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Episode 52: Jersey Ghouls vs Guilty Pleasures Part 2

The Ghouls are back at it this week with another round of guilty pleasure movies! Jacki brings us Mary Reilly. For Marissa, they talk about Bram Stoker’s Dracula. They both defend and tear down the movies that they love so much. Street cred be damned-these movies are so good! And not unlike a few stars of these movies, what isn’t good is the accents the ladies try to pull off. Apologies to the listeners across the pond!

Episode 51: Jersey Ghouls vs Infected/Survival Movies

The a world were survival movies are a dime a dozen, two stand out above the rest. This week the Ghouls talk 28 Days Later and The Girl with All the Gifts. The Zombie vs. Infected debate is sparked. Jacki makes a fuss, Marissa reins her in and at the end of the day, we should all read more books.


Episode 50: Jersey Ghouls vs Comic Book Movies

This week the Ghouls are joined by Adam Casey as we dive into the ink and paper world of comic books that were turned into feature films. 30 Days of Night and The Crow are discussed in this episode and we learn that Adam finds the good in everything, Marissa wants to skateboard again, and Jacki is still living her best 90's life.

Episode 49: Jersey Ghouls vs Christmas Horror

You better watch out, you better not cry. You better not pout because Santa is on a hate fueled murder spree and you might be the next one found bloody and face down in the snow. Wait, I don’t think I sang that right… This week the Ghouls sit by the crackling fireplace with a mug of coco and discuss Silent Night, Deadly Night and Christmas Evil.


Episode 48: Jersey Ghouls vs 90's Vampire Movies

This week the Ghouls are joined by Ashley from the AFHigh List Podcast! We talk 90’s vampires while discussing John Carpenter’s Vampires and From Dusk til Dawn. Pointy teeth, boobs and a heaping dose of misogyny. What more could you want?!

Episode 47: Jersey Ghouls vs Modern Chucky Movies

This week the Ghouls and their friend to the end, Matt Kelly discuss the latest installments of the Chucky series with Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky.


Episode 46: Jersey Ghouls vs Spooky Animation

This week the Ghouls are joined by favorite, Matt Kelly as they relive their childhoods with some of their favorite spooky animated films. They breakdown Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters, the Sleepy Hollow segment from the Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and The Halloween Tree.


Episode 45: Jersey Ghouls vs Horror Mocumentaries

The Ghouls return this week with special guest, James! We talk the art of the “mocumentary” and discuss Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and What We Do in the Shadows. #Stu


Episode 44: Jersey Ghouls vs The Three Mothers Trilogy

The Ghouls welcome special guest Catie to the conversation this week as we discuss another round of Dario Argento movies. The Three Mothers Trilogy: Suspiria, Inferno, and The Mother of Tears.

Episode 43: Jersey Ghouls vs Tales From The Crypt

Hello Kiddies! This week the Ghouls watched Demon Knight and Bordello of Blood and were dying to talk about it. They take a stab at the Tales From the Crypt franchise and breakdown some history, measure up the acting chops, and daydream about Billy Zane. We hope you join us this week because you know what they say: the morgue, the merrier!


Episode 42: Jersey Ghouls vs David Cronenberg

This week the Ghouls discuss yet another giant in the horror industry, David Cronenberg. We look at two of his films; Shivers and The Fly. It is body horror 101 this time around and not all of the Ghouls are up to the challenge. Can you watch the Brundle-Fly transformation with out turning away?


Episode 41: Jersey Ghouls vs 80's Vampires

This week the Ghouls (and returning favorite, Matt Kelly) discuss two of the best vampire movies to come out of the 80’s: The Lost Boys and Fright Night. While we love both films, one definitely comes out on top as our collective favorite. And at the top of the show we ask the age old question: Who do you want to bite you? David (Kiefer Sutherland) or Jerry (Chris Sarandon)? Tune in - find out!

Episode 40: Jersey Ghouls vs Reboots

This week the Ghouls tackle two recent reboots: Evil Dead (2013) and Blair Witch (2016). With the two heavy hitters that these movies are based on, you might think they would come up against some criticism from our Ghouls. And for the most part, you would be right. Marissa called in some reinforcements, Nate had a compelling argument, and Jacki acted like an old person telling these new movies to “Get Off My Lawn!”


Episode 39: Jersey Ghouls vs Werewolves

Ahwoooo! This week the Ghouls get hairy discussing The Howling and Ginger Snaps. Our topics jump from social commentary to Rick Baker to gender roles to masturbation. Trust me, it all makes sense.


Episode 38: Jersey Ghouls vs Tiny Creatures

Will an alien bounty hunter will look like your favorite rock star? Will you be ready to help save Satan’s Den? Check the toilets and clear the barn because this week the Ghouls are talkin’ tiny creatures with Ghoulies 2 and Critters!


Episode 37: Jersey Ghouls vs Rubber

This week the Ghouls take a recommendation from Jacki’s Uncle Ron and watch Rubber. This absurdist movie sparked a more serious and critical conversation than normal. What do you think of a tire that goes on a killing spree? Also, do you like sausages? *Our apologies this week for the audio issues! It seems that the episode was only picked up through Marissa’s microphone.

Episode 36: Jersey Ghouls vs The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

This week the Ghouls are joined by Stephen & Matt from the VHS podcast Analog Jones and the Temple of Film! Join us as we talk the art of puppetry, plot holes and we try to find out what Manzini really is the Captain of. This was obviously a Jacki pick -- did Marissa and Nate join in on the laughter or did they want to throw Jacki away with the movie? Special thanks to Stephen for the amazing custom graphic!


Episode 35: Jersey Ghouls vs Dario Argento

This week the Ghouls discuss movies by one of the greats in the horror genre, Dario Argento. We watched Demons and Deep Red and see where so many others have been influenced by Argento's movies. Don't forget you can also listen to our podcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, TuneIn and I Heart Radio!

Episode 34: Jersey Ghouls vs Bad Moms

This week the Ghouls talk motherhood and murder. Are they good moms gone bad? Was the pressure being the perfect mom too much? Is this Marissa's future? Join us as we discuss Serial Mom and Dead Alive (Braindead).

Episode 33: Jersey Ghouls vs Trolls

Spike up your hair and shine the jewel in your bellybutton because the Ghouls are talking trolls! But unlike the toys of our childhood, these are out to kill you. We talk Troll Hunter and Troll 2 this week along with some questionable searches on Jacki's Google account. #nokinkshame