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Why the Bolex is the World’s Most Beloved Camera

Filmmaker Alyssa Bolsey didn’t discover until she was in film school herself that her great-grandfather had invented the iconic Bolex 16mm camera. She spent the next decade-plus researching her enigmatic ancestor and interviewing several influential filmmakers who used his cameras, including Barbara Hammer, Wim Wenders, and Jonas Mekas, for a film called BEYOND THE BOLEX. Bolsey and the film’s producer and DP, Camilo Lara Jr., join No Film School’s Liz Nord to discuss why the Bolex is such...


IFW 12.6.18: Sundance Selections & Our Full Review of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Sundance's own Liz Nord joins the show to give Jon Fusco and Erik Luers the down and dirty on all Sundance's Feature and Shorts selections for 2019 and what they could mean for future filmmakers. Plus what Lars Von Trier has done to upset the entire MPAA. Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where he gives us his full thoughts on Blackmagic's new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. In what was a busy week for cameras, he also previews a new RED camera that will be hitting rental houses and stores...


Making the Move from Producer to Director: Cristina Gallego on 'Birds of Passage'

While Cristina Gallego was busy working as a producer on her partner Ciro Guerra's magnificent film "Embrace of the Serpent", she caught wind of a story from one of the many indigenous non-actors onset. That story was one that perhaps many of us have heard before, a Colombian man finds partners in America that he can sell drugs to, becomes fantastically wealthy and ends up abandoning his morals as a result. Except "Birds of Passage" is so much more. With Gallego and Guerra at the helm, we...


IFW 11.29.18: The First Film Awards of the Season & How to Shoot Safe Sex

Jon Fusco, Erik Luers, and Liz Nord are here to catch you up on all the stuff you missed while in a tryptophan coma last week. Believe it or not, awards season has officially begun and we have a full report on what could be the year's top contenders. Plus the perennial riddle of how to best shoot sex on film may be closer to being solved. Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where he discusses some rumors surrounding new cameras from Canon and Sony. On Ask No Film School - what program...


Yorgos Lanthimos on How to Shoot Surrealist Film

If you've seen any of Yorgos Lanthimos' films, then you know the Greek director isn't afraid to put anything on the screen. Like many famous surrealists, Lanthimos isn't interested in exploring stories where things go right, he wants his audience to see what's wrong in the world. To him, nothing is off limits and any dark side of the human psyche is worth exploring. In surrealist film, any image can be too much or too little. It's a delicate balance, but one that Lanthimos has truly mastered...


IFW 11.22.18: A Thanksgiving Miracle & Are Big Changes Coming for Final Cut?

Jon Fusco and Erik Luers are stranded together in Brooklyn for yet another turkey day, but a major announcement from The Criterion Collection has given them plenty to be thankful for. On the other side of the coin, we take a moment to remember one of the greatest American screenwriters of all time. Charles Haine joins us for gear news where big changes may soon be coming for Final Cut users and on Ask No Film School - how do you avoid casting shadows when setting up your lights? As always,...


Academy Award Winner László Nemes on Following Your Inspiration to Success

How we approach history and how we approach film are very similar. As László Nemes puts it, history doesn’t work the way we think it works, we think we know more about these events in our past, but there’s no way of ever knowing firsthand what the atmosphere at the time actually was. In much the same way, we can lean on popular conceptions of the way films should be made or we can question the existing language of cinema and follow our own inspiration. The truth is, you don’t have to start...


IFW 11.15.18: Our Favorite Books on Cinema & The Death of a Real-Life Superhero

Jon Fusco, Erik Luers, and Liz Nord are here to recap what was a truly insane week in the world, even in the film industry. They discuss an unexpected loss in the epicenter of cinema as fires continue to rage through Southern California and say goodbye to one of the world's greatest storytellers - Stan Lee. Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where he reveals a major acquisition from Teradek, new features from Nikon and why RED's much-hyped Hydrogen may end up a major disappointment. On...


Mike Leigh on How to Become Your Actor's Dream Director

Working with Mike Leigh is what you would call an actor’s dream true. Since his debut in 1972, the seventy-five-year-old legendary British director has made twenty films and consistently refined his craft to fit a process where the collaboration with actors is paramount. This is due in part to his own experiences at acting school in the 60’s, where he felt confined by rigid Shakespearian premeditation and hostile attitudes towards experimentation. Perhaps his only rule now is that he must...


IFW 11.8.18: The Greatest Foreign Films of All Time & How Much You Should Be Asking for Upfront?

Jon Fusco, Erik Luers, and Liz Nord are here this week to reveal a few of their favorites from what BBC has labeled their one hundred greatest foreign films of all time. Is your favorite on the list? Plus should "A Star is Born" really come with a trigger warning? Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where we talk Aputure's new venture into sound with Deity microphones and a new cage that actually may be worth checking out. On Ask No Film School - how much should you ask to be paid up front...


'Diamantino': How to Make a Masterpiece Out of Your Mistakes

For co-directors Daniel Schmidt and Gabriel Abrantes, the making of Diamantino was just as, if not more complex, than the award-winning film's insane plot. It tells the story of Diamantino, the world's premier soccer star, who loses his special touch and ends his career in disgrace. Searching for a new purpose, the international icon sets on a delirious odyssey where he confronts neo-fascism, the refugee crisis, genetic modification, and the hunt for the source of genius. That's a whole lot...


IFW 11.1.18: Farewell FilmStruck & Is Apple Finally Filmmaker Friendly?

Jon Fusco, Erik Luers, and Liz Nord are back together again, this time to mourn the loss of yet another brilliant streaming service. But while our home options dwindle, box offices around the country continue to put up big numbers. So much so that Alamo Drafthouse has given its employees half a day off...for a much-needed reason. Charles Haine joins us for gear news fresh off Apple's big event in Brooklyn where they announced a new MacBook Air and more products designed with the intention of...


For Paycheck or For Passion? Steven Yeun on 'Burning', 'Sorry to Bother You' and Building a Career

It's hard to coin Steven Yeun's year as "breakthrough" since the South Korean actor has been a figure in the public's eye since his first appearance as Glenn from AMC's The Walking Dead in 2010. But with starring roles in both Boots Riley's Sorry to Bother You and Chang Dong Lee's Burning in 2018, he has all but cemented himself as a leading man on the independent film scene. It's been a long road to get to this point. In the years between the role that made him famous and now, Yeun found...


IFW 10.25.18: Our Thoughts on the New MacBook Pro & Where to Submit Your Film Online

Jon Fusco is back this week with Liz Nord to lead you through the fallout of Withoutabox's shut down and what it could mean for your project. Plus, in what was a busy week on the internet, they discuss new financial opportunities for educational YouTubers and the demise of one of our favorite video platforms. Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where he reveals his long-awaited opinion on the 2018 MacBook and if its an improved product for the aspiring filmmaker. On Ask No Film School -...


Why You Should Edit Your Own Films

Irene Lusztig (‘Yours in Sisterhood’) and Dominic Gagnon (‘Going South’)—two filmmakers who edit their own films—join No Film School’s Liz Nord to make the case for editing your own work by sharing their processes and how they make the many decisions that go into an edit.


IFW 10.18.18: Why 2018 Has Been a Great Year for Movies & Where to Move if You Want to Make One

Erik Luers and Liz Nord are together again to discuss the state of the movie industry as we near the end of 2018 and how it could lead to a downward trend we'd all be happy to see take place. Plus there may be a new place on the map to move if you want to make movies, and it's not New York or LA. Charles Haine joins us for gear news and dishes on not one, not two, but twelve new lenses you may want to keep an eye on. In Ask No Film School - how the hell do you get a documentary funded...


One Hundred Different Ways to Get Your Film Funded

Hayley Pappas (Head of RYOT Films), Caroline von Kuhn (Director of Artist Development at SFFILM), and Leah Giblin (Head of Grants at Cinereach) are responsible for getting millions of dollars to independent filmmakers each year through grants and financing. They join No Film School’s Liz Nord to discuss the many ways independent films are being funded today, and how you can access these various funding sources for your films.


IFW 10.11.18: Your Favorite Filmmakers Defined & A New Mirrorless Camera from Fuji

Erik Luers, and Liz Nord get together this week to discuss two of their favorite things: movies and words. They also address some pretty spooky rumors that George Romero may soon be rising from the dead. Charles Haine joins them to discuss a new camera from his favorite camera company as well as new software from Mocha, Pomfort and Baselight that may end up greatly enhancing your workflow. And in Ask No Film School - what kind of background audio can you use in your short? As always, the...


How to Become a Top Notch Sound Designer with the Team Behind 'First Man'

Not many people with an interest in film have the direction to start pursuing sound at an early point in their career. It seems, rather, that through working on various projects they come to realize how powerful a tool sound really is and fall head over heels in love. If it's early enough in their career, there's plenty of work to be found and no turning back. For Milly Iatrou Morgan and Ai-Ling Lee, this was certainly the case. All it took was a simple choice followed by years of dedication...


IFW 10.4.18: When to Move On to Freelancing & Why You Should Be Playing Video Games

Jon Fusco and Erik Luers buckle down and get serious this week to discuss one of the single biggest hacking controversies of our generation and what it could mean for Marvel's box office returns. There will only be one group of people to blame if Venom flops this weekend, and it's Lady Gaga fans. Also in the news, do people who play video games for ten hours or more a week somehow end up having more disposable income? Charles Haine joins us for gear news, where he details RED's massive new...