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Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 105- Top 10 Films of 2018 ft. Dean Rogers

Happy Friday folks! Today I’m joined by Dean Rogers of the Rogers Revue to discuss our top 10 films of 2018. As you can imagine, if you get two film critics in a room to talk best of...it can take a while. So this podcast episode is a little bit longer than the usual, but it’s definitely a good listen. I’ll be the first to admit, I probably could have livened it up with audio clips from films, but so many were missing from the online EPK that I moved forward without them. I’ll...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 104- Top 5 Black Films of 2018 w/ Tim Gordon

Happy Friday my people! Today I’ll talk with Tim Gordon aka Film Gordon, founder of the Black Reel Awards about our top 5 black films of 2018. Black directors had a stellar 2018 with blockbuster films grossing over 1.3 billion in the box office! Next week I’ll do my top 10 of 2018 with Dean Rogers of the Rogers Revue that’s more widespread, but this week I want to go niche. Let me know your thoughts on our list and what films you enjoyed the most! Check out Tim here:...


Picture Lock Unlocked: Interview w/ Roma's Yalitza Apiricio (Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year my people! I’ve been silent for a bit but I promise to get back in the saddle from the holidays. Today I’ll talk with actress Yalitza Apiricio, star of Alfonso Cuaron’s latest film “Roma”. The film is out on Netflx now and it’s a must see! Plus, for all my filmmakers, I’m releasing a book in January that you’re going to want to pick up! Details inside this mini-sode. Thanks for listening, have fun, but be safe tonight! Check out Roma here:...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 103- Director Jesse Atlas

Happy Friday my people! Today I’ll talk with Jesse Atlas, director/co-writer of Let Them Die Like Lovers, an emotionally charged thriller about a soldier who jumps from body to body to complete missions and the toll it takes on her. Plus I’ve got your answers to your favorite holiday films. Check out Jesse here: https://www.autonomika.com/ Picture Lock Links: Take my PR For The Indie Filmmaker online course here: https://indiefilmpr.thinkific.com/ Get a partner as passionate as you in...

Picture Lock PR After Show: Ali Cotterill of North Pole, NY

I’ve got some #wednesdaywisdom for you with this After Show with Ali Cotterill, director of North Pole, NY. We talk about how to keep your audience engaged over a long period of time, how to cut through the noise to market your film and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode! Thanks for listening. The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cut straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and marketing for your production and they throw one at me. Definitely...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 102- The Christmas Chronicles, Ali Cotterill, & Amy Adrion

Happy Friday folks! As of today, Picture Lock is now a 30 minute episode. So I’ve got two amazing filmmakers on the show today. First I talk with the director of North Pole, NY Ali Cotterill. We talk about her film which focuses on Santa’s Workshop, one of the first theme parks in the U.S. battling a changing economy and digital world. I also talk with Amy Adrion, director/producer of Half The Picture. The documentary is about the dismal number of women directors working in...

Picture Lock PR After Show: Deshuna Spencer of KweliTV

I’ve got some #wednesdaywisdom for you with this After Show with Deshuna Spencer of KweliTV. We talk about the importance of telling authentic visual stories in your marketing, doing the research on your content, and more. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode! Thanks for listening. The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cut straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and marketing for your production and they throw one at me. Definitely worth the time to...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep 101- Holiday Movies, Creative Edge Collaborative, & KweliTV

Happy Friday folks! I hope you are enjoying those leftovers! This week on the show I have Chair, Secretary and Manager of the Creative Edge Collaborative, Talaya Grimes. She’ll talk about what the Creative Edge is and the Future of Film and Media Conference they’re holding Nov. 30 through Dec. 1st at Bowie State University. I also talk w/ Deshuna Spencer of Kweli TV. She talks about her online streaming platform designed to serve films and stories of and by people of the African...

Picture Lock PR After Show: Ron Newcomb & Mid-Atlantic Studios

Well, you should be off after today, so Wednesday isn’t looking like a hump day! Happy holidays! I’ve got the After Show conversation with Ron Newcomb. He talks about the importance of being transparent with your audience, and oversimplifying while over-communicating in an effort to create clear expectations. Ron also asks me the best way to navigate the film festival world to get the best bang for your buck…aka how to ensure you’re submitting to the right fests. Sit back, relax, and enjoy...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Alex Ferrari of Indie Film Hustle

Hope you’re having a terrific Tuesday! I’m definitely dropping some information filled After Shows for your Thanksgiving travels. I’m really excited to bring you this conversation with Indie Film Hustle’s Alex Ferrari because Alex and I share the same passion for cinema and helping filmmakers grow in their journey. We talk about how to not just make asks of your tribe and community, but give value first. Alex also asks me about giving filmmakers the reason they didn’t get into my film...

Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Roxy Shih

I’ve got that #mondaymotivation for you with the Picture Lock PR After Show with Roxy Shih! Director Roxy Shih’s Painkillers takes a look at how far someone may go to ease their pain. Roxy and I talk about how far indie filmmakers should go to ensure their films are marketed correctly in post-production. This is a Master Class in asking the right questions, and perhaps unlocking yourself to ask questions about how your film will be treated after it has been acquired! This After Show is a...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 100- Widows, Alex Ferrari, Roxy Shih & Celebrating 100!

Happy Friday folks! I’ve got a super special 100th episode for you guys! I have founder of Indie Film Hustle and Indie Film Hustle TV, Alex Ferrari on the show. We talk about how his love for film burgeoned into an empire along with the launch of his new streaming platform geared to help indie filmmakers. I also talk with Roxy Shih, director of Pain Killers. Roxy is a rock star. We recorded this interview a while back but since then I’ve followed her on Instagram and she dances,...

Picture Lock Unlocked: Ron Newcomb & Mid-Atlantic Studios

Happy Thursday folks! I’ve got another Unlocked Episode of Picture Lock for you. This is a great conversation with Ron Newcomb, indie filmmaker, producer, director, actor and much more. This particular conversation is about his latest endeavor as the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Studios. I made this particular interview an unlocked episode on the podcast simply because of the nature of it. The Mid-Atlantic Studios is a film studio based in the Mid-Atlantic Region (MD, DC, VA, WV, NC, &...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Ashley York

I’ve got that #mondaymotivation for ya! Director Ashley York is reclaiming the word hillbilly by educating the public on the people of Appalachia in her documentary "Hillbilly”. Ashley and I talk about the steps she has taken to reach a broader audience to make that happen. Plus, she asks me about how to get your film reviewed by the New York Times. Yikes! (results not guaranteed…lol) You’re going to enjoy this one folks! The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 99- The Front Runner, Jamielyn Lippman, Ashley York, Dawn Mikkelson, & Norah Shapiro

Happy Friday folks! I’m so glad I get to cap off this election week with an episode of personal and political empowerment. I spoke with director Jamielyn Lippman about her documentary “3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story”, director Ashley York about her film “Hillbilly”, director Dawn Mikkelson of “Risking Light” and director Norah Shapiro about her doc “Time for Ilhan”. Now the cool thing about “Time for Ilhan” is that it covers Ilhan Omar’s race for a seat in the...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Jenna Laurenzo

Happy Monday my people! Director Jenna Laurenzo’s new comedy Lez Bomb hits theaters and VOD this Friday! Jenna and I talked about how she used analytics from her short film to cultivate an audience for her feature. She also asked a great question about how to get critics to check out your film during award season. This is definitely a convo you don’t want to miss! The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 98-Julia Moroles, In Search of Greatness, Cucalorus Festival & Lez Bomb

Happy Friday folks! This week I have a jam packed episode! I talk with Picture Lock contributor Julia Moroles about her love for documentary filmmaking, and her latest documentary. Julia also talked with Gabe Polsky, director of In Search of Greatness about his latest documentary, which is in theaters today! I talk with Chief Instigating Officer, Dan Brawley, of the Cucalorus festival about what we can expect to see next weekend at the festival that is still standing strong in it’s...

Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Suzi Yoonessi

Director Suzi Yoonessi brings light to the somewhat dark subject of sex and love addiction in the film Unlovable. I was really grateful that Suzi was totally transparent in the process of getting the film made in regard to PR & marketing for the film. We also talk about how taking initiative really makes all the difference in the world of indie filmmaking! The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and marketing for...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Sharon Lewis

Director Sharon Lewis paints a dystopian Caribbean future in her film Brown Girl Begins. It was great talking to her about PR & Marketing for her film as she made it for herself, but also a niche audience. This is a great listen for those who may have a niche film as she had some great insight! Plus I talk about how to get critics to review your film. The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and marketing for your...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 97- Leah Meyerhoff, Sharon Lewis, & Suzi Yoonessi

Happy Friday folks! This week I have three Film Fatales joining me. I was probably way to eager to speak with founder of the Film Fatales organization, Leah Meyerhoff. We talked about how the organization started and why its existence is necessary in these times. I also talk with director Sharon Lewis about her Afrofuturist film, Brown Girl Begins. We talk about the origins of her creating the film and what Afrofuturism is. Finally, I talk with director Suzi Yoonessi about her...