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Knuckle Deep Fingering

“Knuckle Deep Fingering” is the Twenty First and penultimate episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City with Rob Dan, Psy, DV and Iyanu. With The Mayor preparing for summer periodic adjournment, the deputies have been left to fend for themselves Fighting naked, Camden Aliens, All fun till he died, Librarian Girl, Hotep Neflix, Fragile Moscato, Hilary Dab, Nigerian King of Dancehall, Will Smith’s Wife, BET Nominees, My Manager said the N-Word, My Villain is better than your villain,...


Creole Lady Marmalade

“Creole Lady Marmalade” is the Twentieth episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City where The Mayor finally has his four deputies Rob Dan, Iyanu, Psy and DV back together again. Synopsis: The Idea Of Being A Sociable Person, The Ye’ effect, Tweeter Slaps, An Online tragedy, L’z calves, Game of Nazi’s, 7am In The Morning, Qwhite A Problem, Long Term Career Drug Addict, Milk & Cherry Bakewell’s, African-American Magic, Never go full DV, Infinity Times, Rob reads tweets, Firework...


The JAY-Z Hyphen

“The Jay-Z Hyphen” is the ninteeth episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City with Rob Dan, Psy, DV and by special racially ambiguous time request - Timi from The NERvermind Hyphen Council (featuring backing vocals from The Mayor’s office manager B.I.G Livs) Synopsis: Tony Starch, Phenomenal durag, DV balances equilibrium of comedy and violence, The Adulting Theory Test, Morgan Notsofreeman, Tim Westwood’s philosophers stone, Is Liam Neeson Trapped like Lil Wayne?, Quick Maths,...


The Caucasian Chronicles Of Eskiboy Thanos

“The Caucasian Chronicles Of Eskiboy Thanos” is the Eighteenth episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City as voted for by the Union for henchmen & flunkies, featuring Rob, Psy & DV with a cameo by Billy, by special request of a The Mayor. Synopsis: Rob’s trips back into the studio, DV’s PSA, Three clip water, Thanos calories, Twitter deportation,Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: A Shakespearean tragedy, Takeshi's Dalston studio flat, Captain Brexit, Throwback rap, I’m Not Raysis,...


Dutty Crutch Princess

“Dutty Crutches Princess” is the seventeeth episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City with Iyanu, Psy, DV and in Rob Dan’s chair - Bola Banks Regulated by The Mayor under the Hot Takes Act 1976. Synopsis: Rob’s intro, Chance’s Hairline on the Twitter streets, Bussyhole, DV commits treason, Darth Westwood, Robert Dan: Clone Wars, French knickers ruined thong song, La Burrito Pokos, So Did Maya, LGBTQIA+, Warzone gentrification, Continuity errors, A short film by Nines, National...



“Gallywokwahwah” originally titled “Headie Player One” is the sweet sixteenth episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City, featuring Rob, not Iyanu, Psy & DV. Please note; In lieu of Iyanu the artist formally known as L’z being on annual leave, Http Era 404 semicolon deputised in his first visit to the Hot Take capital Romford Rob, Four day weekend, An apology, Guess Who: Living room edition, Dungeon masters, If she plays SIMS, Professional binge watchers, Testing the bed, Five...


Golden Kernels

“Golden Kernels” is the fifteenth episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City, featuring Rob, Iyanu, Psy & DV. At the request of The Mayor, Her Excellency Ray Views was in attendance for the inaugural awards ceremony. Rob’s sickness returns, Doo doo baby, White Walkers in the city, Robert Redford boots, Unlocking GQ covers, Love & Notebook, A lil’ como estas, Joaquín Skywalker, Twitter auditions, Earthworm Jim, They were on a break, The return of Troll Deep, DV’s galavanting, Ray...


One Trillion Bowel Cats

“One Trillion Bowel Cats” is the Fourteenth episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City, featuring Rob, Iyanu, Psy & DV. Approved by The Mayor for broadcasting worldwide. The 50 shades of Rob, Mystery caller, service charged with American slander, Psy’s face wash, Sharknado, MufNASA, What do Wiley and Scar have in common, L’z takes pride in lion, Time to pardon Tyler Perry?, Reheated reboots, Jpeg judgment, Drill rappers to save Avengers, Twitter film studio, Shooting that facial...


The First Rule of Film Club

“The First Rule Of Film Club“ is the second episode of the British film club series Popcorn_City. Synopsis: In this episode; Rob, Iyanu, Psy & DV have convinced The Mayor to allow them to broadcast their council meeting to the world for the second time. Who cleans up the mess Superheros make, HDMI & Chill, Elton John strikes back, Batman does Tough mudder, Will DV go an episode without getting blanked, Was Tony Montana really misunderstood and the word of the fortnight: Unskeptaesque. No...