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ISBF009 – Time is on your Side… or is it?

Do you know what your shooting ratio is? This is the ratio between the total duration of the footage shot for possible use in the project, compared to what actually appears in the final cut. A film with a shooting ratio of 2:1 would have shot twice the amount of footage that was used in … Continue reading "ISBF009 – Time is on your Side… or is it?"


ISBF008 – 10 Mistakes New Filmmakers Make

Over the years I have read a lot of books and tutorials on filmmaking, I’ve help writers rework their screenplays, and I watched countless short films. I noticed there’s a few mistakes that we tend to make when we’re first starting out, I made a few of them myself, so I thought I’d share them … Continue reading "ISBF008 – 10 Mistakes New Filmmakers Make"


Directing Tips, and Result-Driven vs Playable Directions

Every director has his or her own style, and not every actor responds well to Result-Driven directions. Some work better with Playable directions. Knowing the difference between the two can help you get the best performance out of your actors. So what is Result-Driven directing? If you’re watching a take and you think it should … Continue reading "Directing Tips, and Result-Driven vs Playable Directions"


A Conversation with Beta Readers Mark Prestash and Mat Dolton | ISBF006 A Conversation with Beta Readers Mark Prestash and Mat Dolton

The most important part of any movie is not the actors, the director, the equipment or even the budget… the final movie is the sum of all its parts, and they are all important, but in my opinion the most important part is the screenplay. Without a story the actors have nothing to do or … Continue reading "A Conversation with Beta Readers Mark Prestash and Mat Dolton"


A Conversation with Craig Layton

From writer and producer on several small indie projects to acting in award-winning TV series alongside Olympia Dukakis and Sarah Paulson, Craig Layton is no stranger to working on either side of the camera. Craig shares a lot of interesting tips that cover everything from auditioning and filmmaking, to whether or not being in the … Continue reading "A Conversation with Craig Layton"


A Conversation with Brett Holmes

On my very first short film I was fortunate enough to have a lot of help both in front of and behind the camera, including today’s guest, independent filmmaker, Brett Holmes. From TV work and a web series to shooting short films and music videos, Brett shares a ton of great tips for indie filmmakers … Continue reading "A Conversation with Brett Holmes"


A Conversation with Darren Andrea

From the Savoy Theatre to Second City and Yuk Yuks, to acting in commercials, TV shows and movies, Darren Andrea has worked in front of and behind the camera honing his craft and learning what it takes to make movies… and how to make it in the movies. Darren stopped by the I Should Be Filming … Continue reading "A Conversation with Darren Andrea"


A Conversation with Mick MacDonald

On today’s episode I sit down with Professor Michael “Mick” MacDonald to talk about filmmaking, acting, and the projects he has been involved in as an actor or producer. Known for his role as the title character in The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger (2011), over the years Mick has been involved in a number … Continue reading "A Conversation with Mick MacDonald"


Stop Wanting to be a Filmmaker

“Stop wanting to be a filmmaker and start calling yourself one, then go out and make your film.” -Robert Rodriquez. Welcome to episode 1 of I Should Be Filming. My name is Kenn Crawford, I am an author and independent filmmaker from Nova Scotia, Canada. I created this podcast to help you get your filmmaking … Continue reading "Stop Wanting to be a Filmmaker"