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Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

“You know how to dial, don’t you? You just put your finger in the hole and make a tiny little circle.” When Steve Martin and Carl Reiner latched onto the idea of acting in a scene opposite characters in other movies, they thought it was pretty funny and thought it would be even funnier if they could do an entire movie that way. It took some work to get there, but they managed to pull off a pretty clever film in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, even if they devolve into dumb comedy at times. Join...


2019-11-30 • Saturday Matinée

Some rants about 'The Irishman' and +11 Pacinoæ. Andy and his Frozen conundrum. Steve is upset about Xfinity inviting E.T. to the house to watch some TV. Apple did one too. Netflix does the movies that made us. True History of the Kelly GangThree ChristsRide Like A GirlTHE LIST! Comedians making a turn to drama! Pete’s List The HustlerFoxcatcherThe Skeleton TwinsSteve’s List Man on the MoonDan In Real LifeThe Color PurpleAndy’s List The King of ComedyCollateralJo jo Dancer, Your Life...


Pennies From Heaven • The Next Reel

“I want to live in a world where the songs come true.” It may have seemed more strange at the time than it does now, but after his success of his comedy film The Jerk, comedian Steve Martin used his career momentum to next make… a depressing musical in which he’s a completely unlikeable character. In context of the career path that Martin has taken and the variety of projects he’s been a part of, it’s clear that it was a smart decision, but he’s lucky the flop of Pennies From Heaven didn’t...


Knives Out • The Film Board

SURPRISE! The Film Board snuck out and saw an advance screening this month, so we’re in spoiler Shangri-la to chat about “Knives Out” before its even officially released! It’s a traditional “whodunit” that Rian Johnson has packed full with family entanglements that make multiple money murder motives. There’s so many reasons we wanted to check this thing out and many of them come from the remarkable cast including Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Don Johnson, Toni Collette and others. Join...


2019-11-23 • Saturday Matinée

Get ready for more experience theaters. 'The Banker' gets delayed. Here's that Michael Jackson movie they think you want. OK, trademark. The Next Reel Merch is on sale right now. The Wolf HourAntebellumTHE LIST! Our favorite dummies! Steve’s List Dinner for SchmucksJeff Who Lives At HomeDude, Where's My Car?Pete’s List The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!A Fish Called WandaAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


All About Nina • Trailer Rewind

There are films that come and go without notice that are better than the majority of films currently playing at your local cineplex. A film like All About Nina is the reason we have Trailer Rewind. The challenge with describing what makes All About Nina such an entertaining and moving film is that it’s not one clearly identifiable standout element. This is a clear example of a film where the collaboration and contribution of everyone in front of and behind the camera results in a finely...


The Jerk • The Next Reel

“I don’t need anything… except this. This ashtray, and that’s the only thing I need is this. I don’t need this or this. Just this ashtray… and this paddle game.” Steve Martin was having great success as a comedian, but felt like he was at his peak and wouldn’t last very much longer if he didn’t push into another avenue. That other avenue, as it turned out, was film. Of course, that wasn’t as easy to get into as he had hoped and it took him some time, but eventually, one of the studios...


2019-11-16 • Saturday Matinée

Nicholas Cage is set to play Nicholas Cage. Baby Yoda. Digital James Dean team is about to blow your mind with digital Maya Angelou. OK, Cinema … Scorsese can’t stop playing himself… this time with young Oscar voters. Also, make sure you pick up our brand new Auteur Theory and OK Cinema merch in the TNR TeePublic Merch Store! Fantasy IslandThe Way BackTHE LIST! Identical Twin Movies! Steve’s List Adaptation.MultiplicityThe Parent TrapThe Social NetworkThe PrestigeThe Man in the Iron...


Dead Ringers • The Next Reel

Making a film about identical twin gynecologists after having two successful Hollywood films may seem like folly, or it may seem like exactly what a filmmaker like David Cronenberg would do. Cronenberg used the boost of success to get a complex, psychological drama made, and while it may not have paid off at the box office, it’s become an essential work of the director that pulls elements from his body horror films while moving him into the more psychological examinations he would explore...


2019-11-09 - Saturday Matinée

There is no living actor better than a dead James Dean, apparently. Kung Fury is now furiouser. Corridor Crew can see the future. Original Ghostbusters cast is coming back. A League of Their Own heads to the Amazon. The BankerThe LodgeColor out of SpaceTHE LIST! Characters that exist only on screens Andy’s List Contact1984OblivionSteve’s List The Purple Rose of CairoBack to the Future Part IIThe Icicle ThiefPete’s List HerForrest GumpMax Headroom


Videodrome • The Next Reel

“Television is reality, and reality is less than television.” There’s a film critic who called David Cronenberg ‘the thinking man’s genre filmmaker.’ If you look at the body horror films Cronenberg puts together, you will find that there is often a lot to unpack. They’re more artistic and have a lot more to chew on than most horror films. To that end, this reviewer’s comment about Cronenberg makes perfect sense. But does that mean what Cronenberg is trying to say with his films always makes...


2019-11-02 - Saturday Matinée

Pete showed up for the Godzilla effects and was rewarded in hero shots. Steve preps for Rewind with Nina. We start watching a few shows on tv+ and see the most expensive time travel forest ever documented on media. Is Disney vaulting everything again? Les MisérablesSafe SpacesSorry We Missed YouTHE LIST! Head explosions! Andy’s List License to KillGrindhouseThe Running ManSteve’s List Mars AttacksDeadly FriendGalaxy of TerrorPete’s List The FurySaw IIIFinal Destination 3


Scanners • The Next Reel

David Cronenberg took a bit more of a science fiction route rather than straight-up body horror with his 1981 film Scanners. It didn’t have a personal connection like The Brood, his previous effort, either, so it stands out a bit in his work. That being said, the body horror elements certainly crop up in the gruesome effects he uses. But is he hiding a nonsense story in atmosphere? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our Cronenberg series with Scanners. We talk about the...


2019-10-26 - Saturday Matinée

A series of 1-star reviews for things. Pirates is going to Chernobyl? Netflix testing variable playback speeds. Big box set for Little China. Go, NOW, Max for Studio Ghibli. BloodshotCosmosTHE LIST! Terrible movie moms! Steve’s List Friday the 13thSpanking the MonkeyWild At HeartPete’s List Dead-AliveHellraiserThe Hand that Rocks the Cradle


The Brood • The Next Reel

“Raglan encouraged my body to revolt against me… and it did.” After going through a difficult divorce and custody battle, David Cronenberg decided to integrate elements of that part of his life into his screenplay for The Brood. It’s not an obvious parallel to his life, but when you know it’s there, it’s easy to see. Does that integration of his own life’s battles into the film help make it a stronger one than his previous ones? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our...


Zombieland Double Tap • The Film Board

It’s Deja vu all over again as The Film Board tackles a second sequel month in a horror realm. This one has a serious cast blasting away with comic relief in Zombieland: Double Tap. It’s been ten years since the original, and the marketing wasn’t shy about bringing up how its stars have shifted. So has anything changed in the land of Z since Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin, and Woody Harrelson have hauled in so many awards and Nominations? Join Tommy, Pete and JJ to catalog...


2019-10-19 - Saturday Matinée

Apple signs Alfonso. Someone's suing someone over the Panama Papers... again. Kanye's new thing. $1000 to watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days? That's $33.333/movie! Never Surrender documentary looks terrific, if you can see it. Adopt a HighwayThe OutsiderRabidTHE LIST! Evil Corporations! Steve’s List Michael ClaytonErin BrokovitchOffice SpaceAndy’s List DuplicityThe InsiderThe CorporationPete’s List Alien FranchiseJohnny MnemonicWall•E


Fast Company • The Next Reel

When people familiar with the works of David Cronenberg view his 1979 film Fast Company, many are taken aback because it feels like an anomaly in his oeuvre. There is no body horror. It’s a straight up carsploitation movie. But to Cronenberg, he views it as one of his many children, and like kids, they each are their own unique being. For fans of his films and those who study them, however, does it represent Cronenberg as a filmmaker very well? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we...


Woman Walks Ahead • Trailer Rewind

The challenge with historical films based on actual events is finding the right character to lead the audience through the story. JJ has made it clear that he will follow Jessica Chastain anywhere. Neither Steve nor JJ are aficionados of American history. While this is an interesting story to be told, they both failed to find an emotional connection to a truly tragic story. All of the pieces for a gorgeously shot and heart-wrenching tale are present, but something gets in the way and...


2019-10-12 - Saturday Matinée

Alien anniversary, plus expensive theatrical event re-releases. Star Wars cookware. Brief Joker commentary. Andy's still working through Stephen King adaptations, and good grief... there are a ton of Children of the Corn movies... it's the CotCCU! Disney looking to buy Spidey for $5 billion? Tom Hardy trolling with costumes. There are no Easter eggs in Joker. RIP Robert Forster. The TurningMickey and the BearTHE LIST! Medical procedures gone horribly wrong! Andy’s List The Truman...