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Episode 19: Across the Plate

Hoo boy gang, we're gettin' UNPRECEDENTED this week! James and Phil sat down to try to fix The Avengers this time. Not the one with the superfolks that you know and love, but the British-type spy flick from 1998 that no one remembers or cares about or knows. And man-o-peets, this movie was so bad that for the first time in our history, we decided to just throw it and all our ideas for it right into the garbage. Instead, we decided to take one of our movie trailers, for the movie Benched,...


Episode 18: Dr. Demon, Medical: Demon

Hey guys we said the name Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson too many times in the last episode, and like the spoopy lady in the mirror, we summoned D"TR"J's scariest apparition: his terrible bad 2005 video game movie, Doom. This bad movie about alien jeans and the scary monsters in someone's basement on Mars sure did suck, but we retooled it into the far superior Satan party movie Dr. Demon, Medical: Demon starring Rosamund Pike, Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, and Mike Myers. We also fix the...


Episode 17: 4 Animalz 4 Reel

Hey guys, y'know why we put these episodes out on Tuesday? Because no reason, it was arbitrary. But if we were a big fat orange monster cat, we might say it's because we hate Mondays! That's the level of humor we're bringing to this episode, as your Improvie Team fixes 2004's Garfield, starring Bill Murray and Jamie Kennedy Or Breckin Meyer Or Someone Like That. We took an insufferably dull movie about the famous CGI orange cat, and made it into a movie about a bunch of real life animals...


Episode 16: Spell Trek: The Next Jammeration

Hey guys this time we go all bold-like to some places that no folks ain't ever been to! Meaning, we fixed a Star Trek movie! Specifically, we fixed the most old-guys-climbing-ladders-centric Star Trek movie, Star Trek Generations, and because Phil and James REALLY want you to know what nerds they are, we slapped a Dungeons and Dragons campaign on top of it and made Spell Trek: The Next Jammeration, so get ready for lots of talk about classes and alignments for all your favorite Trek types,...


Episode 15: Stop, Or My Mom Will Darkhawk!

Hey hey hey peebles! Continuing our long standing trend from last week, we watched another bad late-90s superhero movie, only this time it was the beautiful horse-boy Billy Zane in The Phantom. While this movie did have a very pretty Billy Zane in it, it was also totes boring, so we bashed it and crashed it until it became Stop, Or My Mom Will Darkhawk, a mom-based superhero romp starring Maya Rudolph, Dylan Minnette, and Aidan Gillen, where a mom of a superhero--*record scratch*-- becomes...


Episode 14: Gregular Guy

If Space Jam taught James anything, it's that movies starring basketball players are very very good always, but oops not this time! This week the Movie Improverswatched Steel with Shaquille O'Neal, where he plays a fella who builds himself a suit out of foam that's supposed to look like metal and fights crime. Hoo boy is this movie a hot pile of trash fires, but not to worry, we fixed it up into the much much better Gregular Guy starring Rosa Salazar, Terry Crewes, Catherine Keener, and...


Episode 13: Monster Eat Trunk World (Truck World)

Hey guys, y'know how we used to do a differenter podcast and there was a third person on it? And her name was Mae? Well guess what, she's here on this podcast this time! Mae stopped in about 2/3 of the way through our recording talking about Monster Trucks (a movie that actually turned out to not be that bad but we fixed it anyway) and took on the role of producer to tell James and Phil that their ideas are bad and they should feel bad. Using Phil and Mae's favorite anything ever, My Hero...


Episode 12: Tara Reid Presents Taramorphs

Hey you guys, remember how Ancient Egypt was chock fulla white folks? No? Oh, well huh Alex Proyas, director of Gods of Egypt seems to disagree. Oh and also he made a bad movie, oops Alex! So we watched this Gods of "Egypt" movie and we fixed it up into the much much better Taramorphs, presented by Laura Linney playing Tara Reid. Its about a group of rowdy Egyptian teens who turn into animals with the help of their friends the Andalites to fight evil grey brain slugs, so it's actually...


Episode 11: Dungeons and Dragons 2: Dungement Day

Well gang we went back to the ol' Diesel Well awful quick, because this week we watched Vin Diesel's extended D&D cosplay video, The Last Witch Hunter also co-starring Michael Caine, Rose Leslie, and Elijah Wood. Someone gave our boy Vin $90 million to film a movie about his own Dungeons and Dragons character, so we went ahead and did basically the same thing, and we came out the other side with Dungeons and Dragons 2: Dungement Day, a spoopy horror movie starring Topher Grace, Alan...


Episode 10: Lo! Thou Art Wylde at Hearte

Hey gang, do you like VIDYA GAMEZ? What about MOVIES based on VIDYA GAMEZ? Oh, right, no one likes that second one. Well we watched one of those this week, Assassin's Creed starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, and sure enough it was bad again this time! So we fixed it up into a sort of 15th-century Wild at Heart, and we didn't hide that fact at all and we called it Lo! Thou Art Wylde at Hearte, starring Madeleine Petsch, Saiorse Ronan, Nicolas Cage, and our dear dear friend...


Episode 9: Daddy Shack

Hey gang, we fixed The Shack this week. The movie we fixed is called The Shack. I wanna make that totally clear, cuz Phil and James forgot to say the title of the movie at any point in the podcast. The Shack, which was our movie this week, is about God and Jesus and how great those two fellas are, so obvs we threw all that out the window and made it about three of the wonderful kind boys from Queer Eye helping a man have his own sexual awakening, in Daddy Shack. It's a very nice...


Episode 8: Gunboys: Kissboiz

Hello everyone! Phil came back from Palms Spring, so we came back from vacation! Some time ago, Phil and James watched xXx: The Return of Xander Cage and took some notes about it, so they tried to decipher their own cryptic, inscrutable notes on it to deliver unto you a better film. And they achieved their lofty goals with Gunboys: Kissboiz, an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet but in samurai times but with guns and also but with kissing. Do we remember Hamlet super well? No! But...


Episode 7: X-Monster-Men Meet Van Helsing Meet Abbott and Costello

Hey you guys, did you know there was a fifth Underworld movie? Or a fourth Underworld movie? Us neither! But who gives a shit about that, cuz it's bad so we fixed it into the next global smash, X-Monster-Men Meet Van Helsing Meet Abbott and Costello, starring a whole grip of randomly generated folks, including 2 Hugh Jackmans, Ryan Reynolds as not Deadpool, Jeff Goldblum AS Deadpool, and of course, our muse, our lucky rabbit's foot, Mr. Armie Hammer. Also, we don't fix the trailer for...


Episode 6: Arm & Hammer Presents: Arm and Hammer, the Armie Cloverfield Hammer Story (Based on the real life of Armie Hammer)

*deep breath* Hooooo jeez o' peets guys. Just a fair warning, this episode is our biggest, hottest pot of nonsense that we have ever put on the internets. So we watched The Cloverfield Paradox, which is a movie some people probably made and were in, (we've already forgotten) and, like an alchemist trying to make gold from lead, we accidentally bungled up our organs drinking mercury and we turned it into Arm & Hammer Presents: Arm and Hammer, the Armie Cloverfield Hammer Story, based on the...


Episode 5: Rosemary's Baby 2: Toss Baby, This Time The Baby Is The Weapon

Wowee wow, that sure is a long title, huh gang? Well we just needed more words to get across how awesome this movie is! We took the Academy Award nominee Boss Baby, which is pretty mediocre and forgettable, shoved it in the Movie Improvie Movie Grinder™, and we formed that gross nastiness into a delicious Movie Burger called Rosemary's Baby 2: Toss Baby, This Time The Baby Is The Weapon, starring Daniela Vega, Alia Shawkat, and Nicolas Cage, and hoo boy I think we have another franchise on...


Episode 4: How to Watch Movies to Improve Your English (aka Overwatch The Top)

Hello aspiring Movie Improvers™! Hoo boy gang, we got a real stinker on our hands this time. Cuz this time, this time guys? We watched The Book of Henry, directed by Colin Trevorrow, and starring Naomi Watts, Dean Norris, and Sarah Silverman. This movie about a little boy who is a huge dick trying to murder a policeman was very bad, but we smacked it with our hammers and wrenches and we twisted its mangled form into the much better Overwatch the Top, star-- er, excuse me, it's actually...


Episode 3: Batman v Snowman: Dawn of Just Ice

Hey everybody! Y'see how Batman's in the title? Well guess what we weren't actually fixing a movie with Batman in it, (even though they need our help badly,) we're actually fixing the bad, unfinished The Snowman, starring Michael Fassbender. We just decided to fix it into a movie franchise for DC about all their cool cold villain folks! So we started off our pitch with Batman v. Snowman: Dawn of Just Ice, starring Paapa Essiedu, Quvenzhane Wallis, Liam Neeson, and Kurt Russell. Also, we...


Episode 2: Pirates of the Caribbean Fievel Goes West

Hello, how is everyone? Hey, do you folks like PIRATES? We sure do! So this week, we watched a pirate movie! But not just any one: The fifth one! Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales, starring Johnny Depp, Brendon Thwaites, and Geoffrey Rush, is very bad. But what if it weren't? What if it was... good? And what if it had... Cowboys? These are the bold questions your resident Movie Fixers had on their mind this week! Also, we watch the trailers for Truth or Dare, Wastelander,...


Episode 1: Goodspellas

Well hello there, Movie Nuffs and newcomers alike! Welcome to our new podcast, this time this one's called Movie Improvie! Phil and James are gonna set out to look at some bad movies, but rather than just be satisfied with movie that is bad, we're gonna make fix em better! This week, we looked at the Netflix Original Pile of Trash™ Bright, directed by David Ayer and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, and we transform it with Improvie Magic into Goodspellas, starring Grant Gustin, Keanu...


The Origin of Christmas

Happy Christmas or Other Chosen Winter Holiday erverybody! The Haters Cast has been retired, and starting next month we'll have a brand new podcast in this space for you to enjoy. But in the meantime, treat yourself to a little something special: The Origin of Christmas! Bored on a flight home for the holidays four years ago, Phil wrote an insane short screenplay about the true origin of Christmas. With James' help, he then printed copies of this script, highlighted lines, and placed it in...