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IFW 10.11.18: Your Favorite Filmmakers Defined & A New Mirrorless Camera from Fuji

Erik Luers, and Liz Nord get together this week to discuss two of their favorite things: movies and words. They also address some pretty spooky rumors that George Romero may soon be rising from the dead. Charles Haine joins them to discuss a new camera from his favorite camera company as well as new software from Mocha, Pomfort and Baselight that may end up greatly enhancing your workflow. And in Ask No Film School - what kind of background audio can you use in your short? As always, the...


How to Become a Top Notch Sound Designer with the Team Behind 'First Man'

Not many people with an interest in film have the direction to start pursuing sound at an early point in their career. It seems, rather, that through working on various projects they come to realize how powerful a tool sound really is and fall head over heels in love. If it's early enough in their career, there's plenty of work to be found and no turning back. For Milly Iatrou Morgan and Ai-Ling Lee, this was certainly the case. All it took was a simple choice followed by years of dedication...


IFW 10.4.18: When to Move On to Freelancing & Why You Should Be Playing Video Games

Jon Fusco and Erik Luers buckle down and get serious this week to discuss one of the single biggest hacking controversies of our generation and what it could mean for Marvel's box office returns. There will only be one group of people to blame if Venom flops this weekend, and it's Lady Gaga fans. Also in the news, do people who play video games for ten hours or more a week somehow end up having more disposable income? Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where he details RED's massive new...


Jeremy Saulnier on Why Being a DP is More Fun than Being a Director

Jeremy Saulnier has carved out his own little place in film history. His second feature film Blue Ruin was the first of its kind in many ways, an artful genre thriller that is a spectacle to behold and shot on a shoestring budget. His next film, Green Room, cemented his place as one of today's most talented thriller auteurs. And it all stems back from blowing shit up as an eight-year-old in his backyard. There wasn't really a time when Saulnier's life didn't revolve around the camera. From...


IFW 9.27.18: How to Correctly Use a Fish & A New Mirrorless Camera From Panasonic?

It seems like the Toronto International Film Festival just wrapped up but Jon Fusco, Erik Luers and Liz Nord are all back together this week to preview the Fall's next big one, The 56th Annual New York Film Festival. The team drops some clues on what to look out for in addition to highlighting their most anticipated films at the fest. Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where Panasonic shocked the camera world with yet another full-frame mirrorless camera that may end up competing with...


From Film School 'Failure' to Godard's Cinematographer: Fabrice Aragno on Working with Jean-Luc

When Fabrice Aragno went to film school, he was written off as a creator of meaningless images. What was the point of his thesis picture? Where was the emotion? These questions, however, didn't matter much to him, so he ignored them. What mattered was assembling work that he felt was sincere. In Aragno's opinion, cinema doesn't need an explanation. There is no objective. Don't explain it, just embrace it. Fortunately, that philosophy ended up aligning closely with another filmmaker some of...


IFW 9.20.18: Two of the Years Biggest Cameras & How to Advertise Your Short Film

In this episode, Jon Fusco and Erik Luers talk TIFF takeaways, a successor to MoviePass that could actually work out and the Emmys' failures to get with the times. Charles Haine joins us for gear news, talking two of the biggest mirrorless cameras to come out this year and an exciting new pair of Cooke lenses. On Ask No Film School - some thoughts on how advertising could end up hurting your short film. As always, the show also brings news you can use about gear, upcoming grant and festival...


'Think Slow, Act Fast': Joe Walker on Editing for Steve McQueen and Denis Villeneuve

Steve McQueen has made some great movies. So has Denis Villeneuve. So what do Hunger, Sicario, Shame, Blade Runner 2049, 12 Years a Slave and Arrival have in common? They were all edited by Joe Walker. McQueen and Walker's latest collaboration, Widows, made its world premiere to a sold-out crowd at the Toronto International Film Festival last week. It's the Academy Award winner's most accessible feature, a blockbuster heist movie with a stellar cast including Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Colin...


IFW 9.12.2018: The Academy Makes a Smart Decision & How Hard Should You Be Working?

In this episode, Erik Luers and Liz Nord reveal a couple of changes to awards season that everyone can agree on, Nicoloas Cage is in a really good movie, and the best new wireless kit to own. On Ask No Film School - a reminder to take it easy. As always, the show also brings news you can use about gear, upcoming grant and festival deadlines, this week’s indie film releases, industry wisdom, and other notable things you might have missed while you were busy making films.


How Do You Know What to Cut on the Editing Floor? The First Short: THE GUY [Episode 3]

It seems that many short films even after they wrap a successful shoot never end up seeing the light of day. And why is that? Because they dry up in the post-production process. Whether it's for lack of money, lack of inspiration, lack of enthusiasm, or just plain destitution at what your footage has revealed, the sad truth is that may directors decide to leave their precious projects on the cutting room floor. All their time and effort, wasted, for not. On the final episode of The First...


IFW 9.6.18: Our Most Anticipated Films at TIFF & Other Movies to See in Fall 2018

Festival season is upon us once more and with it, a whole new class of award contenders have suddenly made themselves known. In this episode, Jon Fusco, Erik Luers, and Liz Nord reveal the films their most excited about, as well as countless others you should keep an eye on as Fall begins to heat up. In gear news, we highlight a couple of new wide angle lenses that caught our eyes and on Ask No Film School we explain why it's never ok to use an artist's music without permission. As always,...


How to Raise Money & What Should You Expect in Production? The First Short: THE GUY [Episode 2]

A short film is a tricky thing, you don’t know how much time or money to invest in such a personal thing that nobody may even end up seeing, so a lot of people don’t even try. The point of this podcast is to get you to stop worrying and just try. In this episode, No Film School Producer Jon Fusco breaks down the keys to running a successful Kickstarter, how to allocate your micro-budget, and keeping cool on set in the inevitable moments of failure.


IFW 8.30.18: Our Top Advice from Three Years of Filmmaker Interviews

In this episode of Indie Film Weekly, No Film School co-hosts Liz Nord, Jon Fusco, and Erik Luers discuss how Netflix is getting revenge on Cannes during this fall festival season, some big changes to the infamous film critics’ Tomatometer, and Disney finally announcing more solid details about its forthcoming streaming service. Charles Haine joins us for gear news, including two new, indie-friendly drones. Liz also shares the top five pieces of filmmaking advice she’s collected over...


How Do You Make a Film with Zero Experience? The First Short: THE GUY [Episode 1]

A short film is a tricky thing, you don’t know how much time or money to invest in such a personal thing that nobody may even end up seeing, so a lot of people don’t even try. The point of this podcast is to get you to stop worrying and just try. In this episode, No Film School Producer Jon Fusco identifies the key crew you'll need to get started and how to them on your project, how to create a proper lookbook, what to plan for on a location scout, strategies in collaborating with your DP in...


IFW 8.23.18: 360° Filmmaking Finally Makes Sense & How Old is Too Old to Make a Movie?

In this episode of Indie Film Weekly, No Film School co-hosts Liz Nord, Jon Fusco, Charles and Erik Luers discuss whether a new potential move by Amazon will change theatrical moviegoing as much as it changed shopping, a new Netflix feature that is sure to piss off some viewers, and a surprising turn in the #MeToo movement. In tech and gear news, a new upgrade to the ‘5D Mark II of 360 video’ means that immersive filmmaking might finally be hitting the masses. Liz and Charles also answer an...


'Meow Wolf': How to Build an Immersive World Through Film

Oakley Anderson Moore sits down with co directors Morgan Capps and Jilann Spitzmiller to talk about making a documentary that captures the creative spirit of it’s subjects: “Meow Wolf: Origin Story.” With new found income at their disposal to hire more artists, the collective find themselves in a position to expand to more cities, and develop an entertainment wing that could be an amazing new opportunity for filmmakers. If you’re a filmmaker looking for a radical inclusive world to build,...


IFW 8.16.18: Blackmagic's New Resolve is a Masterpiece & The Scariest Trailer Ever Made

With Liz Nord absent and on the hunt for Alfonso Cuaron's famed VR piece in Mexico City, Jon Fusco and Erik Luers fill in to tell you about the scariest movie trailer ever made, Hulu's imminent disaster, and Disney's double standards. In gear news, Charles Haine is back to break down the brand spanking new, all in one suite that is Da Vinci Resolve and reveal a cool new lens. This week on Ask No Film School we give some tips on how to stay on track and motivated while working on a feature...


How to Make a Short Film for Only $4.50

What is the least amount of money you think you could spend on the production of a short film from pre to post production and still get into a major festival? Well if you guessed four dollars and fifty cents, then you probably read the title of this podcast, because its a figure that’s almost unimaginable in today's crowded short landscape. Nevertheless, performance artist/writer/actor Tony Grayson did just that back in 2017. Armed simply with his friend's old digital camcorder, he set off...


IFW 8.9.18: How to Perfect Your Script & Why Docs Are the New Blockbusters

In this episode of Indie Film Weekly, No Film School co-hosts Liz Nord, Jon Fusco, and Erik Luers discuss how theatrical documentaries are taking over the summer box office, give a fall festival preview, and mull over a newly announced Oscar category. In gear news, we reveal two new mobile audio solutions and an affordable ultra-wide zoom. Jon answers an Ask No Film School question about how to make sure your film script is properly formatted—and the right length. As always, we also bring...


How to Shoot a Feature Film for Only $7000

With only $7K, fourteen days, and no crew, Alejandro Montoya Marín made a chockablock action-comedy feature. If you're wondering why these parameters, here's the reason: it took $7000 bucks for Robert Rodriguez to shoot his breakout film El Mariachi. And since it’s the 25th anniversary of that film, Rodriguez decided to host a show with El Rey called Rebel Without a Crew where he picks five filmmakers to each make a feature using the same arsenal. Marín was one of those filmmakers! The...