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The Extended Play Movie Podcast #44: Saturday Night Fever

We finally hit the conclusion of our “Films of 1977” with Saturday Night Fever. The film is believed to be one that defined a generation. If it did, then people were depraved back in the day. I can’t tell how dirty everyone looks, but that was New York back in the day. Not only that, people had lots of sex in cars, outside of clubs. Get your white polyester suit out and grab that BeeGees LP. Hit the dance floor and win that contest. Relax and enjoy out outro to 1977 with Saturday Night...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #43: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Our continuation of “The Films of 1977” marches forward with first contact. We come to understand that we are not alone in the universe. Steven Spielberg’s classic film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind comes on the heels of Star Wars and literally saves a studio from the brink of bankruptcy. It’s time for us to play musical notes to the awaiting space craft that proved that Spielberg wasn’t a one-hit wonder. Sit back and start sculpting those mashed potatoes. Credits: “Prevues of...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #42: Pete's Dragon

The Extended Play Movie Podcast continues the Films of 1977 with a public service announcement: don’t due drugs and make movies. This is one of those that was trying to be something else, but was simply white people trippin on acid. It’s a two-plus hour long musical that wasn’t even good. Tried to be Mary Poppins, but failed at it. So, sit down and check out our discussion to the colossal Disney bomb, Pete’s Dragon. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) -...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #41: The Kentucky Fried Movie

Before there was Airplane or The Naked Gun, these guys put together a sketch comedy movie. The movie is offensive, racist, objectifying women, and racially insensitive. It is one of the last hilarious comedies we will ever see. This will be filed under the "I don't care who you are this could never be made again. Ever." The movie was too much that they had to do it independently. Oh, and marks the directorial debut of John Landis. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you The Kentucky Fried...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #40: The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond is back! Well, he never really left. We moved through 1977 like a car that turned into a submarine. We have James Bond in a ridiculous ski chase, who happens to kill the boyfriend of a Russian agent, then is paired up with said agent to bring down a man that wanted to start a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Same old story. As ridiculous as this movie is, it is the more toned tone version until we get to the eighties. That is where things get turned up to 11....


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #39: Smokey and the Bandit

As the movies of 1977 march on, did you know in some states Coors beer was illegal? Talk about dated. That is where Smokey and the Bandit comes in. Not only do these guys have 18 hours to get Coors to the Brothers, but they pick up a random hitchhiker in the process. If you are looking for a fun and splendid hangover movie, we welcome you to this one. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) - RamtroStudios Follow Us: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter Mail:...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #38: Star Wars (1977)

You have to be completely surprised that we didn't start off 1977 with the movie all of you wanted to hear: Star Wars. To be honest, we thought that would be too obvious, so we decided to kick it off with Woody Allen. Not only are we discussing Star Wars this week, but we are checking out the original 1977 (un-special edition) of the film. As a true cinephile, you would need to watch the original feature. The more we watch the original, the more we realized just how unnecessary the special...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #37: Annie Hall

The Extended Play Movie Podcast kicks off its new series today with the films of 1977. The films selected for this month are movies that are known to pop culture and are part of the fabric of cinema. We kick off the series with the classic Woody Allen film, Annie Hall. Considered to be a staple of modern cinema, neither of the guys have actually seen that film. The film manages to hold true and you can see its influences in modern cinema. Allen’s character constantly breaks the fourth...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #36: Kathryn Bigelow

There was no way we could conclude our series without discussing the films of Kathryn Bigelow. Many know of her biggest pop culture success of Point Break. However, in recent years, she has earned some critical acclaim with some strong films like The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, and recently Detroit. As female directors don’t get a whole lot of play in Hollywood, from the early nineties, Bigelow showed that she could play with the big boys… and rule. Enjoy the conclusion of the series...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #35: Michael Mann

Like many directors, Michael Mann has had his ups and downs in his career. In the late eighties to mid-nineties, Mann’s career was on fire. Working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Since the early 2000s though, his career doesn’t seem to be as high as he has known. Even though his work may have fallen off in the last few years, that doesn’t diminish his earlier hits. Heat, The Insider, Last of the Mohicans, and Collateral to name a few. He even started the whole Hannibal Lecter...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #34: David Fincher

One of the most innovative and complex directors out there: David Fincher. While you may not know his name (you should if you’re listening to this podcast), you have seen some of his movies. Fight Club, Seven, The Game, Zodiac, The Social Network, and Gone Girl just to name a few. Much like Nolan, he requires his audience to have a certain level of sophistication when you watch his films. Not only that, he usually has his characters follow a journey that will enrich the movie-going...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #33: Ron Howard

While many people listening to this episode may consider Ron Howard an old director, or even ask who Ron Howard is, he has had a varied career in Hollywood. His name usually meant a certain brand of excellence. With his work being shaky in recent years, he has recently taken over production of Solo: A Star Wars Story. We look back at his career and see what his addition to the Star Wars franchise could do for the standalone films. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster)...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #32: Christopher Nolan

One of the biggest directors of the new millennium, Christopher Nolan. What makes his films memorable is that he expects a certain level of intelligence from his audience. He allows for interpretation of his films. This will allow such a distinct love or hatred for his films. If you only know him for his Dark Knight Trilogy, you are doing yourself a disservice. Check out the other films of his catalogue and realize why you have been shortchanging yourself. Credits: “Prevues of Coming...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #31: John McTiernan

While this week’s subject may not have an extensive filmography, you have definitely seen his movies. One of which is a Christmas tradition. John McTiernan revolutionized the action genre with multi-dimensional characters and stories that transcend pop culture. Die Hard, Predator, Hunt for Red October, Last Action Hero, and Die Hard with a Vengeance. You’re welcome. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) - RamtroStudios Opening: “Predator” Follow Us – Facebook, ...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #30: Richard Donner

Steven and Patrick take on directors. As a companion series to their composer series last year, the guys are talking about some of their favorite directors. This series doesn’t contain the Spielbergs, Scorseses, De Palmas, or Coppolas. The guys have chosen directors that either you may have forgotten about, or even forgot they directed your favorite movie. Donner has not only done The Omen, The Goonies, Superman, or the Lethal Weapon series, but his impact on films is noticeable. Sit back...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #29: Spotlight

As the Academy Awards were held this past weekend, we figured this would be the best time to end our Best Picture series. In the vein of All the President’s Men, this Academy Award winner for Best Picture is Spotlight. A film that deals with the Boston Globe exposing the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal. As a movie, hearing some of the victim’s stories is difficult, but as a cinephile, this is a movie that pumps on all pistons. We think this is a great movie to end the series one. Let us...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #28: The Godfather

One of the biggest mob movies in pop culture history. The Godfather is one of those movies that is depicting just how horrible that life it, but Americans take away the wrong aspect of this criminal culture. The Godfather is considered one of the best films, along with its sequel. One of the few movies that the original and sequel received Best Picture nominations. Let us know if this film holds up with the test of time. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) -...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #27: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

The winner of Best Picture in which Jack Nicholson is the one that is sane. It is a movie about a control of power between the inmates or the nurse. Nicholson plays McMurphy that is trying to scam the prison system, but realizes the joke is on him. Based on the book and play of the same name, check out a movie that would not be made today or a movie unable to market. Let us know if this film holds up with the test of time. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) -...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #26: The King's Speech

Continuing with the Best Picture series, “The King’s Speech” is the Colin Firth starrer that was about a guy with a stuttering problem. Oh, did we mention he was going to be the King of England during one of their dark periods? Let us know if this film holds up with the test of time. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) - RamtroStudios Follow Us – Facebook, Google+, and Twitter Mail:


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #25: Argo

The Extended Play Movie Podcast is back for season two. After a long two months off of recording, Steven and Patrick return to kick off a new season. This series will be the guys revisiting some past movie that have a place in Oscar history. We are discussing past Best Picture winners of the past Academy Awards. We kick things off with Argo. Winner of best picture, Argo is based on a true story of six Americans trapped in Iran during the hostage crisis. The guys discuss why the movie...