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136: Venom

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack and Producer Phil welcome Jake Wilburn. The guys talk about the new Marvel movie "Venom". Spoiler alert, because there are no stones or symbiotes left unturned. Also, you get a great song for the Song of the Week from one of Jack’s favorite bands, Limbeck. Home (Is Where the Van Is), off their 2005 album "Let Me Come Home".


135: The Waterboy

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, we get a visit from the one and only Jerry McMullen. Jerry and Jack talk about The Waterboy! A film starring Adam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Jerry Reed and the legendary Henry Winkler. Jerry talks about what comic books hes been into lately with Producer Phil. Jack and Jerry talk about the future of Superhero Movies as well as what will become of the Superman Franchise (and the DC Universe as a whole) now that it seems that Henry Cavill has left the...


134: Top 10 Biggest Box Office Busts

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, your host, Jack Altermatt, and Producer Phil discuss Jack's list of the Top 10 Biggest Box Office Busts of All Time. Jack did a ton of research and found the real financial losses and behind the scenes reasons the movies failed. Who made the top 10? Will many of these films be movies that Jack and Phil have already covered on the show in separate episodes? How many Disney films made the list? Find out this and much, much more on this episode of...


133: Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Adam Napier, Jake Wilburn, Jack Altermatt, and Producer Phil talk about Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Get a healthy George Lucas talk and join little Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd), Qui Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) and Obi Won Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) as they take a trip around the galaxy with Natalie Portman, looking for help to fix their spaceship. Also, get a behind the scenes look at how the Galactic Senate is a lot like a normal day on CSPAN. "Just...


132: Terminator Genisys

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Jake Wilburn talks to Jack and Producer Phil about Terminator Genisys. The film stars Emilia Clarke and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jake talks about the Terminator franchise and also about the fact that even though he likes the first 20 minutes of this movie, he still thinks it’s horrible. "Just because it’s from Hollywood doesn’t mean it isn’t horrible!"


130: Deep Impact

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Scott Bryant joins Jack and Producer Phil as they talk about one of 1998's disaster movies, Deep Impact. This movie stars Morgan Freeman, Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood (not as Frodo Baggins), and Téa Leoni. A huge comet is about to strike the Earth, so let's hide in caves in Missouri. A great plan.


129: The Toxic Avenger

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast we invite Ben McDonald to the show! Ben brings you The Toxic Avenger! A Troma Entertainment Film. The guys talk about this early 80s cult classic, Ben talks about meeting John Goodman, and we play a game at the end: Who in the Marvel Universe could the Toxic Avenger best in a fight? Only on The Horrible Movie Podcast.


128: The Campaign

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast we talk to Jake Wilburn. Jake, a former candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Missouri talks about what it was like to run for office (no huge political party talk or anything, just talking about the fun Jake had running a satirical campaign). Then we talk about the movie The Campaign starring Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis. Only on HMP.


127: Gamer

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack and Producer Phil welcome Jake Wilburn to talk about Gamer, a movie starring Gerard Butler and Terry Crews. Do you like video games? Then you might (probably won’t) like this movie. However, listen to us so you don’t have to watch this horrible movie! Jake also gives you a North Korea Update!!!


126: The Flinstones

This week on The Horrible Movie Podcast, meet the Flintstones! Also, meet Rodney Weaver, our very special guest and a US Navy veteran! Rodney, Jack, and Producer Phil talk about The Flintstones movie from 1994. It stars John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Rosie O'Donnell, Halle Berry, and many, many more! We also talk about the classic Flinstones cartoon. Additionally, you get some great features like a very excited "live" studio audience, Jack doing a great Dino impression (the pet dinosaur) and a...


125: Santa With Muscles w/ RD Reynolds

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack talks to RD Reynolds, the creator of the website and the author of the book "The Death of WCW". Jack, RD, and Producer Phil talk about RD’s appearance at Starrcast in Chicago and his discussion with Eric Bischoff about RD’s much discussed book. The guys also talk about Santa With Muscles, starring Hulk Hogan. Only on the Horrible Movie Podcast!


124: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Dave Plemmons joins Producer Phil and Jack to talk about Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band (Film). The movie/musical stars Peter Frampton, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, Alice Cooper, Steve Martin, Steven Tyler / Aerosmith, and George Burns. A great episode with some awesome talk about all things Beatles. So much fun and Producer Phil gives an endorsement to Rublemizer's Comics in Springfield, Missouri. This week on The Horrible Movie...


123: Idle Hands

On this episode, Stephen Price, all around super talent joins Producer Phil and Jack to talk about the movie "Idle Hands". The guys talk in length about the film, Justin Timberlake, and cruising around Mtn. View, Missouri in the late 1990s. You also get a great talk about The World Cup, several ads for Arnold’s 21 Burgers and BBQ in Mtn. View, Missouri, and we talk about a huge amount of info that can’t all be listed here. Only on the Horrible Movie Podcast.


122B: Battlefield Earth Info-Sode

In this Bonus Episode, you get info about Battlefield Earth. Jack gives you Time for Deets and he outlines the Scientology funded movie that stars John Travolta and Forest Whitaker. You also get Par for the Corpse, Major Cuts, and a special rendition of Louisiana Saturday Night from Jack (the King of Creole Cajun Country).


122: Battlefield Earth (Watch-Along)

Beware! This is a “Watch Along” episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast. On this episode, Producer Phil, Jack, and Grant Youngsma watch Battlefield Earth along with you. Written by L. Ron Hubbard and starring John Travolta and Forrest Whitaker. Cue it up on Netflix, wait till we say “play” and watch the movie with us as we give you background commentary. Fun, fun episode and we think you’ll enjoy how horrible this movie is. This is a special treat for our most loyal listeners!


121: The Most Historically Inaccurate Movies Ever Made

On this very special episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack gives you his Top 10 List of the most historically inaccurate movies ever made! You get a serious attempt at explaining where these movies took a real life backdrop and turned the production into fan fiction, at best! Also, you'll get multiple honorable mention picks and some sub-categories like, Political Swerve and The Disney Spin Machine. This week on the Horrible Movie Podcast!


Watch-Along Announcement!

The Horrible Movie Podcast is going watch a movie with you LIVE this Sunday night at 6pm central time! That's right - login to Netflix and get ready to watch "Battlefield Earth" with the HMP crew and chat along with us while we watch it together. is the place to be 6pm CST this Sunday if you want to join in on the live chat fun!


120: The Mummy (2017)

In this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, we're reviewing the terrible start to the Dark Universe, The Mummy (2017)! Why did 1/3 of this movie give us exposition for a cinematic universe that we're not sure (yet) why we even care about it? We don't have a lot of answers but we do have questions on this subject and more. It's Jack and Producer Phil on this episode so sit back and get ready for some Mummy shenanigans!


119: Baywatch

We're watching the 2017 Baywatch film this week, starring The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Zac Efron, David Hasselhoff, Pamela Anderson, and Jason Mamoa. Check out this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast with Jack Altermatt, Producer Phil, and Amanda Altermatt.