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I review movies with sound effects and a few jokes to keep it interesting.

I review movies with sound effects and a few jokes to keep it interesting.
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I review movies with sound effects and a few jokes to keep it interesting.








The Haunting of Hill House, Sweet Country, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot + 3 Others

In this episode of my podcast, I had the joy of sharing about 5 popular films. Remember if you listen to my show or want to start, you can subscribe through many platforms linked at my podcast go here: The films I review in this episode are: The Haunting of Hill House, Sweet Country, The Unforgiven, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, Drugstore Cowboy, Elle


Hellfest, Hearts Beat Loud, Hotel Artemis, Apostle, Goosebumps 2

Here are my reviews of these 5 popular films! I hope you enjoy. Interact with me about them in the comments or on twitter. My handle there is @thedrpodcast


Bunch o Films: Three Identical Strangers, Leave no Trace, & 4 More

This is a "Bunch o Films" episode where I review five to seven films for you my good listener. This episode contains reviews of: Three Identical Strangers, Lars and the Real Girl, Sommersby, Frozen River, Leave no Trace, & Who we are Now. These are all films I recommend.


Top 10 Horror Films on Netflix, Fall 2018

The Witch, The Ritual, Tusk, Hush, Creep, The Chernobyl Diaries, Creep 2, The Devil's Candy, A Dark Song, Beyond the Gates. As of 10-04-2018, these 10 horror films were streaming on Netflix. I selected these 10 as my favorites of all the horror that was available. Netflix is the biggest service out there so I figured I could get some good tips out to a lot of people through this post. I haven't rated them in any particular order. I hope you find one or more interesting sounding and go see...


S02E22: Smallfoot, Ghost Stories, Downfall, First Reformed, Maniac

Listen to my film reviews of these popular movies: Smallfoot, Ghost Stories, Downfall, First Reformed, Maniac. Duration 11:20 Transcripts of each review are linked below Smallfoot (2018) Ghost Stories (2017) Downfall (2005) First Reformed (2017) Maniac (TV Miniseries)


S02E21: Assassination Nation, Upgrade, Blackkklansman, & Slenderman

Reviews of all 4 of these popular films. Full show notes: Assassination Nation (2018) Dressing a LOT like “The Purge,” this film shows America what could be the natural outcome of our current situation of no internet privacy and guns. If information is leaked publicly about an individual it could be their undoing by a mob mentality. This is a scary reality we live in today. Assassination Nation (2018) R | 1h 50min | Action, Comedy, Crime | 21 September 2018 (USA) After a malicious data hack...


S02E20: Revenge and I Saw the Devil

One of these is a darn good revenge horror flick. The other is the best I've ever seen. You'll have to listen in to find out which is which! I make some connections between the two movies since they are each in this same genre we call "Revenge Horror." Enjoy your week and I will see you next time. These were both streaming on Shudder last I checked and "I Saw the Devil" is also on Tubi TV (w ADS). Bookmark my podcast at: Read my reviews of these and other films at:...


S02E19: Mandy

Much anticipation of this film starring Nic Cage has come to fruition in its streaming on-demand release. This is no B Movie, I give it a 9/10 which is rare for horror. This episode is part no-spoilers and then I announce when it gets into some spoilers. I hope you get a chance to check out my review! Mandy (2018) Not Rated | 2h 1min | Action, Horror, Thriller | 14 September 2018 (USA) From $4.99 (SD) on Prime Video Mandy is set in the primal wilderness of 1983 where Red Miller, a broken and...


S02E18: What I’ve Been Watching

From the cinematography award winning film "Ballast" to "Christopher Robin" I share with you what I've been watching this past week. It's a nice variety this week. I hope you enjoy my reviews of this week's films. I'm looking forward to reviewing new stuff and posting next week. I hope you'll subscribe to my podcast. I'll be posting a new episode every Sunday morning at 5am pst. I appreciate your support as a listener. See you soon!


S02E17: Searching

As I write this, "Searching" is the #12 most popular movie on IMDB (America). It's doing well because it is well crafted. It works not only because it uses the visually alluring technique of being presented 100% from a computer screen (like "Unfriended," "The Den") but because it has a great story too. The director in essence asks parents whether they should trust their kids and what they are up to online. I was able to get this recorded and edited about when I had planned, usually every Tue...


S02E16: The Nun

Leading horror fans into "the Conjuring" and "Annabelle" franchise, we now have "the Nun." I saw it this evening and was eager to set down in my studio to record and speak to you about it. I think it's a very solid prequel! Remember, while my show aims to be spoiler free, I welcome your spoilers in the comments. We can talk there if you like. I recommend this movie! Thanks for listening. See you next time! My show posts on a new schedule: Every Sun and Tue: 5am PST. Subscribe at one of the...


S02E15: Jaws

After watching "the Meg" and "47 Meters Down" recently, I was drawn to re-watch "Jaws." It's simply the best shark film ever made! Listen to me share about why this film works! Enjoy! Request for my listeners: If you care to help me out, go leave a review for my podcast at Apple Podcasts or one of the other services you listen on.


S02E14: The Meg

The Meg gets my seal of approval, because it eats seals (lol) Go see this one in a final Summer movie trip hurrah! Listen to my review and find out how I rated this film! I mentioned in the show in case you're interested in checking it out. Ciao 4 now


S02E13: Peggy Sue Got Married

The mid-eighties film about Peggy Sue who gets catapulted back into her senior year of high school. The actress is Kathleen Turner. It's directed by the world renowned Francis Ford Coppola (seen here in the photo directing), This is one of my favorite films of all time for so many reasons. Have a listen to my 5 minute review and find out more specifically why I love this film. Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) PG-13 | 1h 43min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | 10 October 1986 (USA) Peggy Sue faints at a...


S02E12: Raiders of the Lost Ark

There is a fine line between paying tribute to movie serials and making a movie that is effective with its audience, apart from its influences Speilberg manages to pull it off. If you're lucky, when you watch it you'll have no sidetrack thoughts. It's a movie meant to take you in like a jacuzzi. It plays like a true comic from the WWII era. Strips are scenes and they carry you up then safely drop you back down like a roller coaster. Read my full written review at Riley on Film. If you...


S02E11: District 9

"District 9" is a sci-fi action drama where aliens are forced to live in the slums when all while the government gradually mistreats them as second class interlopers. We get to know these creatures and they become all but endearing in the course of the film. One government agent suffers an accident that could change the way both sides see the other. There are at least several themes in this amazing movie. I was drawn in by the way it presents the human fear of the "other," the "different."...


S02E10: Me Doing “Nacho Libre” Quotes

Presenting another 5 min episode! In this one I "interpret," in other words, "act out" quotes from a movie. “Nacho Libre” is a movie that may grow on you or not. In my case, after thinking it was “meh,” I came to really love watching it multiple times. It’s the story of a humble monk who has a nagging vision to be a wrestler in Mexico. "I love it, it's the best!" There are many resources you can seek out to learn more about the film. Not the least of these is the movie itself. Even if you’ve...


S02E09: 47 Meters Down

This scary shark thriller is now streaming on Netflix. It's definitely the ride of a lifetime but without the filmmaking craftmanship of "Jaws" or "The Shallows." This is a spoiler free preview. We may have one of the scarier, thinking-person’s shark films here. Its minimal presentation but only works to make you sit up straight amidst the terror. 47 Meters Down (2017) PG-13 | 1h 29min | Horror, Thriller | 16 June 2017 (USA) Director: Johannes Roberts Writers: Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera...


S02E08: 12 Angry Men

An 18 year old boy, a judge, lawyers and a 12 man jury make up the cast of this powerful drama/thriller. Amid an ensemble cast of household names of actors, a powerful portrayal of the justice system is delivered to us. It’s a movie that doesn’t preach at you but rather simply shows you a slice of time in a jury room, letting you make the calls about what is going on. One distinct, often difficult truth about a jury is that they must all agree. If even one dissents, it is called a hung jury...


S01E60: Stand and Deliver

Listen to my 5 min review of this film. It's a true story of a teacher and his class that truly "Stood and Delivered" passing the AP calculus exam from a school that was one of the lowest in the state at the time. Stand and Deliver (1988) Cast Edward James Olmos, Estelle Harris, Mark Phelan Directed by Ramón Menéndez Written by Ramón Menéndez, Tom Musca Other Info Drama PG 1h 43min This film means a lot to me as someone who values education. I can only think of one other film that competes...