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We sit down with local Detroit film makers to talk about the industry.

We sit down with local Detroit film makers to talk about the industry.
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Detroit , MI


We sit down with local Detroit film makers to talk about the industry.




RCD: 48 Hour Film Project

We take the show live for the first time to the first day of screening for the Detroit 48 Hour Film Project. We sit down with the producers of the event, Jennifer Gentner and Moe Rida. We talk to production designer Dustin Freeze. Critically acclaimed actor Earl Barr tells us the craziest stories we have […]


RCD: Imari Reynolds

In studio for the final episode of our first season is actor Imari Reynolds! Imari has just burst onto the scene this year, but already has a lot of credits to his name. He has done everything from modeling, to instructional videos to feature films. We get into his history and how his parent’s sacrifice […]


RCD: Brian Heintz

In studio this month is actor, Brian Heintz. We first became familiar with Brian as the final boss in The Alpha featured in our first episode. Brian has worked on everything from short films to features, commericals to summer block busters! We dive into his long path into acting and go over all the amazing […]


RCD: Andrew Laux

In studio this month we have co-creator, writer, and actor of the new DC Universe Batman series fan-fiction, Red Hood: The Series. We talk about the lineage of the character, Andrew’s march into creating the series and how it all came together. The first episode “Homecoming” will debut later this month. Be sure to check […]


RCD: Morgan Getty

We have special effects and beauty makeup artist Morgan Getty in studio! She has worked in film, commercials, music videos, and session photography. You have seen her work on “A Lab Rat Tale” from the 2015 Michigan 48 Hour Film Festival directed by Johnny Flynn. She tells us all about how her love of horror […]

RCD: Jeff Kapp

Jeff Kapp and collaborator at Vigilant Entertainment Shane Schanski sit down to talk about their work. Shane tells us about starting in drama class in High School and eventually working in commericials. Jeff started as a musician but pivoted his creative drive when he and Shane met working together. Jeff tells us that his directoral […]

RCD: Matthew Raetzel Media wsg Josh Taube

We sit down with musician extraordinaire Matt Raetzel and long time friend of RCD Josh Taube of Blue View Cinemas. We talk about Matt’s musical history, his favorite film composers, and how he got started in the industry. We dig into some of his work, a lot of which has been featured on other projects […]

RCD: Tommy Kraft

Today we sit down with Writer, Director, Editor, Producer, and Visual Effects guru, Tommy Kraft. If you watched The Alpha from episode 1 of RCD, you are already familiar with his work. We find out how he got into the industry and where he plans on taking his career. But mostly, we dive into Star […]

RCD: Johnny Flynn

We sit down with Johnny Flynn of Courageous Lion. We have a really good chat about the television and film from our childhood’s that has stuck with us. Johnny tells the incredible story of how he went from outcast to creator, making a quick stop off at DJ. We talk about his path into the […]

RCD: Sean LaFollette

We now return you to your regular podcasting experience! THIS is the full new episode of Rough Cut: Detroit! We sit down with Sean LaFollette, writer, director, producer with SWF Productions. We talk about a few of his shorts and really dig into his feature “Pink Heat”. Check out the film at And […]

PTA 044 – The Starkiller Janitor

Part 2 of 2. We finally rip into Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. We break down every second and get our full geek on!


PTA 043 – The J.J. Apprentice

Part 1 of 2. We dig deep into the Star Wars universe as we begin our discussion leading up to Episode VII. Was Jar Jar supposed to be a Sith Lord? Was Obi Wan a manipulative jerk? We get into it here.


RCD: Blue View Studios

We sit down with Josh Taube and Al Camargo and talk about their new movie “The Alpha” and their movie studio Blue View Cinema. We dig into how a to start a movie studio, what goes into making a movie and what movies inspired them. Visit them at

PTA 010 Re-Release – The Time Traveling Boob Magnate

We talk about the benefits of naps, place ourselves into time travel scenarios, and talk about time travel movies


PTA 026 Re-Release – The Bill Murray Successor

We discuss why Jason’s son will probably become the next Batman, we make an Interstellar correction, we marvel at the expanse of the universe, and talk about meeting an alien species. We pin down Bill Murray’s best roles, and discuss the best comedic actors of our lifetime. Jason explains his hatred for women comedians, and […]