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The FatBitCast - Microsode - Sonario

SURPRISE BITCATS!! We bloody well and went and recorded a cheeky little episode that's not quite in the normal vein of the FatBitCast but well in keeping with what we tend to do on this channel. Alex and I managed to meet in actual personship and thought you might like to hear the results of that confrontation, so Alex recorded and edited this little microsode. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we did, and if you did... there may be more... #microsode #micro #sonario #erotic...


The FatBitCast: 6 -Smart-Casual or Stupid-Casual

OH GAAAAWWWWD!!! It's a bit of a weird one this week, or is it?! We can't really decide. Alex is all on edge because of imminent fatherhood (his, specifically) and I was just in a mad, mad place. But we did it, for you guys, we recorded this episode of the FatBitCast where we take a focussed eye onto the world of casual games. 3:40 Watcha Been Gaming?! 27:30 Steamed Hams or ... (Cat Goes Fishing) 41:47 Bonus Hams - Casual Games We forgot recommendations this week, so we definitely...


The FatBitCast: 5 - The ROOT of All Stealth

What makes a good stealth game? We get into that a little during our Steamed Hams segment of the podcast where we review the game "ROOT". We also talk about all the games that we've been playing since we were last on the air, and it's been quite a few. So strap in, strap on, and get ready for a delicious FatBitCast aural enema. 1:47 Watcha Been Gaming?! 39:40 Steamed Hams or ... (ROOT - spoilers) 1:01:41 The FatBitCast Recommends Uncharted Fan Film -...


The FatBobCast: 56 - He Never Died, He Had A Headache

I'm not entirely sure why, but Alex joins us again on the #Discord couch to talk about lots of things he mostly doesn't care about but we love. This week we cover some of the trailers featured at this year's #comiccon, what we thought of the latest season of #RuPaul, the film #HeNeverDied, and of course, more of that wonderful #MyImmortal. 20:29 Top Gun 2 News 23:51 New Venom Trailer 30:55 Shazaam & Aquaman Trailers 40:55 Ru Paul's Drag Race - Season 10 (spoilers) 54:33 Netflix or...


The FatBobCast: 55 - A Cargo of Gold?!

Did we make a terrible mistake?! For this episode we "invited" the "lovable" Alex over to join us in the BobCast action. We have some news pieces and discussions about Jenna's dating life, Ru Paul's Drag Race, and the start of a brand new Harry Potter erotic fan fiction. And we obviously have the BobCats favourite feature. This truly will be podcast gold?! 13:44 Wonder Woman 2 Casting 19:50 The Walking Dead News 24:54 Marvel's Netflix Shows 33:40 Jenna's Dating Horrors 41:10 Ru Paul's...


The FatBitCast - Microsode - E3 2018 (ft. Jenna... kinda)

E3 happened this year, and there were things said about many a game, so Alex and I decided we should go through each press conference and give our opinions on the best and worst. Also... Jenna tagged along because she has definite, real, and possibly controversial opinions... We have made a terrible mistake. #e3 #e32018 #microsoft #sony #ubisoft #nintendo #bethesda #square-enix #EA #Jenna #OscillatorSink #FatChan101 #FatBobCast #FatBitCast #notmyfallout #notallfallouts


The FatBitCast: 4 - Role-playing Game Games

Gaming rambles are a go-go in this episode of the #FatBitCast as we "bond" over our current gaming obsessions, talk WAY too much about our favourite RPGs, and are disappointed in each other over our Steamed Hams segment. What did we think?! Well, that's why there is a play button for these things! 2:20 Watcha Been Gaming?! 21:09 Steamed Hams or ... (RPGolf - spoilers) 43:42 Bonus Hams - Favourite RPGs and Mechanics 1:19:52 The FatBitCast Recommends Twitch Plays Pokemon Fan Art:...


The FatBobCast: 54 - The Rambles of Annihilation

OH BABY, IT'S A BIG ONE MAMMA! It's been a while so Jenna and I have quite a lot of catching up to do; there was an agenda... it was not followed. So instead we have our regular catch up, talk about some recent big films (including some Infinity War spoilers), have some curious news segments, review Annihilation for Netflix or Notflix, and finish off that Harry Potter fan fiction with some surprising results for us both. 10:37 Gareth's Film "Reviews" 17:36 Avengers Infinity War...


The FatBitCast: 3 - When Is A Game Not A Game? When It's Ajar.

Well things are back to normal this episode as we get into the beautiful depths of Mario Kart, Pony Island, The Beginner's Guide, and Alex's troubles with Team Fortress 2. 2:57 Watcha Been Gaming?! 23:16 Steamed Hams or ... (Pony Island - spoilers) 42:36 Bonus Hams - Narrative Driven Games (spoilers for The Beginner's Guide, Mass Effect, & The Walking Dead) 1:09:05 The FatBitCast Recommends Alex's Sad Remembrance Music: Free album (if you hate animals):...


The FatBitCast: 2 - The Beginner's Guide To Recording

Dammit, only the second episode in, and I've already gone and done a big old ruin all over it. Well, Alex fixed it as best he could and hopefully it's still mostly enjoyable as you listen to us talk about what gaming we've been up to, our thoughts on old Marky Zucks, and getting into our delicious, or not delicious, Steamed Hams 0:52 Watcha Been Gaming?! 14:56 Marky Zucks & The Facebooks 26:56 Steamed Hams or ... (Sally Face - spoilers) 53:54 The FatBitCast Recommends Thank you guys...


TheFatBobCast: 53 - The Dunce of Egypt

Well this new release schedule is working well, isn't it?! Before long we'll be back to some form of actual schedule, so please bear with us, or bare with is... we are lonely people. This week Jenna and I discuss just what is right and wrong about the Dreamworks animated feature "The Prince of Egypt", get ourselves into another part of some Harry Potter fan fiction, and discuss some of the interesting news in the world of TV, films, and bullshit. 7:54 "Deadwood" and "American Gods"...


The FatBitCast: 1 - Wetrix Dream

Ladies and gentleman and all those in between, may I please welcome you to The FatBitCast, the arguably more attractive sister of The FatBobCast and discernibly the more nerdier one. Alex and I have decided that we need an outlet for gaming talk and nonsense and that outlet is your ears, you are indeed #blessed. We'll ramble about gaming concepts, play some games and ramble about those, and generally maintain a sensible level of offensiveness. We hope that you enjoy and are eager for...


The FatBobCast: 52 - Gone but not Fargo-tten

This week the Jenna and I decide to crack straight on into things, we have some fun news bits, and we review a film that literally everyone except us has seen. AND there is a return of some "erotic" fan fiction, just like you've always wanted. 11:29 Wonder Woman 2 Casting 14:15 Margot Robbie Does Shakespeare 17:40 Westworld Season 2 Trailer 22:15 Sharknado 5?! 23:53 Netflix or Notflix - Fargo (spoilers) 47:11 Welcome to Your Letters 52:01 Loss & Pain - Part 1 1:01:54 The...


The FatBobCast: 51 - That Dutch Lady

Oh baby, it's been some time but we are most certainly back and better than ever, or the same, or worse... we can't tell because we've had too much aggressive wine which makes us ramble ramble. We've tried to put more structure in place so there are actual news things that we discuss, and then we go in depth about our Netflix or Notflix choice. It's not quite regular programming just yet we're easing ourselves back into it all, and you'll be glad we did. 13:23 Westworld Season 2...


The FatBobCast: 50 - Depressisode ft. Rookes

Welcome to our 50th episode special, and it's a long one, but a good one. We welcome the amazing Rookes to our podcast to join in a discussion about depression and anxiety (Content Warning!), it's a heavy topic and we tackle it with the grace of an exploding whale carcass. We talk about the film "Anomalisa" in our Netflix or Notflix segment, as well as a new entry into our erotic fan fiction, read just for Rookes herself. Also have a listen to us on the AKA Rookes podcast here, it's in 3...


The FatBobCast: 49 - Punish My Sins O' Andy

This week Jenna and I discuss how Facebook advertising "works", our thoughts on the Netflix series' "The Punisher" and "The Sinner" as well as our Netflix or Notflix segment where we discuss the documentary "Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond". We also manage to pack in a much better send-off to "Lucius Lust" which I'm sure you will all agree with. Also have a listen to us on the AKA Rookes podcast here, it's in 3 parts because it's impossible to shut us up: Part 1:...


The FatBobCast: 48 - Inherently The End of Lucius' Vice

So it's here, the final two chapters of Lucius Lust... I'm not going to lie... it's going to be difficult to hear, for everyone. We also discuss Inherent Vice and our thoughts on it, along with an interesting letter/picture sent in by an avid fan of the show. 0:30 Hello & News 18:55 Netflix or Notflix - Inherent Vice (non-spoiler) 40:14 Welcome to your letters 49:00 Lucius Lust - Chapter 30 1:06:56 Lucius Lust - Chapter 31 1:21:13 The FatBobCast Recommends Music:...


The FatBobCast: 47 - More Like Boner Tomahawk

Well it has been some weeks, but we are back with some more nonsense for your ears. We had some syncing issues so apologies if they are noticeable, but I edited like a boss to eliminate those where possible. Anyway, dive right in and see what you've been missing. 0:24 Hello & News 12:09 Netflix or Notflix - Bone Tomahawk (non-spoiler, mostly) 32:07 Welcome to your letters 39:40 Lucius Lust - Chapter 29 52:24 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: Thank you...


The FatBobCast: 46 - FBI Mind Cops

So we're less distracted this week... or are we more distracted... well we talk about nonsense to a greater extent so I guess its whichever one that is. We discuss some news, moon cups, and the new Netflix show Mindhunter.. oh look... a squirrel. 0:29 Hello & News 25:12 Netflix or Notflix - Mindhunter Ep.1 (non-spoiler) 59:24 Lucius Lust - Chapter 28 1:15:46 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: Thank you guys so much for listening and we would love to hear...


The FatBobCast: 45 - The Best Defence Is A Something Whatever

We're back but very distracted this week for which we can only apologise. Jenna and I are going through some personal issues but we hope to be back to properly entertaining you again soon. 0:22 Hello & News 28:33 Current affairs?! 36:36 Netflix or Notflix - The Defenders (non-spoiler) 50:53 Lucius Lust - Chapter 27 1:02:10 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: We would love to hear from you if you'd like to get in contact with the show, just simply send an...