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2019-10-19 - Saturday Matinée

Apple signs Alfonso. Someone's suing someone over the Panama Papers... again. Kanye's new thing. $1000 to watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days? That's $33.333/movie! Never Surrender documentary looks terrific, if you can see it. Adopt a HighwayThe OutsiderRabidTHE LIST! Evil Corporations! Steve’s List Michael ClaytonErin BrokovitchOffice SpaceAndy’s List DuplicityThe InsiderThe CorporationPete’s List Alien FranchiseJohnny MnemonicWall•E


Fast Company • The Next Reel

When people familiar with the works of David Cronenberg view his 1979 film Fast Company, many are taken aback because it feels like an anomaly in his oeuvre. There is no body horror. It’s a straight up carsploitation movie. But to Cronenberg, he views it as one of his many children, and like kids, they each are their own unique being. For fans of his films and those who study them, however, does it represent Cronenberg as a filmmaker very well? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we...


Woman Walks Ahead • Trailer Rewind

The challenge with historical films based on actual events is finding the right character to lead the audience through the story. JJ has made it clear that he will follow Jessica Chastain anywhere. Neither Steve nor JJ are aficionados of American history. While this is an interesting story to be told, they both failed to find an emotional connection to a truly tragic story. All of the pieces for a gorgeously shot and heart-wrenching tale are present, but something gets in the way and...


2019-10-12 - Saturday Matinée

Alien anniversary, plus expensive theatrical event re-releases. Star Wars cookware. Brief Joker commentary. Andy's still working through Stephen King adaptations, and good grief... there are a ton of Children of the Corn movies... it's the CotCCU! Disney looking to buy Spidey for $5 billion? Tom Hardy trolling with costumes. There are no Easter eggs in Joker. RIP Robert Forster. The TurningMickey and the BearTHE LIST! Medical procedures gone horribly wrong! Andy’s List The Truman...


Rabid • The Next Reel

“I have to have blood. It’s all I can eat.” David Cronenberg seemed to continue from where he left off with his first theatrical feature film, Shivers, when he wrote his script for his next film. Certainly, there are differences, but largely, the stories have a lot of similarities. That being said, there are definite signs of growth for this storyteller, and as far as his body horror films, there is a big step up with his second film. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue...


2019-10-05 - Saturday Matinée

According to Scorsese, a tomato does not equal cinema. Spielberg partners with the upcoming streaming service Quibi with a new property you can only watch at night. Throwing money at Jason Bourne with a spin-off TV series and a new film. Free Guy is coming. The GentlemanThe Personal History of David CopperfieldTHE LIST! Movies that take place in a single location! Steve’s List BuriedExamCluePete’s List Free FireDeathtrapCube


Shivers • The Next Reel

“Why not breed a parasite that can do something useful?” David Cronenberg has long been called the ‘king of body horror,’ which is a title that he came to early in his career. When looking at his first theatrical feature, Shivers, it’s perhaps easy to see why he was dubbed with this moniker, and also easy to see why it stuck. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we kick off our David Cronenberg series with his 1975 film Shivers. We talk about the nature of Cronenberg’s films and why...


2019-09-28 • Saturday Matinée

Spidey makes peace between Sony and Marvel. Go learn something about Salmon P. Chase. K.Feig is going to make a Star Wars movie. More Joker controversy. The Irishman is looking to be gold. NoelleUncut GemsTHE LIST! Stolen Identities! Pete's List Lucky Number SlevinLife of BrianZeligAndy's List The ImposterThe Great DictatorFace/Off


Robin Hood (2010) • The Next Reel

“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions.” When Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott signed on to make Nottingham, a revisionist take on the Robin Hood myth that pitted a Sherlock Holmes-like Sheriff of Nottingham against the villainous Robin, little did anyone realize where it would end up. After years of rewrites, Scott had the version of the myth that he wanted to make, taking on a much more historical angle placing Robin in the middle of the political machinations leading to the Magna...


2019-09-21 • Saturday Matinée

Somehow we missed Battle at Big Rock. Also, old news. We haven't been in the theater in a while. Steve insults Downton Abbey. Ad Astra isn't for space people. AMC doesn't know what "artisan" means. In the Tall GrassHarrietThe Rhythm SectionTHE LIST! Breaking the fourth wall! Steve’s List Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Banglisten to the TNR episodeRubber24 Hour Party PeopleAndy’s List AmelieThe Big ShortOn Her Majesty's Secret ServicePete’s List Funny GamesGoodfellasJCVD


Robin Hood: Men In Tights • The Next Reel

Pulling off a good parody can be quite difficult. Mel Brooks has done it a few times, but he’s also made some lesser parody films that don’t quite hold up. So where did his sendup of the Robin Hood myths end up? Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our Robin Hood series with Brooks’ 1993 film Robin Hood: Men in Tights. We talk about parody films and look at why a parody film of the Robin Hood films, particularly Prince of Thieves from two years earlier, seemed like a good...


Leave No Trace • Trailer Rewind

After JJ’s stressful experience for September’s Film Board, he deserved something more comfortable and less stressful. Leave No Trace is not only set in his hometown of Portland, but it's PG-rating was certain to guarantee that this would be an anxiety-free viewing experience for him. Steve and JJ follow the story of Will and his daughter Tom from wilderness to civilization and discuss the perils and choices that face them in both places. JJ provides some geography lessons and speculates...


2019-09-14 - Saturday Matinée

Felicity Huffman goes to jail. Moviepass is officially gone. RadioactiveCountdownTHE LIST! Proximity Films! Andy’s List Turner & HoochK-9Despicable MeMegamindBack to the FuturePeggy Sue Got MarriedSteve’s List Saving Private RyanThe Thin Red LineOlympus has FallenWhite House DownThe PrestigeThe Illusionist


Robin Hood (1991) • The Next Reel

Every few years it seems, two films telling the same (or similar) story start production near the same time and inevitably, it turns into a race to see who gets to the box office first and who ends up the victor. Armageddon vs. Deep Impact. Antz vs. A Bug’s Life. Snow White and the Huntsman vs. Mirror Mirror. So when John Irvin’s film was set to release opposite Kevin Reynolds’ Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, the studio balked and opted to just release it on television in the States. But does...


It Chapter Two • The Film Board

Let’s go back to school with It Chapter Two, The Film Board made a pact last month that we’d return to Derry with the other losers if It came back. Well It’s here and in this one, the kids are all grown up with Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, and James McAvoy playing our heroes. Will the sequel have the record-setting legs of its predecessor? Is It the greatest Stephen King thriller of all time? There’s a lot to talk about here as long as we’ve got the courage to fight the fear. Join Tommy,...


2019-09-07 • The Saturday Matinée

Lars trains with arrows. Steve finds Birdemic. Variety: "... the rare comic-book movie that expresses what's happening in the real world." "In mainstream movies today, 'dark' is just another flavor." Jessica Biel destroys a camera with an arrow. TitularLines on Twitter. WavesJust MercyBlack Christmas THE LIST! Flying Cameras! Steve’s List The Evil DeadRunawayHot Shots Part Deux! Andy’s List The AvengersThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingThe Quick and the...


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves • The Next Reel

Kevin Costner and Kevin Reynolds had been buddies from early in their careers before Reynolds directed Fandango, which starred Costner. Their friendship lasted for a decade before temporarily being waylaid by the production problems on Waterworld, but before their rift, they were called upon to make an update of the Robin Hood tale. The film received mixed reviews but audiences loved it and it became the second highest grossing film in 1991. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we...


Robin and Marian • The Next Reel

When Sean Connery agreed to star in The Death of Robin Hood, the James Bond star was thrilled to play a character where they wouldn’t ask him to come back for a sequel. But when the film was renamed Robin and Marian to be more marketable, did that affect the way the film was perceived? Or was the script reworked to try and capture the romance? It’s hard to say, but it does make for interesting discussion. Join us – Pete Wright and Andy Nelson – as we continue our Robin Hood series with...


Destroyer • Trailer Rewind

Everything from the release date and the blurbs from critics told us this was going to be an Oscar contender. Nicole Kidman was delivering a performance unlike any we had seen from her before. Director Karyn Kusama had moved from film to television for nearly a decade until she returned with 2015’s The Invitation. Destroyer was a highly anticipated follow-up. And then audiences failed to turn out for this film. Or was it a studio that failed to deliver a successful marketing and promotional...


Disney’s Robin Hood • The Next Reel

Walt Disney had long been interested in telling the story of Reynard the Fox, but never could find the way to tell it that he thought would be palatable to kids. Because of that, it kept getting shelved. After Disney’s death, they finally found a way to integrate the anthropomorphic characters into an animated film. It wasn’t Reynard the Fox as it turned out but the story of Robin Hood. For people growing up in the 70s, this version of Robin Hood is often cited as the one that was the most...