins in a state of mystery and ends in a state of clarity. That is the miracle that is, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Rian Johnson throws all of Star Wars fandom and Nerdom into a loop(er) with his peculiar take on most people’s favorite myth. And the result is...


#58: Forrest Gump

Sean and Matt discovered something of the highest form of Snob during this one. A new mission! It is time to write Forrest Gump Fan Fiction. Gump is a wonderful Hanks film directed by Bob, Steve’s friend. It covers thousands of years of world history, revealing that Forrest is the most important person in the world. Sean and Matt are a bit baffled by this movie. They particularly wonder, why was it made? It is universally loved, well-made, and incredibly iconic. Yet, its purpose seems a...


#57: The Santa Clause/Jingle All The Way

Whether it's rediscovering the beauty of childish mystery or buying into the paradigm that salvation is through material possessions alone, one thing is for sure, 90s fathers really suck at Christmas! In today's special, two-film Snob, Sean and Matt enlist the help of a third Snob, a Snob ye astute listener know! Amanda Pumpkins is back, and what a treat it is for her to join us once again! With two hyperactive movies on the horizon, Amanda's grounded perspective helped keep this...


#56: Rocky IV: Ivan Drago, The Russian Boxer

Rocky Balboa is a guy who is Sylvester Stallone. When we watch Rocky progress over the course of many movies, we watch a man undergoing the effects of increasing steroid use. That all culminates in Creed, where Balboa's head has become the shape of a square. But let's not overlook the skull-shaping effects of fifteen rounds of Ivan Drago punches. Ivan Drago is a man who is Dolph Lundgren, a certified genius, whose first name is short for "Dolphin." Dolph can punch so hard that he is capable...


#55: Rudy: Uplifting Propaganda for The University of Notre Dame

Hello Snobs, how are you? Are you sad? Maybe not all of your dreams have come true. Don’t worry, Samwise is here. Rudy (1993) is a heartwarming story about The University of Notre Dame, a school so holy that it’s basically God. Aside from Notre Dame, Rudy is about football, middle class America, and having a lot of heart. Rudy (Shawn Ass-Tin) has so much heart. He has all the heart in fact. #heart. Join Rudy as he faces every adversity in life and yet never gives up on his one goal: being...


#54: RuPaul's Drag Race/Paris Is Burning

Have you ever felt your oats? Have you ever gotten your JUSH? Well buckle up, Mama, because this episode is about to serve you all of the above, okkkkkurrrrr? Resident Snobbers Matt and Sean welcome back Adam, guest Snob and super fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, to laugh and kiki while we discuss the notorious 1990 documentary film Paris Is Burning alongside an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Join us, listener, as we travel outside the realm of "bro-flicks" into this place of shade-throwing and...


#53: Into the Wild: Or, Into the Sean Penn

Into the Wild is an award-winning autobiography of a man named Sean Penn, who is an actor, a writer, a much-lauded grump, and a carrier of rifles through post-Katrina New Orleans. Sean Penn is also a man who really hates people who believe Americans have the right not to vote, such as General Snobbery mentors Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In fact, we have heard *rumors* that those who promote non-voting are quite often murdered by Sean “Sean” Penn himself. Thus, after this episode, we are both...


#52: Friday and Boyz n the Hood (with Greg Buckman)

DAAAAAAAMMMMNNN, Sean and Matt had quite the adventure with this Snob. Three Snobs, two movies, one incredible theme about the hopes, triumphs, and tragedies of the intercity. O yea, and how Ronald Reagan was a very racist person. At the suggestion of fellow Snob and guest for the day, Greg Buckman--a man wise in the way of race relations and the untold narratives of American history--Sean and Matt devote this wonderful Snob to two films: Boyz n the Hood and Friday. One a drama, one a...


#51: Jurassic Park, Hooray!

Back in the summer of 2015, as Matt and Sean traveled through Cincinnati on an unconscious vision quest, they were greeted with an image: the image of Newman, dying in Jurassic Park. As they recounted this image in detail, they found that the laughter erupting between them was as infinite as is John Hammond's inability to face reality. Next thing they knew, they poured some whiskey beneath the starry sky, and took the fateful step all podcasters must take, hitting the "Record" button on the...


#50: Dunkirk: Before and After

From the director of Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight Trilogy, and some other movies about time, comes a war movie with enough noises to blow your ears off. Dear listener, we hope you will see Dunkirk, and when you are done(kirk), we hope you will listen to this episode. Dunkirk is a movie about noise, not people. Well yes, there are people, almost 400,000 in fact. But the real story of this movie is how British people are very British and how loud sounds can make healthy people...


#49: Mortal Kombat Extravaganza!

Mortal Kombat is a film about fighters. One of these fighters is Liu Kang, a man Gene Siskel once called the "Asian good guy." Another one of these fighters is Johnny Cage. Another one is Sonya Blade (pronounced "Sonya Bleede" by Shang Tsung). These three fighters become friends, because the movie places them all together, and next thing they know, they're fighting for the fate of the world! Holy cow! Holy Scorpion! Yes, that is a pun about Scorpion, who is another fighter and a personal...


#48: Fight Club: Terrorism, Nihilism, and Masculinity

“People ask me if I know about Tyler Durden.” So begins the film Fight Club, a movie that is about fighting and a few other things. Those other things include masculinity, corporations, and Meat Loaf. And of course Leto. Jared Leto, that is. If you haven’t seen Fight Club, then you haven’t seen Jared Leto get his face pummeled by the fists of Ed Norton. If you really hated him as the Joker in Suicide Squad, then you might enjoy that scene. But that would also probably make you a psychopath....