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Top 5 Favorite Live-Action Musicals

Eric, Jake, and Chad reveal their top 5 favorite live-action musicals. This includes a discussion of what makes a musical great, as well as some exploration of why musicals have resurged a bit in recent years. 0:00 - 0:55 Intro 0:55 - 4:41 Why did musicals decline and then re-emerge? 4:41 - 10:40 What qualified as a "musical" and why? 10:40 - 14:01 What qualities did we each look for in a great musical? 14:01 - 23:12 Musicals that just missed the cut 23:12 - 35:12 #10 to #6, just for fun...


The Florida Project Roundtable

Jake Hampton, Eric Wood, Chad Durham, and special guests Channing Hyde and Marcus Marinos discuss Sean Baker's indie masterpiece The Florida Project, including what makes it so special and the travesty of its lack of Oscar nominations. 0:00 - 12:00 Introduction 12:00 - 21:20 Participants' histories with the movie and why they love it 21:20 - 26:47 The contrast between innocence/joy and reality/sadness 26:47 - 30:45 Is it a movie that you can watch more than once 30:45 - 41:20 Favorite...


Ranking The Movies Of David Fincher

Chad, Jake, and Eric reveal their personal rankings of all of David Fincher’s movies. They discuss common characteristics of movies that Fincher has directed, as well as consider if Fincher is considered an “all-time” director. 0:00 - 3:36 Intro 3:36 - 14:00 Common Fincherian characteristics 14:00 - 16:30 Fincher’s movie chronology 16:30 - 21:05 Tiers? Also, what movies were hard to rank and what movies are you curious where the other two have them ranked? 21:05 - 57:30 Counting down #10 to...


Top 10 Favorite Coming-of-Age Movies

Jake and Chad reveal their top 10 favorite "coming-of-age movies," including defining that term and discussing what makes a good coming-of-age film to each of them and why. 0:00 - 4:50 Introduction 4:50 - 13:04 Definition of a coming-of-age movie and a discussion of what makes a good one 13:04 - 19:29 What movies did NOT make the cut 19:29 - 48:48 Counting down #10 to #6 48:48 - 1:22:30 Counting down #5 to #1 1:22:30 - 1:25:27 Wrap-up/Why these movies mean something 1:25:27 - END Next...


Avengers: Endgame And The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Jake and Chad review Avengers: Endgame and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. They also delve into what's next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe while trying to give credit to the unsung heroes of all of the MCU. 0:00 - 7:00 Intro and two-minute reviews from Jake, Chad, and Chad's kids. 7:00 - 10:00 Was Endgame satisfying? (And how many times did Chad cry?) 10:00 - 24:18 Favorite and least favorite moments 24:18 - 35:25 Quick topics (Gamora, Hawkeye, humor, time travel, Captain Marvel)...


Our Top 10 Favorite Scores

Jake and Chad reveal their personal favorite top 10 scores. They try to explain what makes these scores iconic or relevant or resonant for them. They also very briefly react to the Oscars and Jake gives an opinion of Captain Marvel. 0:00 - 1:15 Introduction 1:15 - 4:04 Brief reaction to the Oscars 4:04 - 7:08 Captain Marvel response and excitement for Jordan Peele's US 7:08 - 12:30 What makes a score GREAT to us 12:30 - 17:51 Scores that did NOT make our lists, even though we love them 17:51...


Favorite Movies Of 2018

Jake Hampton, Eric Wood, and Chad Durham reveal their Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2018. They also discuss their favorite scenes of the year, some least favorite movies, and some great screenplays. They consider the impact of Roma being on Netflix and debate the merits of Bohemian Rhapsody and Paddington 2. 0:00 - 15:23 Introduction and Oscar nomination discussion 15:23 - 19:39 Movies that JUST MISSED making our top 10s 19:39 - 33:41 #10 to #8 33:41 - 39:24 Favorite scenes of 2018 39:24 - 46:25...


Ranking The Movies Of Alfonso Cuaron

In light of Alfonso Cuaron's Oscar front runner and Netflix production ROMA, Jake and Chad each personally rank the movies of Alfonso Cuaron, pondering what makes him a great filmmaker. 0:00 - 11:42 Intro/What make Alfonso Cuaron interesting 11:42 - 30:56 #8 to #5 30:56-1:02:28 #4 to #1 1:02:28 - END Emmanuel Lubezki is cool/Alfonso Cuaron is an all-time great/Conclusion


Our Dream Oscar Nominations 2019

Jake and Chad do their annual "Memo to the Academy" podcast episode, where they detail some of the picks for Oscar nominations they would champion if they had the ability to vote. They split their wish lists into "Crazy" picks, "long shots," and "dark horses." 0:00 - 3:24 Intro to the episode 3:24 - 16:51 CRAZY picks 16:51 - 31:51 Long shots 31:51 - 39:46 Dark horses 39:46 - END Final thoughts


Top 5 Favorite Screenplays

Jake Hampton, Chad Durham, and Eric Wood rank their top 5 favorite screenplays of all time. They reveal what makes a good script for each of them, as well as discussing the script for the movie Widows, written by Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn. 0:00 - 2:08 Intro 2:08 - 8:08 Let's talk about Widows 8:08 - 13:40 What makes a good script? 13:40 - 18:17 What movies did not make our top 5 (Chad and Jake count down #10 to #6) 18:17 - 52:09 Counting down our top 5 favorite screenplays 52:09 - END...


Our Love Affair With Movies

Jake and Chad discuss the events and moments that led to them loving movies so much and desiring to interpret and understand them. This includes silly anecdotes and seminal experiences that fueled their passion and informed their enthusiasm. One of the longest--and definitely the most personal--episodes in Rogue Auteurs' history. 0:00 - 1:28 Intro to the episode 1:28 - 22:17 Movies we have recently seen 22:17 - 1:43:20 Our love affair with movies: stories, thoughts, and ruminations 1:43:20 -...


Top 10 Favorite Animated Movies

Jake Hampton and Chad Durham give their personal top 10 favorite animated movies. They both break down what makes a great animated movies and the influence of nostalgia on their picks. As well, they reveal movies they have recently seen, such as Bad Times at the El Royale and First Man. 0:00 - 1:06 Intro 1:06 - 24:11 Movies they have recently seen 24:11 - 33:35 How did they choose their favorite animated movies? 33:35 - 37:17 Animated movies that did NOT make the cut 37:17 - 1:00:03 Counting...


Almost Famous Roundtable

Jake Hampton and Chad Durham, with special guests Channing Hyde and Daniel Potter, have a roundtable discussion about Cameron Crowe's musical dramedy Almost Famous. Topics include favorite lines, favorite performances, favorite moments, and a discussion of its place in movie history. The emotions run high in discussing one of the best movies about music ever made. 0:00 - 1:27 Introduction 1:27 - 6:55 Cameron Crowe's career 6:55 - 10:17 Brief Almost Famous context and synopsis 10:17 - 20:44...


Favorite Hans Zimmer Scores

Jake Hampton, Chad Durham, and special guest Yoshi Wiltbank count down their individual top 5 favorite Hans Zimmer scores. They briefly discuss his career and what they look for in a good film score before counting down each of their faves. 0:00 - 1:26 Intro 1:26 - 16:36 Movies they have recently seen 16:36 - 23:32 What they look for in a good film score 23:32 - 30:55 Hans Zimmer and his career 30:55 - 37:16 Honorable mention scores that did not make their lists 37:16 - 1:30:30 Counting down...


Our Favorite Movie Cinematography

Jake, Chad, and special guest Marcus Marinos rank their five favorite "cinematography movies," taking the time to explain why cinematography is so important, as well as some of their honorable mentions. They also talk about what movies they have recently seen and their personal reactions to the announced "Best Popular Film" award at the Oscars. EPISODE BREAKDOWN: 0:00 - 2:03 Intro 2:03 - 18:18 What movies we have recently seen 18:18 - 26:23 Our reactions to the proposed "Best Popular Film"...


Ranking The Mission: Impossible Movies

Jake and Chad give their personal rankings for the Mission: Impossible series, especially in light of Fallout receiving the best reviews of any movie in the series. They also discuss if Christopher McQuarrie will keep helming future installments, as well as some of the hallmarks of the M: I series. 0:00 - 6:25 Intro and a CELEBRATION of the wonderful, generous donors who helped make this podcast possible! 6:25 - 13:35 Who and what is Rogue Auteurs? Why do we do this? 13:35 - 19:35 Discussion...


Ranking the Movies of Edgar Wright

Jake and Chad review Baby Driver and rank the films of Edgar Wright. (This podcast was recorded in the summer of 2017.) Wright's films include Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Baby Driver.


Wonder Woman Review

Jake Hampton and Chad Durham review DC's Wonder Woman, discussing the novelty (which should not be) of a female-led superhero movie. They ultimately give a letter grade after considering the acting, the directing, the relevance, and the climax. This episode includes a brief discussion of Snatched. 0:00-10:14 -- Discussion of Snatched and Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4. 10:14-50:50 -- Review of Wonder Woman with NO SPOILERS. 50:50-55:15 -- SPOILERS in discussing the ending of Wonder Woman....


Ranking The Fast And The Furious Movies

Jake and Chad--newcomers to the Fast and the Furious franchise--rank all of the movies in the series, paying special attention to the characteristics that make them so popular. Krista Durham also drops by to give her insight about the series. 0:00-20:37: Movies they have seen (including Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, The Circle, and Sleight). 20:37-1:37:53: Ranking the Fast and the Furious films.


The Social Network

Jake Hampton and Chad Durham discuss David Fincher's modern classic The Social Network. Both critics explain why it resonates with them and why it will stand the test of time. 0:00 - 25:25 Discussion of movies that they have recently seen, including a small discussion of Dreamworks Animation, as well as a look at Raw and Looper. 25:25 - 1:07:34 The Social Network is a modern classic. 1:07:34 -1:08:45 What is coming out in the next little bit. 1:08:45 - 1:10:32 Intro to our next podcast...