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Episode 47 – The Grand Cyberpunk Gala Of Gabriella Gadfly

Welcome to the first episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast for 2018! On this exciting episode, Paul returns with the grand finale of The Ballad of Lost Hollow. Greg and Paul go track by track through this conversation with a pleasant robot lady. It is highly recommended you listen to the album prior to the … Continue reading »


Episode 46 – The Year in Video Games with Greg and Franco

On this year wrap up episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg and Franco talk about their favorite video games from this year. We want to thank you for joining us this year, it was a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to next year and seeing what it will bring. Until then, Happy Holidays and … Continue reading »


Episode 45 – We are thankful for this discussion of Physical VS Digital Media

Happy Thanksgiving! This year, Greg and John are thankful for YOU! Thanks for listening to us rant and going on this journey with us. On this episode, we have our first listener submitted topic – Physical VS Digital media for games. Let us know what you think! Question of the day: What is your favorite … Continue reading »


Episode 44 – Top 10 PS2 Games

On this Episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, John and Greg go down memory lane to a time when grass was green, Final Fantasy wasn’t absurd and Toonami played anime. We picked out our top ten (five from John, and five from Greg) Playstation 2 games. DISCLAIMER! These are not necessary the top rated, or … Continue reading »


Episode 43 – Loot Crates, Look Boxes, and Loot Games from Crate Entertainment

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg and John talk about a disturbing recent trend in gaming: the rise of paid random loot boxes. What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know in the comments below!


Episode 42 – Gaming Is Good

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg and John talk about games they are enjoying, have enjoyed this year so far, and are looking forward to enjoying. Also, zombies.


Episode 41 – Saga and More Comics

“Hey Paul, what comic should I read if I like..” “Saga” “Alright…but what if I like sci..” “Saga” “But..” “Saga. The answer is always Saga” On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Paul and Greg talk about Saga and other Image/Valiant/other comics. We go through a lot of comics on this one, there’s a … Continue reading »


Episode 40 – A Sister-Spective on Disney Movie Duels

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg is joined by his sisters Ali and McKenzie and they provide their thoughts on the previous Disney Movie Duels, as well as few new ones. Enjoy this sibling special episode! Also, briefly features Reilly. First Appearance of: Ali, McKenzie, Reilly


Episode 39 – How do you want to do this Critical Role and Gencon episode?

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg and Tom talk Gencon and Critical Role! Who are these nerdy as voice actors who play DnD? Just what is Gencon? Tune in to find out! First Appearance of: Tom


Episode 28 – Amiibo Madness!!

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg and John talk about Greg’s Gencon plans, Slime Rancher, but mostly amiibo(s). The good, the bad, and the collectible. And Greg still loves Fire Emblem. It’s a problem, really. Someone please help him.


Episode 37 – Horizon Zero Dawn Review (SPOILERS)

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, Darrin from The Geek Cave Podcast joins Greg to review Horizon Zero Dawn. More than that though, they go into a discussion of the lore and some details about the story that are (literally) hidden beneath the surface. Because in Horizon Zero Dawn, beyond the fun of blowing … Continue reading »


Episode 36 – Ohayo Gozaimasu, Ryan-san!

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, we welcome our old college friend Ryan to the show, all the way from Japan! Please join us as we discuss college, DDR, travel, and most importantly, food. If you’d like to be on the podcast, leave a comment, email us at feedback AT, or … Continue reading »


Episode 35 – Paul Takes Us to a Carnival

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, we have the return of Paul! He’s here to talk about The Ballad of Lost Hallow Act 2: Uncle Raven’s Super Happy Funtime Carnival! Along with our usual tangents. Please welcome Paul back to the show and be sure to give the new album a listen. I … Continue reading »


Episode 23 – TIG Talks 3 – Love is Love

On this episode of The Rabbit Hole Podcast, we have another round of TIG Talks from Greg, this time about Love is Love, a joint venture comic from IDW and DC benefiting the victims of the Orlando Nightclub shooting this past year. Please give a listen to this rather earnest episode. Love is Love … Continue reading »


Episode 22 – So long 2016, Hello 2017

Happy Holidays from The Rabbit Hold Podcast! As we bid farewell to the dumpster fire that was 2016, we take a moment to look back, and realize that it wasn't ALL bad, just mostly. We then go over things we're looking forward to for 2017 and present the first ever Greggie and Johnny Game of The Year awards. And of course, the ever popular (or at least we think) Disney Movie Duels. Let us know what you think! Leave a comment or on facebook!


Episode 14 – TIG Talks 2 – Comic Recommendations

This week on the Rabbit Hole Podcast, Greg recommends some comics. As you know, Greg reads a lot of comics. Like, a LOT of comics. It’s almost unhealthy. Please send help! But, fortunately for you, he’s able to provide a few titles that may have gotten overlooked. The books discussed here are: The Ultimates (Marvel) … Continue reading »


Episode 3 – GameTime Radio 1

Greg is away on business, so John DJs some chiptunes for your listening pleasure. Introducing the first edition of GameTime Radio!!!!