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Announcement: MIGsy Film Club

We came out with a spin off podcast called MIGsy Film Club! This is an announcement and short preview. The first episode is about Jaws and The Meg, available to download now! Just search for MIGsy Film Club. Its inspired by our annual awards show (episode 38).


42. Second Anniversary Pod

This week we cover just about everything from the latest in movies, television, video games, cars, and even some sports. We also discuss some upcoming plans for more content so stay tuned! Dan doesn't know where his wife is, Joshua goes on a Journey, David is quite the sportsman, and Josh plays with some knobs. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


41. Poppin Bottles

This week we are back to successfully recording and celebrating events for pod members. We try to catch up from last months fail with some movie talk and are wondering if everything is going to the NETFLIX model. Dan is out sick, Joshua is winning at life, David has yet to build a fence post, and Josh made a mess. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


40.5 My Dog Ate My Podcast

This week is the very end of a lost pod. Thanks to some furry friends 95% of an episode was lost. Dan blames Sony, Joshua had talked houses, David is going to build a fence post, and Josh tries to explain what happened. Its short but expect the next full length pod in the near future. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


40. Stuck In The Infiniti Gutter

This week it's tough to stay on topic and out of the gutter. We just saw Avengers Infiniti War and attempt to discuss it, as well as some video games and TV. Dan is having a rough day, Joshua is playing catch up, David bowls too good to be in the gutter, and Josh has become obsessed with Ready Player One. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


39. Ready Podder One

This week the guys catch up on a bunch of TV and Movies missed while preparing for the MIGsy Awards. Ready Player One, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Black Panther and more! Dan got sucked up, Joshua took a vacation, David breaks down the realities of a virtual world, and Josh saw all the movies. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


38. The 2nd Annual MIGsy Awards!

Behold the second annual MIGsy awards where we crown a new best film and award many others! At the very least we try to find some gems in a rough year for the movie industry. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


37. For Your Consideration

This week we pod before the big game again. We talk not drinking for a month, our upcoming awards show, and just a tiny bit of football. Dan functions better drunk than sober, Joshua has fun work trips, David needs to see some movies, and Josh is trying to avoid having a god complex. Since our Super Bowl pod tends to be pretty fast and loose there is some background noise but it's tons of fun. Make sure to vote for this year's MIGsy Awards!!!:...


36. Like Monopoly!

This week we talk about last year, the new year, and how Disney is screwing with the entertainment industry. Some pod members are too cool to hang out on New Year's Eve so we ramble for awhile. David is trying to name our new mascot, Christine is a little too into Gal Gadot, and Josh does a decent job of drunkenly explaining mergers. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


35. Merry Podmas!

This week is a Podmas celebration extravaganza! Surprised gifts are given and a nice long intro. Then Star Wars the Last Jedi is discussed at length! Dan is making a super nerdy custom racing wheel video game setup, David isn't fired, and Josh got older but had a good time. For spoiler purposes we start discussing Last Jedi at about 30 mins and spoiler talk start at 43 mins. It goes all the way to the end since we finish rather abruptly (thats what she said). Instagram:...


34. Just Another Working Stiff

This week, a lot has happened since we last recorded. We talk movies we've seen (Thor), Video Games (Star Wars), and everything we've been up to. Dan has a new source of alcohol, Joshua went on a magic bus tour, David fails the one chip challenge, and Josh can't watch as much Netflix anymore.


33. Off The Rails

This week we discuss recent movies seen and movies we want to see. We also drink a bunch of pumpkin beers, get a little drunk, and go off the rails. Dan is on call, Joshua isn't the savior, David is a bowler, and Josh has issues with movies.


32. The Pack Survives (and gets drunk)

This week we finally get to our Game of Thrones end of season talk. During the conversation we drink a lot and end up going off topic to many others. Dan is a hero, Joshua is put off by Tyrion, David is going to break up some marriages and Josh watched more Netflix. Also if your not into Game of Thrones you can skip it (starts at 18:20 ends about 62mins) then we drunkenly talking about other things, its fun! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


31. Name That Beer (with a brewer)

This week Dan gets injured and messes up the plan. So we improvise and make a guest drink and discuss mystery Beers. Joshua saw the Frozen musical, David shares his eclipse experience, Josh is deep into fantasy football.


30. Together Again

This week we get ready for a beer fest by drinking beer. We also talk about The Defenders, what to do for an eclipse, and the potential of a Google theme park. Dan is working, Joshua is working long hours, David is working even longer hours, Josh is watching Netflix, Penny is whimpering. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


29. Drunken Video Game Nerds

This week we play some games, talk some games, and get very distracted. Dan sets the best rally times, Josh has some words for Nintendo, and David is part of a Pokemon Go cult. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


28. Bend the Knee

This week we bust out the beer and fidget toys while catching up. Discussions range from new movies seen to GOT predictions and some car talk. Dan got his birthday wish, Joshua has a new puppy, David suffers thorough some IPAs and Josh still thinks Jon Snow is a bitch. Beers of the week: Twenty Four by Avery, Mongo by Port and of course Bend the Knee by Ommegang. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/


27. Sittin On The Back Porch

I suck at recording and publishing podcasts, but we are sitting on my back porch drinking and thinking. We discuss video games, movies, and T.V. shows. Dan pours beer, Josh unsuccessfully tries to get jobs, and David lost his fidget cube. Also Christine is in there. Its a good time. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/ I sample some Benjamin Baker for the music


26. Drunkyo Drift

In possibly our least finest hours we combine two pods into one. First we are really drunk with bad audio quality rambling about video games, TV Shows, and coming movies. Then we discuss what happened after the fact. We promise to clean up our act (but not really, we're drunks). Beers of the Weeks: All things Avery, Albus Quercus by La Cumbre, and Three Philosophers with Cherries by Ommegang. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/ I sample some Benjamin Baker for the...


25. The Fast and the Podiest

This week we hit the NOS talking about every Fast and Furious movie including our thoughts on Fate of the Furious (spoilers on all). David has never tried Corona, Joshua shows up late, Dan creates a MOAB drink, and Josh is a buster who messes up the recording. Beers of the week: Corona (duh), Tommy Knocker Imperial Breakfast Porter and Avery Coconut Porter (last two had during the lost section of recording). Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindinthegutterpod/