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Rising Stars Under 30

Alex, Andrew and I pick out our Rising Stars of the Film and TV World who are set to make a big spolash in the future, if they continue on their paths, and what sort of films we would love to seem them in to help push themselves into the limelight even more. We discuss each one on merit and look at their acting style and where we believe would be the best path for them moving forward in their career. We laugh, we cringe and we make some bold statements!


Unpopular Opinions

Alex, Andrew and I trawl through our twitter feed and look at the unpopular opinions of our followers, giving our take on them, as well as our own unpopular opinions. Is Shaun of the Dead really that bad? How can Lord of the Rings be so well loved? What is up with The Shining? And is The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi really worse than The Phantom Menace? We answer these and many more on our journey of annoying and triggering our listeners! What is your unpopular opinion? Let us know!


Steven Spielberg

Alex, Andrew and I look at the filmography of arguably one of the most influential Directors, Producers and Writers of the modern age of film, Steven Spielberg. From Duel all the way up to Ready Player One, Spielberg has either Directed, Produced or Written some of the most popular films in the world of cinema. We look at some of our favourites, as well as some of our least favourites, and discuss Spielbergs unique style of Directing. We also throw in an ace quiz for all you film buffs out...


Ready Player One: Book vs Movie

Alex and I look at the first of a few epic movies being released over the coming months. With both of us being huge fans of the 80's and gaming; Ready Player One offers up the best of both worlds. But is the film as good as the book? What was good? What was bad? Be warned... spoilers lurk within this episode! We delve into the comparisons and differences of the book and movie and what the overall feel about the movie is compared to reading the book. Throw in some awesome 80's themed music...


Amazon Vs Netflix

Alex and I look at the 2 most popular streaming sites in the world and discuss what is the best one. We discuss the quality and quantity of stuff available on each and which one is the more relevant as streaming and Home Cinema increases in popularity. We look at our favourite programmes on each and look at what can be done to give us the consumer more value for our money! We go all in on them, slating and praising where needed. With random facts, random information and some awesome music...



Alex and I do ourselves no favours whilst looking back at some of our favourite films from the Noughties, feeling very old in the process! We chat about some of the films that launched careers, and also were the pinnacle for some before their inevitable fall from grace. Alex also tests his knowledge on some of the best films from the Noughties and comes out not too shabby, but could you do better? Comment on our Twitter (@TheFTVShow) with your score! Don't forget bonus points for naming...


Alien vs Predator: Remade

Alex and I come up with our own version of the awful mash up of 2 of the most formidable baddies in cinema history, Alien vs Predator. We come up with our own script, as such, our own cast, director, producer etc as well as an overview of how we would want it to play out on the big screen as well as how it plays into the other, individual films from each franchise. We look at what we would think is acceptable and debate each of our own ideas to see which is the best idea. with some...


Alien Franchise

Alex and I delve into the dark world of the Alien universe, talking about each of the films and going through our thoughts and feelings on each one, throwing in some little know facts, as well as giving our take on the thoughts behind some of our favourite scenes. We break down the films and focus on what made them (Alien and Aliens only haha) epic films of their time, before delving into the downward spiral of the franchise after Aliens, looking at where it went wrong, what they could...


Predator Franchise

Alex & I venture into the world of Predator; starting with the 1987 classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Jesse Ventura et al, and heading into the new films, blasphemous as they may be! We discuss classic quotes, favourite scenes and most memorable character, throwing in some anecdotes and facts about the films as well and sticking in some excellent music along the way (Make sure you listen to the first song - Its GENIUS!, oh and the clips at the end!!) we take a deep...


Build Your Own Battle Royal Team

Alex, Andrew and I go head to head to head again with a team of 5 mortal only characters from across the film and tv universe. Much like our "Build Your Own Suicide Squad" show, we are using Mortals only. With a Leader, Brains, Brawn, Comic Relief and Wild Card, there is a plethora of fantastic characters to choose from. But who's is best? Team Alex #TeamAndrew #TeamRichard - You, our amazing listeners and followers, will choose! Comment on our twitter show post with just your #. No...


Harry Potter

Alex and I delve into the beautiful world built by JK Rowling, and give our thoughts on "The Boy Who Lived", Harry Potter. From our favourite book and movie, to favourite character, we dissect the films and characters and give out some of our favourite facts. Did JK really write Snape for Alan Rickman? How did Daniel Radcliffe really get the most well known role? Why were the first 2 films so wooden? We answer these and more as we talk about one of the most loved franchises in the history...


Sell Me This Pen

With the regular team back to full strength, Alex, Andrew and I go through the ridiculously made up film titles, characters and situations that our Facebook and Twitter followers sent in during the week. Completely on the spot (genuinely, none of us had any idea of these) we make up plausible films based on silly information given to us. Some of our brilliant ideas include: Luke Wilson (no, not the Wedding Crasher guy, his brother from Legally Blonde) playing a virgin who gets sucked into...



Alex and I look at some of our favourite TV shows and Films, and discuss how we could resurrect them and keep them going once more. Where would you start with a Firefly resurrection? Would Joshua Jackson don the Ducks jersey once more? Who would fill the roles of the Gargoyles Live Action of the 90's TV show? Does the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy need a resurrection? Find out in this nostalgia filled episode where Alex literally shakes the mic to talk about Gargoyles and I cannot contain my...


Gary Oldman Filmography: Sid Vicious to Winston Churchill

With the recent release of "Darkest Hour", a bipoic of Sir Winston Churchill starring the effervescent Gary Oldman, there was only one way Alex & I were going to go. We go through Gary Oldman's back catalogue of films, discuss some of his more prominent roles as well as his lesser known, and compare how he has matured as an actor. I thrown in a couple of very little known (or not so much maybe?) facts about Mr Oldman, as we go through our favourite characters, their impact on the film...



Fresh from a Christmas and New Year break, Alex and I jump straight into the most overrated films and actors/actresses. We don't hold back! There are just some films and franchises that people rave about but are blinded by the truth. What do we really think about Twighlight? Was La La Land really Oscar worthy? Which Star Wars film does Alex think is supremely overrated? Who is the actor who has just flittered about and had 1 or 2 good roles? We reveal all, and more, in this weeks show,...


Best Xmas Film Post 1991

Alex joins me as we go through the World Cup of Christmas Films Twitter poll that went out last week around Post 1991 Christmas films, with all of our favourites being whittled down to the final: Home Alone 2 vs Muppets Christmas Carol. We go through the other semi finalists and discuss each of the films that missed out and what makes them a worthy Christmas film before getting to the finalists and dissecting each one, giving our thoughts on why the film that won was worthy to win. We...


The Best Pre-1991 Christmas Films

I am joined by Jess, a local actress with a penchant for Christmas movies, as we discuss the results of my Twitter & Facebook World Cup Of Christmas Films polls and take a closer look at a few of my favourites from the list. We talk the funny, the ridiculous, the outrageous and the downright absurd of films, and look at how people voted in the polls. We then reveal the winner of the poll, much to some dismay! I also throw in some awesome music from the films, as well as a few little treats...


Interview with Kate Davies-Speak - British Horror Actress

I had the amazing privilege and pleasure to interview British Horror Actress Kate Davies-Speak, who has also starred in the TV Sci-Fi Mini-Series, Horizon. Kate has been in an abundance of British Independent Horror movies and has really found her niche in the roles she plays; who happen to be strong, centered women (not your usual girl-girl characters often portrayed in films), but who also have exceptional story and character arcs, something that Kate says attracts her to the roles she...


Grim Dark Films & TV Shows

I am joined by long time listener, and good friend of mine, Jan Hryckowian as we go through our favourite Grim Dark Films & TV Shows. Grim Dark is that bleak, dead dystopian future that we are always warned about, and many can forsee, but never believe will happen. Jan & I go through each one and talk about them, giving our thoughts on them and what is good about them. We go into detail about the differences in how each one varies but are all similar in the over-arching storylines. We...


What Happened To Will Smith?

Joined by Alex, we both attempt to answer a burning question in my mind: What Happened To Will Smith? The once stellar action hero of Bad Boys, Independence Day & Men In Black has suffered badly at the Box Office over recent years and has seemingly fallen off the radar in big smash hits (this includes Suicide Squad by the way, but thats another podcast altogether!) so we try to get to the root of this, talking about his early work, more recent films. the issues they have faced and his...