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Skywalking Through Neverland is a Star Wars/Disney, fan-focused Podcast. We cover Star Wars, Disney and pop culture fandom and their passions that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us all together as instantaneous friends!

Skywalking Through Neverland is a Star Wars/Disney, fan-focused Podcast. We cover Star Wars, Disney and pop culture fandom and their passions that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us all together as instantaneous friends!
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Long Beach, CA


Skywalking Through Neverland is a Star Wars/Disney, fan-focused Podcast. We cover Star Wars, Disney and pop culture fandom and their passions that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us all together as instantaneous friends!




244: Star Wars Celebration Roundtable Recap

Star Wars Celebration Chicago wouldn’t be complete without a Roundtable of Skywalkers! During the last day of the convention, several of us met up for our now-legendary Roundtable recaps. We talked about our favorite moments, dissected the trailers and title to Episode IX and more. Skywalkers: Star Wars OrigamiFandom Podcast Network)@FloridaFulcrumSaber GuildDaniel BerryThe ForceCastF-105 Lead SingerBlast Points@RayGobJedi NewsRichard WoloskiSarah Woloski The Rise of Skywalker - who knew...


243: Dumbo, Tauntauns and Celebration Predictions

On this power packed episode, Mark Newbold (Fantha Tracks) and Tom Spina (Regal Robot / Tom Spina Designs) join us to discuss Star Wars Celebration preparations and EXCLUSIVE merchandise. As the podcast stage host, Mark has a great behind-the-scenes perspective, and we discuss the pros and cons of the panel lottery system. Tom Spina is an Exhibitor and shares some NEW and EXCLUSIVE exciting information on all the exclusives they are bringing to Celebration. The #1 movie at the domestic box...


242: Star Wars Celebration Survival Guide

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 is in mere DAYS, and we’ve put together a complete Celebration Survival Guide so you can navigate your way through all 5 days and 4 crazy nights! Skywalker Matt Clifton (Fandom Podcast Network) joins us again to share TONS of tips. Terrie Lee (Part of the Skywalking Force) also joins us in her Skywalking debut. Between the four of us we have different points of view, decades of Con experience, advice and tips to share with you. The SWCC Jingle is composed...


241: Captain Marvel

Higher, Further, Faster, Baby! This is our CAPTAIN MARVEL episode chock full of fun facts, a Captain Marvel comic book primer and the Press Conference. We welcome @geekgirldiva Shana O’Neil (Hypable / IGN / Slashfilm) to our show as we review the film on all levels. Be warned - there will be spoilers! So if you haven’t seen Captain Marvel, head to that theater first, enjoy the film and especially Goose The Cat, and then press PLAY. Marvel's Captain Marvel vs. DC's Shazam Why are there two...


240: Galaxy's Edge with Amy Ratcliffe

Amy Ratcliffe (Star Wars author / Managing Editor) recently visited Galaxy's Edge, Walt Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm to learn more details about this new Star Wars-inspired land coming to Disneyland and WDW. She's here to share her unique experience and we try not to get too jealous! We also chat about what we’re looking forward to most. I mean, we’ll be able to walk into the MiIlennium Falcon!!! Is it June yet?? Make sure to check out all of Amy's Galaxy's Edge...


239: Original Jawa Tim Donaldson

Tim Donaldson is the youngest actor in Star Wars: A New Hope - at 5 years old he played a Jawa! He was in the right place, right time - elementary school in Death Valley, CA in 1976 - when George Lucas needed pick-up shots for the Tatooine desert. It’s a fascinating story! Things We Want To Share: Star Wars Celebration Chicago Podcast Stage Giveaway: Apple Podcast Reviews We have a grab bag of Disney and Star Wars items to give away! To Enter, please...


238: Bruce Vilanch, Hollywood Writer

Bruce Vilanch, Hollywood writer, has so many credits we can’t list them all! He’s written for the Academy Awards, Grammy’s, Tony’s and People’s Choice Awards. Bruce is also a 6x Emmy Winner, has played Edna Turnblad in Hairspray, been a square in Hollywood Squares, was in the film Ice Pirates, wrote The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, has had major contributions in the Comic Relief charities, and was a writer for The Star Wars Holiday Special! Now he’s skywalking through Neverland to tell us...


237: Bryce Eller as Darth Vader, Part 2

We continue our exclusive, deep-dive discussion with Bryce Eller! This week he tells amazing stories of being Darth Vader at the 1978 Academy Awards, putting his footprints in cement at the famous Mann’s Chinese Theater, and so much more. Bryce (who used to go by Kermit Eller) was also on the Donny and Marie show and shares his experience. Things We Want To Share GALAXY’S EDGE NEWS! Shanghai Disneyland is getting ZOOTOPIA!


236: Bryce Eller is Darth Vader

Part 1 of our exclusive, deep-dive discussion with Bryce Eller! He is the man inside Darth Vader. In the 70’s and 80’s, whenever we saw Darth Vader on TV or making live appearances, Bryce (who used to go by Kermit Eller) was the man. And now he is making his Star Wars podcast debut with us, on Richard’s 50th birthday episode!!! Get ready for some amazing stories. It took years to track down Bryce Eller, and this discussion was made possible by our new Skywalking Bounty Hunter, Shamim Dana!...


235: Bobby Porter - From Ape to Ewok

Our conversation with actor/stunt double, Bobby Porter, is one for the pop culturists. Bobby shares stories of working on Revenge of the Jedi, Newsies and Battle for the Planet of the Apes! Bobby also worked as a stunt double for Eliot (E.T.), John Connor (Terminator 2), Young Bruce Wayne (Dark Knight Returns), Young Freddy Krueger (Nightmare on Elm Street 5) and so many more. Don’t miss the heart-warming story he tells about working with Robin Williams on Jumanji. With so much Star Wars...


234: Skywalking Through 2018 and Beyond

Happy New Year! It’s time to gather all of our Skywalkers, and take a look back on the highs, lows and surprises of 2018, and what we are looking forward to in a Galactic 2019! From Infinity War to SOLO, Timeless and #CloneWarsSaved, we cover it all. Most importantly, what’s your hashtag for 2018?? We recorded this episode live, and share input from many of you Skywalkers as you watched and wrote responses. So let’s give each other a collective fandom Wookiee Hug and look back on this crazy...


233: Mary Poppins Returns, Y'all!

Mary Poppins Returns, y’all, and it’s time to dive into this Disney film with our review and experiences!! Martin Keeler (Fantha Tracks) joins us to discuss Mary Poppins Returns, as well as his experience at the London Premiere where he and his family walked alongside Meryl Streep. They also saw many other celebrities, including Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Martin shares a hot tip on how to walk the Red Carpet right! I share my experience from the Los Angeles press conference,...


232: Dare To Dream

Our friend and Ewok Adventure actor Eric Walker is back to debut his new Star Wars-inspired single, “Dare To Dream in a Galaxy Far Far Away”. The song comes out on Tuesday, 12/18, anywhere you buy digital media, but Eric is debuting it here first! The inspirational message of the song carries through in our discussion. We are also very excited to have Andrew Osborne on the show. He is the creator and producer of a new play premiering in Hollywood, CA on 12/13 called Special, which is a...


Star Wars Resistance Flyby: "Synara's Score" and "The Platform Classic"

All Wings Report In for this STAR WARS RESISTANCE FLYBY Double Feature of "Synara's Score" and "The Platform Classic"! This week, we discuss S1 E08 and E09. Tam gets a backstory and has a heart to heart with Synara. We learn Yeager has a brother who he hasn't seen in years, and we discover why. Richard calls out Creature Appearances, I talk about musical moments and silence. We also share our first thoughts, questions raised by the episode and our favorite moments. "Synara's Score" Air...


231: Ralph Breaks The Internet

Wreck-It Ralph breaks into our RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET episode! We talk all about him, Vanellope, Disney princesses, C-3PO, stormtroopers and more in our spoiler-filled discussion. Then we take you to the press conference we attended and hear from the cast and crew including Sarah Silverman, John C. Reilly and directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. Also on this episode: Ralph Breaks the Internet Instagram...


230: The Star Wars Holiday Special 40th Anniversary Salute!

Celebrate a day of peace and a day of harmony with the 40th Anniversary of The Star Wars Holiday Special! We give our reasons to be thankful for this timestamped 1970's gem with guests Tom Spina (Tom Spina Designs and Regal Robot) and SKot Kirkwood (creator of the newly revamped website, I love when we have such energetic and enthusiastic guests! The fires ravaging California are affecting a great number of people, including Matthew Jacobs. He is an Air Force...


Star Wars Resistance Flyby: "Signal From Sector Six"

All Wings Report In for this STAR WARS RESISTANCE FLYBY of "Signal From Sector Six"! This week, we discuss S1 E07 - gundarks, rathtars and reeks, oh my! And Poe Dameron is BACK! Hear why this just may be our favorite episode so far. Richard calls out Creature Appearances, and this week that's half the show! I talk about musical moments, especially the "monkey-messing-around music". We also share our first thoughts, questions raised by the episode and our favorite moments. "Signal from...


229: Happy 90th Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Join us in a special celebration of Mickey Mouse on his 90th birthday! Mickey Mouse turns 90 on 11/18/18!! We celebrate the legend, the pop culture icon and the man behind the mouse on this very special episode. Dave Skale (The Ghost Host; Rebel Spy) takes us on a journey through Mickey’s history from the very inception. Mickey’s birth starts with Oswald the Rabbit in the 1920’s, then continues through film shorts in the 30’s and 40’s. The 50’s saw the rise of TV and The Mickey Mouse Club....


Resistance Flyby: "The Children From Tehar"

All Wings Report In for this STAR WARS RESISTANCE FLYBY of "The Children From Tehar"! This week, we discuss S1 E06 as the story delves more into the Star Wars universe. We've introduced all of our main characters; Kaz, Tam, Yeager and Neeku; and their relationship to each other. Now it's time to connect Star Wars Resistance to the overall Star Wars Saga. This episode is the beginning of that connection. We get mentions of Kylo Ren! Captain Phasma makes another appearance. And a mysterious...


Star Wars Resistance Flyby: "Fuel for the Fire" and "The High Tower"

All Wings Report In for this DOUBLE FEATURE of STAR WARS RESISTANCE FLYBY! This week, we discuss S1 E04 - “Fuel for the Fire” and S1 E05 "The High Tower". Now we are moving past introducing characters, and seeing some backstory. Hype Fazon has a bigger role! Voiced by Donald Faison, Richard and I couldn't help but delight in seeing his character come alive onscreen after meeting Donald at the Star Wars Resistance Roundtable. Richard calls out classic creature appearances and classic sound...