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Episode 50 - Ms. Marvel in the works + Man of Steel 2 + Obi-Wan film

This week we talk about a Ms. Marvel movie in the works, Man of Steel 2 rumored to be starting up production, 1st Star Wars TV series details, an Obi-wan movie in pre-production, Rick and Morty renewed, no plans yet for a Solo sequel, a rated R Harley Quinn, a G.I. Joe spinoff, Josh Brolin on Deadpool 2 reshoots, Bill and Ted 3, Iron Fist season 2, writers added to The Witcher and TV cancelations.


Episode 49 - Ant-Man & The Wasp 2nd Trailer + Deadpool 3 / Fox Future + Solo Pre-Sales

This week we talk about the 2nd Ant-Man & The Wasp trailer, Ryan Reynolds remarks on Deadpool 3, Simon Kinberg's comments on the future Fox projects, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 filming next year, Marvel meeting 65+ directors for Black Widow, Solo's big pre-sale numbers / box office prediction, Infinity War being the fastest movie to $1B, the possible title for Avengers 4, the Russo brothers' comments on future Marvel work / Fox characters, the He-Man film plot / character info, the DC...


Episode 48 - Aquaman Details + 2nd Venom Trailer + Two Star Trek Movies

This week we talk about plot details / the footage description of Aquaman from Cinema Con, the 2nd Venom trailer, Wonder Woman 2 being set in the 80s, Dark Phoenix dropping the X-Men title, Alden Ehrenreich signing up for 3 movies, Paramount confirming that 2 Star Trek movies are in the works, a director hire for the next Star Trek film, details on the next Star Wars animated series, some hope for Rick & Morty Season 4, another Titans casting and Watchmen character breakdowns.


Who Watches... Avengers: Infinity War Review / Discussion (spoilers)

Our spoiler filled review and discussion of Avengers: Infinity War.


Episode 47 - Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey Director + Spielberg DC Blackhawk Film + More

This week we talk about WB choosing a director for the Harley Quinn / Birds of Prey film, Steven Spielberg directing a DC film based on Blackhawk, the actor behind Corvus Glaive revealed, a teenage actress cast to play Cassie Lang in Avengers 4, some plot details about Ant-Man & The Wasp, Kevin Feige being asked about Nova and Moon Knight, no Marvel Hall H panel at SDCC this year, James Cameron's "Avengers fatigue" comments, rumors for MCU/Fox Phase 4, more Shazam castings, and directors...


Episode 46 - Joe Russo mentions Secret Wars + Various News? + Titans Set Photos

This week we talk about Joe Russo's comment about Secret Wars, the Black Order actors revealed, Infinity Wars incredible pre-sale numbers / increased box office prediction, a new Terminator cast, Jake Gyllenhaal not playing Batman, Randall Park joining Aquaman, Black Adam possibly filming in 2019, the Rampage film's opening weekend / reception, the implications of modern video games on The Last Starfighter reboot, Titans set photos and a Y The Last Man adaptation.


Episode 45 - Not Flashpoint + Shazam Suit Drama + A New Solo Trailer

This week we talk about a title change on The Flash film, a new writer for the Batgirl film, Deathstroke update, Zachary Levi's reaction to comments on the Shazam costume, 3 different scripts in development for Star Trek 4, the next Terminator film getting pushed back, Infinity War box office predictions / 24 minute screening reactions, the 2nd Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer, Wood Harelson in Venom, Mark Millar's Nemesis getting a new producer, a Last Starfighter reboot and a few bits of...


Episode 44 - Dark Phoenix Villain + Antonio Banderas in New Mutants + Dr Strange 2 Villain

This week we talk about Jessica Chastain's role as the villain in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Antonio Banderas joining the cast of The New Mutants, Gambit getting a new film date, the writer for Dr Strange 2 talking about the new villain / Mordo's role, John Boyega potentially joining the MCU, a new Wonder Woman 2 casting, Jurassic World 3's director and the not so amicable split on the Deadpool animated series.


Episode 43 - Familiar Face in Captain Marvel + Deadpool 2 Trailer + Dark Phoenix Delay

This week we talk about the Captain Marvel film bringing back some familiar MCU characters, the Deadpool 2 trailer, the Deadpool animated series no longer in production, X-Men Dark Phoenix / New Mutants delay, how Avengers 4 may be Chris Evans last MCU film, Tessa Thompson being cast in the upcoming Men in Black film, a Street Fighter live action TV series in production, Netflix developing a live action Carmen Sandiego film, the status of the Aquaman trailer and our weekly Titans story.


Episode 42 - New Gods Film + New Infinity War Trailer + More

This week we talk about the New Gods film with it's announced director, the new Infinity War trailer, Joe Russo speaking about how Avengers 3 & 4 relate, Deadpool 2 re-shoots, an actore replaced in the Captain Marvel film, the cost of the Lord of the Rings Amazon series, the writer of Captain Marvel's praise for the MCU process, and more.


Episode 41 - Vin Diesel is Bloodshot + Thanos' Motivation + Jon Favreau Star Wars TV Series

This week we talk about the Joker origin film taking elements from The Killing Joke comic, Vin Diesel cast to play Bloodshot, the motivation for Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Winter Soldier's new name, Jon Favreau producing / writing the Star Wars TV series, Mark Hamil commenting on a fan casting of him in The Witcher Netflix series, a new Shazam set photo / video, a X-Men Dark Phoenix set photo, and more.


Episode 40 - Silver Surfer Movie + Kristen Wiig Cheetah? + Much More

This week we talk about a secret Silver Surfer movie in he works, the New Mutants movie adding a new character in re-shoots, the current direction of the Fox Marvel productions, Kristen Wiig in talks to play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2, a set photo showing us the Shazam costume, a new Captain Marvel casting, Marvel Studios adding 7 new release date, and more!


Episode 39 - Joss Whedon leaves Batgirl + Chris McKay joins D&D w/ Nightwing implications

This week we talk about Joss Whedon leaving the Batgirl film, Chris McKay directing the Dungeons & Dragons film, Chris Evans possibly confirming the Black Widow movie, The Joker origin movie begins filming soon, Jessica Chastain in the It sequel, Infinity War's run time leaked, Sony's Silver & Black film being delayed, 1st look at Brainiac in Krypton and more.


Episode 38 - Kitty Pryde Film? + Incredibles 2 Trailer + Black Panther Box Office

This week we talk about the rumored Kitty Pryde film, the Incredibles 2 trailer, the Transformers franchise reboot, Sony's chance to buy nearly all the Marvel film rights, Black Panther's opening weekend number, a mini non-spoiler Black Panther review, Kevin Feige's comments on the Captain Marvel costume set photos and more.


Who Watches... Black Panther Review / Discussion (spoilers)

Our spoiler filled review and discussion of Black Panther


Episode 37 - Bay Lobo Film + Joaquin Phoenix Joker + Benioff / Weiss Star Wars Trilogy

This week we talk about Michael Bay directing a Lobo film, Zack Snyder being fired not stepping down, Joaquin Phoenix playing the Joker, Game of Thrones TV series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss getting their own Star Wars trilogy, the Deadpool 2 trailer, the Venom trailer, the full Solo trailer, the Shazam synopsis, the He-Man movie losing it's director, a Conan series on amazon, and more.


Episode 36 - Trailers for Ant-Man & the Wasp, Solo: A Star Wars Story, & Infinity War

This week we talk about trailers for Ant-Man & the Wasp, Solo: A Star Wars Story, & Avengers: Infinity War, Kevin Feige on the X-Men & Fantastic Four in the MCU, Black Panther's record breaking presales, fake scenes in the Infinity War script, another live action prequel Superman TV series, the Mario film, the Men in Black reboot and more.


Episode 35 - Captain Marvel Costume + Shazam Rumor + Black Lightning Thoughts

This week we talk about the 1st look at Captain Marvel's costume, Black Panther's opening weekend projection, the name of The Wizard in the Shazam film, Henry Cavil's rumored appearance as Superman in the Shazam film, the 2nd Pacific Rim 2 trailer, our thoughts on the Black Lightning series and more.


Episode 34 - Batfleck's fall? + New Flash Director + Solo Synopsis

This week we talk about Ben Affleck's rumored last appearance as Batman, The Flash film getting a new director, the casting of The Wizard in the Shazam film, the official synopsis for Solo: A Star Wars Story, the possible end to the Hasbro Cinematic Universe, the director of The New Mutants talking about it's tone, and more.


Episode 33 - Fox Release Schedule Shake Up + Black Widow Movie

This week we talk about Gambit losing yet another Director, the Fox X-men related movies get shifted release dates, a possible Kitty Pride movie, a solo Black Widow movie getting a writer, the Black Panther movie breaking MCU pre-sale records, Avengers 4 set photos, Infinity War Lego spoilers, and more.


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