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The Lazy Geeks Podcast #301: Very Salty There

The guys conclude their 300th episode celebration by listening to the douchebag list from their first podcast. Not only that, they review Deadpool 2. Not to mention that the whole “Yanni or Laurel” craze has flown by these two. Primarily because they don’t give a damn about it. An Alabama representative tells a scientist that there is no such thing as global warming because rocks falling into the ocean is what is making the water rise. Yeah, because science. On a side note, starting June...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #300: Shaved Mario

This is it! We have hit the magical 300th episode. We discuss a couple of the biggest news stories of the week, but that is only the first twenty minutes. After that, the guys listen and comment on their first episode that they recorded seven-and-a-half years ago. Join them why they take this trip down memory lane. Welcome to the 300th episode of The Lazy Geeks Podcast. Here are the links for this week: Random Roundtable: Shaved Mario Senate Pushing to Restore Net Neutrality Cobra Kai...


The Away Team #60: The Defector

You wanted a cold war episode of TNG? Seriously, did any of you want one? Whether you wanted it or not, you got one with The Defector. A Romulan grew a conscious and decided to defect to the Federation to prevent a war. Or, did he? Did he pretend to defect or is he even who he says he is? Seriously, we are asking. Credits: Music: Star Trek (dubstep) (the coolest cat) - AH Da Time Other info: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube Email: thegeeks@thelazygeeks.com


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #299: What The Hell Thanos

This is it guys, the episode before our 300th episode. We discuss and review Avengers: Infinity War which will contain spoilers. If you have not watched it yet, you may want to hold off. If you don’t care, which if you haven’t seen it yet kind means you don’t. Please be sure to drop us some comments, thoughts, or whatever you want for our 300th episode next week. It will be a cool show. Here are the links for this week: Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up Stories: Deadpool 2 Took...


The Away Team #59: The Vengeance Factor

When you are a Star Trek fan for as long as the guys are, it is hard to believe that there is an episode they don’t remember. Unfortunately, this is one of those episodes. It is kind of all over the place. The Enterprise is attempting to negotiate a treaty with two warring factions. The two factions are comically an allegory for a parent negotiating with their teen sons, who are trying to start a band. The Acamarians have been having a blood feud with the Gatherers for a long time. The...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #298: Marvel and Infinity Tentpoles

The countdown to episode 300 is in full swing. The Lazy Geeks Podcast has a jam-packed episode for you. Steven talks about the HBO documentary for Andre The Giant, which he caught. Made him nostalgic for the WWF wrestling that he used to watch with his family as a kid. They drop the late-breaking announcement of T-Mobile and Sprint merging. They, also, don’t see a problem with them getting government oversight approval. Also, it was bound to happen: sex toys based on the members of The...


The Away Team #58: The Price

After two weeks of Geordi getting into some zany situations over the last two weeks, Troi gets herself stuck in some really awkward 80’s romance novel. You guessed it, The Away Team is discussing the episode, “The Price”. It is kind of unclear as to which is the A/B storyline. However, you couldn’t have the romance without the negotiation of the wormhole, so Troi has to be the “B” storyline. Ral doesn’t translate well into the twenty-first century. He comes off as a swarmy, sexual...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #297: Man of Tomorrow

Superman has a birthday this week. The Lazy Geeks Podcast talks about the iconic hero’s status in pop culture and a review about the 1000th issue of the historic Action Comics. Keep in mind that this is the comic that gave us the first appearance of the Man of Steel. Why his image has tried to be changed but many writers have missed the concept of the character? Making him a tortured soul is not the way to go. He is a beacon of true and light. Hope. Being dark and tortured is Batman’s...


The Away Team #57: The Enemy

This week’s edition of The Away Team is an extreme episode. Everyone in this episode is acting extreme. After receiving a mysterious distress signal from a remote planet, Rike, Worf, and Geordi beam down to the planet to investigate. Somehow, Geordi manages to fall through the ground. Yeah, he falls through the ground and is separated from the rest of the away team. However, they find an injured Romulan and take him back to the ship. It is safe to say that there is someone else on the...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #296: Verbiage Is Key

This week saw Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, testify before Congress about his part in the Cambridge Analytica fiasco. While most of the media focused on what changes could come to Facebook, we are going to talk about how much of a joke these hearings are. Whether you like Facebook or not, there is no benefit that comes from these hearings. The only reason they happened is because they can be linked to President Trump. How many other data breaches happened in this country and...


The Away Team #56: Booby Trap

On this week’s episode, Geordi has been having a rough go of the women lately. The episode opens with him striking out with a crewmen hard. Now, we know this is fiction because Levar Burton can get it. No problem. That is Reading Rainbow guy. He is all about the written word. However, after the Enterprise gets stuck in a booby trap, Geordi creates a holodeck of one of the designers of the Enterprise. Given that it is the holodeck, you know what goes on in there. Of course, Geordi is about...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #295: Moving On Up

The guys are back with a big show. Adam discuss how he is enjoying his new home and set-up. After so many years of being below the poverty line, he is getting use to his middle-class surroundings. It’s an exciting journey for him. Steven finds it interesting what you end up watching on YouTube and the scary introspection it causes. Especially how the YouTube algorithm takes from one place to a completely scary place. The main discussion this week is about the YouTube shooting and the...


The Away Team #55: The Bonding

After our week off, we come back to a very depressing episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. “The Bonding” has to deal with death. This is one of the few times that a nobody extra has an impact on all the crew. The Away Team has covered many of those deaths before, and know there are more in the future, to which they didn’t give a damn about. Why is this one so important? Who the hell knows. Not only that, it discusses the biggest, illogical questions of the series: why are families on...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #294: The Book of Face

After taking a week off, the guys are back and a little late. Adam finally saw The Last Jedi, while the guys explain why the extra delay. The guys discuss the privacy mess that is Facebook and why no one should be surprised by it. Also, why this is a bit of a relation to our topic in our last episode. Here are the links for this week: Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up Stories: Adam's Funeral Music Adam Finally Saw The Last Jedi Entertainment- Steven: Marvel Movies Are Made By...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #293: The Lies We Share

Steven and Adam discuss the popular music from their days in high school, as well as some of the biggest news stories of the past week. The guys discuss a MIT study that shows people are 70% more likely to share fake news than real news. This doesn’t come as a surprise to them and they explain why. The guys will be taking next week off, so they will see you back here in two weeks. Enjoy “The Lies We Share”. Here are the links for this week: Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up...


The Away Team #52: The Survivors

The guys discuss ‘The Survivors’. An elderly couple are the only people left alive after a colony is wiped out by an alien species. Picard is on a mission to find out how and why. Oh, and he don’t fall for anyone’s silly games or illusions. Troi is going bananas after listening to a music box. We have all had that song stuck in our heads. Yet, we don’t understand why she doesn’t tell anybody. Sit back and enjoy The Away Team #53: ‘The Survivors’. Credits: Music: Star Trek (dubstep) -...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #292: The Dumpster Fire That Is Our Life

Steven and Adam discuss how YouTube is a dumpster fire that is out of control. Steven discusses his latest adventures on Metro, while Adam discusses a game his family started playing. All that while discussing all the other big news stories of the past week. Enjoy “The Dumpster Fire That Is Our Life.” Here are the links for this week: Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up Stories: Adventures on Metro Entertainment- Steven: John Favreau Developing Star Wars Series Adam: Barack...


The Away Team #52: Ensigns of Command

First a technical note, due to an issue with the file, you are missing the first ten minutes of the recording. However, you are only missing about two minutes of the episode. So that strange drop-in is there for that reason. The Sheliac are a race of beings that don’t give a damn about your excuses. They need this colony of humans off the planet or they will handle business their way. Data is sent down to try and convince them. However, Goshiven has a dick swinging contest with Data. He...


The Lazy Geeks Podcast #291: China's The Role Model We Need

This week, the guys miss the Oscars to bring this episode. They don’t care really. This is far more fun. The guys discuss the health scare of Kevin Smith, and other major news stories of the past week. They delve into the slippery slope of China and their desire to change their constitution. Support from the President of the United States makes it scary for our future. Here are the links for this week: Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up Stories: Kevin Smith Entertainment- Steven:...


The Away Team #51: Evolution

After six weeks, The Away Team is back with the start of season three. “Evolution” is the season opener of the series. It doesn’t break any new boundaries in regards to storytelling, but there are some noticeable changes to characters. Beverly Crusher is back with a one-line explanation as to where she has been for the past year. Deanna Troi is given some improved writing in this episode with her sharp discussions with Stubbs. The main question is how does Wesley get nanites out of...


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