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Episode 186: The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Reaction!

Mark and Tim break down some of the things we get in this all-new trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian, and also what some of it might mean for the story and characters involved in this upcoming season. Pretty exciting stuff! And, if you'd like, we also recommend checking out our Twitter account @Podcast2187, as we just recently posted a filtered picture from the trailer there that seems to show something from our other favorite Mando, if you know what I mean.... Enjoy the show! The...


Episode 185: Trailer Soon?

In this episode, Mark and Tim catch up on the latest rumors, including an upcoming trailer for season 2 of The Mandalorian, as well as the future animated series coming our way, live action shows, and new rumors surrounding... Ben Solo's character? Plus, Mark asks an interesting question about which of the films would you rewrite, and how? We talk about all that and more in this new episode. Plus, we'd love to hear your own thoughts on which ending you would change and how you would do it....


Episode 184: Flash Episode (Quick Updates!)

In this flash episode, Tim catches you up on the latest rumors and updates around the galaxy. We'll be back next time with another full episode, but we didn't want to let this week pass without catching up on all the latest rumors, so here's this flash episode! Let us know if you enjoy this sort of thing, we can look at doing stuff like it more often. In fact, feel free to call or text us your thoughts on it at 731-300-2187.


Episode 183: Disney+ Star Wars

Mark and Tim cover the latest rumors surrounding what is happening with Star Wars on Disney+, because it certainly seems that is where the future of our Star Wars content is mostly coming from. Enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to call or text us at 731-300-2187!


Episode 182: The Bad Batch is Back!

Tim and Mark are back in this new episode as they talk about the latest news surrounding the newly announced animated series, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, as well as discuss their ratings and rankings of all the Star Wars films, and just overall play some catch up! We hope you enjoy the episode, and as always, stick around for some more great stuff heading your way.


Episode 181: Catching Up

This was fun! Tim and Mark are joined by some old but familiar voices in this episode (hint: you're probably very familiar with them from the ghost of podcast past) to talk about the latest casting news and implications for season 2 of The Mandalorian, as well as some overall catching up with not only Star Wars news, but also each other. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 180: More Mandalorian Casting News!

Tim and Mark talk about the latest casting updates for The Mandalorian Season 2 (although there is even more to talk about already for next week!), and we give some thoughts on that topic, in addition to some other topics you may or may not have already heard about. As always, we hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!


Episode 179: May the 4th!

Join Tim and Mark in this special May the 4th Be With You episode! They talk about the latest announcements on directing/writing choices for upcoming projects, as well as a little thing known as the series finale to The Clone Wars!


Episode 178: Maul and Ahsoka

Join Mark and Tim in this new episode as they talk about the latest episode in The Clone Wars, as well as some more casting news for the Cassian Andor series, some May 4th updates, and more. We hope you enjoy!


Episode 177: The Siege Begins!

We talk about a bunch of things in here like always, but the center of the conversation is around the beginning of The Siege of Mandalore, the grand finale story arc to The Clone Wars!


Episode 176: Dry Time

Mark is here. Tim is here. You are here. And the topic is all about that Star War. Listen in as the hosts talk about their thoughts of the latest from The Clone Wars, as well as where the show is overall right now, in addition to some general updates on the upcoming projects around the Star Wars world. We hope you enjoy, and we have a lot of cool stuff coming your way!


Episode 175: The Star Wars Hot Tub

Enter. There's plenty of room in the Star Wars Hot Tub this week for you to listen in with Mark and Tim, as they oh so smoothly talk about the latest in our Star Wars world. For example, they flesh out the details of the latest casting rumors for The Mandalorian, they talk about their thoughts on the latest from The Clone Wars, and then they even bring to your attention some information about the release of The Rise of Skywalker... Spare a few minutes and join us, the water's just fine...


Episode 174: All About Ahsoka!

Join Tim and Mark as they talk about the latest news in the Star Wars community, which this week revolves all around Ahsoka! To start, they talk about the latest episode of The Clone Wars. Plus, after that, there was a little bit of huge news to break that we won't reveal here, but it's absolutely huge and you should listen to the show discuss it. This is all, of course, surrounded by a little talk about the state of affairs and current events we're dealing with right now. Enjoy the show!


Episode 173: We're Still Here!

Mark and Tim, as always, discuss the latest in Star Wars (such as The Clone Wars), as well as talk about the current state of affairs in the world regarding the Coronavirus and ways it could impact the Star Wars community. Oh, and there's a really cool announcement in there too. Enjoy the show!


Episode 172: Some More Palpy Backstory Now Explained

In this episode, Mark and Tim talk about all the latest in the Star Wars universe, such as the passing of Max Von Sydow, Dee Bradley Baker's tweet, the Cassian series shoot date, more from the TROS novelization, and more! Also, we throw in a couple announcements into it, and there are a lot more announcements coming soon. As always, thank you for listening, and we hope you enjoy!


Episode 171: Luminous and TROS details!

Join in with the ever-so-beloved :) hosts Mark and Tim as they discuss the latest in the Star Wars news circuit, such as confirmations about TROS from the novel as well as an actor himself, Mr. McDiarmid. Plus, we also talk about the newest The Clone Wars episode, water, and a lot more. As always, thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy!


Episode 170: The Clone Wars and Project Luminous!

In this episode, Mark and Tim talk about the new coming from Project Luminous (which was being revealed as we recorded), as well as discuss the NEW EPISODES OF THE CLONE WARS!!!! It's actually back and it's actually real, this is not a drill. So. Cool.


Episode 169: Rebels, Kennedy, and Danger

Join with Mark and Tim in this episode as they discuss the latest surrounding a potential return of Star Wars Rebels, the track record of Kathleen Kennedy, more on the Trevorrow concept art, and the dangers of Mark's neighborhood (the virus). Enjoy the episode!


Episode 168: Thank You for Star Wars

In this special episode, which commemorates 4 years of podcast for us, join Mark and Tim as they welcome special guests Johnny (Rogue Won), Josiah (Force Sports Pod), and Sal (Rogue Rebels)! (and maybe a spot for Hawes from Blue Harvest?). In this episode, we really wanted to send a big, community 'thank you' to everyone involved in creating this last trilogy of Star Wars films, from JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson to Kathy Kennedy and Bob Iger, as well as everyone whose names we don't know but...


Episode 167: The Trevorrow Script Details!

As always, Tim and Mark talk about music. That's a given. But, in this episode, they also cover, react, and discuss the leaked details of Collin Trevorrow's script for Episode IX. Listen in! Also, our 4 year anniversary is next week, and we're doing something kinda cool with some pretty cool people. You'll want to check it out. That is all for now. :D