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The Recasting Couch: Ep. 68 Shutter Island

This week we cover Shutter Island. What a fun movie to talk about. We think that this movie is very underrated. For the thriller genre, this is about as perfect a movie as you can make. Everyone from DiCaprio and Ruffalo to John Carroll Lynch and Elias Koteas act their asses off. The "soundtrack" is fantastic and matches the off kilter, dark tone of the movie, expertly. Tell us what you think of our cast @RecastingPod on Twitter.


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 67 Maximum Overdrive

So...Maximum Overdrive. The next in our Spooky/October/Halloween themed month. Which this may be the last of because ALL of the good Halloween movies get pulled from streaming services and move to the “premium channels”. If you aren’t familiar with this film, there is the most amazing 3 minute breakdown on youtube. This is a movie. Written and directed by Stephen King. Starring Emilio Estevez. It’s bad, but there are parts that are less than bad. We talk about them. The soundtrack is...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 66 Stigmata

You know, sometimes things don’t always work out the way you planned them. Sometimes it ends up going to shit, but if you are broadcast masters like us, you just find a way to pump out unbelievable content regardless of the circumstances. The universe gifted us a last minute rescheduling, and we decided to do a Quick Cast. Which leads us to our movie this week, Stigmata. This was pretty clearly Patricia Arquette’s best work, and she had some weird chemistry with Gabriel Byrne, which just...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 65 Field of Dreams

We have a treat of a movie this week! Field of Dreams is not only known for being one of the best baseball movies of all time, but it’s simply a wonderful film. Nominated for 3 awards at the 1990 Oscars (Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Music for James Horner’s exquisite score). This movie’s got it all. Kevin Costner doing what he does best alongside Amy Madigan who slays it as the ride-or-die hippie wife. Gaby Hoffmann makes her acting debut as the sweet and undeterrable Karin...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 64 Sneakers

We’ve got another heist movie on tap this week with the 1992 surprise success, Sneakers. Honestly, I can’t really understand how this made as much money as it did. Robert Redford was significantly passed his prime and coasting off of his innate charisma, Dan Aykroyd provides zero comic relief, River Phoenix is a a weird spastic guy that is unlike pretty much any role he’s ever played, and Sidney Poitier is a smooth muthafucker as usual. Oh, and Mary McDonnell is her usual charming...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 63 Get Shorty

We’ve been waiting for this one for a loooooong time. Get Shorty is one of our favorites. This movie is absolutely dripping with style, thanks to a soundtrack by John Lurie, Booker T and the MG’s and Us3. It is anchored by a comeback performance from John Travolta, but Danny Devito steals the show as the ultimate Hollywood turd, Martin Weir. I dare you to watch this movie and not fall madly in love with Rene Russo as a B-movie bombshell, Dennis Farina as the ultimate C-level Miami...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 62 Kingpin

This week we make our triumphant return from the abyss with the 1996 Farrelly Brothers classic, Kingpin. I just...I don’t know. I don’t know how to feel about this movie. I think that the Farrelly Bros hadn’t quite figured out their unique formula of raunchy, weird, and charming that they were able to perfect with There’s Something About Mary; Me, Myself, and Irene; and Stuck On You, which is ridiculously underrated. Woody Harrelson and a pre-breakdown Randy Quaid make an unlikely pair in...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 61 The Lost Boys

We finally have our first theme week! We are recasting The Lost Boys, the 80’s vampire classic, but we are only allowed to cast with 90’s actors. Not the easiest task when you’ve got legends like Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric, and the Two Coreys involved. In addition to that 80’s royalty, Dianne Wiest is her lovable, hippie self, and Jami Gertz is at her hair-metal-video-style apex. Edward Herrmann also has his nice-guy, single dad next door vibe really working here, until it takes a bit...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 58 Trading Places

This week we are joined by Mike's hetero life mate, Ian, to recast the 80's comedy, Trading Places. This classic tackles serious social issues relating to socioeconomics and race very delicately and with great nuance. This is no laughing matter. I'm just kidding, they make fun of everyone in a very crass and un-PC way with all of the 80's charm that you would expect. There are a couple of cringe worthy jokes but for the most part, this was a refreshing for a movie to make jokes and not...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 57 Stargate

Sorry for the late post but the universe seems to be against us this week. Maybe it's because of how badly one of us savages this movie. Let's just say that we are not on the same page in regards to our feelings about the quality of this movie. One of us is extremely unkind in his assessment and the other is wrong. Take a listen and see who you agree with.


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 56 Con Air

Con Air is our recast of choice this week. We have some split opinions on the quality of this movie and imagine a movie a little darker in tone. We moved heaven and earth to get this out on time, so you jerks better appreciate it. Just kidding, we love you all. Share your picks with us on twitter @recastingpod, or, or email us at Thanks for listening!


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 55 Phenomenon

This week, we talk for entirely too long about Phenomenon. John Travolta plays a Joe Sixpack who gets hit by a ball of light only to get super smart and somehow learns how to bend the laws of physics. It’s like The Matrix if Neo were a corn farmer, and the matrix was actually a massive brain tumor. What’s interesting about this movie is that it’s so dependant on just a few roles that even though the script was really strong, the casting absolutely made this movie. I mean, Travolta and...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 54 The Crow

The Crow is the 1994 neo-noir fantasy film based off of the 1989 comic book series by James O’Barr. Contrary to popular belief, The Crow is not played by Brandon Lee, who tragically died during the filming of the movie. The Crow is played by an actual crow, well...not any actual crows. Only ravens were used in the movie. The idea is that the crow is supernatural. Brandon Lee plays Eric Draven, an innocent young man who is brought back to life by the mysterious Crow one year after him and his...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 53 Bad Boys

Bad Boys, baby. Bad Boys for lyfe. The movie that was based off of the 1987 Inner Circle hit song. Or maybe not. Honestly, I can barely understand anything they are singing outside of the chorus, so it could be about Shakespeare for all I know. Either way, the song is catchy as shit, and so is this movie. This was the first film Will Smith did since his big screen debut in Six Degrees of Separation. Up until this point, he was always funny and cool, but this was the first thing to solidify...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 52 Raiders of the Lost Ark

This week we recast Raiders of the Lost Ark. Or shall I say Overraters of the Lost Ark. I feel like I’m in They Live, where I’m the only one who can see that the Indiana Jones movies are trash, and Harrison Ford is a crappy actor with absolutely no range. They aren’t interesting, there’s no substance, and half of this movie is chase scenes that feel like something out of The Three Stooges or Benny Hill. Now after having rewatched this movie, I came to the revelation that this was really a...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 51 The 40 Year Old Virgin

The 40 Year Old Virgin. This episode has it all. Steve Carell’s breakout role that may have shaped the trajectory of his Michael Scott character, forever altering the landscape of modern television comedy. We also have attempted murder. We share the more embarrassing family story outside of The Muskrat Incident. Needless to say this is a must-listen.


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 50 The Sixth Sense

*Please note that we spoil pretty much every M. Night Shyamalan film* Oh, boy. We’ve got a deep, dark brooding movie this week in The Sixth Sense. This was M. Night Shyamalan’s first feature film, and damn did he hit a home run on the first pitch. Haley Joel Osment absolutely carries this movie, and for as good of a job as Night does, if they couldn’t find a child as good as him, then this movie would have been doomed from the start. Outside of Toni Collette, he acts everyone else off the...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 49 Hackers

The deliciously 90’s classic Hackers is on tap for this week’s episode. We’re talking rollerblades, techno, dial-up modems, and 30 year olds playing teenagers. This movie has it all. It was the major feature debut of Jonny Lee Miller (Dade Murphy / Zero Cool / Crash Override), Angelina Jolie (Kate / Acid Burn), and Matthew Lillard (Cereal Killer). Seeing as these are all of the starring roles, we have one question; WHERE THE FUCK DID THE $20 MILLION BUDGET GO TO? We think it’s got to be the...


The Recasting Couch: Ep. 48 The Untouchables

This week, we have a very important episode*. The Untouchables is a film that we’ve been trying to recast for a while. The first time we tried to recast it, the movie had dropped off the streaming services 6 hours earlier. Once we found out it was available again, we pounced on the opportunity. Except…..I had water pooling in my basement (every homeowner’s nightmare) and had to postpone the recording by several hours. We barely made it through the first segment or so, until I’m pretty sure...