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The Extended Play Movie Podcast #57: 1941

When Steven Spielberg announced, to his friends, that he would be directing 1941, they were very supportive. In private, they were concerned because they never knew Steven to actually be funny. The result? 1941. The film had a star-studded cast behind and in front of the camera to be a major hit like Jaws and Close Encounters before it. The film wasn’t a disaster and would’ve been considered a hit by any other director. When you’re Steven Spielberg, you are held to another standard. Get on...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #56: The Muppet Movie

This week, the make a special trip to California. Well, they are already in California, but so were the focus on this week’s episode: The Muppet Movie. If you don’t live in Southern California, you would know it by looking at the film, but it was filmed in and around Los Angeles. Kermit and friends come out to Hollywood to make the world a better place. In times like these, we need them more than ever. So, get in your Studebaker and turn up Electric Mayhem, because we are heading out to...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #55: Rocky II

We kick off the second month of our “Films of 1979” series. Man, it seems like the movies of that year were longer than the actual year. The pace gets picked up with the discussion of the second entry in the Rocky franchise: Rocky II. We’re “gonna fly now” through this episode that could have been on our “sequels better than the original” series, but there are some drawbacks to the film that kept it off the list. So, get on your sweats and grab the chicken. We are about to get back in the...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #54: Alien

He first month of the films of 1979 conclude with a sci-fi classic. The best tag line in the history of cinema: “in space, no one can hear you scream.” Alien, the classic sci-fi/horror that sparked the franchise and one of Ridley Scott’s best films. People may consider it a bit tame compared to its sequels, but that is what made the film so powerful. Much like Halloween, it was a shadow of its former self in later installments. So, beware of face huggers and get to that escape pod for this...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #53: Apocalypse Now

The films of 1979 marches on with the war film classic Apocalypse Now. The Extended Play Movie Podcast takes a step into the heart of darkness into one of the most profound and intense character films of the modern era. Some consider this film overrated, but it is the complexity of a soldier’s mind that fought in that war that makes it magical. So, grab your surfboards and smell that napalm for this week’s episode, The Extended Play Movie Podcast #53: Apocalypse Now. Credits: “Prevues...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #52: The Warriors

This week, the guys head into Brooklyn for a meeting of all the major gangs of New York. The Warriors is the film that actually holds up over the past 40 years. The Extended Play Movie Podcast continues on with the “Films of 1979” with the Walter Hill classic. Featuring a few actors that have worked with Hill in subsequent movies, two of which in 48 Hours. So sit back and dig this week’s episode. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) - RamtroStudios Follow...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #51: Life of Brian

This week on The Extended Play Movie Podcast, the guys kick off the new series, “ Films of 1979”. They start off the series with a classic Monty Python film, Life of Brian. A movie that has never really taken off in the United States, and if you watch it you will understand why. If you are easily offended, then this may want to be an episode that you could steer clear from. Or, maybe it would make you want to listen to it more. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) -...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #50: Superman: The Movie

This episode of The Extended Play Movie Podcast is a triple threat. Not only is it out fiftieth episode. Not only is this the final film in our “Films of 1978” series. It is the episode we have been waiting to talk about for nearly a year now: Superman. The iconic classic in which all super hero origin films are rated against. The style, care, story, score, and actors that made us believe that a man can fly. So without further ado, here is the greatest story ever told, The Extended Play...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #49: Midnight Express

Remember that line from the movie Airplane, when that kid ever spent time in a Turkish prison? This is the movie they were referring to. This week entry is Midnight Express, where we are supposed to feel sympathy for an entitled college kid trying to smuggle hash out of Turkey. While the movie has since been criticized for depicting over the top incidents, this is a movie that really utilizes the whole “based on a true story”. Sit back and plan your escape with The Extended Play Movie...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #48: Up In Smoke

If you have been smokin’ since you were born, then you know the movie we are talking about this week. Up in Smoke is the iconic pothead film that started a genre of films. Many of the movies following it have noted that this was their inspiration. Cheech and Chong were successful comedians, creating an array of characters. Their most popular characters were Pedro and the Man, who are the stars of this movie. It is a harmless and classic fun time. So light it up and take a puff with this...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #47: Animal House

Grab your togas and get ready to go on double secret probation! The “Films of 1978” marches on with a parade through the town with Animal House. The iconic college classic that depicts dorm life in the sixties. The film is so iconic, it is still essential viewing when you are about to make that trip to college. Featuring a group of highly unknown actors, John Landis appears for the second time on our series, with his previous entry being The Kentucky Fried Movie. See episode 41 for that. So...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #46: Halloween

Grab your William Shatner mask and the sharp kitchen knife. We kick off July with the horror movie that defined a genre, Halloween. The film that gave us the iconic Michael and Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie is very slow paced for being the creator of the slasher genre. It does manage to hold up pretty well, but does have the tropes that we are all accustomed to. So sit back and relax as we discuss Halloween. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) - RamtroStudios Follow...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #45: Grease

Grab your combs and get those leather jackets on! Ladies, grab those pink coats and get ready to do the High School Romp. Yes, we are kicking off the “Films of 1978” with the classic, Grease. Hot off the heels of his hit Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta co-stars with Olivia Newton-John in the film version of the hit Broadway musical. Check out how we work in “Deconstructing Travolta” into this discussion. So sit back and kick those bobby socks up for this week’s The Extended Play Movie...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #44: Saturday Night Fever

We finally hit the conclusion of our “Films of 1977” with Saturday Night Fever. The film is believed to be one that defined a generation. If it did, then people were depraved back in the day. I can’t tell how dirty everyone looks, but that was New York back in the day. Not only that, people had lots of sex in cars, outside of clubs. Get your white polyester suit out and grab that BeeGees LP. Hit the dance floor and win that contest. Relax and enjoy out outro to 1977 with Saturday Night...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #43: Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Our continuation of “The Films of 1977” marches forward with first contact. We come to understand that we are not alone in the universe. Steven Spielberg’s classic film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind comes on the heels of Star Wars and literally saves a studio from the brink of bankruptcy. It’s time for us to play musical notes to the awaiting space craft that proved that Spielberg wasn’t a one-hit wonder. Sit back and start sculpting those mashed potatoes. Credits: “Prevues of...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #42: Pete's Dragon

The Extended Play Movie Podcast continues the Films of 1977 with a public service announcement: don’t due drugs and make movies. This is one of those that was trying to be something else, but was simply white people trippin on acid. It’s a two-plus hour long musical that wasn’t even good. Tried to be Mary Poppins, but failed at it. So, sit down and check out our discussion to the colossal Disney bomb, Pete’s Dragon. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) -...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #41: The Kentucky Fried Movie

Before there was Airplane or The Naked Gun, these guys put together a sketch comedy movie. The movie is offensive, racist, objectifying women, and racially insensitive. It is one of the last hilarious comedies we will ever see. This will be filed under the "I don't care who you are this could never be made again. Ever." The movie was too much that they had to do it independently. Oh, and marks the directorial debut of John Landis. Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you The Kentucky Fried...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #40: The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond is back! Well, he never really left. We moved through 1977 like a car that turned into a submarine. We have James Bond in a ridiculous ski chase, who happens to kill the boyfriend of a Russian agent, then is paired up with said agent to bring down a man that wanted to start a nuclear war between the United States and Russia. Same old story. As ridiculous as this movie is, it is the more toned tone version until we get to the eighties. That is where things get turned up to 11. Sit...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #39: Smokey and the Bandit

As the movies of 1977 march on, did you know in some states Coors beer was illegal? Talk about dated. That is where Smokey and the Bandit comes in. Not only do these guys have 18 hours to get Coors to the Brothers, but they pick up a random hitchhiker in the process. If you are looking for a fun and splendid hangover movie, we welcome you to this one. Credits: “Prevues of Coming Attractions” (HD Remaster) - RamtroStudios Follow Us: Facebook, Google+, and Twitter Mail:...


The Extended Play Movie Podcast #38: Star Wars (1977)

You have to be completely surprised that we didn't start off 1977 with the movie all of you wanted to hear: Star Wars. To be honest, we thought that would be too obvious, so we decided to kick it off with Woody Allen. Not only are we discussing Star Wars this week, but we are checking out the original 1977 (un-special edition) of the film. As a true cinephile, you would need to watch the original feature. The more we watch the original, the more we realized just how unnecessary the special...