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116: The Next Karate Kid

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Shane Kennard joins us to talk about The Next Karate Kid (1994). No Ralph Macchio, no William Zabka, no All-Valley Karate Tournament, and no Cobra Kai, but you do get Mr. Miyagi teaching Julie (Hillary Swank) as the Next Karate Kid. Also, the Alpha Elite Squad is here to report you if you screw up in school. Not much karate for a karate movie but you’ll get the best in early 90s Pre-Grunge fashion. You get to learn about Zen Sports in this movie...


115: Ready to Rumble

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Paul Hufft, Jake Wilburn, Jack, and Producer Phil talk about WCW’s garbage (but super entertaining) movie Ready To Rumble! You get great talk from some life-long wrestling fans about an infamous movie that the WWE’s most legitimate competition produced in the year 2000. Jake was on set for the cage match and he said there was "more than meets the eye" going on. Jake brings us a 30-second synopsis and Paul doesn’t get bleeped at all. Also, David...


114: The Pacifier

On this Episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Paul Hufft joins Jack, Producer Phil, and the Spreaker.com live chat to talk about Vin Diesel and the Pacifier (2005). Do you like tough guys as nannies? Then you'll love this episode. Enjoy all the highs and lows plus our new segment "Derek Webb Presents: Recasting"! Who could make this a better movie? Tune in to find out! Also, patrons prepare for Jack's Summer Month Drawings. Each month this summer, any Patreon patrons (no matter what the...


113: Interview with Derek Webb, Jobs (2013)

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack and Producer Phil talk to Derek Webb! Derek is a 20-year veteran of the music industry, creator of NoiseTrade.com, Middleclassmusician.com, and a founding member of Caedmon's Call. Derek is also featured in our Song of the Week segment this week. Derek talks about the music industry and how to carve out a career that can sustain. He also talks about his house shows, the unique way they're put together and why they've been successful for...


Bonus: Avengers Infinity War (Spoiler Free)

Jack went to go see Avengers Infinity War on opening night. Is it horrible? Check out his SPOILER-FREE review!


112: Matt Baird (spokenmusic.com), Spoken on Tour, Livin' On a Prayer & Avengers Infinity War

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast you get a great talk with Matt Baird, lead singer of the band Spoken. Matt talks to Jack, Producer Phil, and James Green about his life in the music industry. Matt talks about his experiences touring and the evolution of the band he founded. You get a couple awesome "worst gig ever" stories. Also, you get to hear Matt talk about his upcoming shows in Missouri that the guys will be in attendance at. Finally, James, Phil, and Jack talk about...


111: Terry and the Pirates

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast we have a legendary guest - Kevin Carr from Fat Guys at the Movies! Kevin, Jack, and Producer Phil talk about Terry and the Pirates this week, the awful serial from 1940! By far, the oldest film ever covered on the show (its available on YouTube if you want to watch it). Kevin has a huge knowledge of film and he educated Phil and Jack on the Golden Age and about serials in general. An awesome guest who was a lot of fun to have on the show again!


Bonus Episode: Interview with Eric Schwartz

On this very special BONUS episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, we welcome comedian Eric Schwartz to the show! Eric has appeared on the Tonight Show, on Showtime and his stand up special “Surrender to the Blender” was featured on Hulu. Eric is on tour supporting his latest release. On this episode, Eric gives you a Justin Timberlake impression that is beyond compare. Eric talks about his longtime friendship with Grammy Award winner Jason Mraz, actor Craig Robinson (from The Office and...


110: Bio-Dome

On this Episode we start out with a new action drama coming to NBC this fall: Bio-Dome. Then we have the song of the week from the band, Spoken. The song is "This is Not the End". Then, Phil and Jack talk about the movie Bio-Dome. It is so so bad. Holy Lord, it's bad. We talk about Pauly Shore and how this movie could've been improved. Also, we talk about many, many awesome things like New Music Digest! Only on the Horrible Movie Podcast.


HMP109: Interview with Dangerous Danny Davis

Dangerous Danny Davis, legendary professional wrestler with the WWE, joins Jack on the Horrible Movie Podcast on this Road to Wrestlemania episode. Danny talks about his new book, "Mr. X - The Life Story of Dangerous Danny Davis". Danny also talks with Jack about the golden age of WWE, the 80s and 90's. Danny Davis has been a part of the professional wrestling industry since the 1970s. Danny is best known as the WWF's Evil Referee, who used his position to "fix" matches for the bad guys. He...


108: Sherlock Gnomes

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, you start with the Song of the Week featuring "Around" by The 77 Jeffries. Next, NBC sends us another great promo for a show from their Fall lineup, "Par For the Corpse". Then, Producer Phil and Jack talk about the animated movie, Sherlock Gnomes, and the general pitfalls of animated movies. It's great spoiler filled episode! This is a movie that Jack claims should actually be a straight-to-DVD film with a $60,000,000 budget. Woof.


107: Kong Skull Island

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, we start out with a visit from the voice of Halo's Master Chief, Steve Downes and then hear the trailer for NBC's Major Cuts, coming this Fall! Next, we get the Song of the Week "Settled Up" by recording artist Rachel Reese. Then, our guest Braden Hughs (from the podcast entitled "You're Not Dying"), Producer Phil, and Jack talk about Kong: Skull Island (2017). We get to hear about Braden's film interests and have so much fun!!!!


106: Vegas Vacation

On this Episode of HMP, you start with a caller from the Horrible Movie Phone (417-319-4677) who makes a request that the song of the week be an old school country song. You got it! Then, live from Spearfish, South Dakota, it's the Director of the South Dakota Tourism Board, Frank Dakota! He talks about March in Spearfish and around South Dakota and the South Dakota State Jack Rabbits making the NCAA Tournament! This week's movie is National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation and our featured guest...


105: Red Dawn

Jake Wilburn, Producer Phil, and Jack Altermatt talk about the 2012 remake of the 80's stalwart Red Dawn, starring Chris Hemsworth. We talk about the movie, North Korea, and you get a song of the week from the band Calls From Home titled "Hold On." Great Episode!


104: Peter Rabbit (review)

Jack welcomes Amanda onto the show this week! She gives a review of "Peter Rabbit" and talks about her Alamo Drafthouse experience. You'll hear the Song of the Week - a song called Psalm 40 by The Remnant. Finally, some Planet Comicon 2018 wrap-up and some talk about favorite albums of all time!


103: Batman & Robin

It's The Horrible Movie Podcast Live Panel @planetcomicon #pckc! During this panel, Jack, Jared Chester, Laurie Chester, and Troy Spradley talk about 1997's Batman and Robin. It's a great panel with movie clips and some awesome responses from some awesome people, for a horrible movie! Live from Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri -- it's The Horrible Movie Podcast!!


102: Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Kung Pow!! The movie that is a parody unto itself. The brainchild of Steve Oedekerk (Ace Ventura, Cowboys Vs. Aliens and more!) brings us this odd creation that he wrote, directed and starred in. Also, you get a Song of the Week brought to you by Stephen Christian (lead singer of Anberlin) whose Album "Wildfires" is available everywhere! Join Producer Phil and Jack as they talk Kung Pow: Enter the Fist! Only on The Horrible Movie Podcast!


101: Air Bud: Golden Receiver

We start the show with a Horrible Movie Moment from professional wrestler and podcaster, Colt Cabana, former WWE Wrestler and host of the groundbreaking and popular podcast “The Art of Wrestling”. Then, of course, you'll get plenty of horrible Air Bud junk and we give a heartfelt and way overdue In Memorium to the original Air Bud, Buddy. He died a month before the release of Air Bud: Golden Receiver. Here's to the first Rated G movie we've done on the show. Only on HMP!


100: Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues

We Did It!!!! 100 Episodes! So what now? On this episode of HMP, you get a great episode recorded in front of a live studio audience. Special guests include Aaron Dicer (Your Movie Friend, Podcaster, NBC Movie Critic), Jared Chester, Producer Phil, Shane Kennard, Paul Hufft, Chris Ballew (lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America), Frank Dakota, and more! We talk about the great Horrible Movie - Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues. A lot of fun with friends... oh,...


99: Queen of Blood

On this amazing episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast you get Richard Syrett who hosts syndicated radio show "The Conspiracy Show" and a new Podcast called Conspiracy Unlimited, has a television series called "The Conspiracy Show" on Amazon, and guest hosts a little known radio show called "Coast to Coast AM". Richard talks about the movie "Queen of Blood" with Jack and Producer Phil. He also talks with the guys about his favorite topics, his fear of vampires, and drops a huge newsworthy...


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