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Movie and tech podcast with "Clueless" Andy Balaam and "Expert" Andy Cockerill

Movie and tech podcast with "Clueless" Andy Balaam and "Expert" Andy Cockerill


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Movie and tech podcast with "Clueless" Andy Balaam and "Expert" Andy Cockerill




s08e12 Nomadland – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Nomadland. Andy B thinks it’s an Idris Elba chipmunk train adventure, but Andy C explains it’s a window into the world of a woman living life and grief her way, with no beginning, middle or end,


s08e11 Sound of Metal – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Sound of Metal, as well as quite a lot of cobblers about the Oscars. The Good Robot Andys podcasts and web site by Andy Balaam and Andy Cockerill are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0


s08e10 News of the World – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of News of the World. Andy B thinks it’s a fall-off-the-cliff-of-despair genre moves that starts out like a rom-com about a young journalist navigating newsrooms, but Andy C explains it’s a Western about a former confederate soldier


s08e09 Blinded by the Light – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Blinded by the Light. Andy B thinks it’s a far-right religious revelation film ending in the destruction of everyone in the world except the pious few, but Andy C explains it’s a joyous tear-inducing coming-of-age film


s08e08 Saint Maud – The Good Robot Andys

Content warning for discussion of a film featuring severe mental health problems and suicide. Discussion (with spoilers) of Saint Maud. Andy B thinks it’s an Emma Thompson movie about a boarding school but Andy C puts him straight: it’s a


s08e07 Relic – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Relic. Andy B thinks it’s a rollicking Disney adventure about some mice who can breathe under water, which is an interesting commentary on religion, but Andy C explains it’s a subtle horror that explores generational trauma


s08e06 Encryption – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion of what that little padlock symbol next to a web address means, and some vague suggestions as to how it works. Andy C questions Andy B, who fails to understand and effectively communicates that failure. For further reading, check


s08e05 Host – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Host. Andy B basically thinks it’s The Haunting, but it’s not at all: Andy C explains it’s a lockdown-created Lockdown Zoom Horror, British-made and independent. [Content warning: a couple of brief mentions of suicide.] That games


s08e04 Best Scenes – The Good Robot Andys

Andy and Andy share some of their favourite scenes from some of their favourite movies. That podcast by our friends that we think you’ll like is The Disc Dump Podcast. Give it a try! That games site Andy B is


s08e03 The Visit – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of The Visit. Andy B thinks it’s a sophisticated thriller starring Michelle Pfeifer, but Andy C explains it’s a fun, short creepy horror from good old M. Night Shyamalan. That podcast by our friends that we think


s08 Everybody Now (special)

Everybody Now – Climate Emergency and Sacred Duty The Good Robot Andys are proud to share with you: We’ve caused a turning point in the Earth’s natural history. Everybody Now is a podcast about what it means to be human


s08e02 Snowpiercer – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Snowpiercer. Andy B thinks it might be a live-action ear-piercing-as-a-metaphor-for-emotional-growth movie set in the Frozen universe, but Andy C patiently explains that it’s a Sci Fi where the last remnants of humanity live on a socially-divided


s08e01 Proxima – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Proxima, which is a story about an astronaut overcoming personal circumstances to train for a mission to Mars. Andy B speculates that it features a robot who eats human flesh, but Andy C puts him right:


s07e13 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which is a story without any nasty surprises about the nice man being horrible, but instead a chance to watch an angry man helped by being shown some kindness and


s07e12 The Invisible Man – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of The Invisible Man. We love Elisabeth Moss (and, it turns out later, Elisabeth Banks) and this stars her (Banks, that is) as a woman terrorised and gaslighted by a controlling husband who just happens to have


s07e11 The Lighthouse – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of The Lighthouse. From the title, Andy B thinks it’s a Finnish water-painted animation, with splashes of colour in the mist, but Andy C explains it’s a tense horror film with a couple of mermaids, but mainly


s07e10 Denis Villeneuve – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of the films of Denis Villeneuve, notably Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049. He seems to make dreamy and thoughtful films that are also visually interesting and action-filled enough to be popular. Check out Andy


s07e09 Jacob’s Ladder and Angel Heart – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Jacob’s Ladder and Angel Heart, two films that nearly made it into our series: best horror movies of the 20th century, but Andy C explains the flaws that kept them out. If you were at all


s07e08 Leave No Trace – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Leave No Trace. Andy B correctly guesses it involves woods, but is otherwise wrong. Andy C explains it’s a story of a father and daughter trying to operate as what they need in their lives begins


s07e07 Bait – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Bait. Andy B thinks it’s a mockumentary with a romantic comedy storyline running through it, an idea that Andy C find inexplicably difficult to understand. Finally, Andy C explains it’s a story of gentrification in Cornwall,