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21 "Old School" (with Aaron Kheifets and Dan Glaser)

Sean Kilby is joined by Aaron Kheifets and Dan Glaser to discuss the original frat pack movie Old School. It's been nearly 16 years since this movie debuted in theaters and helped define a generation of bro-comedy. Will Ferrell shines in what is surely his breakout role, and a multitude of comedies were spawned by this cult hit. But is the film still funny today? And does the cult status live up to expectations? We dive into a theory that this is just the comedy version of Fight Club and...


20 "It's a Wonderful Life" (with John DiLeo and Susie Kemple)

Merry Christmas! Sean Kilby is back with a special present for you: an extra-long episode featuring his favorite Christmas movie! This week he's joined by John DiLeo and Susie Kemple to discuss It's a Wonderful Life. Although it was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar in 1947, this movie was largely forgotten until 1976 when it fell into public domain and began playing on national television each year (free of charge). This led to a new audience falling in love with the film all over again....


19 "Rocky IV" (with Derek and Romaine)

Sean Kilby is joined by radio personalities Derek Hartley and Romaine Patterson of The Derek and Romaine Show to discuss the cold war classic Rocky 4. We dive deep into the Rocky series and how this movie stacks up among all eight films. Romaine shares her love for this movie, which she has seen upwards of 40 times. Derek provides a bit of comic relief and some valuable insights into where this film fit into the political landscape when it came out in 1985, as well as some thoughts on why...


18 "Real Housewives of Orange County" (with Daniella Pineda and Chanel Omari)

Sean Kilby is joined by actress Daniella Pineda and reality/radio personality Chanel Omari to discuss the very first episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County (Season 1, Episode 1). Daniella is a Bravo obsessive and Chanel is a former Bravo-lebrity herself, so both guests were excited to rewatch the one that started it all. This episode of Hold Up isn't just for fans of the Housewives franchise either. We also chat about our favorite reality TV shows from the early days of the genre...


16 "Hold Up Pitch Meeting #1" (with Aaron Kheifets and Nathaniel Kloke)

Sean Kilby is joined by Aaron Kheifets and Nathaniel Kloke for the first ever Hold Up Pitch Meeting. We look back at the last 15 episodes of Hold Up Hold Up by pitching a make-believe remake, sequel or reboot of each movie (or TV show) discussed so far. Sean, Aaron and Kloke each select 5 movies (or TV shows) apiece and take turns pitching their very best reboot ideas for today's audience. Harry Potter as a Netflix show? Lethal Weapon in the old west? West Side story as a battle (for love)...


14 "The Sopranos" (with Taylor Strecker)

Host Sean Kilby is joined by radio host Taylor Strecker to discuss the controversial (and widely criticized) finale to The Sopranos. First airing in 2007, this episode is notable for concluding one of the most revered shows of all time, and for its famous cut to black in the closing scene. Does The Sopranos live up to its celebrated role in the television pantheon? Will the cut to black still make Taylor angry? And how will this episode hold up to scrutiny all these years later, even if we...


13 "A Nightmare on Elm Street" (with Daryn Carp and Aaron Kheifets)

Sean Kilby is joined by Daryn Carp and Aaron Kheifets to discuss the horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. It's Halloween time, which means we're looking back at a dated horror classic. Freddy Kruger is one of the most iconic horror villains of all time. Written and Directed by Wes Craven, this movie debuted in 1984 and helped reshape the genre. But does the movie hold up to scrutiny all these years later? Please subscribe now and share your thoughts on the Nightmare on Elm Street...


12 "Back to the Future" (with Aaron Kheifets and Jorge Morales)

Sean Kilby is joined by Aaron Kheifets and Jorge Morales to discuss the 80’s classic Back to the Future. This is Sean’s favorite movie of all time and considered one of the tightest scripts ever written. We go deep on trivia, including who almost played Marty McFly and how the movie almost got a different title. Everyone disagrees on the best scene in the movie (of which there are many great options). And we debate which gag hidden in the plot of the movie stands out the best. Is it when...


11 "American Beauty" (with Jorge Morales and Jean-Luc McMurtry)

Sean Kilby is joined by Jorge Morales and Jean-Luc McMurtry to discuss best picture winner American Beauty. This movie received nearly universal acclaim upon release, but will it remain beloved? There is a ton of disagreement on how well this movie holds up nearly 20 years later. Does Kevin Spacey make it impossible to see this movie the same way? Is it overrated as a best picture? Is the “bag in the wind” scene literal trash? We debate that and more! Please subscribe now and share your...


10 "LOST" (with Daryn Carp and John Thrasher)

Sean Kilby is joined by Daryn Carp and John Thrasher (hosts of Martinis & Murder podcast) for the first ever "TV episode" of Hold Up Hold Up, as we discuss the two-part pilot to LOST. All three watched the show the first time around, but haven't revisited the series since the finale aired in 2010. This episode of HUHU is mostly spoiler-free (outside of plot from the pilot) for those listeners who have yet to experience the series. Spoilers begin at the 53:00 minute mark, as we close the...


9 "West Side Story" (with Jorge Morales and Sam Hood Adrain)

Host Sean Kilby is joined by actors Jorge Morales and Sam Hood Adrain to discuss West Side Story. Both guests are theater professionals, but Sam is a West Side Story veteran while Jorge and Sean have little experience with the film. How will this retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet hold up after 57 years? Is the questionable makeup in the movie too much to overcome, or will the soundtrack be enough to put it over the top? Please subsribe now and share your thoughts on the West Side...


8 "Lethal Weapon" (with Nathan Kloke and Chris Hawthorne)

Host Sean Kilby is joined by filmmaker Chris "CB" Hawthorne and entertainment producer Nathan Kloke to discuss the quintessential buddy cop movie, Lethal Weapon. Are we ready to watch Mel Gibson again guilt-free? Is this movie as good as we remember, or just a relic from the 80's? Please subsribe now and share your thoughts on the Lethal Weapon episode blog at www.holdupholdup.com/ Follow Sean Kilby on Instagram and Twitter @radioseanryan Follow the show on Instagram @holduppod You can...


7 “Jaws” (with Daniella Pineda and Andre Hyland)

Host Sean Kilby is joined by actors Daniella Pineda and Andre Hyland to discuss the mother of all Summer Blockbusters: Jaws. This movie changed film history and is celebrated as a turning point for the industry. But after 43 years, will this movie feel just a little bit too dated? Or is it still thriller perfection? Please subsribe now and share your thoughts on the Jaws episode blog at https://www.holdupholdup.com/ Follow Sean Kilby on Instagram and Twitter @radioseanryan Follow the...


6 "Bring It On” (with Hannah Berner and Michelle Ciciyasvili)

Sean Kilby is joined by Betches creative video producer Hannah Berner and PR pro Michelle Ciciyasvili to discuss Bring It On, or as Roger Ebert called it "the Citizen Kane of cheerleading movies." This high school comedy was released in 2000 and has gone on to achieve cult-classic status. But after 18 years, how much of this movie Holds Up, and how much will leave us cringing? Even though Bring It On features a stellar cast and is still beloved by many, the flaws in this film are apparent....


5 "The Blair Witch Project" (with Aaron Kheifets and Halle Kiefer)

Sean Kilby is joined by comedy writer Halle Kiefer and actor/comedian Aaron Kheifets to discuss one of the most iconic (and successful) indie-horror flicks of all time, The Blair Witch Project. A pioneer in the found-footage genre, this was perhaps the first film to truly capitalize on the internet as a marketing tool. At the time of its release, many moviegoers believed the trio of actors featured in the film had actually gone missing and were presumed dead. This lead to Blair Witch...


4 “She's All That” (with Nick Hissom and Chanel Omari)

Sean Kilby is joined by musician Nick Hissom and radio personality Chanel Omari to discuss She's All That. This high school makeover film is nearly 20 years old and widely considered a classic. Sean and Nick are both interested to see how the film has aged (having not seen it in years) while Chanel already has her mind made up (having seen it more times than she can count). This loose remake of My Fair Lady was released in 1999, right in the middle of a wave of similar high school...


3 “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” (with Jorge Morales and Alex Christenson)

Sean Kilby is joined by filmmaker Alex Christenson and actor/HUHU-creative director Jorge Morales to discuss the Judd Apatow comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Alex has never seen the movie before this viewing, making him a "40-Year-Old Virgin virgin" while Sean and Jorge have watched it numerous times in the past. Released in 2005, this movie somehow feels both older and newer than its 13-year age would suggest. We now look back at this hit comedy as the film that launched a thousand Judd...


2 "Clueless" (with Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue)

Host Sean Kilby is joined by radio host Taylor Strecker and videographer Taylor Donohue to discuss the beloved 1995 classic Clueless. Taylor Strecker is a Clueless superfan, so her opinion on the movie was unlikely to change. But would Sean and TD see the movie in a different light after watching it for the first time in years? Subscribe now and share your thoughts on the Clueless episode blog at https://www.holdupholdup.com/ Follow Sean Kilby on Instagram and Twitter at...


Teaser - Clueless with Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue

The second episode of Hold Up Hold Up will be out Monday July 9th, and we'll be discussing the movie Clueless. To hold you over until then, here's a clip of Sean Kilby and his guests Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue discussing the character of Christian and whether or not he holds up.


Hold Up Teaser

Hold Up Hold Up is finally set to arrive! Host Sean Kilby is here to announce the first episode, and reveals which movie we'll be discussing for the 4th of July Holiday.