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Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 91- Marisol Gomez-Mouakad, Stephanie Seldin Howard & the 2018 DCBFF Red Carpet

Happy Friday folks! This week on the show I’ve got Marisol Gomez-Mouakad, writer/director/producer of Angelica. The film deals with colorism and other issues in the Caribbean. I also have Stephanie Seldin Howard, director/producer of the documentary The Weight of Honor. It’s a film that looks at the courageous caretakers of veterans who have been catastrophically wounded in America’s longest war. I’m also going to the red carpet of the DC Black Film Festival to share some of the...


Picture Lock Unlocked: 2018 DC Black Film Festival- MBLMTF panel

Hey guys. Sorry I missed you last week! Before this Friday’s episode, I wanted to hit you with another unlocked episode. This year during the DC Black Film Festival we screened the documentary United Skates ahead of our Making Black Lives Matter Through Film Panel. You’ve already heard from co-director Dyana Winkler a couple of episodes ago, but I wanted you all to be able to hear the conversation as it was on stage, unedited. The panel was hosted by WHUR's EZ Street and panelists included:...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 90- Noor Gharzeddine, Ramaa Mosley, Tiffany Bartok, & Juliet Lammers

Happy Friday folks! I'm back after a brief rest from the 2018 DC Black Film Festival. (Which was dope) This week on the show, I’ve got the director of “Are You Glad I’m Here” Noor Gharzeddine on the show to talk about the film with an unlikely pairing. Ramaa Mosley, writer/director/producer of “Tatterdamelion”, drops in to talk about her mystery/thriller! If you know any beauty influencers, you’re going to want to listen to my chat with director Tiffany Bartok of “Larger Than...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 89- Dyana Winkler, Austin Harris, Omar Lewis, & Royce Adkins

Happy Monday? I'm late with the post because I was at the 2018 DC Black Film Festival! What an awesome time and experience! I can't wait for next year...like I'm literally making plans already. This did hit the radio airwaves Friday and while it's dates with the late post, it's certainly worthy of checking out. Today I talk w/ co-director/producer of United Skates, Dyana Winkler. Be sure you catch the unlocked version of our convo by subscribing to the podcast and going back an...

Picture Lock Unlocked: Dyana Winkler of United Skates

What up folks? It's been a minute since I've done an unlocked episode of Picture Lock. My guest, Dyana Winkler (co-director/producer of United Skates), was absolutely transparent with her career path and filming United Skates. The hit documentary will play at the DC Black Film Festival this Friday. This is a fun and educational listen for anyone who wants to make movies, watch movies, or has had a dream they wanted to accomplish! For my DC area subscribers, make sure you come out to...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 88- Joe Marshall, Joseph E. Austin II, Jennifer Lewis & Blake Bynum

It's FRIIIIIDAAAYYY! We’re a week away from the 2nd annual 2018 DC Black Film Festival! Make sure you check it out www.dcbff.org to find out the films and events that you can see August 16-18th in Southeast DC at the Miracle Theatre! I'm continuing my talk w/ filmmakers whose films will be in the DC Black Film Festival showcase. Kickin‘ the show off I have Joe Marshall, writer/director of Here Kitty, which will screen during our We Still Dealin’ With This block. Then I talk with...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 87- Lewis T. Powell, Shayla Racquel, Patrick House, Terrance Smalls & Michael Faulkner

Happy Friday folks! All films and their descriptions for the 2nd annual 2018 DC Black Film Festival and our special guests are up at dcbff.org! Make sure you check it out to find out the films that you can see August 16-18th in Southeast DC at the Miracle Theatre! This week I’m still talking w/ filmmakers whose films will be in the DC Black Film Festival showcase. On this episode, I’m talking with two filmmakers from our History and Hidden Figures block, which will take a look at...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 86- Chad Quinn, Savannah Kopp, Bruce Gorman Jr., & Praheme

Happy Friday my people! This week’s show kicks off the DC Black Film Festival showcase on Picture Lock. For the next few weeks I’ll be bringing you interviews with some of the filmmakers whose films are in the festival. I gotta say, I really enjoyed getting the backstory to our filmmakers and it helped me appreciate their films even more. On Friday August 17th we’ll be showing a Love and Heartbreak block of films that deal with love and the heartbreak that sometimes comes with it. So...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 85- Manic, A Sibling Mystery, Clara's Ultimate Christmas & Pinsky

Happy Friday my peoples! The full line up for the 2nd annual 2018 DC Black Film Festival is up at http://dcbff.org/2018schedule/! Make sure you check it out to find out the films that you can see August 16-18th in Southeast DC at the Miracle Theatre! Today’s episode is a little manic in a variety of ways. First, I talk with Kalina Bertin, the director/producer of the documentary Manic. It's a film in which she struggles to make sense of the legacy of mental illness wreaking...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 84- Eighth Grade, All These Small Moments, Bias, & The Judge

Happy Friday folks! "Eighth Grade" hits theaters this weekend and I have Picture Lock contributor Richie Wenzler on to give his thoughts on the film. So in the spirit of middle school awkwardness and judging, I have a great line up of interviews for you on the show. I talk with the hilarious Melissa Miller-Costanzo of “All These Small Moments”. We talk about our love for people to be quiet and leave us alone during movies, but more importantly the well received film. I also talk...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 83- Soulful Steps, Crystal Swan, & Mia

Happy Friday folks! This week on the show, I have producer/director/writer/actor Jamie Burton-Oare on to talk about her new film Soulful Steps, which covers one couple's love for soul line dancing which led them to create CaliJam, the biggest soul line dance convention on the West Coast. If you live in the DMV area, you can check out the film this Sunday, July 1st at AFI Silver in Silver Spring. I also talk with Darya Zhuk, co-writer/director of Crystal Swan. The film, set in 1996,...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 82- Jeanne Marie Spicuzza, Emma Loggins, Creed II Trailer Reaction

Happy Friday folks! I’m really excited about this week’s episode which spans time in regard to the two interviews I have for you, but there was a common thread amongst my guests that I could sum up in one word! Survivor. So I decided, why not do a survivor themed show as I talk with Writer/Producer/Director of The Scarapist Jeanne Marie-Spiccuzza and Editor and Chief of Fanbolt, Emma Loggins. Both of these women were a blast to talk with and I just loved their backstory and how they...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 81- Animator, AFI Docs, & Joe Neumaier

Happy Friday! This weekend the film festival world is on fire! The American Black Film Festival is happening in Miami, and AFI Docs is happening right here in the DC area. I have the filmmaking mother/son duo behind the film “Animator” which will screen at ABFF this week, Roberta and Julian Jones, to talk about their film and the inspirational story behind its creation. I also talk with Michael Lumpkin, the director of AFI Docs, about what we can expect to see this weekend at the...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 80- Movie Reviews, Sarah Bunting, & Nicole Franklin

Happy Friday folks! I've got an all-new episode of Picture Lock. This week I talk with Sarah Bunting, the founder of Tomato Nation and fellow film critic. We talk about how she stumbled into film and tv reviewing in the age of dial-up which led to being a big voice in the blogosphere. I also talk with Nicole Franklin, co-writer and director of Title VII, a film focused on same-race discrimination in the workplace and so much more. Picture Lock contributor Richie Wenzler and I give...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 79- Thomas Debass, Ben Kendrick, & Desson Thomson

Happy Friday folks! The Smart Philm Festival is taking place this weekend at American University in Washington, D.C. This is the only festival in DC dedicated to showing films created on mobile phones and tablets, and festival founder Thomas Debass stops by to talk about what you can expect to see this year. I also have the Managing Editor of Screenrant.com, Ben Kendrick, drop in to talk about his journey in film criticism and his day to day experiences at the behemoth website....


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 78- Vyvy Nguyen, Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael, & Douglas Davidson

Happy Friday, and a happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone! A couple of week’s ago I had a bunch of filmmakers from the 2018 DC APA Film Festival talk about their film’s and somehow I let one interview slip through the cracks. So I have my interview w/ Vyvy Nguyen of Starbucks Lovers that I think you’ll enjoy. (My bad Vyvy!) Also, I have the director/producer of Hermione Granger and the Quarter Life Crisis, Eliyannah Amirah Yisrael. We talk about how she took her love for fan fiction...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 77- Claire Fowler, Leslie Combemale, & the Epic Film Guys

Happy Friday my people! If you’ve been to youtube.com/picturelockshow lately you know that I recently did a review of Salam, which played at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Today I have the director of the film, Claire Fowler, on the show. I also talk with fellow film critic, Leslie Combemale, of Cinema Siren. And then we’ll wrap out hearing from the Epic Film Guys who have a great event for cancer awareness and research going on this weekend, the Live Stream For The Cure 2.0....

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 76- Shelly Yo, Meena Ramamurthy, Woody Fu & Rick Quan

Happy Friday my people! The DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival will be taking place this weekend in Washington DC. Visit apafilm.org for details on tickets and info. Today, I talk with four filmmakers whose films will be displayed at the festival. I have director Shelly Yo of “The Heartbreak Factory”, director Meenakshi Ramamurthy of the web series “The FOB and I”, director and star of “Asian Man, White Woman” Woody Fu, and director Rick Quan of “Race: The Al Young Story”....


Picture Lock Unlocked: Othello-San & I Won't Miss You

Hey hey hey good people! This unlocked episode features a couple of interviews ahead of the DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival which will be taking place this weekend in Washington DC. Visit www.apafilm.org for details and be on the look out for my regular Friday radio show and podcast release which will feature more filmmakers from the fest. On this episode, I talk with Ted Adams III, the writer/director/producer of Othello- San. I also talk with writer/star Joy Regullano and...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 75- Tully, Maryland Film Festival, & Mixed

It's Friday! So you know I've got some great interviews for you. I talk with Diablo Cody about her latest film, Tully. The 20th Maryland Film Festival is going on right now in Baltimore! I spoke with Founding Director of the festival, Jed Dietz about what you can expect to see at the fest this year. I also speak w/ Prof. Leena Jayaswal, the head of the Photography Concentration at American University’s School of Communication. We talk about her documentary Mixed. Submit your film to...