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40: Film Critters - Episode 40

Shades of normality return this week as James and Dave once again take the plunge into the glorious world of cinema and fiction. This week they coin the term Science-Faction as they review the epic festival darling "First Man". David riffs on Metallica ticket price tags whilst James finally gets to talk about his least favourite human being (debatable) Piers Morgan and again talks about giants with a taste for human flesh. In addition, reviewed this week are Hotel Artemis, I Daniel Blake and...


39: Film Critters - Episode 39

Apologies from the outset. This is a needlessly and horrendously drunk episode coming directly from Leicester Square. Main review is of course the moving A Star is Born. David finally sacks off his x-files watch-a-thon, a bottle of Jamesons is drunk and Conor McGregor is laid into for being the over-hyped racist that he is. Also reviewed are Where the Wind Blows and Blue Velvet and loads of computer games for no reason. Like Prince Harry always says....."Get out of my way you fucking you god...


38: Film Critters - Episode 38

James-upon-David review the new Netflix original Hold the Dark with mixed emotions. They talk about the oversaturation of streaming tv shows, the wage strikes of Wetherspoons and Paddington Bear being a mad bastard! Also reviewed are The Lives of Others and obvs, Paddington 2\. Like Paddington always say....'gimme a marmalade sandwich for me tea you fucking mad lad!'


37: Film Critters - Episode 37

Davey and Jamey review the excellent Leave No Trace. Brie Larson is not allowed to frown, Boyd Hilton is not an authority on film and the Vietnam War is not a laughing matter. Also reviewed are The Girl with all the Gifts and The Cove. Reviewing films with PTSD, dolphin genocide and terrible child actors produces a very sombre pod. Forgive us.


36: Film Critters - Episode 36

Hello film lovers. This week James and Dave review the beautiful new movie Cold War. Multicultural London gets the loving, a concerned drunk man gets the hating and in a bizarre turn of events we get to speak to a living, breathing racist. Also reviewed are Paddington and Tucker & Dave vs Evil. If you don't like racism please listen to this. If you do like racism please insert your fingers into a toaster.


35: Film Critters - Episode 35

David and his monumentally hungover friend James review the new, absolutely diabolical, Predator film. David talks in depth about a certain Billboard advertisement he sees daily whilst James reflects on crimes against nature and film-making, plus all the (un)usual podcast banter. Also reviewed are "Cablibre" and Hannah Gadsby's, thought provoking,"Nanette". As the graceful Audrey Hepburn once said " Eat shit and die punk!"


34: Film Critters - Episode 34

Isle of Skye special! Dave and James host this week's podcast from the beautiful Scottish isles where they are shooting footage for their short film We Progress. As they become increasingly refreshed at the pub they review the new Ethan Hawke indy First Reformed as well as chatting complete bollocks on everything from chauvinistic Italian pricks to the Vietnam War. Also reviewed are Pollise and Into the Inferno. In the wise words of Ho Chi Minh 'As when the structure of the modern world...


33: Film Critters - Episode 33

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Another cracking podcast episode from James and David. They review the new Spike Lee joint Blackkklansman, and reminisce over the awkward as fuck circumstances they were watching it in. Gywneth Paltrow gets her long due comeuppance for being an absolute tool, Damien Chazelle gets the love even though he has that godawful goatee and David is set an 18 hour Vietnam War documentary marathon. Also reviewed are the recent great comedies Game Night and Ingrid Goes West. We'll...


32: Film Critters - Episode 32

Hello film fanatics. This week James and David review the Rachel Weisz/Mcadams indy drama Disobedience. Disney gets yet another trouncing, as does The Big Bang Theory, James Bond, Han Solo, Netflix and a round dodging best mate. There's a light bit of poetry and finally some well deserved for Jeremy Renner. Also reviewed Wind River and The last of the Mohicans. This podcast is quite simply brilliant.


31: Film Critters - Episode 31

Good day film freaks. This week James and Dave review shit shark film The Meg. There's high drama chats about the state of the new ratings friendly decisions for The Oscars, intense swearing directed towards Hulk Hogan and some interesting thoughts on the house of the mouse Disney. Also reviewed are God's own Country, The First Girl I Loved and for no reason a 10 second review of Mission Impossible 2\. In the words Spielberg as famously quoted at the premiere of The...


30: Film Critters - Episode 30

Film Critters is back! The silence is broken! Pandoras box has been reopened! Or to be more literal James and Dave sat down drank coffee and talked about films again. This week they return with the tense prison indie "A Prayer Before Dawn" whilst Dave gets James Gunn off his chest and James discusses his summer of physical ailments. David also vows to up his film recommendations after spending months training. The Critters are back and as Maggie Smith used to say " Holy Shit! We are all...


29: Film Critters - Episode 29

Dav and Jam review the creepy new movie Hereditary. Robbie Williams gets a bollocking, Rotten Tomatoes gets a bollocking and the usual Tory gimp gets a bollocking. Apologies for the sound quality on this one, will return to Dunkirk quality sound design next week. Also reviewed is Mean Creek and Undefeated. As John Lennon sang in Imagine, "I'm just a fucking clown, making money for days...."


28: Film Critters - Episode 28

James & Dave walk head-on into that good night whilst reviewing Netflix' latest zombie romp(ish) "Cargo" starring Bilbo Baggins. James fails miserably to slot in comical puns whilst Dave reflects on the sorry state of a certain blockbuster they reviewed last week. "Gleason" and Ken Loach's "Looking for Eric" are also reviewed in what can only be described as a podcast. As Michael Bay once said about filming "I have no idea what I'm doing!"


27: Film Critters - Episode 27

Dave and James introduce their newly re-branded podcast Film Critters. They review the rubbish film Solo: A Star Wars Story. They drop the C-bomb over 20 times in the first minute. Their new musical love, the band Svalbard feature heavily, and unfortunately Eurovision song winners Lordi too. Also the usual dose of swearing, hate, love, Native American tribes, Ken Loach and car bombs. Also reviewed are '71 and My name is Joe. As Pope Francis famously quoted after watching Solo........."Fuck...


26: Film Critters - Episode 26

James and Dave go hard and heavy into Deadpool 2\. They discuss Cannes biggest winners and flesh lump eater (Weinsten) handing himself over to the NYPD. Dave's life is changed forever by a certain film he watched and James reviews Deadpool, the one before the second one, he also trys and fails in the great de-catholicism of David Gregory. As the great Gandhi once said "English people are just the worst!"


25: Film Critters - Episode 25

Dave and James have a rollicking good time reviewing the 2016 drama Christine. Dave reviews Dr. Strangelove in under a minute and James reviews Hostiles for nearly an hour. There's a history lesson regarding native Indian tribes, Lars Von Trier gets a verbal twatting and somehow Dave awards James the 'Arsehole of the week' award. Really spooky podcast yet at the same time not spooky at all.


24: Film Critters - Episode 24

Best friends James and David review the new (old) rom-com Love, Simon. Lots of shouting involved with regards to google, wwe and the worlds obsession with strangers kissing. Much pining over Brie Larson, Cannes film festival and each other. Also reviewed are Short Term 12 and The Apartment. And as Jacques Renault once said "I am the great went".....


23: Film Critters - Episode 23

A very special edition of Shade Luma Reviews this week with special guest Chris Sutcliffe (1st AD We Progress) dipping in for some bantz. Reviewed is the Marvel Juggernaut Avengers: Infinity War, as if there was anything else that could be reviewed this week. There are a whole bunch of arseholes shared, a mixed reaction to Inifinity War and Chris delivers trailer worthy synopsis' to all films. Also reviewed is a double whammy misery-fest with Incendies and We need to talk about Kevin. As the...


22: Film Critters - Episode 22

David and James review the new French drama 120bpm, an unflinching film set within the Act Up activist group in the late 80's. They go into detail into the trials and tribulations of filming their 3rd short film and loving each and every one of their crew. Also reviewed are In the Loop and Korean zombies-on-a-train epic Train to Busan.


21: Film Critters - Episode 21

Jum and Dum review the new spooky sensation A Quiet Place. They get a confident buzz on for the imminent shooting of their short film We Progress, get angry at silly men like Morrissey and introduce a new podcast section The Watchlist. Also reviewed are the indie revenge flick Blue Ruin and the comedy satire The Death of Stalin. Spoiler. Every film reviewed is an absolute banger!