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28 | Christine Lakin (Step by Step)

We first got to know her in the 1990's as​ tomboy "Al" Lambert on the hit family sitcom "Step by Step". Now all grown up and continuing to take the TV world by storm, Christine Lakin has reunited with childhood peers Jodie Sweetin ("Full House") and Beverley Mitchell ("7th Heaven") for PopTV's "Hollywood Darlings", a mock-reality show that sees the three stars playing send-ups of themselves while trying to navigate their careers as adults. We chatted w/ Christine about growing up in...


27 | Nita Strauss

Her fans include everyone from Alice Cooper to Mick Foley. Her stylish shredding has rocked clubs, arenas... even 70,00+ at New Orleans' Superdome during year's Wrestlemania. With her family's legacy in classical music serving as inspiration, Nita Strauss is finally emerging as a solo force to be reckoned with in the rock world, and despite her insane schedule, she was cool enough to catch us up on her past, present, ​and future for this week's Hollywood Happy Place!


26 | Avengers: Infinity War (Afterbuzz TV's Megan Salinas)

It's the ultimate Marvel team-up event of the year! No, I'm not talking about that big ol' superhero movie... I'm talking about this bonus convo with one of digital media's most popular hosts, AfterbuzzTV's Megan Salinas! We talk about the true emotional impact of "Infinity War", where TV shows like "Agents of SHIELD" fit into​ the MCU after all of this, and what the heck comes next! Agree or disagree with our opinions? Tweet the show at @HHPlace and let us know!


25 | Anne Marie Cummings (Part 2)

On a very special BONUS episode of @HHPlace, Gerry continues his chat w/ brilliant star/creator of "Conversations in LA", Anne Marie Cummings. More insight, more behind-the-scenes stuff, more inspiration...more @HHP!


24 | Anne Marie Cummings (Part 1)

After decades ruling the theatre stage on the East Coast, Anne Marie Cummings upended her life and career to head west and follow her passion. Now an Emmy-nominated dynamo, Anne Marie's labor of love, "Conversations in LA" is currently filming Season 3. Enjoy this super-sized episode as we scratch the surface of this amazing performer/writer/director's talent, experiences and - most of all - her passion. It's what @HHPlace is truly all about!


23 | Holly Robinson Peete

From the jump (street, that is), Holly Robinson Peete has commanded our attention on the small screen. From "21 Jump Street" to "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" to her greatest role of all (being herself alongside her family on the Hallmark Channel's "Meet The Peetes"), Holly has been giving us the proverbial feels for much of our lives. Where does she go from here? We talk about all of the above this week on @HHPlace!


22 | Lisa Jakub (Mrs' Doubtfire"/"Independence Day")

Sometimes the face, not the name, you know is the most familiar of all. Even if the name Lisa Jakub doesn't ring a bell, you certainly know her face... after all, we grew up with it while watching and rewatching timeless classics like "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Independence Day". A free spirit who bravely walked away from a red-hot Hollywood career to fulfill her dreams, Jakub chats with us about her career(s), her battles with anxiety, and her life-changing retreats, speaking engagements and...


21 | Karyn Parsons (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

She played one of the most memorable sitcom characters ever: the ever-snobby Hillary Banks on "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air". These days, the uber-likable​ Karyn Parsons is focused on making the world a better place via her educational non-profit organization, Sweet Blackberry. We chatted about following your passions, the road to success outside of Hollywood, and those pesky "Fresh Prince"/"Fresh Princess" reboot rumors... all this week on Hollywood Happy Place!


20 | State of the MCU with Sam Kirby (Public House Media's "Cinema Stories")

There's nothing bigger in Hollywood these days than "Black Panther", "Avengers: Infinity War" and the countless TV and big-screen blockbusters that Marvel has produced over the past decade. This week, we welcome Public House Media's resident cinephile Sam Kirby to chat about the past, present and future of the MCU.


19 | Nicole Bilderback

With all of the doom and gloom coming out of today's entertainment industry, this week's #HHP offers a ray of sunshine in the form of old pal Nicole Bilderback! You've seen her in "Can't Hardly Wait", "Clueless" and "Bring It On" along with tons of other TV shows and movies you've loved over the years. We catch up with Nikki on her extensive career, her take on being a woman in Hollywood then vs. now and her role in NBC's new upcoming hit "Good Girls"!


18 | A Look Back & Ahead

HHP takes a breather this week, as Gerry chats directly with you about the past, present and future of the show, including glimpses of some of the archived interviews you might have missed the first time around!


17 | William Jackson Harper (The Good Place)

What's a happy, good place that you love to venture to? Maybe it's a movie. Maybe it's a TV show. For William Jackson Harper, its his hit NBC television series "The Good Place." Tune in as the talented Harper discusses his TCA nominated show, its characters and his chemistry with his co-stars. Be sure to join us in our good place, Hollywood Happy Place!


16 | Margot Bingham (Actress)

She’s talented, she’s got lots of buzz, and “She’s Gotta Have It”. For Margot Bingham, starring in Netflix’s episodic update of Spike Lee’s classic film is just the latest in a long line of big career moves. From “Boardwalk Empire” to ABC’s “The Family” to her own recording career, this Pittsburgh native has been following her heart to success at every level, so listen in and hear her story on this week’s Hollywood Happy Place


15 | Tracy Wigfield

In the purest spirit of the holidays, this week's Hollywood Happy Place takes the opportunity to pester the hilarious, sweet (and very pregnant) Tracy Wigfield, Emmy-winning writing partner of Tina Fey and the showrunner/star of NBC's "Great News". Still a Jersey girl at heart, Tracy tells us about working on "30 Rock" and "The Mindy Project",basing her show's main character on her mom, and the "Great News" Xmas special, all on this week's #HHappyplace!


14 | Shannon Elizabeth (American Pie)

Copy for Shannon Elizabeth: We first got to know her as the hottest foreign exchange student in cinematic history in the teen classic "American Pie" and it's sequel. Subsequent roles in "Love Actually" and "Silent Bob and Jay Strike Back" did little to distract us from her mutual love affair with the camera, but little did we know that Shannon Elizabeth's true passion was protecting animals. Her nonprofit organization, "Animal Avengers", has blossomed from a CA-cased shelter to an...


13 | Jewel (Singer)

You know her voice, you love her lyrics and you’ve probably enjoyed her books, Hallmark movies or any of the other millions of ways that she’s entertained us over the years. She’s Jewel, and her coffee shop-to-Carnegie Hall story has inspired scores of performers to follow their own dreams. Now travelling to a city near you as part of her “Handmade Holiday Tour”, Jewel was gracious enough to take time out of her busy schedule to chat about her family, her dedication to emotional wellness and...


12 | Denise Austin (Fitness Instructor)

From the VHS days to the digital age, Denise Austin has been keeping us moving with her popular, high-energy fitness routines. One of the most popular fitness icons of all time, Denise's longtime TV presence and work with the U.S President's Council have made her a beloved authority on getting physical. Before jumping headfirst into holiday eating, we caught up with Denise on this week's HHP!


11 | Alexandra Paul (Baywatch)

Sure, Thor is cool and Wonder Woman is impressive, but connoisseurs of real heroes on the big and small screen will take "Baywatch's" Lt. Stephanie Holden aka the inspirational Alexandra Paul any day. Beyond mastering the superpower of running on beaches in slow-motion while keeping"The Hoff" at bay, Alexandra's unbelievable real-life exploits in acting, fitness and activism are the stuff that blockbuster movies (and great podcasts) are made of. Listen in and get to know Alexandra this week...


10 | Debbe Dunning (Home Improvement)

Did you ever notice that the TV shows, music and movies that you loved as a teen or young adult stay with you forever? For us 90's kids, there was nothing like the powerhouse sitcom known as "Home Improvement", and there was nobody quite like "Tool Time" girl DEBBE DUNNING. More fun, entertaining and beautiful than ever, Debbe' chatted with me about her brand new TV show and lifelong passion: (dude ranches!). Did you know she was almost cast on Friends(You'll never believe as who)? Check out...


9 | Mayim Bialik (”The Big Bang Theory”)

Our first episode of the modern era (wow, that sounded dramatic!) She's a major player on the most popular comedy of this generation, she's pretty much a scientific genius, and she's written books about everything from cooking to "Girling Up", this year's guide to becoming a woman of distinct awesomeness. Welcome to a very special episode of "Blossom"... I mean, the very first official edition of HOLLYWOOD HAPPY PLACE!