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I'm the Host is a podcast where we take a deeper look at the media we all consume. Allayne, Kurt and Blake take turns hosting and looking at the deeper themes and meanings in popular culture.

I'm the Host is a podcast where we take a deeper look at the media we all consume. Allayne, Kurt and Blake take turns hosting and looking at the deeper themes and meanings in popular culture.
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I'm the Host is a podcast where we take a deeper look at the media we all consume. Allayne, Kurt and Blake take turns hosting and looking at the deeper themes and meanings in popular culture.






Nick and Nora’s Infinite Liquor Cabinet

Today’s episode is brought to you by shots, shots, and more shots. (Of the alcohol, gun and camera types). We’re looking at The Thin Man (1934) and talking about how a few years difference can really change a setting for a movie. There’s also talk about prohibition, dogs, and relationship goals. We also talk about witty quips, classic drink recipes, and when is a mystery not a mystery. Links for this episode: The Thin Man - Archive.org Prohibition - Netflix.com Classic Movie Cocktails -...


Late Adolescence

In this episode we’re taking a Book Club look at “They Both Die at the End” by Adam Silvera. In a world where you recieve notification 24 hours before the day of your death. What does this change for society? What does this mean for an individuals day to day life. The Hosts also discuss what they’d do on their last day, characterization vs representation, and the age for driving and drinking. Links for this episode: They Both Die at the End (Blue Cover) They Both Die at the End (Orange...


Artificial Intelligence and Organic Stupidity

Initializing… running ‘Im_The_Host_60.exe’ for every “HOST”: {run: intro.subroutine} {run: theme_song.subroutine}; else: {end} print: “This week on” val(PODCAST.NAME) “your three //definitely human// hosts will be discussing Alex Garland’s 2014 film, Ex Machina, and the things it has to say about our” val(MACHINE_OVERLORDS) “that most of our fellow humans don’t want to acknowledge. We’ll also be discussing other“ val(WEAK_MEAT_BEING) “subjects, such as the recent upheavals in the...


Tales from the Crypt

Good evening boys and ghouls. This episode we’re looking at shows that were once dead and have clawed their way out of their graves for better or worse. We look at old examples of television shows jumping to new channels, shows coming back after long hiatuses, or getting made into a movie (be it theatrical or televsion variety). But we also find time to talk about toxic twitter people, the Neilson ratings, and what happened to Aunt Viv. Links for this episode: Coming soon.


Fun and Games with Chekov’s Gun

It’s all fun and games until someone gets shot. We’re looking for Chekov’s Gun and talking about splitting the party so we can search for a murderer. Ally has us looking at tropes in movies with Clue (1985) and Game Night (2018). We look at who is the blonde airhead, did the butler really do it, and was it really all part of the plan? But aside from that we talk about the Devil, the Joker, and a Robot named Prime. Links for this epsiode: TV Tropes - Clue


Bowieography (Part 2)

Alright, settle down, class. Settle down… This is Bowie 102 covering the last thirty-seven years of David Bowie’s career: early 80’s rise to popularity, late 80’s decline, 90’s revival, and death. If you came here looking for ”Classical Knives of America, 1830 to Present” you are in the wrong room–that’s down the hall in 118 with instructor Sharp yes that IS her real name… Alright, for the five of you who are left, thank you for coming back for another semester. If you haven’t already...


Bowieography (Part 1)

Welcome to your first day of Bowie 101! This introductory course covers thirty-two years of David Bowie, from 1947 to 1979, spanning his vaudville, pop rock, glam rock, heavy metal, and funk/soul periods, as well as the Berlin trilogy. Our full two-part course will also span such topics as suing Napster, musical numbers from A Knight’s Tale, bad haircuts, the roadways of West Berlin, and raps about hats. If you have any questions, your instructor Blake or your classmates Ally and Kurt...



He is the sworn protector of the city. The wild blue yonder. He is The Tick. But which Tick are we talking about? All of them, we’re looking at the Fox kids cartoon show (1994), the Fox live-action sit-com (2001) and the Amazon streaming live-action version (2016), and even some talk about the comic is involved. We talk about what the changes in the small screen versions of the Tick shows about our society, why side characters change from version to version of the show, and how the themes...


The Old Man and the Claws

With Infinity War out and Deadpool set to return soon. Ally has us look at Logan and talk about superhero movies and what these movies say about society. Focus revolves around Logan, the MCU, and Deadpool. We also talk about Thelma and Louise, Seven Samurai, and Unforgiven Note:This episode contains no Infintity War spoilers because Kurt and Ally hadn’t seen it at time of recording. Links for this episode: Logan “Hurt” trailer - youtube.com


Mini-Me(dia) R.I.P.

As our jobs all got in the way of our recording schedule so we made a (long) short episode. We talk about what has happened in the Simpsons’ Apu debacle, and then we talk about great media we have recent watched/played/listened to. Links for this episode: Due to the large number of links I’m posting all of them as a pdf. Links to all the media - hosted locally


True Lies

Blake has us looking at truth and lies. With the movies Rashomon and Life of Pi. Were discussing absolutes in truth and whether lies are necessary and can in fact be helpful in certain situations. We also discuss Satre’s concepts of “bad faith” and “the look” (na na na na). Also somehow Dallas, Roxette, andgetting called poindexter at a comedy show get used as examples in this episode. Links for this episode: The Atlantic


Men Are Mars, Women Are Darling

It’s rare an artist remakes a work from their earlier career. With Spike Lee’s remake of She’s Gotta Have it, we’re looking at the changes between the film (1986) and the TV Show (2017). With a big helping hand from our Guest Samantha from Rocket Punch Radio. We discuss art, music, sexuality, and civil unrest. But we also find time (in this long episode) to talk about the Spin Doctors, Celtics fans, and Eminent Domain. Links for this episode: CBS This Morning - Spike Lee on Rebooting...


Grievous Counselor

It’s time to sharpen your teeth on the bones of your “father”! We’re looking at Good Will Hunting and Whiplash and talking about surpasing your father(s), the genesis of genius and how to steal your fathers prized possesions (be it an orchestra or a line). We also look at Saints Row, Super Saiyans, and Nietzsche’s Dog. Links for this episode: Cecil B. Demented (trailer) Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season [...]


Italian Dressing

Kurt has us delve into the world of the mafia, and the FBI and look at the 1990 movie “My Blue Heaven”. This not at all accurate look at this world is all in service of the question “Is this movie good or am I just nostalgic?” All three host come to agreement pretty quickly, so the hosts spend sometime talking about caricature versus character, why the U.S. Marshals felt they needed to chime in on this movie so much, and the difficulties of treading between two genres. This episode also...


Need for Speed (Racer)

In this episode Ally has us look at 2008’s Speed Racer - a movie that in her opinion didn’t get the recognition it deserved. We have a discussion on the movie’s merits and detraments and Blake and Kurt follow up with other works they feel fall into the same category of underappreciated. We also talk about movies we’d love to see made, why it’s important to label cities the right name, and what movies fall into the genre of Guillermo del Toro. Links for this episode: 50 Movies that...


Slay Bells Ring

Blake puts the final stab on our holiday episodes, with the holiday movie about another character who sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake, he may make presumptions about your guilt or innocence. We’re watching the 1974 movie “Black Christmas” in which we talk about societial changes, horror tropes (and how they’ve changed), and just how conservative does the horror genre have to be? We also talk about the missing link, the connection between “Black Christmas” and “It’s...


Holidays of Future Past

Ally kicks off our Christmas season with Miracle on 34th St. (1947) and Elf (2003) with these movies in hand she’s asking questions about the true meaning of Christmas, why there are so few memorable resent Christmas movies, and how well the classics really hold up. We also talk about consumerism, capitialism, cardiomegaly, diabities, and how Kris is a communist. Links for this episode: Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt


The Pervert’s Guide to the Pervert’s Guide to Cinema

It’s the Wrath of Lacan, as Blake has us watch Slavoj Zizek’s The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema in an attempt to explain Lacanian psychology. This episode is full of phallic symbols, and the fatherly figure you must overcome. Come see which characters represent the id, ego, and superego. We also discuss musicals in the key of authoritarian, the Boy Scouts of the USSR, and which celebrity Slavoj Zizek resembles. Harvey Danger - Carlotta Valdez Huey Lewis - I Want a New Drug Death Wish...


Na, na, na, na, na, na Batman

Kurt brings Lego Batman to the show, and we’re looking at what life after grimdark looks like. We also take some time to talk about Batman as myth rather then comics media. We also talk about Nietsche, Billy D Williams, and Bojack Horseman (who coincidently are three people who have never been in my kitchen.) Links for this episode: Death of the Family - Wiki The Real Marvel Agenda - Movie Bob


Killer Clown from Space

Its…Pennywise the Dancing Clown here to take us to Killer Clown College. We’re looking at both the 1990 and the 2017 versions of It, because Ally loves clowns so much she subjected us all to 5 hours of clowns. While comparing these two films we also give advice on how to fight children, how a physical bad guy can ruin a chance at supernatural scares, and we discuss how professional clowns need to clean house rather then protest movies. Thats right, we’re coming for you, Big Top. Links...