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Podcast 2187 is a Star Wars podcast that loves to interact with its listener base. As we continue to grow, adding various methods to reach out to our listeners and make it as convenient for them as we can, we would love to be a part of the TuneIn catalog.

Podcast 2187 is a Star Wars podcast that loves to interact with its listener base. As we continue to grow, adding various methods to reach out to our listeners and make it as convenient for them as we can, we would love to be a part of the TuneIn catalog.
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Podcast 2187 is a Star Wars podcast that loves to interact with its listener base. As we continue to grow, adding various methods to reach out to our listeners and make it as convenient for them as we can, we would love to be a part of the TuneIn catalog.






Episode 84: The Next to Last Jedi

In this episode, Andrea, Tim, Mark, and Jared discuss: - The Red Carpet - The World Premiere for The Last Jedi! - Red Carpet Outfits...Andrea said we had to - A few slightly spoilerish things (not huge, but still) - The tracklist for the soundtrack Let us know your thoughts on STAR WARS EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI and we'll be discussing it on the next show! Email us at Contact@Podcast2187.com, call or text us at 346-800-2187, or tweet us @Podcast2187!


Episode 81: EW News, Battlefront 2, Your Questions, and More!

In this episode, Andrea, Jared, Tim, and Mark discuss the latest conversations on Star Wars, including: - EW News - Crystal Foxes - Battlefront II - Dream Log 2 - Battlefront Story Mode Spoiler (at the end) - Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! Contact us! 346-800-2187, Contact@Podcast2187.com, or twitter (a)Podcast2187!


Episode 78: Happy Anniversary!

In this LIVE episode (though there's editing for this version), join Jared, Andrea, Mark, and Tim as they discuss the new international trailer and poster, the Adam Driver interview, Rebels, and more! Contact us by calling 346-800-2187 (or texting it!), emailing Contact@Podcast2187.com, or tweeting us at @Podcast2187. I think you can see the attempt at branding here.


Episode 76: Better Than Timzra

Join Andrea, Tim, and Jared as they welcome special guest Josiah from Force Sports Pod! In this episode, they discuss: - Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Premiere - The Battlefront II Beta - Andrea's thoughts on the trailer - Josiah's (really his wife's) thoughts on the trailer - Finn, Phasma, and Episode VIII - Blake stuff Send us cool awesome stuff! Text or call 346-800-2187, email us at Contact@Podcast2187.com, or tweet us (a) Podcast2187!


Episode 74: Talking Live

Mark, Jared, and Tim talk in this LIVE episode. Like, a lot. But not all about Star Wars because let's be real, there wasn't a lot to get to this week. - Rian Johnson confirms Episode VIII is finished! - The soundtrack for Episode VIII is also done - Updates on the Han Solo movie And lots, lots, lots of other stuff.


Episode 73: Return of the JJ

Join Tim, Andrea, and Jared in this episode as they discuss: - JJ Abrams Returning to Star Wars! - The Return of the Mystery Box - Chris Terrio and Writing Star Wars - We're Back in December! - Han Solo: Too Little, Too Late? - To Whom It May Concern About JJ Comments Contact us! Call/text 346-800-2187, email us Contact@Podcast2187.com, or tweet us (Podcast2187)!


Episode 72: Star Wars Endings!

Join Tim, Andrea, Mark, and Jared in this episode as they discuss: - Trevorrow leaving Episode IX - The future teams of Star Wars - Rebels Season 4 Trailer - The opportunity of the final Rebels episodes - Vader in Rebels versus Vader in Rogue One 346-800-2187 Contact@podcast2187.com Tweety at Podcast2187


Episode 71: Pre-Force Friday 2 with Hawes!

In this episode, Tim, Mark, and Jared are joined by Hawes from Rogue Won and Blue Harvest Podcast! They discuss the upcoming Force Friday II event, as well as: - Beard-off - Force Friday - AT-M6 - New Dreadnought - Canto Bight Police Figures - Snoke - Porgs Again - Trailer coming soon? - Rey's Family - Inferno Squad - Questions Contact us! Send an email to Contact@Podcast2187.com, or call/text (346) 800-2187! Feel free to tweet us as well (at) Podcast2187.


Episode 69: EW News Coverage!

In this episode, Mark, Jared, and Tim discuss the following stories to come out of the recent Entertainment Weekly coverage of The Last Jedi! Rey and Luke's Relationship Finn and Rose Porgs and Caretakers of Ahch-To Snoke and Praetorian Guards Leia and Poe DJ, Canto Bight, and Cantonica Rey and her family Chewie, Maz, and the Dark Side Contact us for our next episode! Call or text 346-800-2187, email Contact@Podcast2187.com, or tweet us at Podcast2187!


Episode 67: Star Wars Wars with Johnny!

Join us in Episode 67: Star Wars Wars with Johnny! as we welcome special guest Johnny Grasso (Rogue Won: A Star Wars Podcast for Winners) back to the show and FIGHT about the following topics: Tom Cruise Porgs Boba Fett Does Vader Eat? Does Lando Get a Free Pass? Bucky v. Robin Flashpoint Prequels? Star Wars Twitter The Story of Johnny Grasso Twitter Overall C-3PO (and a challenge to Amanda) Contact us! Email Contact@podcast2187.com, tweet us @Podcast2187, or text/call 346-800-2187!


Episode 66: Execute Episode 66

Join Andrea, Tim, Jared, and Mark in Episode 66 as we discuss: - San Diego Comic Con - Porgs and cuteness in Star Wars - News on the Darth Vader comic - Forces of Destiny - Legends of Luke Skywalker - A little bit on superheroes - Fun stuff in the future of the show! Also, with the hardware difficulties in this episode, we will be getting it next week with our normal, if not better, sound. CONTACT US! Email podcast2187@gmail.com, send a text or call (346) 800-2187, or tweet us...


Episode 65: Porgcast 2187

Mark, Jared, and Tim do talk about D23...eventually. In this episode, we discuss everything from the Behind the Scenes video to Battlefront II and the other news to come from D23. Also, Porgs. Enjoy the episode! Also, the end (like, the very end) was edited heavily due to some top secret talk about podcast stuff coming soon...it's gonna be cool!


Episode 64: Pre-D23 Talk

Join Jared and Tim in this episode as we welcome special guest Noah back to the show. We discuss D23 coming up this weekend, as well as some updated discussions of Forces of Destiny. On a side note, Mark, when you listen to this, please stop listening at 1:09. Thanks.


Episode 63: Forces of Destiny!

WARNING: While this episode is edited, we still discussed feeling the need to put up some level of disclaimer for some of our younger listeners. Heh. In this episode, Mark, Jared, and Tim discuss the first three episodes of Forces of Destiny. Then the conversation goes elsewhere, but we mostly do keep it to Star Wars! Just parts of Star Wars that aren't usually talked about...


Episode 62: Director Shakeup!

Mark, Tim, and Jared discuss the news about Ron Howard taking the reigns for the new Han Solo Star Wars film. Plus, considering that it's us, we also go a little bit into things like some comic conversations and soundtrack stuff (though that's mostly Star Wars related too). Got a question for us? Send it to Podcast2187@gmail.com, or call/text it to 346-800-2187. Feel free to tweet it to us as well @Podcast2187.


Episode 61: Wookiees Are Back

Mark, Jared, and Tim get into this episode by discussing: The Clone Wars on Netflix The Vanity Fair update Mark Hamill v Luke Skywalker v Rian Johnson Star Wars Battlefront II updates And of course, there's always more we get to. Like, for example, there's Netflix, maybe some slightly spoilery types of things (slightly) toward the end, and other fun stuff. Want to send something into the show? Email us at Podcast2187@gmail.com, or leave a voicemessage or text to 346-800-2187!


Episode 60: Back Talking Star Wars Plus

In this episode, we go over two voice messages, one Josiah, and the other...Josiah? We also discuss some of the Star Wars news of the week, but largely we talk about Vin Diesel, Wegman's, Star Wars again, and so on. Want to contact us? Leave a voice message at (346) 800-2187!


Episode 59: It Does Have an Ending

In this episode, we talk about The Clone Wars and Netflix, how to say AT-AT (again), Collin, Anakin's Journey as The Chosen One, and more. Thanks for listening!


Episode 58: LIVE AGAIN

In this live episode, Jared, Andrea, Mark, and Tim discuss the upcoming May 4th "holiday", as well as the new Star Wars Puzzle Droids mobile game. Plus, we get to a bunch of your awesome questions!


(Ep. 57) Star Wars Celebration: Episode Wolfhsoka

In this episode, get some inside scoop from Jared about this past Star Wars Celebration Orlando! In addition, we also discuss: Forces of Destiny The 40th Anniversary Panel The Last Jedi Panel Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Battlefront II And much more!


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