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Episode 69 - James Gunn writes Suicide Squad 2 + Batwoman 1st Look + More!

This week we talk about James Gunn writing the script for Suicide Squad, Ryan Coogler back for Black Panther 2, our 1st look at Batwoman, another image from The Mandalorian, Morbius begining filming in February, Sony's Kraven film possibly including Spider-Man, Brie Larson's contract with Marvel, a leaked image from an Avengers 4 toy, Iron Fist's cancellation and more.


Episode 68 - 5 Minute Aquaman Trailer + The Mandalorian + Mysterio

This week we talk about the 5 minute Aquaman trailer, Jon Favreau's Star Wars series about a Mandalorian with 1st photo and directors, Venom's opening weekend, set photos showing Mysterio and a stealth suit for Spider-Man 2, the possible Avengers 4 name, Chris Evan's heartfelt goodbye, the 2nd Into the Spider-Verse trailer, Hellboy's poster / art, the Daredevil Season 3 trailer / Bullseye confirmation, the Harley Quinn animated series tease, the DC Universe upcoming release slate and more.


Who Watches... Venom Review / Discussion

Our Review and discussion of Venom. Non spoilers in the beginning, lots of spoilers after.


Episode 67 - Dark Phoenix Trailer + Birds of Prey Castings

This week we talk about two castings for the Birds of Prey film, the Bumblebee trailer, the Dark Phoenix trailer, Gambit being a romantic comedy, FOX moving some release dates, Hellboy getting pushed back, Kathleen Kennedy getting an extension, the Venom after credits scenes, the DCW crossover event name, some info on the Picard Star Trek series, and the Titans character trailers.


Episode 66 - Captain Marvel Trailer + Joker Screen Test + Potential Birds of Prey Castings

This week we talk about the 1st Captain Marvel trailer, the director hired for the Eternals movie, the Joker screen test showing his makeup, a new casting for the Joker film, possible Loki & Scarlet Witch shows on the Disney streaming service, potential castings for the Birds of Prey film, Marvel Studios taking over the X-Men after the Fox deal is complete, Supergirl film story rumors, the beginning of the Joker / Harley Quinn movie script, Stargirl casting and more.


Episode 65 - Henry Cavill out as Superman + Swamp Thing Hard R + Iron Fist S2 Review

This week we talk about Henry Cavill no longer playing Superman, Swamp Thing going hard R / using a practical costume, our 1st look at Jason Todd in Titans, a Captain Britain / Black Knight film rumor, an update on the New Mutants film, set photos of Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker film, Lois Lane cast for the DCW crossover, Supergirl film villain rumor, a possible Batgirl TV series and our Iron Fist Season 2 review.


Episode 64 - 1st Captain Marvel Photos + 2 Big Doom Patrol Castings w/ Set Photos

This week we talk about the 1st official photos from the Captain Marvel film, the possible Thomas Wayne in the Joker film, 2 returning cast members for Wonder Woman 84, 2 big new castings for Doom Patrol with set photos, Ant-Man becoming a billion dollar franchise, Henry Cavil cast as Geralt in The Witcher series, Matt Smith joining the cast of Star Wars Episode 9 and more.

Episode 63 - Brendan Fraser is Robotman + Guardians of the Galaxy 3 on Hold

This week we talk about Brendan Fraser joining the cast of Doom Patrol as Robotman, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 on hold, Tom Hardy revealing that he signed up for 3 Venom movies, Dominic Monaghan joining Star Wars Episode 9, Joaquin Phoenix's comments on people's opinion of his Joker, Danny Boyle leaving Bond and Edgar Wright as the front runner replacement, Superman & Lois Lane appearing in this season's DCW crossover and more.


Episode 62 - Star Wars Resistance / Iron Fist Season 2 Trailers + Still No Obi-Wan FIlm

This week we talk about Ewan McGregor's comments about an Obi-Wan film, Venom's opening weekend predictions, Tom Cruise not playing Hal Jordan, our 1st look at Mulan, the Uncharted movie getting close to production, Alan Horn standing by his decision on James Gunn, the Star Wars Resistance / Iron Fist season 2 trailers, Watchmen getting a full series order, a new Spock cast for Star Trek Discovery, and more.


Episode 61 - Supergirl Movie + Birds of Prey Villain + Batwoman

This week we talk about a Supergirl film in the works at WB, the villain for the Birds of Prey film, Spiderman: Far From Home adding two familiar faces, the last MCU film on Netflix, Chris Pine & Hemsworth negotiations breaking down for Star Trek 4, the Dark Phoenix reshoots, the CW casts their Batwoman, the budget for the Star Wars TV series, ABC wanting another Marvel show, the villain for Iron Fist season 2 and more.


Episode 60 - Batman Film Not Year One + 3rd Venom Trailer + Patrick Stewart Back as Picard

This week we talk about Matt Reeves' comments on his Batman film not being a Year One adaptation or an origin story, WB's new official name for their DC film universe, Sony's Kraven film getting a writer, the 3rd Venom trailer, Patrick Stewart reprising his role as Jean Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series, Marc Maron cast in the Joker film, Rebecca Ferguson joining the cast of the next Men in Black film and more.


Episode 59 - San Diego Comic Con! Aquaman, Shazam & Titans Trailer reactions + Much More!

This week we talk about the San Diego Comic Con news including the Aquaman, Shazam, Titans, Clone Wars, Godzilla and Fantastic Beasts trailers. We also discuss the firing of James Gunn, Carrie Fisher in Star Wars Ep. 9, the DC Universe pricing, the announced Stargirl series, a possible Batwoman series, 3 new confirmed Spider-Verse characters, Spider-Man 2's new cast member, men in Black's new cast member, the Joker film release date and more.


Episode 58 - Black Widow Director + Joaquin Phoenix Joker Movie is Official + Much More!

This week we talk about The Black Widow Movie getting a director, Joaquin Phoenix finalizing his deal for the Joker film, Lando returning in Star Wars Ep 9, Jeremy Renner cast in the Spawn reboot, Djimon Honsou taking over the Wizard role in Shazam, set photos of Kristen Wig as Cheetah, a new Venom film photo, another update on the Fox ? Disney deal, some Disney release date changes, the villains in the Bumblebee film, the 1st photo from the Glass film and more.


Episode 57 - Keri Russell in Star Wars Ep 9 + Nicolas Cage Voicing Spider-Man Noir + much more!

This week we talk about (in no particular order) Nicolas Cage voicing Spider-Man Noir in the Into the Spider-Verse film, our 1st look at Star Wars Resistance art / characters, a better look at the X-Men costumes in Dark Phoenix, Peyton Reed talking about Fantastic Four then Yellowjacket's fate, Captain Marvel wraps filming, filming dates for Bloodshot & Birds of Prey, Keri Russel cast in Star Wars Episode 9, Ant-Man and The Wasp's opening weekend, Steve Ditko's death, Carl's review of Luke...


Who Watches... Ant-Man and The Wasp - Review / Discussion (spoilers)

Our Review and discussion of Ant-Man and The Wasp. Non spoilers in the beginning, lots of spoilers after.


Episode 56 - Dr Strange 2 + Leto as Morbius + Spider-Man sequel title + 4 More Star Trek Shows!? + Halo TV Series + Much More!

This week we talk about Feige confirming Dr. Strange 2, Jared Leto cast as Morbius, the title for the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, a Silk movie in development, Jim Carrey in negotiations to play Dr. Robotnik, an update on the Fox / Disney deal, a shortlist of directors for Black Widow, talk of Star Wars spin-offs being reevaluated, a new TMNT movie in development, new Men in Black castings, possibly 4 more Star Trek TV shows in development, the Halo TV series being ordered by Showtime,...


Episode 55 - Wonder Woman 1984 & Aquaman Photos

This week we talk about photos from Wonder Woman 1984 showing the return of Chris Pine, photos from Aquaman showing us 1st looks at several characters, an Avengers 4 rumor about multi-verse travel, Infinity War hitting $2 billion, The Incredibles 2 having a massive opening, projections for Ant-Man & The Wasp, the AT&T / Time Warner acquisition , Watchmen set photos, numerous DCW casting promotions, Star Trek Discovery losing it's show runner and Lucifer getting saved.


Episode 54 - Jared Leto Joker Movie + More Kick-Ass / Kingsmen Coming + Spider-Verse / Bumblebee / Wreck it Ralph 2 Trailers

This week we talk about a Jared Leto stand alone Joker film, a supposed piece of Avengers 4 concept art, HBO ordering a pilot for a Game of Thrones prequel, Matthew Vaughn rebooting Kick-Ass / Hit Girl / as well as doing 3 more Kingsmen movies with a TV series, a possible Dr. Strange 2 tease, trailers for Into the Spider-Verse / Bumblebee / Wreck it Ralph 2, Shazam suit changes and TV news.


Episode 53 - Jamie Foxx is Spawn + Jason Momoa is not The Crow + Rick leaves The Walking Dead

This week we talk about Jamie Foxx cast in the Spawn reboot, Jason Momoa pulling out of The Crow reboot, Andrew Lincoln leaving The Walking Dead, why Ava Duvernay is doing a New Gods film, Evan Peters' comments on the tone of Dark Phoenix, James Marsden cast in the Sonic the Hedgehog film, Solo continues to have weak box office numbers and Legion is renewed for season 3.


Episode 52 - Boba Fett movie + Solo Reaction + Watchmen Series Description

This week we talk about the 1st official photo from the Shazam film, the Boba Fett movie getting a writer / director, Solo box office numbers / critical reception / our impressions, a 5 page letter from Damon Lendelof about his Watchmen HBO series, a synopsis for the next Men in Black movie with a possible new casting, Woody Harrelson's comments on his role in Venom, Transformers 7 removed from release schedule, Swamp Thing character breakdowns and Flash season 5 villain rumors.