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Picture Lock Unlocked: Ron Newcomb & Mid-Atlantic Studios

Happy Thursday folks! I’ve got another Unlocked Episode of Picture Lock for you. This is a great conversation with Ron Newcomb, indie filmmaker, producer, director, actor and much more. This particular conversation is about his latest endeavor as the founder of the Mid-Atlantic Studios. I made this particular interview an unlocked episode on the podcast simply because of the nature of it. The Mid-Atlantic Studios is a film studio based in the Mid-Atlantic Region (MD, DC, VA, WV, NC, &...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Ashley York

I’ve got that #mondaymotivation for ya! Director Ashley York is reclaiming the word hillbilly by educating the public on the people of Appalachia in her documentary "Hillbilly”. Ashley and I talk about the steps she has taken to reach a broader audience to make that happen. Plus, she asks me about how to get your film reviewed by the New York Times. Yikes! (results not guaranteed…lol) You’re going to enjoy this one folks! The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 99- The Front Runner, Jamielyn Lippman, Ashley York, Dawn Mikkelson, & Norah Shapiro

Happy Friday folks! I’m so glad I get to cap off this election week with an episode of personal and political empowerment. I spoke with director Jamielyn Lippman about her documentary “3 Years in Pakistan: The Erik Aude Story”, director Ashley York about her film “Hillbilly”, director Dawn Mikkelson of “Risking Light” and director Norah Shapiro about her doc “Time for Ilhan”. Now the cool thing about “Time for Ilhan” is that it covers Ilhan Omar’s race for a seat in the...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Jenna Laurenzo

Happy Monday my people! Director Jenna Laurenzo’s new comedy Lez Bomb hits theaters and VOD this Friday! Jenna and I talked about how she used analytics from her short film to cultivate an audience for her feature. She also asked a great question about how to get critics to check out your film during award season. This is definitely a convo you don’t want to miss! The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 98-Julia Moroles, In Search of Greatness, Cucalorus Festival & Lez Bomb

Happy Friday folks! This week I have a jam packed episode! I talk with Picture Lock contributor Julia Moroles about her love for documentary filmmaking, and her latest documentary. Julia also talked with Gabe Polsky, director of In Search of Greatness about his latest documentary, which is in theaters today! I talk with Chief Instigating Officer, Dan Brawley, of the Cucalorus festival about what we can expect to see next weekend at the festival that is still standing strong in it’s...

Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Suzi Yoonessi

Director Suzi Yoonessi brings light to the somewhat dark subject of sex and love addiction in the film Unlovable. I was really grateful that Suzi was totally transparent in the process of getting the film made in regard to PR & marketing for the film. We also talk about how taking initiative really makes all the difference in the world of indie filmmaking! The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and marketing for...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Sharon Lewis

Director Sharon Lewis paints a dystopian Caribbean future in her film Brown Girl Begins. It was great talking to her about PR & Marketing for her film as she made it for herself, but also a niche audience. This is a great listen for those who may have a niche film as she had some great insight! Plus I talk about how to get critics to review your film. The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts straight to great takeaways for how to improve the PR and marketing for your...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 97- Leah Meyerhoff, Sharon Lewis, & Suzi Yoonessi

Happy Friday folks! This week I have three Film Fatales joining me. I was probably way to eager to speak with founder of the Film Fatales organization, Leah Meyerhoff. We talked about how the organization started and why its existence is necessary in these times. I also talk with director Sharon Lewis about her Afrofuturist film, Brown Girl Begins. We talk about the origins of her creating the film and what Afrofuturism is. Finally, I talk with director Suzi Yoonessi about her...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Actor Nick Gross

DMV model and actor Nick Gross sets his goals and goes after them. He’s not afraid to ask for what he wants either. Be sure to check out our conversation from this past week’s Picture Lock episode to get his backstory. This is a good after show for the hungry actor, but it applies to all indie filmmakers! Nick talks about how he uses social media to his advantage and what he’s learned he needs to do more of in the future. The after show is where I ask my guests two questions that cuts...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 96- Halloween, Middleburg Film Fest, Nick Gross, & Washington West Film Fest

What’s good folks!? I’ve got a packed show for you guys this week. The Middleburg Film Festival is going on this weekend and I talked w/ the founder and executive director, Sheila Johnson and Susan Koch, about what you can expect to see at one of my favorite fests! I talk with DMV actor Nick Gross about his career and how going after what he wants has helped him. I’ll post the after show segment I had with Nick in which he gave some great tips on how he addresses PR & Marketing with...


Picture Lock PR After Show: Director Talya Tibbon

Talya Tibbon is an award-winning director, producer, and writer. She’s worked in four continents documenting wide-ranging subjects such as street gangs, mass shooters and those who survive their crimes, and human trafficking. She’s currently in the early production stages of a film about her father and his work identifying soldiers lost in battle. Her most recent film, “Amanpour — On Sex and Love in Berlin,” aired as part of CNN Originals in early 2018. It was great to have her on last...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 95- First Man, Jennifer Townsend, Alice Stone, & Talya Tibbon

Happy Friday my people! This week on the show I have Jennifer Townsend, director/producer of Catching Sight of Thelma & Louise. Alice Stone, director of Angelo Unwritten, and Talya Tibbon, director of Sky & Ground. Three documentary filmmakers with films that you can see now. Plus I’ll have your answers to the Picture Lock Question of the Week Last week. But first, First Man (review linked) may be the greatest space race film ever in my book. I’ve got an interview with the...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 94- Fall Back Spring Forward w/ Robert Winship

Happy Friday my people! This week on the show I’ve finally got Robert Winship back in the saddle to do our semi-annual Fall Back Spring Forward episode. We’re talking about our top 5 most and least anticipated films of the fall 2018. Participate with us by answering the question of the week: What’s your least anticipated movie release this fall? on social media (links below). Get your popcorn, hit the treadmill, or take a long ride for this one folks. It’s sure to be a good...


Picture Lock After Show: Julia Camara

It’s finally here! The Picture Lock After Show! In this segment of the show I talk with the guest I had on in more depth about the PR and Marketing for their production. I’m kicking this off with Julia Camara, writer/director/producer of “In Transit”. Julia was very vulnerable with where she is currently with PR & Marketing and the things she would do differently in the future. This is definitely worth the listen as you think about your production. Find out more about In Transit here:...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 93- Lisa Giles & Julia Camara

Happy Friday my people! This week on the show I’ve got Lisa Giles, the producer of the 48 Hour Film Horror Project in Richmond, Virginia! You can find out how you can get involved with the Halloween themed project known around the globe! I’m also talking with writer/producer/director of “In Transit” Julia Camara. We talk about her experimental film in which the dialogue was entirely improved. Plus, your Picture Lock Question of The Week answers from from last week are read and heard...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 92- DCBFF Q&As

Happy Monday! Another late entry, but this week on the show I’ve got more from the DC Black Film Festival as I unload some of the Q&As that took place after our film blocks! Plus, your Picture Lock Question of The Week from from last week is read on the show and HEARD as we have a call in. See the DCBFF interviews here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjNr0Ej5B3U&list=PLVaehsAgM7Iru9fNREal_n3Qy0fb0_pG1 Picture Lock Links: Take my PR For The Indie Filmmaker online course here:...

Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 91- Marisol Gomez-Mouakad, Stephanie Seldin Howard & the 2018 DCBFF Red Carpet

Happy Friday folks! This week on the show I’ve got Marisol Gomez-Mouakad, writer/director/producer of Angelica. The film deals with colorism and other issues in the Caribbean. I also have Stephanie Seldin Howard, director/producer of the documentary The Weight of Honor. It’s a film that looks at the courageous caretakers of veterans who have been catastrophically wounded in America’s longest war. I’m also going to the red carpet of the DC Black Film Festival to share some of the...


Picture Lock Unlocked: 2018 DC Black Film Festival- MBLMTF panel

Hey guys. Sorry I missed you last week! Before this Friday’s episode, I wanted to hit you with another unlocked episode. This year during the DC Black Film Festival we screened the documentary United Skates ahead of our Making Black Lives Matter Through Film Panel. You’ve already heard from co-director Dyana Winkler a couple of episodes ago, but I wanted you all to be able to hear the conversation as it was on stage, unedited. The panel was hosted by WHUR's EZ Street and panelists included:...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 90- Noor Gharzeddine, Ramaa Mosley, Tiffany Bartok, & Juliet Lammers

Happy Friday folks! I'm back after a brief rest from the 2018 DC Black Film Festival. (Which was dope) This week on the show, I’ve got the director of “Are You Glad I’m Here” Noor Gharzeddine on the show to talk about the film with an unlikely pairing. Ramaa Mosley, writer/director/producer of “Tatterdamelion”, drops in to talk about her mystery/thriller! If you know any beauty influencers, you’re going to want to listen to my chat with director Tiffany Bartok of “Larger Than...


Picture Lock Radio: Ep. 89- Dyana Winkler, Austin Harris, Omar Lewis, & Royce Adkins

Happy Monday? I'm late with the post because I was at the 2018 DC Black Film Festival! What an awesome time and experience! I can't wait for next year...like I'm literally making plans already. This did hit the radio airwaves Friday and while it's dates with the late post, it's certainly worthy of checking out. Today I talk w/ co-director/producer of United Skates, Dyana Winkler. Be sure you catch the unlocked version of our convo by subscribing to the podcast and going back an...