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Stranger Things

Alex and I return to discuss the juggernaut that is Stranger Things. BEWARE, Spoilers ahead... We look at the latest season, and look at how the show has progressed from season 1 to the cliffhanger of season 3. We discuss the character arcs, the progression of each of our heroes and we delve into the thoughts behind the dark, horror like show and where they will head in season 4.


Tom Hardy

Alex & I talk about Tom Hardy, a man who can literally make the female; and some of the male, population moist by just uttering a few words. A man who has significant work ethic and versatility that most of his films are Grade A Blockbusters, with a sprinkle of cult classics mixed in. We look at his characters, his personality and interview style as well as what he has done to prepare for his roles. A man of many talents, and roles, he could well have found his niche... "I come here for a...


Cambridge Comic Con Interview

I am priviledged to be able to speak to some of the team behind this years amazing Cambridge Comic Con, being held at The Junction; a place right in a buzzing area of Cambridge with excellent links. The team talk about why they are doing it, their backgrounds, the guests and what they have planned. This is an amazing insight into the Con and a brief look at what it takes to put on a show. Enjoy!


Game of Thrones Final Series & Finale

BEWARE...SPOILERS INSIDE! Alex and & delve into the finale, and the final season, of Game of Thrones. We look at our expectations versus what was delivered and go through our thoughts on the pay offs. We look at the character progressions, writing, cinematography and open up the floor to the questions still left hanging over the series. We pull no punches on this on...


Avengers Endgame

SPOILERS AHEAD Alex & I are back after a hiatus due to station closures and the Bank Holidays, and what better way to start than by discussing and disecting the behemouth that is Avengers Endgame With every spoiler you can think of, we look at the juggernaught of a film and talk about how it made us feel, the big spoilers and little noted gems that sat within the film. We look at how it ended the last 12 years of films and what impact that will have moving forward with the MCU and beyond....


Captain Marvel

Alex & I are joined by Jaz once more as we dissect the recent MCU offering, and final one before Avengers:Endgame, Captain Marvel. If you have heard all of the gushing, then this is something a bit different, as we give our honest opinions and question a few choices along the way. We also theorise about Avengers:Endgame based on the trailer and look at what we would like to see happen and how it will all fit together to bring this part of the MCU to a close... Prepare yourselves...



Alex & I are joined by Jaz, who is a "Pokemaniac" and they both enlighten me in the arts, and love, of Pokemon, from it's inception right up to now. We discuss the games, anime, movies and merch as well as me testing them both to name as many Pokemon as they can! As someone who has never been into Pokemon, it was eye opening and interesting to learn all about the worldwide phenomenon. I even owned up to playing Pokemon Go when it was the "in thing"!


Umbrella Academy ft Doom Patrol & Titans

Alex and I delve into the new TV shows on Netflix, focussing on the new big show, Umbrella Academy. Looking at the characters, the indepth breakdown of their powers and what the future may bring for the series. We give away some big spoilers so be prepared! we also look at Doom Patrol, looking at the characters, their arcs and what we might expect from the series as it continues on.



Alex & I are back after a 4 week hiatus that was out of our control and we are talking about one of the most popular TV shows ever, FRIENDS. We talk about our favourite characters, who we most associate with and then delve into the darker side of our favourite FRIENDS and look at their personality traits and how that would translate into a "real" person. We discuss how they have cleverly called each episode "The One With" and just generally muse over a TV Show we can both agree is epic and...


Long Running Tv Shows

Alex and I look at long running TV shows that we have had the pleasure of watching, and Soaps... We delve into the murky, unhappy world of Soaps before dragging ourselves out of the pit and into more light hearted affairs. From Delboy to Dimbleby, Sport to Science, we look at some of the most long service TV shows and Alex gets a little "Higher or Lowerr" quiz on the longest running TV shows in the UK.


Food in Films

Alex and I are back with a look into Food in Films, going over some of the most delicious films to ever grace the big screen, as well as some of the most obscure TV shows that you should definately binge! From Cult favourite Chef, to Disney magic, Ratatouille and everything else in between (and Good Burger...) we look at how food in films translates to the audience and what are the underlying messages from the films. We discuss the types of cuisines found in the films and what they create in...


Xmas Pt 2

Alex & I end the year with our final foray into our favourite Christmas films. We look at how they have impacted us, how they have held up over time, how they all have a very similar feel to them, and how awesome Chevy Chase is when he goes full on bat shit crazy! We have a look at the constant running themes in Christmas films and the messages they portray. We discuss how we view the films now as adults compared to as a child and what impact they had in shaping the way we see them now. We...


Xmas Pt 1

Alex and I start our festive twosome with a look at how Die Hard is most definitely a Christmas movie. We argue over key points, such as: it is set at Christmas, they say Merry Christmas and the nail on the head, the Ho-Ho-Ho!, I mean, what more do you need! We also look at the most quintessential Christmas movies to watch, such as Santa Clause The Move, The Santa Clause, The Grinch and Elf We comment our thoughts on Home Alone and Home Alone 2, looking at what Kevin's Dad does for a living,...



Alex and I take a look at a dying genre of film; the Western. We take a look at the works of 2 of the finest gunslingers to ever grave the screen; John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, and discuss their respective works before moving onto the more modern incarnations of the Western film, looking at how the dynamic of the films genre has changed and how Hollywood has forgotten the essence of the genre. We look at what can be done to revive the genre, who we would like to see in lead roles and the...


Stan Lee

After the sad news that broke just before last weeks show, Alex and I thought it only fitting to dedicate this show to the man who almost singlehandedly changed peoples views on taboo topics, as well as the cinema world, with his well crafted, humanised characters with superhero traits, Mr Stan Lee. As the world mourns the loss of such a figurehead, we talk about the life of the man, his creations and the impact they have had on many many people in the world, and what his cinematic and comic...


Michael Bay

Alex & I delve into the films of Mr Explosion, Michael Bay. The man who can single handedly make a reason to just blow something up for the sake of it! We look at some of his most popular films, and discover that some of the most popular in his catalogue were actually rated terribly by Rotton Tomatoes, leading us to go on a tirade about RT! I also lobby for Armageddon being one of his best films, whilst Alex vehemently disagrees. We look at his impact on Hollywood, and how his films are...


Halloween, Guy Fawkes & Horror

We're back! After a few weeks hiatus (due to personal issues neither of us could control) we come back swinging, talking about all things Guy Fawkes, Halloween and Horror. Alex & I go in hard on those who do not wear Poppies, we talk about the Halloween reboot/sequel/waste of time, as well as go through some awesome horror films. We also go off on a tangent that starts at Halloween takes a trip through Thanksgiving & Black Friday and ends up with Michael Bay! We also give our opinions on...


Feel The Force Day Celebrity Guest Interviews

For your listening pleasure, these are the raw file interviews with the celebrity guests from this years Feel The Force Day, at Kingsgate Centre, Peterborough. Listen as the guests talk passionately about why they are here, what they experience from the day and why the keep coming back year after year to help support this amazing "celebration convention" For anyone wanting to here the impact it has on the celebrity world, then these will give you that candid insight. Enjoy!


Feel The Force Day & Max Landis

Alex and I offer up a 2 for on this episode, with our feedback and thoughts on Feel The Force Day and then moving on to the multitalented screenwriter, Max Landis. We start with our thoughts and feedback on the epic "celebration Con" dedicated to those with physical, auditory and visual impairments, Feel The Force Day in Peterborough. We talk through what we did, what we saw and the lasting impact this con has had on us both, and our love for the guys that put it on. We talk about how what...


TV Shows That Made Drastic Changes

Alex and I discuss some of our favourite TV Shows that made some zerious changes to the detriment of the hard work put in by the show beforehand. we look at how the changes impacted the viewers perspective of the show and how the change altered the feel of the shows. We also look at what the shows could have done better to incorporate the changes.