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The Lazy Geeks #2: Not All Whites Are Equal

The guys return this week with a very interesting episode. First off, Steven is thinking about making a switch to an iPhone. He had an iPhone about four years ago and wasn’t all that impressed with it. He went back to Android and has seen it made a huge leap. Now, he thinks it may be worth a shot. Adam discusses about how “white privilege” accusations against him are taking their toll. People of color demean him because of the color of his skin. Adam hasn’t had it easy in his life, living...


The Lazy Geeks #1: Sony Is Better, Right?

This is officially the first episode of our new The Lazy Geeks. This week, Steven and Adam begin to discuss the fan theories about the upcoming Avengers 4. Primarily because it was mentioned that they haven’t filmed the end of the movie yet. So, they entertain some theories and reveal their own. Also, Sony is the best. It’s true. Just ask Sony. After the debacle of Sony blocking cross-platform play, the guys discuss why and the outdated thought behind it. They look into a new report that...


The Lazy Geeks #0: New Year, New Show

Welcome to the brand-new incarnation of our podcast. As we promised back in August, we are dropping a different type of show. Here is The Lazy Geeks. No longer are we discussing news of the past week. We are discussing the life and things that affect it of the two hosts. Steven and Adam return to discuss some news, life decisions, adulting, politics, and other nonsense that destroys the peace from their lives. So join us on our teaser episode, where we discuss what brought us to this point...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #311: All Good Things...

With a heavy heart, we bring to you the final episode of The Lazy Geeks Podcast. It isn’t a goodbye as more of a “we’re just getting started”. The show, in its current form, will end with episode 311. We will return in the fall with a completely rebranded show simply titled, The Lazy Geeks. It will no longer feature news commentary, but more of interests that mean something to us. In our final episode, we discuss the reason and future at length. After that, it is an episode as usual. It has...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #310: Very Biblical

This week’s episode of The Lazy Geeks Podcast has the guys getting a little biblical. Maybe a bit offensive, but they honestly don’t care. As promised, the donation link is live and they go through PayPal. Steven explains the quick process and gives a shout out to their first donator. The guys discuss why you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, and why Skyscraper sucked. MoviePass is all about the bad press, Disney doubling down on James Gunn firing, Facebook in more trouble,...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #309: Now Available on Netscape

The Lazy Geeks Podcast is back with a new episode of the series. Good news first, we have enough money to bring you enough episodes for the month. However, money is a bit tight and we are looking to throw up a donation page to help us pay some of the bills. So please help us out. The guys discuss that the FCC lied about that DDoS attack when their site went down from people protesting the retraction of net neutrality. Adam has been experiencing a strong monsoon season, while installing...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #308: New Red Scare

The Lazy Geeks are back with a brand-new episode. Sorry for the quality of the episode. Steven mistakenly used the wrong recorder for Skype and it came out with an echo for Adam’s side. The recorder that they use has been corrupting regularly now, that they decided to try the computer recorder to see if that can be more stable. So, bear with us as we test new options. At least, until Skype rolls out the online recording feature. The Lazy Geeks are back with a brand-new episode. Sorry for...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #307: Nothing But Trailers

With each passing year, it seems that news out of Comic-Con is getting less and less. The Lazy Geeks Podcast returns with a bit of some stories from the even, but it is mostly about those trailers. The biggest trailers out of the event. Not to mention the huge firing news of James Gunn from Disney and why Disney was stuck in a weird position. Some of the other news of the week involves a Spider-Man edition of a PS4, Buffy getting a reboot, no more 3G devices for Verizon, Batwoman coming to...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #306: The Retro Gamer

A week after a massive heatwave, The Lazy Geeks Podcast is back with a new episode. This time, they discuss the nature of the heat that caused them to miss the show last week. Steven rediscovers a classic movie from the early nineties, Don’t Be A Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. A comedy classic about old “in da hood” movies. Adam has a new addiction of retro gaming, which includes his recent decision to get himself a PlayStation 4. This week, the array of...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #305: Basic Bytch

The guys are back with a new edition of The Lazy Geeks Podcast. After another corruption incident with the recording, they were unable to retrieve the episode for last week. They managed to record this week’s episode without incident and here you go. The guys cover the biggest news stories of the past week in record time. This is most likely the shortest episode they have ever done. Just a little over an hour and Steven is beginning to reveal his latest online moves to spice up your online...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #304: E3 2018

Welcome to The Lazy Geeks Podcast E3 2018 recap. This is our yearly recap show that discusses all the press conferences and reactions to the trailers and news from the event. As you can figure, there will be none of the standard news, random roundtable or WTAF entries for this week. We will be back with all that next week. This week is about the news coming out of the press conferences from Sony, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Nintendo and some others We will discuss the games and trailers from the...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #303: Australia Is Not Real

Sorry for the delay in bringing the new episode out to you, but you almost didn’t get the show. After recording this show, and a few other podcasts before, the SD card they were saved on failed. We almost considered them lost and planning to re-record the episode. Fortunately, we were able to retrieve the show (and my three other podcast), so nothing was lost. I know you guys understand. All our previous episodes are available on the site. There were some episode missing but they are all...


The Lazy Geeks #302: Swinging Like A New Jack

After the break, The Lazy Geeks Podcast is back with a new lease on life. After celebrating our 300th episode, the guys have taken the time to tweak the show. Less structure to discuss the stories but more discussion time of our lives. Not to mention that the guys needed to kick it off with the classic “Bitch Better Have My Money” because yeah. So, check out our review of Solo and the culture that is ruining it for us. The big news stories and some very special WTAF stories. Check it out and...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast Rewind: Making Sense of Nonsense

As today is the holiday of Memorial Day, we decided to take a week off and relax. If you heard the last episode, you would have heard us say see you back in two weeks. This just proves that none of you actually listen to us. Anyways, we decided that a “Rewind” episode would be in order. With the chaos of the world, it would be nice to look back some seven years to 2011 and listen to an old show. This episode has some crazy stuff in it. Charlie Sheen begins going crazy. Problems with video...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #301: Very Salty There

The guys conclude their 300th episode celebration by listening to the douchebag list from their first podcast. Not only that, they review Deadpool 2. Not to mention that the whole “Yanni or Laurel” craze has flown by these two. Primarily because they don’t give a damn about it. An Alabama representative tells a scientist that there is no such thing as global warming because rocks falling into the ocean is what is making the water rise. Yeah, because science. On a side note, starting June...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #300: Shaved Mario

This is it! We have hit the magical 300th episode. We discuss a couple of the biggest news stories of the week, but that is only the first twenty minutes. After that, the guys listen and comment on their first episode that they recorded seven-and-a-half years ago. Join them why they take this trip down memory lane. Welcome to the 300th episode of The Lazy Geeks Podcast. Here are the links for this week: Random Roundtable: Shaved Mario Senate Pushing to Restore Net Neutrality Cobra Kai...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #299: What The Hell Thanos

This is it guys, the episode before our 300th episode. We discuss and review Avengers: Infinity War which will contain spoilers. If you have not watched it yet, you may want to hold off. If you don’t care, which if you haven’t seen it yet kind means you don’t. Please be sure to drop us some comments, thoughts, or whatever you want for our 300th episode next week. It will be a cool show. Here are the links for this week: Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up Stories: Deadpool 2 Took...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #298: Marvel and Infinity Tentpoles

The countdown to episode 300 is in full swing. The Lazy Geeks Podcast has a jam-packed episode for you. Steven talks about the HBO documentary for Andre The Giant, which he caught. Made him nostalgic for the WWF wrestling that he used to watch with his family as a kid. They drop the late-breaking announcement of T-Mobile and Sprint merging. They, also, don’t see a problem with them getting government oversight approval. Also, it was bound to happen: sex toys based on the members of The...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #297: Man of Tomorrow

Superman has a birthday this week. The Lazy Geeks Podcast talks about the iconic hero’s status in pop culture and a review about the 1000th issue of the historic Action Comics. Keep in mind that this is the comic that gave us the first appearance of the Man of Steel. Why his image has tried to be changed but many writers have missed the concept of the character? Making him a tortured soul is not the way to go. He is a beacon of true and light. Hope. Being dark and tortured is Batman’s...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #296: Verbiage Is Key

This week saw Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, testify before Congress about his part in the Cambridge Analytica fiasco. While most of the media focused on what changes could come to Facebook, we are going to talk about how much of a joke these hearings are. Whether you like Facebook or not, there is no benefit that comes from these hearings. The only reason they happened is because they can be linked to President Trump. How many other data breaches happened in this country and...