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73: Film Critters - Episode 73

Hello film fraternity. This week we review the new feelgood Boss-fest Blinded by the Light. We crawl down the rabbit hole of America's ongoing obsessive gun cult, shit our pants at the worlds ongoing data breaches and question why the fuck Dave is still watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Also reviewed are The Great Hack and Burning. Shameless plug.....Watch our new video for Rolo Tomassi's "A Flood of Light". Thank you. Bye.


72: Film Critters - Episode 72

Hello lovely folk of the world. We hope your lives are filled with hope and wonder. Today we review the lovely indie Irish drama Animals. We discuss Russia why Kevin Smith has lost weight and our most upsetting Scientologist discovery. We also review and, equally hate, Young Offenders and Intacto. And remember, if you think Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino are the greatest filmmakers are all time then you are quite simply, a twat.


71: Film Critters - Episode 71

Good day to you amoeba's. This week review the summer spooky Midsommar. We tear into the world of keyboard-warrior gimps, praise the idiots running into Area 51 and discuss a whole host of super cool movies in development, Sonic not included. Also reviewed is Brassed Off and Journeyman. In the words of the true cinematic legend that is Quentin Tarantino....."everybody can absolutely just fuck off and stop looking at me".


70: Film Critters - Episode 70

Proper nice friends of film. Welcome to our hour of nonsensical film chat and random burps. This week we review Toy Story 4. Morrissey features heavily so we apologise for your ears. We discuss our recent Rolo Tomassi video shoot, try and cast our film version of Bioshock and share our love of Trolls. Also reviewed is a big double hitter review of one of our favourite movies Trollhunter. Never listen to this podcast if you are a Christian.


69: Film Critters - Episode 69

Hello worms. Welcome to episode 69 (OH FUCKING LOL) of the hit film review show. This week we delve into the new Netflix sci-fi I am Mother. We tier the best fighters in Game of Thrones, discuss the political machinations of 80's Germany and take a trip to gay hell. Touch us.


68: Film Critters - Episode 68

Hello worms. On this weeks riveting episode of the popular film review show we take a look at the recently Netflix acquired Danish thriller The Guilty. The episode takes place hours before our first public screening of We Progress so we suitably skittish in a Wimbledon pub. Also reviewed is The Tree of Life and To the Bone. Like Tarantino says on set every day 'put my mate into a car and drive it full pelt into a tree and pay me millions and I've got a well annoying voice so I should fuck...


67: Film Critters - Episode 67

Hello Babbies. Welcome to another riveting episode of the unpopular film review show Film Critters! This week we review the excellent Booksmart. We scream about how shit biopics are nowadays, how shit YouTube "influencers" can be and how NOT shit Booksmart is. Also reviewed are Control and Eighth Grade. Now go see Booksmart before more money is plied into an inevitable Jimmy Saville biopic and not original stories.


66: Film Critters - Episode 66

Hello film lovers. After what seems likes almost 10 years we're back with Season 3 of pointless shouting. This week we review the weak Godzilla: King of the Monsters. We run through everything Cannes, run through a months worth of watching tv shows and slap Moby on his egg-based head. Also reviewed is Waltz with Bashir and Shot Caller. In the words of the aforementioned Moby " Can i come lie in your bunk bed whilst you're asleep like an absolute fucking weirdo?"


65: Film Critters - Episode 65

Film Critters Season 2 finale? The last episode for a while whilst the ladz jet off around the world for a month. We obviously review Avengers: Endgame with surprising results. We talk live action rugrats, we talk Game of Thrones, we talk Chernobyl and we talk Robin Thicke......Also reviewed are Pre-Destination and The Thin Red Line. Goodbye for now. We resume normal shite talking film reviews next month.


64: Film Critters - Episode 64

Greetings fans of films and shouting. From the beautifully sunny setting of a South London garden we review the new western The Sisters Brothers. We have an early preview of Cannes, David has a shocking revelation of what tv show he is going to re-watch for the 108th time and porntache is Master Chief. Also reviewed are The Spirit of '45 and Skeleton Twins. In the words of Will Smith.....'I only want to be a blue genie so that James Cameron will start having text sex with me again'.


63: Film Critters - Episode 63

Hello film lovers. This week we review the spooky turd of a movie Pet Sematary. There is a contest between what is worse, the entire western world or migraines, David finally admits the new Sonic looks weird as hell and James has a hangover the size of Manhattan. Also reviewed is The Perks of being a Wallflower and Green Room. *Spoiler* Under no exaggeration, the best performance in Pet Sematary is by that fucking cat.


62: Film Critters - Episode 62

This is a podcast. Hosted by James and David. We review films. This week we review I Think We're Alone Now. We do not like wordart. We do no like Barbara Streisand. We do not like Goblin Slayer. We do like Fish Tank and The Endless. Which we review. Because this is a podcast.


61: Film Critters - Episode 61

Hello our big sexy film fanatics. This week we review Jordan Peele's new spooky number, Us. We talk about all the good stuff like Brexit, the Disney/Fox merger and of course Lorraine Kelly. Also reviewed are Spring and Headhunters. Shit description this. Good podcast though.


60: Film Critters - Episode 60

Hello Michael Jackson fans! This week we review Marvels latest juggernaut Captain Marvel, with a surprising differing view on the film. We count down the actors with the most on screen deaths, have a very big anti-James Cameron section and get freaked out by the amount of Michael Jackson innocent buses flying past live. Also reviewed is Resolution and Attack the Block. So, as all of those MJ kid's mothers would say 'if you fancy a go, sure, dig in'.


59: Film Critters - Episode 59

Good day everybody. We'd say the front cover picture makes more sense if you listen to the podcast. But it doesn't. This week we review the lovely Fighting with my Family. Michael Jackson pops his beautiful head up, Sonic the Hedgehog is spoken of too much and James reveals a deep, dark secret. Also reviewed are (finally) How to train your Dragon: The hidden World and Searching. As R-Kelly always said "Pass me the sugar........child".


58: Film Critters - Episode 58

Hello 24 hour party people. Back to normal business now as we review the turd sandwich that is Alita: Battle Angel. We have a brief shout about the momo meme, a bizarre male sex guru and sing our definitive version of the Oscar winning tune Shallow. Also reviewed are Blockers and for some reason Lawnmower Man. For fucks sake.


57: Film Critters - Episode 57

Helloooooooooooo. Super cool Oscars special. We have a good old musical rage at the songs of Mary Poppins Returns, give the Oscars ceremony organisation the usual amount of shit and give our predictions for all categories in this years Oscars. Reviewed is Free Solo, Mary Queen of Scots and Mary Poppins Returns. Also reviewed are all short animations, short live actions and short documentaries. We hope you enjoy the length of this episode. As James Cameron famously quoted on the set of...


56: Film Critters - Episode 56

Hello best mates! Very special episode this as we massively disagree on almost all the movies we're reviewing. We lay into many easy targets such as The Academy, racists and Will Smith being a big blue idiot. Whilst reviewing Of Fathers and Sons, Mirai, Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse, At Eternitys Gate, Hale County This Morning, This Evening and Border. Ps. Episode features trolls, not goblins.


55: Film Critters - Episode 55

Well hello you big bunch of film loving fools. This week we review the excellent If Beale Street could talk. We are able to find the downright weirdest film that Gary Oldman has ever been a part of, offer our views on the controversy surrounding Liam Neeson and basically laugh at how Alita: Battle Angel is going to be the worst film of all time. Also reviewed are Can you Ever Forgive Me?, Capernaum, RBG, Incredibles 2 and Christopher Robin. What are you waiting for? Fucking listen to this!


54: Film Critters - Episode 54

Good day film fanatics. The week we review the Oscar favourite Green Book. We get rowdy over shoddy journalism, get excited over Japanese cartoons and ironically hate over the academy. Also reviewed are loads of Oscar nommed movies, Minding the Gap, Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Wife, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and Bohemian Rhapsody.