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065 - Chris Ferguson

This week Jeremy is joined by Chris Ferguson, professor of psychology at Stetson University. Chris has specialized in the area of violence in video games and the impact on our society. In this week's Behind the Curtain segment, Jeremy updates us on the latest happenings with the Capcom Pro Tour. This week's Cutscene is a discussion on Eli Roth's History of Horror Docu-Series. Find all things Mediajuice by heading to! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, llc.


064 - John Davidson

Today Jeremy welcomes John Davidson of GameStop to the show! John is the President of the Esports Trade Association & head of Esports and Partnerships for GameStop. John & Jeremy talk about the unlikely career path that brought together his passion for skating & business into the world of gaming & esports. Tune in for their inspiring and insightful chat! Please note that during the first 3-4 minutes of the interview we suffered some technical difficulties with John's audio. But it does...


063 - Inspiration Compilation 3

Producer Jeremiah Isley takes the reigns this week as he brings a highlight reel of the last 7 guests and their inspiring advice and origin stories! Guests featured this week: Thanks for tuning in! Don't forget you can find all things Mediajuice Studios—including highlight reels, social media outlets, and much, much more—by heading over to our website: Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, llc.


062 - Super Draft: Marvel Villains

Today Jeremy and his producer Jeremiah go head-to-head in another Super Draft. This time the guys are drafting their dream team of Marvel Villains! Who will win? You decide! Check out our social pages to cast your vote. In this week's Behind the Curtain, Jeremy shares some new updates about his documentary film on the history of Nintendo. All this and more is waiting for you in this week's episode. For all things Mediajuice, head to our website RIGHT HERE! Produced by Jeremiah Isley,...


061 - Arda Ocal: Esports Shoutcaster!

Today Jeremy welcomes the voice of the esports NHL tournament, Arda Ocal, to the Green Room! They chat all things esports and announcing. Also in today's Behind the Curtain segment, Jeremy dishes on some big developments for the magic and Nintendo documentaries he's working on. And today in Cutscenes, the guys discuss Venom, the latest film in the Spider-Man universe from Sony. To find out more about Mediajuice Studios, head over to! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice...


060 - Author Brett Weiss

Today Jeremy welcomes Brett Weiss into the Green Room! Brett is the author of the SNES Omnibus, an encyclopedic record of the popular gaming console. Check out his website for more info! Also this week, Jeremy shares news about some new video game trailers that Mediajuice has produced as of late. Plus, Jeremy and Jeremiah discuss the latest trailer and gameplay video for Red Dead Redemption 2! For all things Mediajuice Studios, including the newest video game trailers, head to...


059 - Brent Bushnell

We have a very special guest today: Brent Bushnell, son of Nolan Bushnell. Brent chats with the guys about his latest venture, the newly opened Two Bit Circus, and much more! As always, we've got our Behind the Curtain segment, and Jeremy gives us an update on the Nintendo documentary that he's working on. Today's cutscene is all about the new Spider-Man game for PS4! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, LLC.


058 - Marv Wolfman

We've got a very special guest for you today: Marv Wolfman creator of iconic comic book characters such as Blade and Cyborg from Teen Titans (just to name a few). He's written and created characters for both DC and Marvel Comics, and he's here in the Green Room with Jeremy and Jeremiah today! Also, we get an update on Jeremy's magic documentary in today's Behind the Curtain segment. And the guys discuss the imminent release of Solo to home viewing mediums in today's Cutscene. Thanks for...


057 - Chris Koehler

Today's show brings us another great guest! Chris Koehler, author of Power Up: How Japanese Video Games Gave the World an Extra Life! Chris and the guys discuss Japanese culture, video games, writing, and more! Also in today's episode, Jeremy discusses the production of a new documentary film he's working on that explores the history of Nintendo. And the guys discuss the lull in blockbuster releases as fall comes around in today's Cutscene segment. Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice...


056 - Capcom's Michael Evans

Today, Jeremy welcomes the Director of Game Development of Capcom, Michael Evans. The guys have a great conversation about everything from game development to technology and Michael's origin story! Be sure to head over to for all things Mediajuice! Thanks for listening! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, LLC


055 - David Perry

Today we have a special show as Jeremy welcomes game designer and video game luminary, David Perry! Listen in as David and Jeremy chat everything from video game design to practical habits for becoming successful. Check out for all things Mediajuice studios! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, LLC.


054 - Super Draft: Star Wars Jedi

The Super Draft is back! This week Jeremy and producer Jeremiah draft their dream team of Jedi. Who wins? It's up to you to decide! Head over to all the social channels and cast your vote! Team Snead Team Isley This week's Behind the Curtain reveals a new documentary that Mediajuice is working on: "Before Your Very Eyes," a doc about magic and the culture of magicians. And rounding out the show is this week's Cutscene in which the guys discuss "Won't You Be My Neighbor," the new...


053 - Inspiration Compilation, Part 2!

It's back! All the best inspiration and advice from a ton of our guests. So tune in as Jeremiah takes us on a walk down memory lane and we hear some of the best of the best! Today's guests include: Huzzah! What a list! Thanks for listening! Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, LLC.


052 - Tristan Donovan

Today Jeremy welcomes author Tristan Donovan into the Green Room. Tristan wrote one of (if not) the most complete and comprehensive books on the history of video gaming, Replay: The History of Video Games. In this week's "Behind the Curtain" segment, Jeremy discusses the intern process at Mediajuice Studios. And in our "Cutscene" segment, Jeremy and Jeremiah discuss James Cameron's docu-series The History of Science Fiction. Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios, LLC.


051 - Zak Penn

We've got a great episode this week! Zak Penn, screenwriter, director and all around awesome guy, joins Jeremy and Jeremiah in the "Green Room" this week. The guys discuss the creative process, screenwriting, and Zak's involvement in Ready Player One as he worked along side Steven Spielberg! Also in today's "Behind the Curtain" segment, Jeremy discusses the creation of the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary developer diary that Mediajuice Studios produced. And in this week's "Cutscene," we've...


050 - Blake Harris

Today Jeremy invites author Blake Harris into the Green Room. Blake is the author of the bestseller Console Wars. And the guys wrap up the Production Genres series with a segment on TV spots for this week's look Behind the Curtain. And this week during the Cutscenes segment, Jeremy and Jeremiah discuss the latest season of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee as well as the Atari VCS console that is releasing mid-2019. Thanks for listening, and if you like what you hear be sure to subscribe to...


049 - Video Game School!

Hang on kids, it's time for a crash course in video games! Topics we'll cover today include: Your professors for today are: For all things Mediajuice, head over to Produced by Jeremiah Isley, Mediajuice Studios LLC.


048 - Super Draft 2! Atari 2600 Classics!

This week the guys have at it in another Super Draft! This week Jeremy and Jeremiah select their top classic Atari 2600 games. Here's how it went down: Team Snead: Team Isley Who picked the better team?? Head over to Twitter and cast your vote! Also this week in the Behind the Scenes segment, Jeremy discusses the creation of custom animation video content. And in the Cut Scene segment, Jeremy fills us in on his trip to E3. Check out to find all things...


047 - Save Point 3!

Today, Jeremiah is at the helm again as we take a look back at the last couple months of shows in this special Save Point episode! This week we hear highlights from: Thanks for listening, and don't forget to share the show with your friends! Produced by Jeremiah Isley Mediajuice Studios, LLC.


046 - Acting Class

Today, Jeremiah is at the helm as we walk through a Mediajuice Podcast acting class. We've had some amazing and talented folks on the show who have found success through being an onscreen or voice talent, and they're going to share everything from technique advice when it comes to forming a character, to how to manage life in this crazy industry, today's guests include: Go to to find all things Mediajuice including social media links, great video series, and much...