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The FatBitCast: 2 - The Beginner's Guide To Recording

Dammit, only the second episode in, and I've already gone and done a big old ruin all over it. Well, Alex fixed it as best he could and hopefully it's still mostly enjoyable as you listen to us talk about what gaming we've been up to, our thoughts on old Marky Zucks, and getting into our delicious, or not delicious, Steamed Hams 0:52 Watcha Been Gaming?! 14:56 Marky Zucks & The Facebooks 26:56 Steamed Hams or ... (Sally Face - spoilers) 53:54 The FatBitCast Recommends Thank you guys...


TheFatBobCast: 53 - The Dunce of Egypt

Well this new release schedule is working well, isn't it?! Before long we'll be back to some form of actual schedule, so please bear with us, or bare with is... we are lonely people. This week Jenna and I discuss just what is right and wrong about the Dreamworks animated feature "The Prince of Egypt", get ourselves into another part of some Harry Potter fan fiction, and discuss some of the interesting news in the world of TV, films, and bullshit. 7:54 "Deadwood" and "American Gods"...


The FatBitCast: 1 - Wetrix Dream

Ladies and gentleman and all those in between, may I please welcome you to The FatBitCast, the arguably more attractive sister of The FatBobCast and discernibly the more nerdier one. Alex and I have decided that we need an outlet for gaming talk and nonsense and that outlet is your ears, you are indeed #blessed. We'll ramble about gaming concepts, play some games and ramble about those, and generally maintain a sensible level of offensiveness. We hope that you enjoy and are eager for...


The FatBobCast - 52: Gone but not Fargo-tten

This week the Jenna and I decide to crack straight on into things, we have some fun news bits, and we review a film that literally everyone except us has seen. AND there is a return of some "erotic" fan fiction, just like you've always wanted. 11:29 Wonder Woman 2 Casting 14:15 Margot Robbie Does Shakespeare 17:40 Westworld Season 2 Trailer 22:15 Sharknado 5?! 23:53 Netflix or Notflix - Fargo (spoilers) 47:11 Welcome to Your Letters 52:01 Loss & Pain - Part 1 1:01:54 The...


The FatBobCast: 51 - That Dutch Lady

Oh baby, it's been some time but we are most certainly back and better than ever, or the same, or worse... we can't tell because we've had too much aggressive wine which makes us ramble ramble. We've tried to put more structure in place so there are actual news things that we discuss, and then we go in depth about our Netflix or Notflix choice. It's not quite regular programming just yet we're easing ourselves back into it all, and you'll be glad we did. 13:23 Westworld Season 2...


The FatBobCast: 50 - Depressisode ft. Rookes

Welcome to our 50th episode special, and it's a long one, but a good one. We welcome the amazing Rookes to our podcast to join in a discussion about depression and anxiety (Content Warning!), it's a heavy topic and we tackle it with the grace of an exploding whale carcass. We talk about the film "Anomalisa" in our Netflix or Notflix segment, as well as a new entry into our erotic fan fiction, read just for Rookes herself. Also have a listen to us on the AKA Rookes podcast here, it's in 3...


The FatBobCast: 49 - Punish My Sins O' Andy

This week Jenna and I discuss how Facebook advertising "works", our thoughts on the Netflix series' "The Punisher" and "The Sinner" as well as our Netflix or Notflix segment where we discuss the documentary "Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond". We also manage to pack in a much better send-off to "Lucius Lust" which I'm sure you will all agree with. Also have a listen to us on the AKA Rookes podcast here, it's in 3 parts because it's impossible to shut us up: Part 1:...


The FatBobCast: 48 - Inherently The End of Lucius' Vice

So it's here, the final two chapters of Lucius Lust... I'm not going to lie... it's going to be difficult to hear, for everyone. We also discuss Inherent Vice and our thoughts on it, along with an interesting letter/picture sent in by an avid fan of the show. 0:30 Hello & News 18:55 Netflix or Notflix - Inherent Vice (non-spoiler) 40:14 Welcome to your letters 49:00 Lucius Lust - Chapter 30 1:06:56 Lucius Lust - Chapter 31 1:21:13 The FatBobCast Recommends Music:...


The FatBobCast: 47 - More Like Boner Tomahawk

Well it has been some weeks, but we are back with some more nonsense for your ears. We had some syncing issues so apologies if they are noticeable, but I edited like a boss to eliminate those where possible. Anyway, dive right in and see what you've been missing. 0:24 Hello & News 12:09 Netflix or Notflix - Bone Tomahawk (non-spoiler, mostly) 32:07 Welcome to your letters 39:40 Lucius Lust - Chapter 29 52:24 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: Thank you...


The FatBobCast: 46 - FBI Mind Cops

So we're less distracted this week... or are we more distracted... well we talk about nonsense to a greater extent so I guess its whichever one that is. We discuss some news, moon cups, and the new Netflix show Mindhunter.. oh look... a squirrel. 0:29 Hello & News 25:12 Netflix or Notflix - Mindhunter Ep.1 (non-spoiler) 59:24 Lucius Lust - Chapter 28 1:15:46 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: Thank you guys so much for listening and we would love to hear...


The FatBobCast: 45 - The Best Defence Is A Something Whatever

We're back but very distracted this week for which we can only apologise. Jenna and I are going through some personal issues but we hope to be back to properly entertaining you again soon. 0:22 Hello & News 28:33 Current affairs?! 36:36 Netflix or Notflix - The Defenders (non-spoiler) 50:53 Lucius Lust - Chapter 27 1:02:10 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: We would love to hear from you if you'd like to get in contact with the show, just simply send an...


The FatBobCast: Nugget 2 - Impressions Cast 2

Another impressions episode this week as we don't have a proper episode for you just yet. Have impressions you want us to do, or just want to say hello, send them to #impressions #bad


The FatBobCast: 44 - My Little Shetty

Does wine deeply affect our ability to conduct ourselves appropriately? Who is the hairy potato of cinema? Is Lucius Lust the best erotica around? This is the episode in which you can find these answers, just pay close attention. 0:25 Hello & News 16:25 Netflix or Notflix - Machete Kills (spoilers?!) 45:21 Welcome to you Letters 51:54 Lucius Lust - Chapter 26 1:06:53 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: We would love to hear from you if you'd like to get...


The FatBobCast: 43 - You Mermaid Me Do This

We're back after a short unintentional hiatus, and boy do we have some rambles. We'll finish off our Game of Thrones chats, delve into the long awaited Netflix or Notflix, and skip straight to possibly the raunchiest and most ridiculous episode of Lucius Lust so far. 0:24 Hello & News 27:27 Game of Thrones (Ep 6&7 spoilers) 42:52 Netflix or Notflix - Killer Mermaids (spoilers) 58:29 Lucius Lust - Chapter 25 1:14:33 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: We...


The FatBobCast: Nugget 1 - Impressions Cast

No full episode this week due to numerous events, so have a short ramble to tide you over where we get some "impressions" right up into your brains. Have impressions you want us to do, or just want to say hello, send them to #impressions #bad #wine


The FatBobCast: 42 - Not So Nice Guys

News about us (ooooo exciting), Game of Thones (oooo dragons), Netflix or Notflix (oooooo flixes), and Lucius Lust (ooooo bad writing), it's literally all your favourite things wrapped up into a single podcast episode. Frankly, I'm unsure why you're not literally in love with us. 0:38 Hello & News 20:10 Game of Thrones (Ep 4&5 spoilers) 35:36 Netflix or Notflix - The Nice Guys (non-spoilers) 41:05 Netflix or Notflix - The Nice Guys (spoilers) 48:51 Welcome to your Letters 51:43...


The FatBobCast: 41 - Difficult To Make A Lolita Pun

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Straight into some rambley nonsense, for this episode as we prepare for a new schedule of episodes being released on a Wednesday morning rather than Monday. So now hopefully "hump day" (as I believe it is called) is a little more enjoyable for y'all. In this week's rambles Jenna discusses her love for hot man sluts, we wax poetical on Game of Thrones, and review the film Lolita in Netflix or Notflix, all whilst hindered by a plethora of technical difficulties (that you...


The FatBobCast: 40 - Spectralcular

Back from a break of acting, illnesses, and tricky scheduling, we hit the ground running to discuss the Netflix film Spectral, Spiderman: Homecoming, Baby Driver, and Game of Thrones,as well as some letters and your usual favourites of Lucius Lust and our recommendations. 0:38 Hello & News 27:40 Netflix or Notflix - Spectral (non-spoilers) 36:35 Netflix or Notflix - Spectral (spoilers) 53:07 Welcome to your Letters 1:01:52 Lucius Lust - Chapter 22 1:08:53 The FatBobCast...


The FatBobCast: 39 - Swamp... Thing

Is "Snakehead Swamp" a good film?! No... it is not! This week marks the first time we record an episode in the morning and it's a more sober and ranty experience than we first thought it would be. So as well as discussing just how bad our Netflix or Notflix choice is, we also get to quite an in-depth discussion on Jenna's drinking habits and our thoughts on strip clubs. 0:59 Hello & News 27:16 Netflix or Notflix - Snakehead Swamp (Spoilers) 45:10 Welcome to your Letters 51:42...


The FatBobCast: 38 - Okja Glad We Didn't Say Banana

Slightly longer than normal episode this week as we talk about some personal news in the world of Gareth and Jenna and talk in depth about the film "Okja" in Netflix or Notflix. 1:08 Hello & News 24:12 Netflix or Notflix - Okja (Non-spoilers) 36:26 Netflix or Notflix - Okja (Spoilers) *Sorry no letters this week* 52:01 Lucius Lust - Chapter 20 1:09:10 The FatBobCast Recommends Music: We would love to hear from you if you'd like to get in contact...


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