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A depressing nostalgic journey through the life and art of Michael Moore. Hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage.

A depressing nostalgic journey through the life and art of Michael Moore. Hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage.
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A depressing nostalgic journey through the life and art of Michael Moore. Hosted by Will Sloan and Luke Savage.




PREVIEW - #128 - Cretin's Corner

PATREON-EXCLUSIVE EPISODE - https://www.patreon.com/posts/31616652 With the downfall of Don Cherry, the Michael & Us boys ascend to the position of Canada's Top Public Intellectuals. They celebrate by watching ALAN PARTRIDGE'S SCISSORED ISLE (2016), a very funny mockumentary starring comic genius/Labour supporter Steve Coogan as his signature character, the reactionary talk-show host Alan Partridge. PLUS: Who's better - Hillary or Obama? The answer may surprise you!


#127 - Satellite of Love

On this episode, Luke and Will explore one of their shared passions - a show that blew their young minds with the revelation that art could be appropriated; that the institution of a "movie" did not automatically deserve respect; and that opened up whole worlds of strange and offbeat cinema. We watch MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000: THE MOVIE (1996) and discuss the politics of "bad," the Cold War ideas of THIS ISLAND EARTH, and the changing way that concepts like MST3K are distributed. PLUS:...


PREVIEW - #126 - Extremely Online Guys

PATREON-EXCLUSIVE EPISODE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/31263114 The internet - what a concept! On this special Extremely Online episode, we look back on the cyberspace of our youth, and also consider how the modern-day internet has fostered celebrity within niches within niches within subcultures. To illustrate the latter point, we watch a new feature film by some of our favourite YouTubers. PLUS: reflections on such peculiar web-based phenomena as the Nostalgia Critic and the Space Jam...


#125 - The Ministry of Nostalgia

Luke's recent trip to the U.K. has us pondering British politics. We watch the 2011 BBC documentary HEATH VS WILSON: THE 10 YEAR DUEL, which contrasts two British Prime Ministers: Labour's Harold Wilson and the Tories' Edward Heath, and consider a time when the working class could bring a Tory government to its knees. PLUS: we hash over the Canadian federal election, the Disney Company, the Kinks, Monty Python, and Judge Judy's big 2020 endorsement. Check out Luke on Novara Media:...


PREVIEW - #124 - FahrenHitch 9/11

PATREON-EXCLUSIVE EPISODE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/124-fahrenhitch-30842827 Left-wing voices in the mainstream media were hard to come by in the mid-2000s, which may be why so many of us settled for leftist-turned-Iraq-War-defender Christopher Hitchens. TEXAS: AMERICA SUPERSIZED (2004) sees "Hitch" doing his best Louis Theroux impersonation as he wanders through Texas -- a state he admiringly views as a synecdoche for America. We discuss Hitchens' path from obscure columnist to famous...


#123 - King for a Night

As the Joker discourse rages on, we pay a visit to the original Joker, Rupert Pupkin. We look at Martin Scorsese's dark media satire THE KING OF COMEDY (1982) and consider what it tells us about fame, class, and thwarted ambitions. "Hollywood from Vietnam to Reagan" by Robin Wood - https://cup.columbia.edu/book/hollywood-from-vietnam-to-reaganand-beyond/9780231129664


PREVIEW - #122 - The Magic Lantern

PATREON-EXCLUSIVE EPISODE - https://www.patreon.com/posts/30505364 We discuss art, religion, and Grand Societal Narratives through THE MAGICIAN (1958), a film by Luke's favourite filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman (well, he's no Morgan Spurlock...). PLUS: anti- and anti-anti-theism on the left, the Canadian election, and more from our favourite YouTube vloggers.


#121 - Handbags and Gladrags

We spend most of our waking hours at work... and we're also expected to like it. But what if you have to work a soul-crushing job at a mid-sized paper merchant in Slough, Great Britain under the management of David Brent? Will and Luke consider the compromises and humiliations that come with working for a living by watching one of their very favourite pieces of pop culture: Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's THE OFFICE. Plus: hair-raising tales from jobs past, and another discussion about...


PREVIEW - #120 - Because It's 2019

PATREON EXCLUSIVE EPISODE - https://www.patreon.com/posts/30110073 As a blackface scandal threatens to derail his re-election campaign, we look back at Canadian Prime Minister and international media brand Justin Trudeau - the "progressive" leader who wasn't. We watched GOD SAVE JUSTIN TRUDEAU (2014), a documentary about Trudeau's 2014 boxing match with Conservative senator Patrick Brazeau, which struggles to depict Pierre Elliott Trudeau's son as a political outsider.


#119 - The Klobuchar Supremacy (Instant Democratic Party Debate Reaction!)

The top 10 Democratic Party 2020 contenders met in Texas on September 12, 2019... and mere hours later, we have our fiery hot response! Biden, Bernie, Beto, Booker, Warren, Klobuchar, and several others we're already fogetting... Who won??? Who lost??? Who's surging??? Who had the best zinger??? These are the questions we don't answer, but we DO hash out some thoughts about other things.


PREVIEW - #118 - Super Predator

PATREON-EXCLUSIVE EPISODE - https://www.patreon.com/posts/29765571 What causes crime? The bad people. How do we deal with it? With a big honkin' machine gun. That's the thesis behind Michael Winner's mind-bogglingly reactionary cult classic DEATH WISH 3 (1985), the most ridiculous of the Charles Bronson-led vigilante action series. Luke, Will, and their good pal Branko Marcetic kick back and have a boys' night with this disgusting but hilarious piece of trash. PLUS: chaos in the U.K., movie...


#117 - Psychedelic Warlord Revisited (w/ Chris Berube)

What can we learn from Beto O'Rourke's trajectory from 2018 rising-star to 2019 flameout? We're joined by our old friend Chris Berube to revisit O'Rourke's brief period as a liberal cause celebre through the HBO/Crooked Media documentary RUNNING WITH BETO. Chris tells us about his experiences following Beto on the campaign trail for the popular podcast "Underdog." PLUS: the state of the Dem primary, and the latest evil machinations of the Disney company.


PREVIEW - #116 - Comic Conned

PATREON-EXCLUSIVE EPISODE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/116-comic-conned-29365538 "Nerd culture" is everywhere. Have the nerds won? Or have they merely been co-opted? We look for answers in Morgan Spurlock's puff-piece documentary COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN'S HOPE (2011), which struggles to position San Diego Comic Con as a grassroots phenomenon. Find out the surprising connection between corporate fan culture and the Democratic primaries! PLUS: we discuss the most dangerous person of our...


#115 - Kane in the Membrane

80 years before Jeff Bezos owned the Washington Post, a wealthy heir named Charles Foster Kane picked up a struggling New York newspaper. We watched Orson Welles' CITIZEN KANE (perhaps you've heard of it?) to see what it could tell us about oligarchy and the media. PLUS: Joe Biden's "gaffes," Bernie Sanders v. the Washington Post, a rightward turn in Canadian media, and the clown prince of crime. "You Must Be This Conservative To Ride: The Inside Story of Postmedia’s Right Turn" by Sean...


PREVIEW - #114 - Pier Comet Pizzalini

PATREON-EXCLUSIVE EPISODE: https://www.patreon.com/posts/29051578 Power corrupts, whether it's in France before the revolution, or Italy in the waning days of fascism, or in international airspace on Jeffrey Epstein's plane. As the Epstein story exposes the rot at the core of the modern elite, we find parallels in Pier Paolo Pasolini's anti-fascist (read: anti-capitalist) classic SALÒ, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM (1975). PLUS: the Marquis de Sade, Bernie Sanders on Joe Rogan, the sorry state of...


#113 - Fear and Loathing on the Sham-paign Trail

The rubes and the hicks think that the politicians are squeaky-clean. But insiders like you and me? We understand that politics is a game... and the winner is whoever plays it best. That's the thesis of RACE FOR THE WHITE HOUSE (2016), a CNN docutainment series about the wheeling-and-dealings of presidential campaigns. We recall such titanic bouts as Kennedy v. Nixon, Bush v. Dukakis, and Clinton v. Bush, and ask, as we so often do: "Okay, but what were these campaigns ABOUT?" PLUS: the...


PREVIEW - #112 - Bubble Boys

PATREON EXCLUSIVE EPISODE - https://www.patreon.com/posts/112-bubble-boys-28625748 Like a lot of us, Alexandra Pelosi (daughter of Nancy) was shocked by the 2016 election. How could this have happened? Believing that we aren't getting "outside our bubble" enough, she takes a road trip of the red states to ask Trump voters why they voted Trump. What does she do with these findings? She collects them in OUTSIDE THE BUBBLE: ON THE ROAD WITH ALEXANDRA PELOSI (2018), a documentary that posits...


#111 - Our Shared Values

Two years before 9/11, and nine years before the financial collapse, AMERICAN BEAUTY gazed upon the End of History and said: "...is that all there is?" And then it also asked, "Isn't that wife a real shrew, huh??" We revisit this painfully dated Best Picture winner and discover beauty all around us. PLUS: "The Squad" vs the Dem establishment, and the decline of Netroots Nation. "Nancy Pelosi Has Lost Control" by Zach Carter -...


PREVIEW - #110 - Netroots Damnation

PATREON EXCLUSIVE - https://www.patreon.com/posts/110-netroots-28326205 In the mid-2000s, a hot new thing called the "blogosphere" shook the very foundations of American politics, creating a progressive media ecosystem that helped launch the presidential candidacy of... er, Howard Dean. The 2006 documentary BLOG WARS chronicles this moment, with a particular emphasis on Daily Kos founder and Nancy Pelosi superfan Markos Moulitsas. We discuss the ideological project (or lack thereof) of the...


#109 - Politics - What a Concept!

Did you know that Nancy Pelosi's daughter Alexandra is a documentary filmmaker? During the 2000 election, she hopped on George W. Bush's campaign bus and chronicled life as a politics reporter... and inadvertently revealed why so much politics journalism is abject trash. This week, we watched JOURNEYS WITH GEORGE (2002) and felt a lot of fear and loathing on this campaign trail. PLUS: the Democratic Party debates, David Foster Wallace, and Stanley Kubrick.