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Michael Bay

Alex & I delve into the films of Mr Explosion, Michael Bay. The man who can single handedly make a reason to just blow something up for the sake of it! We look at some of his most popular films, and discover that some of the most popular in his catalogue were actually rated terribly by Rotton Tomatoes, leading us to go on a tirade about RT! I also lobby for Armageddon being one of his best films, whilst Alex vehemently disagrees. We look at his impact on Hollywood, and how his films are...


Halloween, Guy Fawkes & Horror

We're back! After a few weeks hiatus (due to personal issues neither of us could control) we come back swinging, talking about all things Guy Fawkes, Halloween and Horror. Alex & I go in hard on those who do not wear Poppies, we talk about the Halloween reboot/sequel/waste of time, as well as go through some awesome horror films. We also go off on a tangent that starts at Halloween takes a trip through Thanksgiving & Black Friday and ends up with Michael Bay! We also give our opinions on...


Feel The Force Day Celebrity Guest Interviews

For your listening pleasure, these are the raw file interviews with the celebrity guests from this years Feel The Force Day, at Kingsgate Centre, Peterborough. Listen as the guests talk passionately about why they are here, what they experience from the day and why the keep coming back year after year to help support this amazing "celebration convention" For anyone wanting to here the impact it has on the celebrity world, then these will give you that candid insight. Enjoy!


Feel The Force Day & Max Landis

Alex and I offer up a 2 for on this episode, with our feedback and thoughts on Feel The Force Day and then moving on to the multitalented screenwriter, Max Landis. We start with our thoughts and feedback on the epic "celebration Con" dedicated to those with physical, auditory and visual impairments, Feel The Force Day in Peterborough. We talk through what we did, what we saw and the lasting impact this con has had on us both, and our love for the guys that put it on. We talk about how what...


TV Shows That Made Drastic Changes

Alex and I discuss some of our favourite TV Shows that made some zerious changes to the detriment of the hard work put in by the show beforehand. we look at how the changes impacted the viewers perspective of the show and how the change altered the feel of the shows. We also look at what the shows could have done better to incorporate the changes.


TV Shows We've Been Binging

Alex and I discuss the shows we have been binging of late, with some rather interesting ones being thrown into the mix. You would NEVER associate us with these types of programmes! We talk about our favourites, discuss the good and bad points of what we have been binging and talk about why we think people should go watch them. We also talk about the shows were are most looking forward to coming back to our screens either the rest of this year or next! If you are looking for some shows to...


Books into Films

Alex and I discuss our favourite books we would like to be turned into films or even TV shows. We look at possible casting for our favourites, as well as where we think they would sit in terms of the current crop of films and tv shows being spat out at a canter. As per, we go off on random tangents discussing Corrie & Eastenders, Game of Thrones, misendeavours of previous incarnations, animation and food. We also play some very dubious linked music to films that were originally books!


Interview with Author Rob Radcliffe

I am delighted to have been able to interview; and chat to, one of my genuine favourite authors, Rob Radcliffe over Skype Rob has written some exceptional books, covering Lad Lit, Fantasy and semi-autobiographical. We discuss the reason we came into contact and the point at which Rob moved forward with his love of writing. We talk about his thought processes when writing a book, his muses and inspirations, as well as what gives him the ideas for his books and how writing sequels/prequels to...


Feel the Force Day - Charity Comic Con

Alex and I are joined by the awe inspiring guys behind the worlds ONLY fully inclusive Comic Con, Feel the Force Day, Simon & JJ. We worked with the guys on last years event and did a previous podcast about the charity and convention, so this was like old friends meeting up for a chat. Not only do we cover the awesome plans for expansion of the Con, the amazing work they have done, the reasons why they do what they do and the origin of the whole day, but we also find out that JJ has never...


Disney pt 2

Alex and I WALTz (get it...) down Disney Main Street once more, looking at Disney films from a slightly different (and often via a ludicrous tangent) way. We talk about Disney's old films continuious ploy to kill off someones family member and use that as a way to push the character forward, we look at the Anti-Heroes and heinious villains in the old and modern day films as well as give Alex 30 seconds to name as many Disney films as possible (he fails miserably btw!) With tangents including...


Star Trek pt 1

Alex and I delve into the films of Star Trek, from OS (Original Series for those not in the know) through Next Gen (Next Generation) and onto the reboots. We look at how each film has expanded on the corresponding series and how they moved the characters on, or not, and the overall feel of each film. We also discuss our favourite parts and compare how each film holds up in this day and age. We throw in some fun facts and give our very "high horse" opinions on each of the films, disecting...


Star Wars Pt 1

Alex and I talk about the original trilogy of Star Wars films, whilst dealing with the ridiculous heat this heatwave is throwing at us, with intertwined tangents that are mostly relevant to what we are talking about! We give our verdicts on the original trilogy as well as throw in some fun facts. We rank the films, and the peripheral films thereafter as well, before rolling off the cliff with tangents. Our Twitter followers get a shout out as well for their contributrion to the show, and we...


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Alex (after he decides to turn up...) & i look at The Peoples Champion, Dwayne Johnson and his rise from WWF (yeah I said it and what?)to Hollywoods most paid actor in 2017. We look at his early beginnings in acting, his typcasting and his breaking the mold to become one of the most bankable actors on the planet. From 2001's The Mummy Returns to 2018's Skyscraper and beyond, Dwayne Johnson has shed his moniker of "The Rock" and is now a actor, producer and director in his own right. We also...


Creating Original Ideas

Alex & I take a break for the slating and downbeat and look to invigorate those who are looking to be creative, be original, be different and challenge Hollywood's remake culture at the moment. This was all Alex's idea by the way! Haha! We discuss the most important areas to help you be more creative and original and how that relates to films and tv shows, giving examples of where those who have challenged and been different have shone through and taken us on a journey through new processes....


Why The Ghostbuster Remake Was So Poor!

Trigger Warning - Do not listen if easily offended by anything remotely negative! Alex & I finally delve into a real film hate of ours, and that is Paul Fieges abomination that is "Ghostbusters" (2016) This film is the standard for crap films! Seen a crap film, thats a "ghostbusters (2016)" From the terrible writing, "comedy" that doesnt hit the mark, direction and lacklustre chemistry from the cast; not the mention the ludicrously cringey "jokes" thrown around in the film and the body...


Edgar Wright

Alex, Andrew and I look at the filmography of one of the most talented Directors out there, Edgar Wright. We anylize his style, his influences and some fun facts. We look at his work in TV as well as discuss where he could go from his success with Baby Driver. Rdgar Wright is definitely hot proprty in Hollywood now, and we want to shed some more light on a multi-talented British export, and one who has a truely amazing style behind the screen, as well as in his writing and producing. Who...


Rising Stars Under 30

Alex, Andrew and I pick out our Rising Stars of the Film and TV World who are set to make a big spolash in the future, if they continue on their paths, and what sort of films we would love to seem them in to help push themselves into the limelight even more. We discuss each one on merit and look at their acting style and where we believe would be the best path for them moving forward in their career. We laugh, we cringe and we make some bold statements!


Unpopular Opinions

Alex, Andrew and I trawl through our twitter feed and look at the unpopular opinions of our followers, giving our take on them, as well as our own unpopular opinions. Is Shaun of the Dead really that bad? How can Lord of the Rings be so well loved? What is up with The Shining? And is The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi really worse than The Phantom Menace? We answer these and many more on our journey of annoying and triggering our listeners! What is your unpopular opinion? Let us know!


Steven Spielberg

Alex, Andrew and I look at the filmography of arguably one of the most influential Directors, Producers and Writers of the modern age of film, Steven Spielberg. From Duel all the way up to Ready Player One, Spielberg has either Directed, Produced or Written some of the most popular films in the world of cinema. We look at some of our favourites, as well as some of our least favourites, and discuss Spielbergs unique style of Directing. We also throw in an ace quiz for all you film buffs out...


Ready Player One: Book vs Movie

Alex and I look at the first of a few epic movies being released over the coming months. With both of us being huge fans of the 80's and gaming; Ready Player One offers up the best of both worlds. But is the film as good as the book? What was good? What was bad? Be warned... spoilers lurk within this episode! We delve into the comparisons and differences of the book and movie and what the overall feel about the movie is compared to reading the book. Throw in some awesome 80's themed music...