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Theater IX: Aliens

In space, no one can hear you scream. In a industrial compound that is on a moon filled with xenomorphs, everyone can hear you scream. We saw the sequel to the best sci-fi horror film of all time, James Cameron’s Aliens. This movie picks up 57 years after the events of the first film when Ripley’s escape pod is found floating through space and taken back to civilization. The corporation blames Ripley for the destruction of the Nostromo and the loss of her crew. When communication with a...


Theater IX: They Fly (1986)

This week’s episode takes us on a journey of transformation. We are witness to what happens when a man and an insect are fused on a molecular level. We saw David Cronenberg's The Fly and we’ll never be able to get some of what we saw out of our heads. This is one of the best body-horror films of all time. The movie follows a scientist that is on the verge of perfecting teleportation and a reporter that wants to share the story with the world. When the scientist tests the teleporter on...


Theater IX: John Wick 2

This week we are taking a trip to a mythological New York City. One that is free from police and has a population made up of 60% professional assassins. We watched John Wick: Chapter 2 and we absolutely loved it. This sequel continues John Wick’s busy week of getting revenge by killing everyone in his path as he tries to settle an old debt with a bad man. It is a modern action-movie masterpiece that has wonderful pacing and keeps you wanting more until the end. Be honest, how happy were you...


Theater IX: True Lies

This week we have a few things to confess. Sadly, we have been lying to you for quite a long time. We are not your run of the mill boring podcasters, we are actually secret agents that have been running around the world stopping the forces of evil with cartoonish levels of violence followed by lots of dry cool wit. We watched the 1994 summer blockbuster, True Lies, and we can’t wait to talk about it. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian god of action movies, and James Cameron team up again in...


Theater VIII: Wayne's World 2

This week episode takes us to Aurora Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago. Excellent! We’re putting on a music festival named Waynestock with our buddies, Wayne and Garth, in Wayne’s World 2. This movie takes place one year after the first film ended. Not much has changed for the guys and the plot hasn’t changed all that much either. Wayne and Garth still have their show, but are beginning to feel pressure to grow up and settle down in life. Cassandra is still working on her music career...


Theater VIII: O

This week on a very special episode of It’s Been Done Before, we’re going back to highschool to brush up on the modern interpretations of Shakespeare’s classic works. Just kidding, we watched the sub par 2001 remake of Othello affectionately referred to as O. This story very closely mirrors the original play but it is filled to the brim with late nineties teen movie actors and tropes. Odin is a highly recruited high school basketball player that is the only black student at a stuck up all...


Theater VIII: Teen Wolf, Too

This week we’re taking a trip to college so we can soak in some culture, maybe take in a boxing match and then watch a man turn into a wolf right before our eyes. We watched Jason Bateman try his best in a sequel that lost the original movie’s star, Teen Wolf, Too. This wacky sequel ups the ante from the first movie and takes our hero Todd Howard to college on a boxing scholarship. Todd is the werewolf cousin of Scott Howard, Michael J. Fox in the first movie, and he has to use his wolf...


Theater VIII: Disturbia

This week, we’ve gotten ourselves into a little bit of trouble and we’re going to spending the next 90 days on house arrest. To prepare ourselves for this little staycation we watched the 2007 thriller, Disturbia, starring Shia LaBeouf. The movie is a modern adaptation of Rear Window that follows our hero, Kale, as he peeps on his whole neighborhood and creates an ever evolving plot about his neighbor being a killer. Kale is joined by his good buddy Ronnie and his new neighbor and love...


Theater VIII: Disturbia

This week, we’ve gotten ourselves into a little bit of trouble and we’re going to spending the next 90 days on house arrest. To prepare ourselves for this little staycation we watched the 2007 thriller, Disturbia, starring Shia LaBeouf. The movie is a modern adaptation of Rear Window that follows our hero, Kale, as he peeps on his whole neighborhood and creates an ever evolving plot about his neighbor being a killer. Kale is joined by his good buddy Ronnie and his new neighbor and love...


Theater VIII: Indiana Jones And The Temple Doom

This week we’re celebrating our 100th episode with an adventure to India. Lucky for us, our good buddy Indiana Jones is going to be our guide to The Temple of Doom! This is the second movie from the franchise that inspired a whole generation of archeologists. Indy teams up with his sidekick, Short Round, and a beautiful lounge singer named Willie Scott to find and return a magical stone to a small village in India. Along the way, they must stomach a bunch of weird food, survive deadly...


Theater VIII: The Naked Gun 2 1/2 - The Smell Of Fear

This week’s episode takes us to the nation’s capital for a quick trip to get a prestigious award and save the day in the silliest way possible. We watched The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, and we couldn’t have had a better time if we tried. This movie doesn’t try to be anything other than funny and it throws as many jokes as possible on the scene to make sure the laughs keep coming. There is a plot, but that’s not really what we are here for. Go watch this movie and have yourself a few...


Theater VIII: Freddy's Dead - The Final Nightmare

This week episode takes us to the not-so-sleepy little town of Springwood, Ohio where we are looking for a nice place to stop and take a nap. Unfortunately, our sleep was interrupted by glove wearing maniac that can’t stop rattling off one-liners in 1991’s Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare. This was supposed to be the final installment in the Nightmare on Elm Street series but there was more money to be made so it turns out it was only the sixth movie in the franchise. Freddy is back and he...


Theater VIII: Get Carter (2000)

This week’s episode takes us on a trip to the rainy city of Seattle. We hanging out with Jack Carter as he plays the role of amature detective and tries to put togther the pieces to the puzzle that is his brother’s murder in the 2000 remake of Get Carter. Jack is a Las Vegas mob enforcer that heads home for his brother’s funeral only to find out that there is more to the death than meets the eye. Jack spends all of his time talking to lowlifes and old acquaintances in hopes of finding out...


Theater VIII: Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls

This week, we’re taking a trip to the “African country” of Nibia to find a sacred white bat and save the day in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls. This sequel finds Ace recovering from the loss of a racoon friend while finding inner peace in a buddhist temple. He is hired by the British consulate to find the Wachati Tribe’s stolen bat and prevent an all out war. Ace uses his unique detective style to sniff out the clues and rescue the batnapped animal. What must it be like to act alongside Jim...


Theater VIII: I Am Legend

This week we’re taking a trip to New York City to spend some time out in nature, maybe do some hunting and then spend our nights hiding from the virus infected zombies that are roaming the world. Will Smith is letting us know that, “we are not alone”, in 2007’s I Am Legend. The story is your typical virus wipes out most humanity and turns the survivors into inhuman monsters type of tale. The twist is that only one guy is left in New York City, but he is also the one man that can cure the...


Theater VIII: Be Cool

This week we’re leaving the movie game and following our good buddy Chili Palmer to the music business with the 2005 sequel, Be Cool. This time around Chili has decided to stop making movies and start making records with the lovely and talented Linda Moon. He has to get Linda out of her contract with Nicky and Raji all while outwitting several groups of goons that are trying to kill him at every turn. Luckily, Chili is an amazing manager and is able to get Linda a gig with Aerosmith and...


Theater VIII: A Bad Moms Christmas

This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day a little early with one of our favorite mothers, our former co-host Brittny Valle! We watched Bad Moms Christmas, and while the holiday theme may be a little off, the devotion to mothers is right on the money. The story follows the further adventures of Amy, Kiki and Carla as they try to survive Christmas and keep their own mothers at bay. The movie is very good and very fun. The moms and grandmoms are all very well cast and there is more than enough...


Theater VIII: City Slickers 2 - The Legend of Curly's Gold

This week’s episode is a tale of friendship, adventure and gold! We watched the 1994 comedy-western City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold. This story follows Mitch, Phil and Glen as they go on a treasure hunt to find $20,000,000 in stolen gold that was hidden by Curly’s father after a robbery in 1908. They team up with Curly’s twin brother Duke and ride through Nevada in search of fame, glory and most importantly gold. In the end, they all learn a little bit about each other; and isn’t...


Theater VII: Mission - Impossible 2

This week we’re on a mission, you might say “an impossible mission”, to save the world from a man made super virus. Our team leader is the amazing Ethan Hunt and our movie is 2000’s Mission Impossible 2. This mission, should you choose to watch it, follows Ethan and his team as they attempt to stop rouge IMF agent, Sean Ambrose, from getting his hands on the devastating Chimera virus and selling it off to the highest bidder. Ethan gets the hots for Nyah, a professional thief brought on...