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Who Watches... Shazam Review / Discussion

Our review and discussion of Shazam. No spoilers at first then spoilers at the end.


Who Watches... Captain Marvel (Review / Discussion)

Our review and discussion of the Captain Marvel film. Non-spoilers at first then spoilers at the end.


Episode 78 - Captain Marvel "Special Look" + Gambit Canceled + Venom 2

This week we talk about the Fox Marvel films like Gambit & Dr. Doom being officially dead, Venom 2 officially a go, Spider-Man Far From Home trailer coming soon, the Captain Marvel "Special Look", a possible Lady Sif series, story rumors for the Loki series, a retcon for Loki in the MCU, Star Trek 4 canceled, Batwoman gets a pilot order and more.


Who Watches... Aquaman Review / Discussion

Our review / discussion of Aquaman, non-spoilers at first then full spoilers.


Episode 77 - Hellboy & MiB International Trailers + Our Bumblebee & Into The Spider-Verse Thoughts

This week we talk about the Hellboy trailer, the Men in Black International trailer, another possible consideration for Guardians 3 director, the Fox Marvel characters will can be worked with in the next 6 months, Nick Nolte's Mandalorian series character, Uncharted losing its director, more Stargirl castings, non-spoilers thoughts on the Bumblebee film and our review of Into the Spider-Verse with spoilers at the end.


Episode 76 - Dr Strange 2 Director + Castings for Morbius, Mandalorian, Stargirl & Swamp Thing

This week we talk about Scott Derrickson returning as Director for a Dr Strange sequel, a new Birds of Prey villain cast, the female lead for Morbius cast, a list of official castings for the Mandalorian, a new Hellboy poster with the trailer coming Thursday, Amy Adams clarifying her comments from last week, 3 new cast members for Stargirl, Blue Devil cast for Swamp Thing and more.


Episode 75 - Captain Marvel 2nd & Avengers: Endgame Trailer + Shang Chi & Plastic Man Movies

This week we talk about the 2nd Captain Marvel trailer, the 1st Avengers: Endgame trailer, a Shang Chi film from Marvel, a Plastic Man film from DC, Bumblebee reviews, the new Men in Black official title, Amy Adams being done with DC, the Brightburn trailer, the Umbrella Academy teaser, a new Shazam poster, our 1st look at Sonic in his live action film and more.


Episode 74 - Daredevil Canceled + a Blue Beetle Film + More Spider-Verse

This week we talk about Daredevil's cancellation, an Into the Spider-Verse sequel, an animated Spider Woman film, WB developing a Blue Beetle film, the title for the Birds of Prey film, Chris Evans might not be done as Cap, another Mandalorian casting, Rogue One prequel getting a showrunner, the Scarlet Witch series being named, and more.


Episode 73 - The Mandalorian Casts it's Lead + Black Widow & Eternals Character Breakdowns

This week we talk about the casting of the lead in The Mandalorian, a second casting for The Mandalorian, Black Widow character breakdowns, Godzilla vs Kong synopsis, another Birds of Prey Casting, Agents of Shield renewed, Lex Luthor cast for CW's Supergirl, Season 4 of Daredevil being pitched, the Eternals character breakdowns, a rumored Guardians Vol 3 director and Young Justice's Season 3 release date.


Episode 72 - Disney+ is the Name + Rogue One Prequel Series + Stan Lee Passes

This week we talk about Disney naming it's streaming service, a Rogue One prequel series announced, Loki series being official, the possible run time of Avengers 4, the Detective Pikachu trailer, the Toy Story 4 teaser, a Pacific Rim Anime on Netflix, the PG-13 Deadpool title & release date, Rian Johnson's recent Twitter comment, Stan Lee's passing, Infinity War / Black Panther win People's Choice awards & push for Oscar noms, Venom's huge Chinese opening weekend and more.


Episode 71 - Ewan McGregor is Black Mask + Winter Soldier & Falcon Series + VOTE!

VOTE! This week we talk about Ewan McGregor playing Black Mask in the Brids of Prey film, Birds of Prey being rated R, a Winter Soldier & Falcon series on Disney streaming service, Deadpool 2's PG-13 cut shooting new scenes, AMC doing 3 Walking Dead movies, a Gladiator sequel, another Time Machine remake, a billboard in support of James Gunn, more news about the CW Elseworlds crossover and our thoughts on Titans Episode 4.