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A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.

A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.
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A podcast to discuss and celebrate the films of Gene Wilder one minute at a time.






Blazing Saddles Bonus: Inteview with actor Burton Gilliam

In this bonus episode to our season two coverage of Blazing Saddles, we were thrilled to be able to interview actor Burton Gilliam about playing the role of Lyle. We covered a range of topics, including how he got into the movie Paper Moon, meeting Madeline Kahn and quitting his job as a firefighter. We discuss all of his major scenes in the film as well as his friendships with Alex Karras, Slim Pickens and Burt Reynolds. We hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you have not done so already,...


Blazing Saddles Bonus Finale: Recap of season two and tease for season three

Now that Blazing Saddle (the movie) is complete, we bring you a bonus recap of season two and a tease for season three. Several guests returned to give their thoughts on this past season. We hear from Jim O'Kane, Professor Robert E. G. Black, BK on the Air, Paul Tien-Shih Lee, Father David Mowry, Tim Andrews, Jeff Leiboff, Dave Robinson, Tierney Steele, Pete Mummert and Autumn Fischer. By the end, Walt and Alan provide additional thoughts and commentary before announcing the big reveal....


Blazing Saddles episode 93: The Finale

Walt and Alan take the time in the final episode to go through the final seconds of the film and the 30 seconds of end credits. While going through the finale, they discuss the actors and some of their favorite lines and moments from the movie. By the end, they set the stage for one final bonus episode still to come. Today is left to your hosts, Alan and Walt, to tackle the final 10 seconds of the film, followed by a little over 30 seconds of end credits. To learn more about Alan and Walt,...


Blazing Saddles episode 92: The penultimate episode

Our penultimate episode continues with Sheriff Bart and The Waco Kid riding their horses into the setting sun. As they get down the trail, they meet up with a Cadillac. They driver gets out while the passenger grabs the horses. The driver opens the doors for Bart and Jim. Once inside, the limo speeds off and continues their ride into the sunset. Our guest today is author J.W. Webb. J.W. Webb is an English writer living in Georgia. Mostly be writes fantasy, though sometimes diverts into even...


Blazing Saddles epsiode 91 - Nowhere special

The episode continues immediately after the town calls Bart on his BS. He admits he is leaving because things have gotten pretty dull. Revered Johnson gets emotional with his goodbye. This leads Mongo to also get a little emotional and he accidentally clobbers the guy in front of him. Charlie wishes Bart well and as he slaps five with the Sheriff, Bart tells them all to keep the faith. As Bart rides to the edge of town past the blacksmith shop, we see the Waco Kid resting with a popcorn...


Blazing Saddles episode 90: You shot the bad guy

The episode opens with Hedley Lamarr remarking about the stuntwork of Douglas Fairbanks, who had such small feet. He falls over and into what appears to be fresh concrete. The Waco Kid notes Bart shot the bad guy. They look down and see Hedley has written his name in the fresh concrete and added a dollar sign. They both decide to go into the theater to check out the rest of the movie. We immediately shift back to the town of Rock Ridge, circa 1874. Howard Johnson implores Sheriff Bart to...


Blazing Saddles episode 89: OK Lamarr, go for your gun!

The episode opens with a woman standing in Hedy Lamarr's shoes. Hedley walks by, correcting her pronunciation as he heads into the theater. In the lobby, some cows are milling around behind theater ropes. Hedley rushes to the counter to buy some Raisinets. As he makes his way down the aisle, he accidentally tries to sit on someone before finding an empty seat. The movie is already playing on the screen. Hedley looks up and sees Bart arriving on horseback outside the theater. He spits out a...


Blazing Saddles episode 88: Drive me off this picture

As the episode opens, the rioters are still spilling out of the Warner Brother studios. Hedley Lamarr makes his way across the street to hail a cab. A man on the corner, not associated with the movie, managed to make it into the movie. As the cab pulls up, Hedley demands, "Drive me off this picture." Even though the theater is a 16 minute drive, it's suddenly late at night when Hedley arrives. He pushes his way to the box office and buys a ticket to see Blazing Saddles. Our guest today is...


Blazing Saddles episode 87: Get your pies for the great pie fight

The episode opens with the fight continuing to spill into the Warner Brothers commissary. The fight takes on a frenetic pace. The film speeds up to go along with it. We point out the actor playing Hitler is at the very back, standing on the counter alternating his heils. A tour group gets appropriately pie-struck on their tour. Then Taggart gets smashed by Mongo and flies across the counter to the register. Suddenly, the men's room opens and Hedley mouths a naughty word before retreating...


Blazing Saddles episode 86: Come on girls!

The episode opens just after Taggart hits Buddy in the gut. One of the dancers yells out, "They've hit, Buddy! Come on girls!" With that, the brawl, continues, now with the men in top hats and tails joining in the fray. We discuss several vignettes within the minute and as the episode comes to an end, we move to the commissary. Several actors are on their lunch break, still in costume from their various film projects. In the foreground, a man dressed as Hitler is eating a sandwich. His...


Blazing Saddles episode 85: I'm working for Mel Brooks

The episode opens with Buddy Bizarre pulling his foot out of the water and swearing under her breath. He then instructs the dancers to get into places and roll cameras. As the music kicks in and they film another take, the side wall crashes down. The riot from the streets of Rock Ridge spills into the closed set. The fighting continues for a moment before Buddy yells, "CUT!" Everyone stops for a moment. As he begins to chastise them, Taggart walks up to him. He tells him, "I'm working for...


Blazing Saddles episode 84: You're doing the French Mistake

The episode continues with the crane shot moving from the back lot of Warner Brothers and zooms toward a pair of sound stages. The music shifts from the Ballad of Rock Ridge to a 1940's era song and dance number. Inside the sound stage, dozens of male dancers are dressed in top hats and tails. They are spread across a multi-tiered set complete with fountains and a water moat. The playback starts and they begin to dance the French Mistake. On the closing line, singing, "You're doing the...


Blazing Saddles episode 83: Let the battle begin!

The minute opens with the bad guys trying to get out of the fake Rock Ridge just as the good guys arrive. Let the battle begin! The brawl spills throughout the streets with several vignettes laced throughout. Reverend Johnson knees a villain in the crotch then lifts his arms to the Heavens and cries, "Forgive me, Lord!" We see Gabby Johnson finish a swig, grab a ruffian and exhale in his face, making his pass out. Harriet Johnson demonstrates a great right-cross. Jim accidentally hits Bart...


Blazing Saddles episode 82: The Waco Kid squeezes off a shot

Just as The Waco Kid is about to take his shot, an improvised line from Liam Dunn makes him stop. It also leads to many of the townsfolk beating him with their hats. We cut to Taggart getting off his horse and moving to kick down the door to a building. As he does, the entire facade falls, revealing the fake. As Taggart yells they've been suckered in, Jim lines up his revolver. The Waco Kid squeezes off a shot. A moment later, the first charge goes off, sending a horse and its rider into the...


Blazing Saddles episode 81: Think you can squeeze off a little shot from here

The episode opens with Taggart yelling for everyone to hurry up or they'll never get to Rock Ridge. As we shift to Bart and Jim overlooking the fake town, we spend time discussing a large outtake. The Governor is on a press tour and makes a stop in the fake town of Rock Ridge. Afterwards, Taggart and his men are next on scene. Jim comments they are buying it. As the bad guys are shooting up the town, Bart pulls up the handle on a plunger to ignite the dynamite down below. Unfortunately, the...


Blazing Saddles episode 80: Somebody's gotta go back and get a sh*t load of dimes

The minute opens with Bart whispering into Jim's ear. The Waco Kid laughs and we dissolve to he, Bart and Mongo admiring some kind of wooden structure in the middle of the prairie. As the scene dissolves, we see Lamarr's army charging toward the camera. As they close in, a gate closes and they all come to a halt. The reverse shoot shows it is a toll booth. Taggart reads aloud, "Lepetomane thruway!?" He realizes they will need to pay the new toll. He yells, "Somebody's gotta go back and get a...


Blazing Saddles episode 79: Now go do that voodoo that you do so well

The episode opens with Hedley Lamarr correcting the pronunciation of his name. He continues through the pledge he is making his gang take. He then ends with a twist on an old Cole Porter lyric. He says, "Now go do, that voodoo, that you do, so well!" They all go riding off, shooting their guns in the air. We immediately transition back to the fake Rock Ridge. Bart holds up his hands and tells everyone they have a problem. Olson Johnson catches on and realizes there are no people. Bart...


Blazing Saddles episode 78: An exact replica of the town of Rock Ridge

The episode opens with the camera pulling back to show an exact replica of the town of Rock Ridge. The townsfolk and the railroad workers all begin to celebrate at their accomplishment. We then cut to Hedley Lamarr's camp where he is about to give a speech. We point out a big continuity error with the German soldiers. Hedley opens his speech about stamping runaway decency. He then reminds everyone that they are only risking their lives. He is risking an almost certain nomination for Best...


Blazing Saddles episode 77: Or are we just jerking off?

We open still in the midst of the discussion over giving the railroad workers some land of their own. Olson Johnson decides they will give land to everybody. Suddenly, the divide between the two groups is filled as they join together with cheers and laughter. Reverend Johnson asks if they can complete their task in one night? Or are they just jerking off? The scene dissolves to the next day and we are outside of a miniature of the town of Rock Ridge. We then cut to a shot of them on Main...


Blazing Saddles episode 76: Railroad workers

We open the episode, continuing the scene in the middle of the prairie in the middle of the night. Howard Johnson asks how they plan to build a fake town? He tells Bart they don't have the time and they don't have the people. Bart tells him he is wrong just as the railroad workers show up. Howard asks who they are? Bart says, "Railroad workers!" He says they are willing to help and all they ask is a piece of land to call their own. The town is reluctant but initially agrees to all but the...