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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: PDSMiOS 142

HEY! So, first of all, the sound. We are working with new microphones aaaaand we haven’t quite got it down yet. In the beginning of the episode, there are a lot of rumbles and pops BUT it does even out a little bit on, so please stick with it. Second! If you do make it to the end of the episode, you might notice Joel talking about angry listeners with absolutely no context! That’s because we cut out a part where Joel said something disparaging about man babies on the internet. If you...


Stone Cold: PDSMiOS 141

Week 3 of the Summer of Love Beach Party podcast, Sarah surprised us all by showing up to the recording session riding a righteous Harley, blasting some hard rock tunes, and then slammed in a VHS copy of Stone Cold from 1991! In this serious drama, officer Joe Holt must go undercover in order to infiltrate a notorious baker gang. He chooses the name John Stone, and sudddenly thing start exploding everywhere! This is crazy, over the top action vehicle, and only Brian Bosworth had the guns...


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: PDSMiOS 140

Week 2 of Summer of Love Beach Party Podcast (part duece), we are joined by Spencer Seams of High and Low: A Kurosawa podcast, to discuss one of his favorite movies, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974! This is an art movie, disguised as a horror comedy, that is not very funny and is actually quite terrifying! But there is a lot of meat on that bone, and we have no problem chowing down! Mmmm. I don’t feel so good. Email: Facebook:...


Young Guns: PDSMiOS 139

This week, we kick off Summer of Love Beach Party Podcast year 2 with a late 80’s classic, Young Guns! Everyone know the legend of Billy the Kid, but did you know the legend of the movie that should Bon Jovi and doesn’t? Well, that’s a tale we spin in this very episode! This movie is a cavalcade of who’s who actors from back in the day! Emilio! Charlie! Kiefer! Lou! Uh… Terry O’Quinn! All your favorites! Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990): PDSMiOS 138

This week, we moved all the way to New York, just order Dominos. That’s right, the best pizza in the world on every street corner, and the DUMB TURTLES ORDER DOMINOS!!! Anyway… we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from 1990! Body Massage Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod ko-fi:


Lady Terminator: PDSMiOS 137

This week, we are joined by Wendy Mays of the Pet Cinematary podcast ( ) to discuss her pick, the movie Lady Terminator (aka Nasty Hunter) from 1989! This is a bit of a PG-13 episode, because frankly a lot of people get some serious crotch trauma in this movie. SO BE WARNED! And protect your genitals! Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod Ko-Fi:


Upgrade: PDSMiOS 136

This week, we took a trip to the theater to see the new Russian Royal Ballet! It was really weird! The main dancer was a quadriplegic who spun around in his chair until a bunch of cyborgs showed up, and then they all started kung fu fighting! Is this how it normally is? The movie is Upgrade from 2018, and it was a very good time at the theater! Trailer: Email:


All Dogs Go to Heaven: PDSMiOS 135

This week, we were hidiously murder and sent to what I can only legally refer to as HECK, where we forced to watch All Dogs Go to Heaven from 1989! Is this a tale of morality, one that we should be teaching to children? This movie wherein dogs of dubious nature imbibe in alcoholic beverages and gamble their lives away and still get to heaven?! You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out our opinions! Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


RageWar aka The Dungeonmaster: PDSMiOS 134

This week, Aaron picked out the wrong AOL disk and we all got sucked in a demon world, where there were only 2 movies available: RageWar from 1984 or The Dungeonmaster from 1984! SPOILER ALERT. They are the same movie. And they are pretty dang entertaining. Imagine having to fight through 7 different grueling levels, all just to get your girlfriend back from the devil played by Richard Moll! It is as thrilling as you think. Email: Facebook:...


The Machine that Kills Bad People: PDSMiOS 133

This week, we take a trip to Italy for the Holy holiday celebrating Saint Andrew, and almost get murder for our trouble! If only Aaron hadn’t tried to steal that old ladies money! The Machine that Kills Bad People (La macchina ammazzacattivi) from 1952, the only movie that dares to show a lady in her bathing suit! Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod YouTube: Ko-fi:...


Death Laid an Egg: PDSMiOS Ep 131

This week, we found success in the lucrative poultry business by watching the movie Death Laid an Egg from 1968! Now I know what you’re thinking. What do chickens have to do with science fiction? Well, in this crazy giallo movie, it doesn’t matter! All that matters is the chickens! Ignore the murdered prostitutes! Ignore the photo shoots! Ignore the chicken $#&% covered boots! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHICKENS!!! email: Facebook: Twitter:...


The Midas Touch (1997): PDSMiOS 130

This week, we talk about The Midas Touch from 1993, the kids movie where someone’s grandmother gets boiled to a fine liquid. Michael Jackson and Bubbles statue Email:


Soylent Green: PDSMiOS 129

Soylent Green from 1973, with special guest Jake from the Love YA Like Crazy podcast! Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod Ko-fi: Venmo: @pdsmios


Battle Beyond the Stars: PDSMiOS 128

Thanks to listener Bud, we watched the amazing Roger Corman produced movie Battle Beyond the Stars from 1980! This movie is heavy on the models, heavy on the star power, and cheap on the effects. It is pratically perfect, as long as you can get past the scantily clad warrior lady (we couldn’t). Its a super fun movie, and we all recommend it (some less then others)! Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod Venmo: @pdsmios ko-fi:...


A Life Less Ordinary: PDSMiOS Ep 127

This week, we watched A Life Less Ordinary from 1997, directed by the great Danny Boyle. Young Robert (Ewan McGregor) has dreams of one day quiting his crappy job and becoming a trash novel writer. But when the decision is made for him, he decides the only thing left to do is grab a gun and kidnap his boss’ daughter Celine (Cameron Diaz). What could possibly drive a man to this stage of desperation? Turns out, 2 crazy angels (Delroy Lindo, Holly Hunter) have to make Robert and Celine fall...


Star Trek Nemesis: PDSMiOS 125

Here we go. Out long journey into the Next Generation comes to a close. No fanfare. Thanks for sticking with us. Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod Ko-fi:


Star Trek Insurrection: PDSMiOS 124

Star Trek: Insurrection from 1998. Data once again spoils everything for the crew of the Enterprise E, this time by attacking small children while violating the prime directive. Why does anyone trust this robot? Well, at least Picard gets a chance at love thanks to these actions. Join us as we discuss this relatively unexciting movie! Email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod


Star Trek First Contact: PDSMiOS 123

Sorry about the delay. I’m not even going to go into it. Star Trek: First Contact from 1996, the best of the bunch, or so we have been told. Email: Facebook:


Star Trek Generations: PDSMiOS 122

This week on Please Don’t Send Me into Outer Space, we take our first step into the real mainstream by watching Star Trek: Generations from 1994! email: Facebook: Twitter: @outerspacepod Ko-fi:


Latitude Zero: PDSMiOS 121

This week, Aaron hijacked a submarine so that we could build a utopian society with the sole purpose of worshiping Toho films! Or we watched Latitude Zero from 1969, I forget. In this under sea adventure, 2 scientists and a nerd get rescued (kidnapped?) and taken to a magical land under the sea, where everyone gets along and there are no animal-human hybrids at all! Nope, those are only outside of the secret bubble, crafted by the skilled hands of the evil Dr. Malic (Cesar Romero). Will...