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Chumps on Movies, TV, Comics and Pop Culture A weekly podcast to bring you the news and discussion you actually want! We see a movie every week and BS our way around all the newest happenings.

Chumps on Movies, TV, Comics and Pop Culture A weekly podcast to bring you the news and discussion you actually want! We see a movie every week and BS our way around all the newest happenings.
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Chumps on Movies, TV, Comics and Pop Culture A weekly podcast to bring you the news and discussion you actually want! We see a movie every week and BS our way around all the newest happenings.






Incredibles 2, Brick's Love of Board Games, and Mark's Socks - Episode 96

Welcome to episode 96! We waited 14 years for a follow up to Brad Bird’s Pixar masterpiece The Incredibles, and it was well worth it. We also take time to yell at each other about board games, mark’s inability to match socks, and redundantly telling someone that you’re about to tell them something. We’ll be seeing Chris Pratt and some Dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom next week. In honor of that, we want your submissions for the WORST idea science has ever had in film or in real...


Hereditary, Movie Trailer Dump, and Mark Loses Again - Episode 95

Welcome to episode 95 of The Chumpcast! The crew’s all here to discuss Mark losing a bet and having to get my face tattooed on his ass, a dump of new movie trailers, and tons of movie and E3 gaming news. Then you can bust out your adult diapers and leave the lights on, because we saw A24’s latest Horror thriller Hereditary. Spoilers from 1:14:45 until 1:28:30, but be sure to hang around afterwards for our weekly recommendations. We get to see The Incredibles 2 next week! In honor of that,...


Action Point and Upgrade Double Feature! - Episode 94

Welcome to a very special double feature episode! We saw both Action Point starring Johnny Knoxville and Upgrade from Blumhouse Tilt. One of them was garbage while the other was outstanding, but you’ll have to listen to figure out which is which. No spoilers this week! We haven’t figured out our dumb question yet, so how about you just ask us something? You can find us on all social media @thechumpcast or text or call us at 847-920-6107. If you leave us a good enough voicemail, you might...


Solo: A Star Wars Story and Brick's Unfortunate Night - Episode 93

Welcome to episode 93 of the Chumpcast! We had an interesting start to the night that involved a near-calamity for Brick, so you’ll have to forgive him for sobbing uncontrollably and repeatedly asking Mark to hold him like a toddler. He did eventually compose himself, allowing us to get to your excellent listener submissions as well as our review of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Spoilers from 54:15 until 1:11:00, but make sure you hang around afterwards for our weekly recommendations. We’ll...


Deadpool 2 and a Boy Band Homage ft Drunk Erica - Episode 92

Welcome to episode 92 of the Chumpcast! We’ve got a full Chump Cave this week as the crew is back with long time guest Drunk Ass Erica. It would be safe to call this our musical episode, even though the last thing I wanted to hear was a bad rendition of a 2000s pop song. More importantly, we discussed Ryan Reynolds latest box office killer, Deadpool 2. You won’t want to miss Brick trying to sell us on why it was better than Infinity War. Spoilers for Deadpool 2 from 1:02:45 until 1:31:25,...


Mickey O'Sullivan from The Chi - Episode 91

Mark and Smithers are both traveling this week so we’re pulling one out of the vault. Honestly, we weren't sure that this episode would ever see the light of day. From the jump, Mickey O’Sullivan and Smithers didn’t see eye to eye. We're not exactly proud of where it went, but we still think we got some interesting opinions on actors and their work. Credit to Mickey, he kept it real. Check him out on The Chi now available on Showtime. Also, keep an eye out for him in Captive State starring...


Westworld, Batman Ninja, Woop di Scoop di Poop - Episode 90

TINFOIL HAT TIME! Brick was banished from the cave this week, but that’s okay because we can mute his mic whenever we want now. On the heels of Avengers: Infinity War, no one had the balls to release any good movies this week. Instead, we talk about the recently released animated Batman Ninja as well as a deep dive into some of the prevailing theories of Westworld season two. For next time, we want to hear your thoughts on who in Hollywood might actually be a robot. Plenty of uptight...


Avengers: Infinity War Nerd Session ft. Chuck Load of Comics - Episode 89

Finally, the episode you've been waiting for! We nerded out REAL hard for this one with the help of Chuck from the Chuck Load of Comics YouTube channel. The first thing Brick said to me when Chuck left was “That dude knows his shit”. Make sure you find him on FaceBook and subscribe to his show at . We dive DEEP into this movie and discuss comic references, theories and all of our favorite moments and quips. Spoilers for Infinity War from 40:30 until...


Super Troopers 2, The Chicago Premiere, and Why? - Episode 88

Welcome back! We had a pretty eventful and surreal week as we attended the Chicago Premiere of Super Troopers 2! We talk about our experience and give our thoughts on the movie. You can check out our interviews with the guys from Broken Lizard on our YouTube channel. This particular episode was a Google Hangouts recording, so you can thank Brick for the less than stellar audio quality. Tweet @ him. Next week is Avengers Infinity War! In honor of that, we have a three part question for...


Rampage, Video Game Rankings, and BEES! - Episode 87

Welcome to episode 87! The whole crew is back for the first time in a month thanks to another action flick starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Is there anything his gigantic oily biceps can't do? We also talk about bees for no reason, have a Superfight, talk some video games, and go through our favorite listener submissions of the week. Spoilers for Rampage from 52:20 until 58:20, but stick around afterwards for our weekly recommendations. Since we're seeing Super Troopers 2 for our next...


A Quiet Place Live from C2E2! - Episode 86

WE ARE (WERE) LIVE! Mark and Smithers spent all weekend live and intoxicated at C2E2 in Chicago and this was the result. We got to meet a lot of cool people and even talked to a few of them on the episode. There is some background noise here, but just consider it ambient noise. Close your eyes and imagine you were there! We also got to review the latest John Krasinski/Emily Blunt horror thriller A Quiet Place. Spoilers come in 47:30 and last until the end of the show. Keep checking our...


Ready Player One, Banana Bread, and the Worst Way to Die - Episode 85

Welcome to episode 85! Mark is still on his honeymoon, so our friend and fellow nerd Ben hopped on to talk about the newest Steven Spielberg blockbuster Ready Player One. We also pick our virtual reality avatars, discuss the intricacies of banana bread, and ponder the worst ways to die. Spoilers from 1:12:00 until 1:24:00, but be sure to stick around after for our weekly recommendations. Since we’re reviewing A Quiet Place next week starring John Krasinski (aka Jim from The Office) we...


Pacific Rim Uprising, Lucrative Pooping, and Best Underdogs - Episode 84

What's up and welcome to episode 84 of The Chumpcast! Mark is still out in Tasmania or some shit, so our friend Colin hopped on to chat with us. We had great chats about calculating how much you get paid to poop at work, our favorite underdog stories, started a new segment of SuperFight characters, and reviewed the latest giant monster battle movie, Pacific Rim Uprising. In honor of Ready Player One dropping next week, we want to hear your choices for what Avatar you’d want to represent...


Tomb Raider, Movies that Need Remakes, and Mammals - Episode 83

Welcome to our 83rd episode! We dragged our hungover asses into our studio to discuss movies that actually deserve remakes. We also listen to Mark struggle with the classes of the animal kingdom, and eventually review the newest Tomb Raider remake starring Alicia Vikander. No spoilers this week! For our next show, we want your submissions for best underdog stories in honor of March Madness. It can be a movie, real life occurrence, three dudes who just won’t give up on podcasting, or...


Conspiracy Theories & MassVR Virtual Reality - Episode 82

Bust out your tinfoil hats and cue the X-files theme, because we’re talking conspiracy theories this week! We received some excellent listener submissions and argued about our own favorite theories, but none of this matters because all of reality is just a simulation. Speaking of which, we also discuss our experience at MassVR in Schiller Park just north of Chicago. Make sure you look them up for a damn good time. For next week, we want your submissions for botched movies that you think...


Red Sparrow, Best Spy Gadgets, & Lots of Beer - Episode 81

Welcome to episode 81! Mark is somewhere else this week, so we did our best to replace him with an interesting and insightful guest. Instead, we ended up with Rachel and a few cases of beer. We had some of fun talking about aliens, first world problems, and the best spy gadgets from movies and television. We also wanted a female host to help us review the new Jennifer Lawrence spy thriller, Red Sparrow. Spoilers from 1:15:00 to 1:23:30, but come back afterwards for our weekly...


Game Night, Super Suits, and Puppy Thieves - Episode 80

Welcome back, Chumps! This week, you get to listen to us argue about superhero suits, Mark being a Yu-Gi-Oh nerd, get progressively drunker as the episode goes on. Our review for this week is for Game Night starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. No Spoilers this week! We’re also trying something new, and we need your help. Going forward, we’re going to pose a weekly question ahead of time. Your calls, tweets, and messages will all be considered as submissions, and we will be giving...


Black Panther, Time Travelers, and Paddington Bear - Episode 79

Black Panther is finally here! Let's dive in deep and over analyze another Marvel blockbuster, shall we? We also speculate about time travelers, sexy ghosts, and listen to Mark’s review of the Paddington Bear franchise. Spoilers for Black Panther from 57:45 to 1:11:00, but stick around afterwards for our weekly recommendations. We need your stupid bets to keep our bad review segment going, so call us with ideas at (847) 920-6107. It could be a bad movie suggestion, a competition, a...


Altered Carbon, Casting Our Favorite Cartoons, and Valentine's Day Pitches - Episode 78

If you’re like us, you’re snowed in and in need of some ridiculous bullshit to keep you from going insane like Jack Nicholson did in The Shining. That's where we come in... This week, we pick the cast for live-action versions of our favorite childhood cartoons, discuss Elon Musk as a supervillain, take a couple of your voicemails, give our valentine’s day movie pitches, and review the newest Netflix series, Altered Carbon starring Joel Kinnaman. Spoilers from 53:25 to 1:09:00, but tune in...


I, Tonya & Headline Collisions - Episode 77

Welcome back! We hope the big game was as full of overindulging and degenerate gambling as ours was. This week we discuss actors who should play iconic roles from our childhood, reveal our brand new phone number to the world (847-920-6107), debut a new movie idea segment, and review Margot Robbie's Oscar contender I, Tonya. You can find us up on Instagram and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send us an email at If you're looking for merch, you can check out our website,...