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157: Harry and the Hendersons

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack and Producer Phil talk about Harry and The Hendersons. We start the show talking about the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot footage from 1967. Then we segue to talking about the movie. We finish off with a caller who claims he’s gotten up close and personal with a Bigfoot.


156: Angels in the Outfield

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Scott Bryant from Interstate of Mind joins Jack and Phil to talk Angels In The Outfield (1994). A movie that stars Matthew McConaughey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Danny Glover, Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd and Adrien Brody. Talking classic sports movies and much more.


155: Return of The Jedi w/Fabian Nicieza, Co-Creator of Marvel's Deadpool

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Fabian Nicieza joins Jack and Producer Phil. This is, quite possibly, the most thorough interview you've ever heard from the creator of Deadpool, "Merc with a Mouth". Fabian literally gives all kinds of mind-blowing Marvel and DC information and behind-the-scenes info you've never heard before. There's Stan Lee talk, there's Cable and Deadpool talk, you find out which Robin is Fabian's favorite and his favorite to write. Also, the guys talk to...


154: TMNT Franchise w/ Kevin Eastman Interview

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast we talk to Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kevin talks about all things TMNT, along with his favorite toppings on pizza! Jack and Producer Phil finish the episode talking about each of the Turtles theater released movies from 1990-2016! Great interview with Kevin Eastman, a comic book icon and a great recap of all the Turtles Movies. Turtle Power!


153: Robocop 3

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack and Producer Phil welcome Jered Yarber, owner of Bad Donkey Tattoo and Dr. of Robocop Studies at OCP University. Go Flying Robocops! We have a segment called Tattoo Trivia with Jered. You get a great 30 Second Synopsis and you find out that Robocop 3 might be the best movie in the franchise. That last part was a lie. Seriously though, Jered is hilarious and a great guest. Robocop 3, Jered Yarber - only on The Horrible Movie Podcast!


152: Top 15 Best Valentine's Day Movies Ever

On this very romantic episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, it's a Couples' Special! The Altermatts and the Youngsmas sit down in front of a raging fire at a ski lodge in the snow-covered Swiss Alps to talk about the Top 15 Best Valentine's Day Movies Ever. That's right - it's a "best of list", but the catch is this: Jack has covered some of these movies on the podcast before. Also, he thinks many of these movies are, in fact, horrible. There's singing, laughs, and much more. Plus, Amanda...


151: Power Rangers (2017)

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Phil and Jack talk about 2017’s Power Rangers. To start the show, you get an Indy Movie of the Week shout out White Lion Studios' "Attack of The Killer Shrews"! Next, Jack and Phil talk about great memories they have of the Power Rangers and you get to hear a lot about Krispy Kreme. I mean, a LOT about Krispy Kreme. It’s Morphin' Time!


150: 007: Die Another Day

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Jake Wilburn joins Jack and Producer Phil to talk about one of Phil’s favorite movie franchises - 007 James Bond. However, things aren’t what they seem because the guys are talking about 2002’s Die Another Day, starring Pierce Brosnam and Halle Berry. A great episode where the guys also cover‘s top 10 James Bond movies. Woooo!!


149: Godzilla (1998)

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Jake Wilburn joins Jack and Producer Phil as they talk about Godzilla (1998). Jake and Phil bring some common sense talk while Jack rants for the better part of the episode. Stick around to the end for a musical treat!


148: Corey Mann's 3 Most Walkout-able Films

On this episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack and Producer Phil welcome radio legend Corey Mann. Along with Coreys storied radio career, the guys talk to Corey about his top 3 most walkout-able movies. Also, you get some tremendous Chicago Bears talk. Finally, Corey talks about singer Mat Kearney introducing him to NFL quarterback Jay Cutler. Bonus at the end is Jack and Phil talking the Marvel Cinematic Universe additions that are coming in 2019 - Captain Marvel, Avengers: End Game...


147: Holmes & Watson

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast the guys talk about the Christmas 2018 film Holmes & Watson. Will Farrell and John C. Reilly star along with Ralph Fiennes. Is it really as bad as critics are saying or is it "Elementary my dear Watson"?


146: 2018 - The Greatest Year in Horrible Movie History!

On this episode, Jack starts the show with many thanks, listener shout outs, some fun behind the scenes information/stats, and some cool plans for 2019 on HMP. In the second and third segments Jack breaks down the year and talks about the episodes and guests from the year. He also talks about his favorites and listener favorites, highlights, some "lowlights", but altogether fun. Stay tuned to the end for all the promos from the upcoming NBC 2019 Fall Lineup!


145: Santa Claus (1959)

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack and RD Reynolds (creator of and author of the best-selling book: The Death of WCW) talk about the 1959 Mexican film Santa Claus, Christmas Movies, and finish the show with a great talk about wrestling.


144: Ernest Saves Christmas

On this episode Jake Wilburn talks to Jack about Ernest Saves Christmas. Lots of fun talking about the enigma that is Jim Varney and Christmas in general.


143: A Very Brady Christmas

On this episode, Jack and Phil talk to Jerry McMullen from The Worst Comic Podcast Ever about A Very Brady Christmas. You get an awesome 30 Second Synopsis from Jerry. You get a phenomenal plot breakdown. Plus, you get Phil, Jerry and Jack talking all things comics and comic book movies from Marvel Studios and DC. Finally, they breakdown the Netflix and Disney streaming end game.


142: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

On this very special episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast, Jack, Producer Phil, and special guest Stephen Price come to you LIVE from their panel at Louisville Supercon 2018. The guys are talking about X-Men Origins: Wolverine. This episode begins with a great talk about this year's Louisville Supercon and some of the details from the show. Overall, a fun time and a fun panel with a special guest from the audience as well! Wolverine!!!!!!!!


141: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

On this episode of The Horrible Movie Podcast, the Altermatt family drive back from their Southern Thanksgiving. They talk about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald on their way. You get a great ad from Ronnie Dupree’s Cell Phone Superstore and you get to hear about Johnny Depp’s new show coming to NBC this fall - Yorkshire Manor! Only on this road trip edition of HMP! Woooo!!!!!


141: Mac and Me

On this episode, Bryan Nguyen joins Producer Phil and Jack. The guys talk about Mac and Me (1988). Bryan talks about his movie reviews. You get a great talk about all things 1980s McDonalds. And Bryan finishes the episode with a song!


140: Worst Billion Dollar Movies

The worst movies to gross a billion dollars. That’s right - Producer Phil and Jack talk about's list of the worst movies to sell $1,000,000,000 worth of box office tickets. Fun episode with a lot of Johnny Depp in it!


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