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Subscribe to THE weekly podcast for movie people! Features in-depth reviews of classic films and contemporary hits, with ratings, rankings, and interviews.

Subscribe to THE weekly podcast for movie people! Features in-depth reviews of classic films and contemporary hits, with ratings, rankings, and interviews.


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Subscribe to THE weekly podcast for movie people! Features in-depth reviews of classic films and contemporary hits, with ratings, rankings, and interviews.






The Spy Who Came In From The Cold • The Next Reel

When John le Carré wrote his third novel "The Spy Who Came in From the Cold," it was such a success and brought him so much acclaim that it essentially outed him as a spy for MI6. He'd been doing it for only five years, but in that time, he learned a great deal about how the machine worked (or the 'circus' as he calls it in his books) and was able to bring that world to life with greater accuracy than had been seen before. Because of that, it was inevitable that the story would be adapted to...


2020-03-28 • Saturday Matinée

Changing tides in the theater biz. Collider's digital release schedule for the coming months. Plus Flickchart re-ranking and a list of undercover cop movies! SwallowThe PlatformBad EducationTHE LIST! Undercover Cop Movies! Andy’s List The Raid 2House of BambooBorder IncidentSteve’s List DestroyerA Scanner DarklyReservoir DogsPete’s List Eastern PromisesDonnie BrascoSerpico


BlacKkKlansman • The Next Reel

Ron Stallworth's story seems ridiculous and unbelievable, but it's true – as an African American undercover cop with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Ron infiltrated the local KKK group with one of his fellow detectives and managed to bring them down. It's the sort of story that Spike Lee seems perfect for, so who better to direct it than Lee himself? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we wrap up our brief Spike Lee series with his 2018 film BlacKkKlansman. We talk about...


Aniara • Trailer Rewind

JJ and Steve find themselves among another group of exiles in space. This time it is the Aniara, a spaceship taking passengers from Earth to Mars. Despite its luxurious setting on an interplanetary cruise ship, this film does delve into dark territory — literally and figuratively. Based on a book-length science fiction poem written by Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson in 1956, this film explores the impact isolation, anxiety, and despair can have on a society. Within the first 10...


2020-03-21 • Saturday Matinée

We're all living in a post-movie planet and just trying to make the best of it. We're seeing some creative release strategies in light of the pandemic. Avatar is still coming. Cats keeps on giving. If you're looking for something to do with your kids, you could do worse than remaking Spider-verse with traditional animation. Plus, trailers and a list of movies that include TV production. 1BRBefore the FireHippopotamusTHE LIST! #! Andy’s List Quiz ShowHeroNightcrawlerSteve’s...


Take 10 on Disney+

Have some time social distancing by yourself or with the family and looking for something cool to watch? Kyle and Rob from the Marvel Movie Minute Season 2 take their top 10 lists of great movie options on Disney+ that might be off the beaten path. Take a stroll down the Disney movie lane to fill up your watchlists now!


Bamboozled • The Next Reel

“Everybody wants to be black.” By the time year 2000 rolled around, Spike Lee had made 13 feature films (if you count his 60-minute student film Joe’s Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads as a feature) and had been celebrated, denigrated, disparaged, praised, and sometimes ignored. Regardless of the reactions, Lee showed himself to be a straight-up artist – always pushing to make noise with his cinematic art, whether people ended up listening or not. And then along comes his 2000 film...


The Hunt • The Film Board

“Don’t first amendment me” What a weird time to be alive, right? It seems appropriate for Blumhouse to release a political powderkeg in the middle of a national state of emergency quarantine that’s been wildly politicized across the spectrum. There’s no better time for us to talk about The Hunt because even though a lot of activities near you have been canceled, most theaters are still open for business. So our Gang of thugs defied the most outlandish parameters of social distancing to...


2020-03-14 • Saturday Matinée

Wisdom teeth. Tom and Rita. Plus a list of films with hot weather as a principle character and three derivative trailers! Notable Releases Banana SplitThe Very Excellent Mr. DundeeSoulTHE LIST! Hot Weather Movies! Steve’s List Rear Window12 Angry MenBody HeatPete’s List Barton FinkTNR talks about BartonGood Morning, VietnamTo Kill a MockingbirdAndy’s List Falling DownSummer of SamWrestling Earnest Hemingway


Do the Right Thing • The Next Reel

“Wake up!” For Spike Lee’s third feature film, he blended an idea he got from an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode where the characters talk about the theory that hot weather increases violent tendencies with stories of police violence against African Americans that ended in their deaths. He created a film that speaks to family and neighborhood as much as it speaks to violence and anger. It’s a film chock full of flawed characters who feel lived in as much as the streets of this fantastical...


High Life • Trailer Rewind

"Bums and losers. That’s what you are." In the first episode of our Exiles In Space double feature Steve and JJ discuss Claire Denis’ first English language film, High Life. With the familiar faces of Juliette Binoche and Robert Pattinson leading this cast of exiles, it is easy to assume that this will be a conventional, and somewhat mainstream science fiction film. What Claire Denis delivers is far from it. This nonlinear tale challenges its audience with moments of brutality and violence...


2020-03-07 • Saturday Matinée

Corona Virus Gregorian Reset. Bollywood Eternals. Old Kids in the Hall. Plus a very special re-ranking and a list of films featuring great surveillance! ConnectedThe RoomGreyhoundTHE LIST! Great surveillance! Andy’s List The Lives of OthersHeadhuntersThe Man with One Red ShoeSteve’s List The ConversationRear WindowThe Truman ShowPete’s List Blue ThunderThe Osterman WeekendBad Times at the El Royale


Le Samouraï • The Next Reel

“What kind of man are you?” Jean-Pierre Melville wrote the script for Le Samouraï for Alain Delon. When he started telling Delon about the script, Delon stopped him after ten minutes, commenting on how there was no dialogue yet. Melville said that was correct, and Delon’s immediate reaction was to say, “I’ll do it.” He then brought Melville to his bedroom where he revealed that it was decorated in a very sparse Japanese style with a samurai sword hanging over his bed. It seemed it was meant...


The Invisible Man • Film Board

“Don’t let him haunt you” Blumhouse has done it again - The prolific production company has already knocked out its second release of the year with this month’s Film Board subject: The Invisible Man. February seems to be a great time for the genre as past Febs have had us profiling Get Out and Happy Death Day 2U. (Both of them Blumhouse beauties as well.) Leigh Whannell brings this one to us and while it might not be as gory as the rest of his filmography, this one is meant to thrill with...


2020-02-29 • Saturday Matinée

Spielberg is stepping down as Indy director. Wait… there’s a Snake Eyes movie? Deepfakes and BTtF. The Director’s Cut nightmare. Dear Evan Hansen? CandymanThe Painted BirdSelf MadeTHE LIST! Great instruction manual movies! Pete’s List Ocean’s ElevenThe RevenantMy Cousin VinnySteve’s List ChefWarGamesCast AwayAndy’s List RatatouilleIl PostinoAlive


Rififi • The Next Reel

“I liked you. I really liked you, Macaroni, but you knew the rules.” After Jules Dassin was blacklisted from Hollywood, he went to Europe to see if he could find anyone willing to hire him. Even there, it took some time but eventually, producer Henri Bérard asked him if he would write and direct the adaptation of Auguste Le Breton’s novel “Rififi.” Jean-Pierre Melville had been asked prior but gave Dassin his blessing to take it on, and Dassin made the film, now hailed as one of the great...


2020-02-22 • Saturday Matinee

Amazing Stories is back. Trump misunderstands the Oscars, longs for a resurgence of Gone with the Wi...whatever. Shantaram halts production because they don’t know how to write it. Police Academy redux?. Joaquin Phoenix prison breaks a cow. Escape from PretoriaRunInside the RainHEY! LET’s RERANK SOME MOVIES! … ANDY‽ THE LIST! Great prison escape movies! Steve’s List Shutter IslandOut Of SightVictoryPete’s List Escape from AlcatrazThe EscapistLa Grande IllusionAndy’s List The Shawshank...


Le Trou • The Next Reel

With a passion for American films noir, French filmmakers in the 50s started making their own takes on crime stories and created an entire new subgenre of crime films, the policiers, which in turn inspired many American filmmakers. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we kick off our new series on French crime films with Jacques Becker’s 1960 prison breakout movie, Le Trou. We look at the nature of prison break movies and what filmmakers do to get us to side with these criminals as...


2020-02-15 • Saturday Matinée

Oscars recap. Fathom Events and King Kong.The Batman camera test. The French DispatchThe Green KnightTHE LIST! Over-the-Top Supervillains! Andy’s List The Silence of the LambsKill Bill Volume 1Sky HighSteve’s List The Fifth ElementThe ProfessionalBlue VelvetDodgeball


Life of the Party • The Next Reel

“They’re probably just looking at my smock. It tends to catch the light.” After collaborating on Tammy and The Boss, husband and wife team Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone proved that the third time’s a charm with Life of the Party. Of course, ‘charm’ may not be the most accurate word as the film was reviewed fairly poorly, but if it hadn’t been reviewed poorly, it wouldn’t fit into our current guilty pleasure series! Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we wrap up this year’s Guilty...